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"Kai's Crush"

"A Mistake"

(Episode starts as the camera starts in Aphmau's room. It then goes into her bathroom, where she is standing by the sink. Then, her phone rings)

Aphmau: (looking at her phone) I'll answer it later. Alright, hair clips? Check! Rubber gloves? Check! Vaseline? I don't know why I need this, but, check! And finally, most importantly of all, the Arctic blue hair dye! Hehe! Check! I'm ready to do this! Now, to get some expert advice. That's where you come in, laptop. Now... (she types on the computer) "How to dye my hair a bright color"! What?! I need to bleach my hair first?! What does that mean?!

Sylvanna: (walking in) Aphmau, I just wanted to see what—

Aphmau: Gah! Mom!

Sylvanna: WHAT is going on here?! Are you going something illegal?! Grrr, where is la chancla?!

Aphmau: Why do you always think I'm doing the worst thing possible?!

Sylvanna: Because the internet told me there are ten things your daughter is doing that you don't know, and I now know that this is one of them! Now, explain!

Aphmau: You could have knocked first! What if I was on the toilet!

Sylvanna: EXPLAIN!

Aphmau: (sighs) Fine! I was... (mumbles) trying to dye my hair.

Sylvanna: What was that?

Aphmau: I was trying to dye me hair! I want to dye it blue.

Sylvanna: Oh, Mija, why? You already have beautiful raven hair! Why would you want to get rid of it?

Aphmau: B-because! U-um, Katelyn, has beautiful hair, and I, uh, wanted to try something different. Hehe.

Sylvanna: Oh, sweetie, first of all, if you wanted to dye our hair behind my back, then you should have waited until I left the house. Secondly, this color would not look good in your hair without bleaching it first. And third, honey, I love you, but I don't think this shade of blue even suits you. Maybe something a little darker, maybe lighter?

Aphmau: Wait, so... does this mean you'll let me dye it?!

Sylvanna: Hahaha! Ahahaha! Ahahaha! No.

Aphmau: But Mom!

Sylvanna: A bup!

Aphmau: Mom!

Sylvanna: A bup bup bup!

Aphmau: Please, I just—

Sylvanna: S-tt! (she holds up her chancla)

Aphmau: Ugh, I can never do nothing!

Sylvanna: As long as you live in my house, you live by my rules! When you're paying bills, then you can dye your hair. Sheesh, that girl has been acting so strange lately. Well, better clean up this mess.

(The camera changes to show Aphmau walking out the door)

Aphmau: Ugh, I was so close! I really should have waited until she left the house or something. But school is tomorrow, and I wanted to dye it to impress Kai. Oh, I'm so dumb! (her phone rings) Hm? Ah, Aaron again. (she picks up) Hello?

Aaron: Uh, hey, Aph.

Aphmau: Hey, Aaron. Sorry for not answering lately.

Aaron: I-it's fine, don't worry about it. Is everything okay?

Aphmau: Oh, yeah! Everything is fine. I've just been... really busy lately.

Aaron: Oh, is there anything I can help with?

Aphmau: Do you know how to dye your hair without your mom finding out?

Aaron: Haha, did you try to dye your hair without your mom finding out? How were you expecting to get away with that?

Aphmau: Ugh, I don't know.

Aaron: What color were you trying to dye it?

Aphmau: Blue. (pause) Go on, say it. Blue would look bad on me.

Aaron: I think... anything would look good on you.

Aphmau: Aw, thanks! You're probably the only one that thinks so. I told some girlfriends at school that I wanted to dye it blue, and they laughed! Even my mom.

Aaron: Well, maybe when you're older, you can prove them wrong. What's with wanting to dying you hair anyways? To impress a guy, or something?

Aphmau: W-what?! N-no! Nonononono! Not at all! I, uh, just, wanted to try a different style, that's all! Hahaha! Hahaha.

Aaron: You sound nervous.

Aphmau: What? No, I, um, am just... embarrassed.

Aaron: If you're seeing someone, you can tell me, you know. I'll still be here.

Aphmau: What was that?

Aaron: I mean, uh, have you thought about picking an alpha male yet? I was wondering how things were going with that.

Aphmau: I haven't picked one yet. But, all the werewolves keep asking. But I'm busy trying to solve all their problems.

Aaron: (sighs) Aph, you do know why there are so many problems with the werewolves, right?

Aphmau: Uh,

Aaron: Werewolves act differently than humans. We share a similar form, but that doesn't mean we think alike. Werewolves have alphas to maintain order, and usually there are two, a male and a female. If one of the alphas is missing, then problems pop up left and right. They're probably waiting on you to make a choice.

Aphmau: What?! Really?!

Aaron: Yeah.

Aphmau: Ugh! I've been taking notes on everything I've learned, but I didn't learn that!

Aaron: It's not something talked about. It comes naturally to werewolves. But, since you aren't one, you don't have the strong instincts to answer the same callings that they do.

Aphmau: I see. Well then, I'm going to pick an alpha soon. Maybe I should just talk to Ein about this.

Aaron: Who's Ein?

Aphmau: Ah! Just a werewolf friend of mine.

Aaron: So, Ein, what do you think of him?

Aphmau: Hey Aaron, can I ask you something off topic?

Aaron: S-sure.

Aphmau: I-I've... been... wanting to get a... cat. But, the cat that I like doesn't like me. It likes someone else. Should I keep trying to get the cat to like me?

Aaron: Would your mom even let you have a cat?

Aphmau: Probably not. But, should I even...

Aaron: O-okay, well, if you care about the cat, then you should try to help it be happy.

Aphmau: Yeah, I was afraid you'd say that.

Aaron: You okay?

Aphmau: Yeah, I'm just... having a hard time letting go of this cat. (sighs) But, I think I'm going to focus on making sure it's happy from now on!

Aaron: That's the spirit. So, about this Ein guy...

Sylvanna: Aphmau, come on. We gotta go to the grocery store. I don't trust you home alone right now.

Aphmau: Ugh! Aaron, sorry. I gotta go.

Aaron: Yeah, see ya. Remember, you're always beautif— (Aphmau hangs up) ful. (sighs) Good job, Aaron.(awww❤️💜)

Aphmau: (sighs) Alright, looks like I need to straighten out a few things at school tomorrow! Heh! (She walks inside)

(The screen fades and comes up on the front of PDH the next day at the start of school. It then shows Laurance and Michi talking to each other at their lockers, while Garroth stands nearby on his phone)

Michi: It was only then that I realized that tuna with a boiled egg, and it was so worth it!

Laurance: That's nice, Michi, but this is the third time you've told me that. Heh.

Michi: It is? Oh. My bad. Hehehe! Anyway, I have to be going to class now, but I'll see you later, teddy bear!

Garroth: "Teddy bear"? Hahahaha!

Laurance: Uh, heh. Um, later, cupcake.(NO NO NO GARRANCE!!!!🤎💛or💚💙 idk both?)

Michi: Hehehe! (She walks off)

Garroth: Hahaha! Oh, "Cupcake"! Hahahaha!

Laurance: Ugh. Yeah. (exhales heavily)

Garroth: Heh. Something wrong?

Laurance: Having a girlfriend... is harder than I thought. I'm not sure if I want this.

Garroth: (exhales heavily) Yeah. Tell me about it.

Laurance: Heh, Garroth, bud, look. I'm your friend, so, you don't have to keep lying around me.

Garroth: What do you mean?

Laurance: I mean, come on. You've been talking about this "girlfriend", but we both know she doesn't exist.

Garroth: Actually, I wanted to tell you that—

Ivy: (walking over) Hi, GarGar! (at least she can pronounce that right) (she waves, then walks over and gives him a hug)

Garroth: Oh! Uh, hey, Ivy!

Ivy: Remember, we're going to have lunch today! Huehue. Also, my friends will be there, so I want to introduce them to my new boyfriend!

Garroth: S-Sure. Uh, yeah. That'd be great.

Ivy: Perfect! You're invited too, Laurance.

Laurance: Oh, um... thanks?

Ivy: See you guys later! (she walks off)

Laurance: So, "GarGar". Heheheh. Hahahaha!

Garroth: Hey!

Laurance: (giving him a "you had this coming" look) Hahahahaha.

(The screen changes to show Kai eating lunch. Aphmau appears right next to him)

Aphmau: Kai!

Kai: (startled) Woah! You scared me there for a second, Aphmau.

Aphmau: Sorry about that. Kai, I've been thinking about the girl you like.

Kai: You have?

Aphmau: Yes. And, I've been thinking abut it, and Kai, I want to help you confess to her.

Kai: W-what?! No! I-I can't!

Aphmau: But, you told me you've been wanting to tell her since last year, right?

Kai: Yeah, but there's no way I can do that!

Aphmau: But, you want to, don't you?

Kai: Yeah, but, I can't find the courage to. I still want to get to know her first before I even take it a step further.

Aphmau: So, you want to be her friend?

Kai: Something like that.

Aphmau: Alright then. Kai, I'm going to help you.

Kai: Huh? How?

Aphmau: I don't know! But, I'll help you in any way that I can. So, you just let me know how I can help you, and... we'll do it!

Kai: Really?

Aphmau: Heh! Really really.

Kai: Aph, thanks! This is wonderful! I've always wanted help trying to talk to her. Hmm, but I'm not sure even how to introduce myself.

Aphmau: Don't worry. We'll find a way. Even if it takes all year.

(Montage starts with the song "I love you" by Loving Caliber in the background. First, the screen says "Week 2" and shows Katelyn standing by the fountain outside of the school. Aphmau and Kai walk over to the fountain from the other side. Aphmau walks over to Katelyn and points to Kai, but Kai jumped into the fountain, so Katelyn doesn't see him. Katelyn then walks away, and Kai comes out of the fountain. Then, they're hiding behind a tree, watching Katelyn reading a book on a bench in front of the school. Aphmau goes to talk to her, and they walk over to where Aphmau and Kai were previously, but Kai isn't there. They look around for him a bit, the Katelyn walks away. After she leaves, Kai walks out from his hiding place on top of the tree. Then, the screen says "Week 2" and shows Ein picking light blue flowers and walking over to give it to Aphmau. She thanks him and walks off, and Ein waves. She then walks over to Kai, who is drinking water at a water fountain. She gives him the flowers, and he walks off with them. Then, he hides behind a pillar, watching Katelyn, who is reading a book in the hallway. He watches her for a bit, then walks off. Then, the screen says "Week 3" and shows Katelyn and Aphmau playing volleyball together. Aphmau walks off during a break and brings Kai back with her onto the court. Kai is blushing. She tells Kai a bit about volleyball, and Katelyn walks over and holds up the ball. Kai's eyes become stars, and when Katelyn hits the ball, it hits Kai in the head and the screen blacks out. Then, the screen says "Week 4" and Katelyn's eating a salad for lunch. Aphmau walks over with Kai and hands him some flowers. Kai walks over to her, then freaks out before he says anything, throws the flowers in the air, and runs off. Aphmau walks over to pick up the flowers. Katelyn then turns around and sees the flowers that Aphmau is holding, and she is "in love" (aka hearts float up from her, this is Minecraft after all). Aphmau shakes her head and walks off to find Kai, and Katelyn follows her. (Wait a minute, so Aphmau likes Kai, Kai likes Katelyn, and now Katelyn likes Aphmau? I guess that's what you'd call a love circle.) The montage ends)

(Kai is sitting down in front of his locker, sad that he never got to talk to Katelyn. Aphmau walks over to him)

Kai: I'm sorry, Aphmau. I can't do it.

Aphmau: Kai, it's been 4 weeks! You haven't even spoken a word to her!

Kai: I know, I know. But I just, I don't know what to say.

Aphmau: (in a Kai impression) Hi, my name is Kai!

Kai: You make it sound so easy.

Aphmau: Hehe! It's not, but, how are you even going to get anywhere with her unless you introduce yourself?

Kai: I don't know. I— h-hey! Wait a minute! Maybe you can introduce me!

Aphmau: Huh?

Kai: I mean, you seem to know her somewhat. What if you set up a date for us to go on.

Aphmau: Uh, date? Are you even going to talk to her at all?

Kai: You're right. I'll probably just freeze up like I have been doing. But, hey, you can come along!

Aphmau: Uh, me? Uh, no way, I can't! That'll be awkward!

Kai: You don't have to come alone. You can bring a friend!

Aphmau: B-but I—

Kai: Please? I haven't had this much hope of talking to her since... I first laid eyes on her.

Aphmau: Ugh. Fine. But, we can't call it a date. We're just going to have to hang out as friends. Cool?

Kai: That's perfectly cool. Aphmau, thank you so much.

Aphmau: Heh, anytime, Kai. I just want to be here for you.

(Kai gives her a hug, and she hugs him back)

Kai: Thanks, Aph. I'll see you later! (He walks off)

Aphmau: Heh! (She walks off as well)

(The screen fades to her sitting next to the stairs outside of PDH. Ein is walking down them, and turns to her when he sees her. He has a slight bruise on his cheek)

Ein: Hey, Aphmau!

Aphmau: (in a sad voice) Hey, Ein.

Ein: Are you okay?

Aphmau: Yeah. Just, kinda down. I—

Ein: (with the same dark face and tone from last episode) Did someone hurt you again?

Aphmau: No, no, it's not that, Ein. It's just— (gasps) Ein! Your face!

Ein: What about it?

Aphmau: You got a bruise on your cheek! Where did that come from?

Ein: Oh, some of the other werewolves got in a fight, and I got mixed up in it somehow. Heh. (sounds a bit sus)

Aphmau: Werewolves? Oh, I forgot about the alpha thing! Oh... I need to pick someone.

Ein: Whoever you pick is lucky to have been picked by you.

Aphmau: Yeah, but I— (Katelyn walks over) Gah! Katelyn!

Katelyn: Hey, Aphmau. What's up?

Aphmau: Huh?!

Katelyn: You called me here, so here I am.

Aphmau: Oh, right, right! Um, (clears throat) Katelyn, I was wondering if you wanted to go see a movie and go to the, uh, a-arcade! This weekend with me and a few friends of mine.

Katelyn: Sure, I'd like to. Is this one of your friends?

Aphmau: Uh, yes! This is Ein! And- and he'll be coming too.

Ein: I will?

Aphmau: Heh, yes!

Ein: Oh, yes, I will!

Katelyn: Cool! I'm down for meeting new people. I'm all for it.

Aphmau: Perfect! Then let's say... Saturday at five?

(outro music starts)

Katelyn:I'm there! Now, if that's all, I gotta get to volleyball practice. See you guys later! (She walks off)

Aphmau: Heh, later! Hehe.

Ein: I'm honored you asked me to come.

Aphmau: I'd be happy to have you, Ein. Hehe! Now, want to come help me pick out a movie to go see?

Ein: I'd love to! (They go up the stairs to the school, and the camera turns away towards the soccer field before showing the outro screen)