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A Demon's Curse
Diaries 3 11
Season 3, Episode 11
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March 11, 2017



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"The Keeper's Son"

"A Warm Welcome"

"A Demon's Curse" is the 11th episode of the Minecraft Diaries Season 3 and the 211th episode overall. It premiered on March 11th, 2017.


"Aphmau speaks with Travis and finds out the reason behind his isolation."


The episode starts off directly after where "The Keeper's Son" ended. Aphmau states that they can't possibly kill the Demon Warlock, and Travis replies that he does not view the Warlock as a father figure in the slightest. Travis discloses that everyone in his town is avoiding him. There was a girl that went missing who was later found by Travis. Before he did her, however, an imp found her first. The imp was insanely strong and he wouldn't have been able to fight it without his demon form, so he did what he had to do and he changed into a demon, defeating the monster but scaring the little girl. When he tried to get near her, she was terrified enough that he couldn't approach. When the search party found them they wouldn't let him near her either. It didn't take long for the word to spread that Travis was a demon and "dangerous." They all shunned him. He then says, in a funny tonal shift, that it was the best thing that happened to him.

He also says that they NEED to get to the Demon Warlock and that he has Enki's relic. He asks Aphmau if she has the Opal necklace he gave her, and Aphmau says she gave it to Katelyn.

We then cut to Dante as he walks down to the pier. Kawaii~Chan comes up to him, saying she thought she would find him there, and that he had been going there everyday since the others left. They have a conversation about Dante's worry. Kawaii~Chan assures him he'll be fine and that it's all okay.

Liochant is waiting for Aphmau and Travis to return when he sees Garroth walking into Travis' small cave. Liochant is surprised when Garroth engages in battle with him, Katelyn rushes in and intervenes. Travis walks back in to realize that it was only an imp.

Dante walks into the house to hear Kawaii~Chan laughing and giggling, he walks in to see Gene talking to Kawaii~Chan. Dante is filled with horror, and the episode ends.




A Demon's Curse Minecraft Diaries Season 3 Ep.11