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"An Omega Is Chosen"

"What Do You Know About Me? Part 1"

(Episode starts by showing the front of PDH, then it changes to show Aphmau walking through the hallway, still tired. She glances at her phone, then puts it away)

Aphmau: Ugh, I'm so tired! I feel like I haven't gotten enough sleep all week! But, at least it's lunch time! (She walks over to a lunch table, puts down her lunch box, opens it, and pulls out a sandwich)

Werewolf Girl: Oh no!

(Aphmau looks over and notices a girl and guy sitting together at another table, and she overhears their conversation)

Werewolf Guy: Huh?

Werewolf Girl: I forgot my lunch today! (her stomach rumbles) Oh, this is terrible! I'm so hungry.

Werewolf Guy: Aw man, that is terrible! You just got out of soccer practice, too!

Werewolf Girl: That's right! Ugh. I forgot, I'm actually super hungry. Ugh!

Aphmau: Uh- bu— Ugh.

Werewolf Guy: (neither him nor the werewolf girl notice Aphmau) I just finished my lunch, and I don't have any money you can borrow.

Werewolf Girl: I'll just have to power through.

Aphmau: (gets up and walks over) Here, you can have my lunch.

Werewolf Girl: Oh my gosh! No way! Thank you so much, Alpha!

Werewolf Guy: Haha! Our alpha female is the best!

(Aphmau walks down the hallway, then sits down against a wall)

Aphmau: Heh, I wasn't that hungry anyway. (her stomach grumbles) Oh!

Kai: (from off screen) Still helping people as usual, I see.

Aphmau: Huh? (She looks up and sees him standing in front of her)

Kai: Heheh, it's been awhile.

Aphmau: K-Kai!

Kai: I saw what you did there. It was really kind of you.

Aphmau: Heh, thanks! I lost my lunch in the process, but I'm glad I could make someone happy. Especially one of my pups.

Kai: Pups, huh? Heheh, I'm glad you're staying strong. Hm, we haven't eaten lunch in awhile. Care to join me?

Aphmau: I- couldn't. I—

Kai: I brought two extra sandwiches!

Aphmau: Ah! Awesome! Count me in. Want to eat outside?

Kai: Sure. (They walk off)

(The screen changes to see Blaze, who is wearing glasses and is reading something)

Blaze: Hm, I see! Quite the interesting subject.

Raven: (walking over with Evan) Blaze, what are you doing?

Blaze: I'm reading this book about the scientific method.

Evan: Why?

Blaze: Because, I want to learn more about science! (You really should if you don't know the difference between biography and biology and chemistry, which he apparently didn't last episode)

Raven: Quite... the... interesting hobby for you.

Evan: Yeah, especially since Blaze is reading the book upside down!

Blaze: No I'm not— Oh yeah, I guess I am. Hm, how is it upside down? Ah ha! I see! I asked a question! First step in the scientific method.

Raven: Blaze, we know you're just pretending to read the book just so you can get out of going to class.

Blaze: Hey! Just because my teacher said I could stay in the library as long as I was reading does not mean I'm going to not read. I just, prefer to read upside down!(same tho my phone is upside down)

Raven: Whatever. (The bell rings) Finally.

Blaze: Woo hoo! Lunch! (Evan and Raven walk off) Phew. (He puts the book back and starts to leave)

Daniel: (from off screen) Gah!

Blaze: (hearing Daniel, walks over to where he heard the sound from and sees Daniel cornered by two werewolf bullies (Jax and Ryder))

Daniel: Please, please leave me alone.

Jax: You're the omega. So just hand over your lunch money already.

Daniel: I- I don't want to!

Ryder: Looks like we gotta teach you a lesson then.(DON’T TOUCH HIM)

Rylan: (he and Dottie run between Daniel and Jax and Ryder) Stop!

Dottie: You leave him alone!

Jax: Eh, your friends?

Dottie: Daniel's been through enough already!

Rylan: Here, you can take my lunch money. (He holds up his money)

Daniel: Rylan, no!

Blaze: (Walking towards them a bit) Hey.

Ryder: Seriously, more backup?

Jax: I'm out. (he leaves)

Ryder: It's no fun this way. (He leaves too)

Blaze: Hmph.

Dottie: Thank you, Blaze!

Blaze: Uh, I didn't really do anything, but I would if I had the chance.

Daniel: It's the thought that counts.

Rylan: Yeah.

Blaze: Either way, are you guys okay?

Dottie: We're- we're fine. It's just, this week has been hard for us.

Blaze: Yeah, I could sense it. Daniel's the omega, isn't he?

Dottie: He is.

Blaze: That's a bummer. To be honest, I'm really surprised. I wasn't expecting Aphmau to pick one of you guys to be the omega. She really likes you guys.

Rylan: Well, she technically didn't pick us herself.

Blaze: What?

Dottie: Ein, made us pick between ourselves.

Rylan: Yeah, and when we refused to choose, he made Daniel the omega.

Daniel: Dottie and Rylan have been trying to keep me out of trouble ever since, but, as you can see, it's not working out too well.

Blaze: I'm sorry, but I mean, you guys do seem like the type of werewolves that would be omega. No offense.

Daniel: None taken.

Rylan: I just don't see why Ein couldn't bee the omega. He was already the omega himself.

Blaze: Huh? Why would he do that?

Dottie: Oh, uh, well you see, one of us was going to be the omega last year, but...

(start flashback)

(In the werewolf classroom, Dottie, Rylan, and Daniel are sitting at random seats in the classroom. Aside from them, the room is empty)

Dottie: Hi, um, excuse me? Do you two know why we're here?

Daniel: I'm not sure.

Rylan: Mr. Gavin just pulled me from my class and asked me to come here.

Dottie: Oh, same! Maybe he wants to give us a pop quiz?

Daniel: Oh no. I hope it's not about howling.

Rylan: (gasps) Maybe he'll walk in with a frisbee!

Dottie: Haha, that's silly! Heh. My name is Dottie by the way. It's really nice to meet you.

Rylan: Rylan.

Daniel: D-Daniel. Um, hey, do you guys like sticks?

Dottie: (talking quickly and excitedly) Sticks, oh yes! I love sticks, I could talk about sticks all day!

Rylan: Me too!

(The screen changes to show Mr Gavin talking to Aaron outside of the classroom)

Mr. Gavin: (walking in) Alright, so, thanks to an unexpected turn of events, you, Aaron, are the alpha male, thanks to that fight you got into.

Aaron: Balto was going to hurt that girl that stood up for me, and I wasn't going to let him.(aww)

Mr. Gavin: Point is, you can no longer be the omega now that you are the alpha. You need to pick an alpha female, as well as a new omega to replace you. (He clears his throat) Since your father doesn't want you socializing, I rounded up three of the weakest werewolves in the school inside the classroom. I want you to pick one to be the omega so we can get that out of the way. The alpha female is a different story.

Aaron: Uh, what?!

Mr. Gavin: No buts! Follow me. (He walks inside, and Aaron follows)

(In the classroom, Dottie, Daniel, and Rylan are laughing together)

Dottie: You guys are so funny!

Daniel: Yeah, and it's been awesome to meet you two. I know this is sudden, but can we be friends?

Rylan: Sure! I don't have any friends.

Dottie: Really!? Me either!

Daniel: Same!

Rylan: Haha. I thought I was summoned here for a pop quiz or something. But even if we get one, I'm glad I met you guys.

Dottie: Oh, me too!

Mr. Gavin: (walking in, followed my Aaron) Alright, Aaron, here they are. Pick one to be omega.

Dottie, Daniel, and Rylan: What?!

Daniel: I knew this was too good to be true.

Aaron: With all due respect, Mr. Gavin, I'm not gonna do that.

Mr. Gavin: What? Why?

Aaron: I don't like the idea of an omega. (he starts to walk out the door)

Mr. Gavin: Aaron! Come back here, and pick one. We're not leaving here until you do.

Aaron: (staying in the doorway, facing out the door) There's already an omega, and he's going to stay the omega. And that's me.

Mr. Gavin: What?!

Aaron: I'll just be both.

Mr. Gavin: You can't be serious.

Aaron: That's my final decision. (He walks away)

(The camera changes to show Dottie, Daniel, and Rylan, who have starry eyes as they watch Aaron leave)

(The flashback ends)

Daniel: After that, everyone both loved and hated him. It was confusing for awhile, but we all got used to it. Honestly, that was the nicest thing for him to do.

Rylan: Alpha Aaron was so nice, and he left us Aphmau!

Dottie: Right! And she really helped balance everything out.

Blaze: Wow, I had no idea an alpha could pick themselves to be the omega. (Wait, is this his first year here? Wouldn't he have known that Aaron was both Alpha and omega?) That's crazy.

Rylan: Exactly. Which is why we pleaded with Ein to be the omega. That way, maybe we wouldn't feel like such outcasts. But now not many of the werewolves like us because of this.

Blaze: Did you guys tell Aphmau?

Dottie: No. And we don't want to! She's stressed enough already.

Blaze: B-but Ein picked Daniel without her permission! That's so not cool, they should make the choice together!

Dottie: Yeah. To be honest, I feel iffy about Ein sometimes. But then I remember, Aphmau trusts him, and we trust her!

Rylan: That's right!

Blaze: I see. Hmm. Maybe I should look into Ein. (His stomach rumbles) But, uh, after lunch. Hahaha! Come on, you guys! Stick with me for lunch at least. Then at least no one will pick on you guys then.

Daniel: Awesome!

Dottie: Thank you, Blaze! Hehe!

Rylan: Let's go eat!

Dottie: Yeah! (They walk off to eat)

(The screen changes to show Aphmau and Kai eating lunch together outside)

Aphmau: Heh, the worst part was that the principal tried to blame the so-called fleas on me! I don't think she realizes that I'm not a werewolf.

Kai: You aren't? (She gives him a "seriously?" look) Hahaha! Just joking with ya. Either way, I'm glad it wasn't fleas in the end. Don't think either werewolves or meifwa could handle that.

Aphmau: I know I couldn't. I mean, I'm already on my wits' end with everything going on.

Kai: Yeah, I can tell. You got mentoring, and being the werewolf alpha female going on. That's got to be... ruff.

Aphmau: Ugh! That pun clawed my eyes out.

Kai: Haha! Okay, you got me on that one. So, are you doing anything after school?

Aphmau: Hm? Yeah, actually, I am. I have to spend time getting ideas for the werewolf club down.

Kai: You're leading that, too?

Aphmau: Yeah. Thing is, I'm not sure where to begin.

Kai: Hm, well then, how about you come to the meifwa club after school?

Aphmau: The meifwa club?

Kai: Yeah, it'll be fun! You can learn a bit more about us and what we do! Plus, you can get some ideas for club activities.

Aphmau: A-are you sure?

Kai: Absolutely! Plus, it's— been awhile since we had a chance to hang out together. I'd like to spend more time with you.

Aphmau: Sure!

(The bell rings)

Kai: Cool! Meet me at my favorite tree in the cafeteria after school then.

Aphmau: Right! (they leave)

(The camera changes to show Blaze walking down the hallway. He pauses when he starts talking)

Blaze: Alright, step one of the scientific method: ask a question. And my question is "What kind of person is Ein?" Hm, it has been awhile since we had an alpha male. So this should be pretty interesting. But first to find him and do some research!

(There's a montage of Blaze doing stuff in the potion lab (he wears his glasses every time he's in it by the way), talking to Jeff, then back in the lab, then getting chased out of the nurse's office, then to the lab again. It ends with Blaze walking to the boys' bathroom)

Blaze: Darn it! I can't find him anywhere! (he starts sniffing) Then again, I don't know his scent. Finding anyone where there's so many werewolves around is hard. Ugh! I gotta use the fire hydrant.

(Blaze goes into the bathroom and into a stall. After he's done that, Ein, followed by Jax and Ryder, enter the bathroom to talk about stuff)

Ein(which is clearly not voiced by Chris): Ugh, not a fan of getting my hands dirty after a fight.

Ryder: Alpha, you really should have let us take that.

Jax: Yeah, we could have really brought the pain.

Ein: No need. He was weak. Now, as for your issue with the new omega, find him again and make him give you his lunch money. Don't let him get away with thinking he can talk back. We have to maintain order.

Jax: Got it!

Ryder: We're on it. (They leave)

Ein: Phew, seriously, trying to get werewolves to act true to their nature is difficult. Aphmau. I'm surprised she's done a decent job as an alpha. For a human. But if only she was a werewolf... She would be perfect. (He leaves)

Blaze: (walking out of his stall) Woah, what was that about? Mm. Aphmau as a werewolf? (blushing) Ay, she'd make a cute werewolf! Mm. Oh, right! Ein! I mean, he seems like a normal werewolf. But I should keep my eye on him. I should look out for Daniel too. Looks like I still need to document my brain files. Yeah. Science!

(The screen changes to show meifwa leaving the classroom after meifwa club. Then, Kai and Aphmau walk out as well)

Kai: Sorry about that, Aphmau.

Aphmau: It's no problem! It's kind of interesting that you cancel club meetings if the leaders are missing.

Kai: Yeah. Meifwa have four leaders instead of two, like werewolves. They're called sabers. Two of our sabers were sick, so as a group we like to make decisions together.

Aphmau: I see. It's kind of cool how you work in a group so closely.

Kai: Yep. It's nice, but when this happens, a lot of things can get confusing. Either way, I'm so sorry to waste your time.

Aphmau: You didn't waste my time. I learned something about meifwa.

Kai: Well, how about you come by another day?

Aphmau: I'd love to!

Kai: Cool!

Aphmau: Alright, well, I have to get going. See you later, Kai! (She starts to walk off)

Kai: Hey Aph!

Aphmau: (stops and turns around) Hm?

Kai: (blushing) W-would you like to... go out this weekend?

Aphmau: Huh?

Kai: Like on a date, or something?

Aphmau: (blushing a lot) Wait, what!?

Kai: I wanted to ask you... on a date.

Aphmau: (only blushing slightly) Bu-but, what about Katelyn?!

Kai: (not blushing any more) Katelyn and I are just friends. She's really cool. I just, want to see if you are interested.

Aphmau: R-really?

Kai: (blushing again) Yeah, I mean, I think you're cute, and it's not like this is a date date, just, I'd like to get to know you more.

Aphmau: For real?

Kai: Yeah. So, are you interested?

Aphmau: I- I mean, yeah! Sure!

Kai: Awesome! Then, I'll send you a text later on where we can go! See you then. (He walks off)

Aphmau: (turned away from the camera to watch Kai leave) See ya! Hehehe. (When she turns around, she is blushing significantly) Heh.

Blaze: (walking around the corner and seeing Aphmau) Hey Alpha, I— huh? Alpha, you're red!

Aphmau: (still blushing) Oh, um, yeah, I'm just, really hot. Heheh.

Blaze: Oh no, are you sick! Here, let me carry you to the nurse! (He reaches out to pick her up)

(Outo music starts to play)

Aphmau: (at the same time as Blaze) Wha?! Blaze! No! Stop! Get away! Bad Blaze, bad! Here, frisbee! Take it! AH!

Blaze: (At the same time as Aphmau) Come on, just real quick! You shouldn't walk with a fever. Come back here! I'm trying to help. Frisbee! Awesome! Hey wait, Nuh uh! You can't escape my help.(I am like this with my friend I’m a like LEMME HELP YOU!!

(Aphmau runs off, and Blaze chases after her. Then, the screen changes to the outro screen)