A LOVELY Surprise
MyStreet 2 18
Season 2, Episode 18
Post Date July 29, 2016
Duration 12:05
Written By *Aphmau
  • Castor
  • Kristina
Directed By
Produced By Dom
Edited By
Storyboarded By
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"Girls Night Out"
"FIERY Passion"

"A LOVELY Surprise" is the 18th episode of the second season of MyStreet and the 53rd episode overall. It premiered on July 29th, 2016.

Blurb Edit

"Dante just wanted a nice relaxing day to himself, but he's in for a big surprise."

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Trivia Edit

  • Zane does not consider Dante and Jenna friends.
  • This marks Nicole arrival at Love~Love Paradise, through connections from her father's business.
    • Before coming to the island, she went to reside with her parents during early summer, which is located in the city.
    • With Nicole's arrival, only Laurance and Vylad are left to appear from the primary cast.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of MyStreet since Travis's explosive arrival via flashback.
  • It is revealed that Dante did not break up with Nicole before going to the Paradise Resort, thus making them a couple. He originally was going to end the relationship, but Nicole confessed her feelings to him, accidentally accepting it.
  • This is one of the rare episodes in which Aphmau has a minor role.
  • MegaMoeka returns to voice Kawaii~Chan.
  • Kawaii~Chan and Garroth appear to be taking hula lesson once more. However, in the next episode it is said that the two were only practicing in private to see if the former could control herself.

Video Edit

  • A LOVELY Surprise - Love~Love Paradise MyStreet -S2-Ep

    A LOVELY Surprise - Love~Love Paradise MyStreet -S2-Ep.18 Minecraft Roleplay-

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