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A Distant Memory
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"Lost In The Forest"

"Aphmau's Other Self"

The episode begins with Tommy being cornered by the thug. Another one walks behind the first thug.

Thug 2: Don’t sweat this, kid. Hand over your cash.

Thug 1: Yeah, kiddo. Just give the nice lady your ice cream money and no one gets hurt.

The male thug keeps his knife brandished, while Tommy looks at both thugs terrified.

Tommy: I…I…

Modzilla: Excuse me gentlemen.

The thug turns around to see Modzilla.

Modzilla: Can I help you?

Both thugs look at each other. They proceed to beat up Modzilla.

Modzilla: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!

Thug 2: Tch, come on. These two don’t have anything on them.

Thug 1: Yeah, let’s scram before more of this little punk’s broke friends show up.

The thugs then leave the area. Tommy walks up to Modzilla. Modzilla stands up.

Tommy: Hey.

Modzilla: Uh, yo?

Tommy: You okay?

Modzilla: Fine, thank you. Uh, just a scratch, maybe a few bruises, a cracked rib, but I’m fine.

Tommy: Okay then.

Modzilla: We should probably head back to the Lab and regroup.

Tommy: You know I can’t do that, I have to find Aphmau.

Modzilla: Well I’ve got excellent news for you then. Laurance showed back up with her at the Lab.

Tommy: You found her?

Modzilla: Yes he did, though I put up a worthy search myself.

Tommy vanishes. Modzilla sighs.

Modzilla: And there he goes…

Modzilla heads back to the Lab. The scene cuts to Aphmau’s perspective.

Laila: Okay, vitals seem stable. Can you look left for me?

Aphmau looks to her left.

Laila: Great. Now right.

Aphmau looks to her right.

Laila: Hmm…reaction time seems normal. And you said the scar doesn’t hurt?

Aphmau: No, no. It hurts. It just doesn’t feel like void sludge taking over my body.

Laila: I see.

Tommy enters the lab and runs in.

Tommy: Aphmau!

Aphmau: Tommy! Are you okay? Laila said you ran off!

Tommy: Me? Oh, yeah…I was uh…I was totally fine. Wait a minute…why are you tied up?

Aphmau: Kind of a long story. I may have gotten to some kind of…void laced rampage and murdered at least one window, it’s all kind of hazy.

Tommy: Are you…are you okay?

Modzilla runs in, coming behind Tommy.

Modzilla: We don’t know. She’s been infected by the Void somehow and we’re not sure if there’s a cure.

Laila: I already discussed the idea with Laurance, but I think there might be a way to get rid of the…possession.

Tommy: Really? How?

Laila: She wasn’t acting of her own volition, someone or some thing was controlling her. So maybe if we kill that source, we can release Aphmau from its influence.

Modzilla: Wait, are you implying that the Alter might have taken control of Aphmau?

Laila: And that by killing the Alter, we can free her.

Modzilla: That’s a wonderful idea from an idealistic standpoint but…

Laila: It’s worth a shot.

Modzilla: Laila, engaging with the Alter is the last thing we should be doing right now.

Aphmau: Laurance ran off. He must be going to find it!

Modzilla: Bolting isn’t going to help anyone without a plan.

Tommy: We don’t have time for a plan! Aphmau’s in danger! I have to go help Laurance.

Aphmau, Modzilla & Laila: No!

The scene cuts to third person perspective. Laurance runs through the forestry, looking around. He pants, looking angered.

Laurance: Show yourself!

As Laurance looks around, Zane appears behind Laurance, brandishing his sword. From his mask, small Void Burns are seen on his face. Laurance turns to see Zane. Laurance brandishes his sword after a brief moment of shock.

Laurance: Huh?

Zane charges for Laurance, and he dodges. Zane keeps on attacking Laurance, and he eventually stabs Zane. Zane collapses onto the ground and disappears into fire.

Laurance: You think cheap tricks will stop me?!

Laurance looks down at the fire where Zane originally was. He looks around the area more.

Laurance: Show yourself! If you have any honour left inside of you, you fight me here and now!

Laurance continues to look around. The Alter doesn’t appear. It’s only silence.

Laurance: GRAH!

Laurance looks around once more.

Laurance: I need…I need to get back. Show yourself! Now!

Laurance looks around again before running from the area, sword brandished. Meanwhile, it cuts back to Aphmau’s perspective. Laila unties Aphmau.

Laila: There we are. Does that feel better?

Aphmau: You didn’t have to untie me. I…would understand.

Laila: Nonsense! We can handle it if your burn starts acting up again. Me and Polly can take ya.

Aphmau: Hehe, I don’t think I wanna see you both angry at me!

Laila: We’re an unstoppable force, yes. It’s scientifically proven!

Laurance walks through the doors of the Lab.

Aphmau: Laurance! Are you okay? Did the Alter…

Laurance: I didn’t find the Alter.

Modzilla: Let’s thank all the brightest of burning gas stars you didn’t. I don’t want anyone else running off until we have a plan.

Aphmau looks around.

Modzilla: Here’s how this is going to work. We’ll remain on guard, we’ll be ready to fight, but we can’t go hunting down the Alter with the power of our neutral irritation, and we certainly can’t have what happened to Aphmau happen again.

Aphmau: Can I remind you that you were the one who told me to run away?

Modzilla stares at Aphmau’s void burn.

Modzilla: Laila, you, Polly, Tommy and myself need to throw all our effort into uncovering everything we can about the Void. Laurance, Aphmau, you’re on guard duty. Keep an eye out for the Alter.

Laurance: Right.

Aphmau: And Laurance? If I start acting strange, make sure you…

Laurance: Do I look like I’d let anything happen to a nice lady like you?

Aphmau: The Alter. It might come for me.

Laurance: Let it. I’d love the chance for a rematch against that Shadow Knight reject.

Modzilla: Well then, we’re all in agreement then going forward. Let’s focus on research and not getting killed, and we might actually solve this.

The scene cuts to third person perspective as night falls once again. Aphmau, Tommy and Laurance all leave the Lab.

Tommy: Why can’t we stay with Polly and Laila?

Aphmau: Because Polly and Laila barely have enough room in their place as is.

Tommy: But o…our house is gone! Surely they can make room!

Aphmau: We’ll need to find a new place to live, Tommy.

Laurance: Is there an Inn nearby? I have coin on me.

Aphmau: I’m pretty sure they won’t take your money. But there is a hotel nearby.

Laurance: We need to get you to this…hotel. You need a bed.

Aphmau: Heh, I think we could all use a rest.

Tommy: Let’s go, let’s go!

Aphmau: Shall we?

Aphmau, Tommy and Laurance all walk through the town, reaching the hotel. Soon, the group settle into a room. Tommy is already sleeping on one bed while Aphmau and Laurance are sitting by a table. The scene cuts back to Aphmau’s perspective.

Laurance: How’s your wound?

Aphmau: Not possessing me, thankfully. How are you hanging in there?

Laurance: I’m, uh…tired. Not physically but…guess I haven’t gotten much sleep since I found myself here.

Aphmau: That’s understandable.

Laurance: This whole experience has really thrown me for a loop. I keep wondering what happened to my world…is it okay? Was it infected by the Void? Is everyone I know alright? It seems silly to dwell on them considering my circumstances-

Aphmau: They’re important to you.

Laurance: Yes. They must’ve noticed that I’m missing by now. I can’t help but wonder if they’re worried, or when I’ll be able to get back to them.

Aphmau: I know they’re worried, but you’re doing everything you can to help us get you back to them.

Laurance: That’s the plan.

Laurance stares at the wall, then back to Aphmau.

Laurance: Are you worried?

Aphmau: I…

Laurance: About your world being in danger?

Aphmau: I don’t know. That seems so much larger than I can comprehend right now. Entire worlds overcome in an instant? It should be impossible.

Laurance: I know. It makes my previous conflicts seem so small…

Aphmau: It makes me feel like that fire was just a tiny glimpse of what the void can do.

Laurance: Hey now…we won’t let that happen. We know what we’re up against now.

Aphmau: And we’ll only know more as the others continue their research.

Laurance: Exactly, we’ll figure out what we’re dealing with and match it stride for stride, and until then, we can get some sleep.

Aphmau: That sounds like a plan to me.

Laurance nods, and Aphmau and Laurance both head to bed. During the night, the void burn consumes most of Aphmau’s arm as she sleeps. The episode ends here.