A Change Of Heart
Season 2, Episode 22
Post Date April 29, 2017
Duration 17:04
Written By Aphmau and Jason
Produced By Aphmau and Jason
Episode Guide
"An Omega Is Chosen"
"What Do You Know About Me? Part 1"

"A Change Of Heart" is the 22nd episode of Phoenix Drop High Season 2. It is the 52nd Phoenix Drop High episode overall.

Blurb Edit

"Blaze tampers with the ideas of SCIENCE!"

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Characters Edit

Major Characters Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode to primarily focus on Blaze.
  • After a long absence, Kai returns to the series.
  • Jeff makes his first PDH Season 2 appearance, revealing that he is a mentor.
  • This marks the first time Ein is voiced by a fill-in actor, being Kellen Goff.

Continuity/Storyline Analysis Edit

  • Daniel is still the Omega.
  • Kai and Katelyn's relationship is brought up by Aphmau. They are now just friends.
  • Ein is still doing terrible acts as the Alpha Male.
  • Aphmau is likely still oblivious to the fact that Daniel is Omega.
  • This episode reveals how the Werewolf Trio met, via flashback.
  • Blaze is revealed to be experimenting with science.
    • It is also revealed that he is attracted to frisbees.
  • This episode foreshadows events later down the line of the series and Ein wanting Aphmau to be a Werewolf.

Running Gags Edit

  • Blaze tampering with the ideas of Science.
  • Aphmau acting as Alpha.
  • Aphmau calling werewolves her pups.

Quotes Edit

Still helping people as usual, I see.

Kai, at the beginning of the episode.


Aphmau, at the end of the episode
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