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"A DATE!?"

"Looking for an Alpha"

(Video starts with the Aphmau plush screen)

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(Episode starts by showing Aphmau pacing across her room)

Aphmau: Today... is the day. Kai is finally going to hang out with Katelyn... in front of me. They'll probably...

(Imaginary scenario starts)

(Kai and Katelyn are talking behind the bleachers at school. The screen is covered in sparkles the whole scene)

Kai: Oh Katelyn, I've had this burning feeling in my heart since I've laid eyes on you.

Katelyn:(blushing)Kai, you're so strong, and manly, intelligent and kind.

Kai: No one has ever told me these things. Kiss me, Katelyn!

(They kiss)

(The imaginary scenario ends)

Aphmau: Once Katelyn sees how great a guy Kai is, they'll probably kiss! In front of me! Brrr, this is my last chance. I know I'm supposed to be helping Kai, and giving it my all, but I can't help this way I feel about him! He only sees me as a younger sister. But, maybe, I can get him to see me as more. (she notices her tube of hair dye on the table) Hm? Hmm...

Sylvanna: (calling from downstairs) Aphmau! I'm going out with Zianna for our morning jog, then coffee afterwards! Do you wanna come with?

Aphmau: Thanks, but no thanks, Mom!

Sylvanna: Alright. All the doors are locked. Remember, don't open up to any stranger, no matter what! You can invite your little friends over if you want, but NO BOYS! Got it?

Aphmau: Got it! Love you, Mom!

Sylvanna: Love you too, Mija! (she walks out the door humming)

Aphmau: She's gone. Hmm, she said I couldn't dye all of my hair blue, but she never said anything about dying a part of my hair blue. Hehehe! (She goes to set things up)

(The screen transitions to the next part with a clock-like motion, and shows the messy floor of the bathroom)

Aphmau: AHHHH!

(The camera tilts up to show an ugly green streak in her hair)

Aphmau: No, no! This is all wrong! It's not supposed to come out like this! This is just— green, and not a nice green either! Ugh, what did I do wrong?! (she looks at her instruction page) I did nothing wrong! Ugh! I need to fix this! But, I don't know anyone who dyes their hair! Wait— (the text/emoji version of Ein appears on the screen) Ein! He dyes his hair!

(The screen slides over to show Ein, sitting on his bed reading a book. His phone rings)

Ein: Huh? (He looks at his phone) Aphmau? (he picks up) H-hello?

Aphmau: Ein, I need you!

Ein: (blushing a lot) W-what?!

Aphmau: I need your help, please!

Ein: (now only blushing a bit) Woah, i-is everything alright? What's going on?

Aphmau: I tried to dye my hair, and it went completely wrong!

Ein: (now not blushing) You tried to dye your hair? You told me you hadn't thought about ever doing that.

Aphmau: Well, I wanted to try it for a change, and I completely messed it up. Would you mind coming over to my place and helping me out? Please! There's only a few hours before we go out to the movies and arcade, and I don't want to have green hair for this!

Ein: I would love to come over and help, but I don't know where you live.

Aphmau: I'll send you directions. Thank you so much, Ein!

Ein: (Blushing a lot again) No problem. (they hang up) She wants me to help her. Hehehe.

Aphmau: (sighs) I'm glad.

Woof: (not sure how they got there, but they are on the floor of the bathroom, by the door) MMMMMmmm!

Aphmau: Hm? Hey, where did you come from?!

Woof: Didn't your mom tell you, "No Boys"?

Aphmau: I know, but there's no way I'm letting Kai down or allowing him to see me like this. So I have no choice!

Woof: Alright, it's your fluff, not mine.

(The screen fades out and comes up on Ein, standing outside of Aphmau's house. He walks up to the door and knocks, and it opens, but Aphmau isn't seen behind it. Ein stops in the doorway)

Ein: (looking at the doors that opened seemingly of their own accord) Uh, okay... (He takes a step, then pauses) Aphmau, what are you doing behind the door?

Aphmau: How did you know I was here?

Ein: I could smell the horrible dye smell coming from your hair. Kinda hard to miss.

Aphmau: Oh.

Ein: So, show me what you need help with.

Aphmau: I'm embarrassed.

Ein: Just show me.

Aphmau: Mmm. (She walks out from behind the door)

Ein: Aww, hahaha. This was your first time doing it on your own, wasn't it?

Aphmau: Don't laugh!

Ein: Haha! I'm sorry, it's- it's just cute. Don't worry, though. I can help you dye your hair before we go out with Kai and Katelyn tonight. What color were you going for?

Aphmau: Light blue.

Ein: (with a shocked blushing face) Really?! Wow, that would look great on you!

Aphmau: You think so?!

Ein: Absolutely. Come on, let's get started. Show me where you have your dye set up.

Aphmau: Awesome! This way.

(They go up to Aphmau's bathroom. Ein is standing behind Aphmau, dying her hair)

Aphmau: Ouch! Not so hard.

Ein: Sorry, this is my first time. (I'm assuming he means doing someone else's hair)

Aphmau: It's mine too, and this hurts!

Ein: I'm almost done. Just a bit longer.

Aphmau: Is it supposed to burn?!

Ein: Geez, I didn't realize how complainy humans are. And, done!

(Aphmau turns around, all sparkley, and shows her correctly-done blue streak in her hair. Ein is blushing a lot)

Aphmau: Ein! It's... perfect!

Ein: Yeah, you really are.

Aphmau: How did you do this?! I did everything right before!

Ein: Well, you used yellow hair dye in place of bleach, so that's where your problem was.

Aphmau: But, I thought bleach was just yellow hair dye.(even I laughed I dyed my hair twice before)

Ein: A- Hahahaha! (takes a big breath) You're so cute.

Aphmau: Ugh. Let me see this bleach. I— Ah!

Ein: Watch out! (he tries to walk over to keep her from falling)

(They both fall on the ground, Aphmau falling backwards first, then Ein falling almost on top of her (He sort of caught himself with his hands, so he's not laying on top of her). Aphmau is blushing a bit, and Ein is blushing a lot (I mean he was earlier anyway from Aphmau's hair))

Ein: Um, Aph, I—

Sylvanna: (walking in) Aphmau, I'm back! Sorry it took so long, I got a call from your father, (huh, that's kind of funny timing) and I— (sees Aphmau and Ein. her face is really angry, and Aphmau's is looking like she's about to die) Boy- on- my— WHERE IS MY CHANCLA?!!!!

Aphmau: Mom, no, I can explain! Ah!

(The screen fades and comes up on Aphmau and Ein sitting on the couch shamefacedly in front of Sylvanna in the living room)

Sylvanna: Alright, (sighs) alright. I knew this day would come, but... this is hard. First of all, young man, what are you doing here?!

Ein: Oh, um, Aphmau called me over here to help her fix her hair. It was green before, and I changed it to blue.

Sylvanna: That's another thing. Aphmau, you dyed your hair when I told you not to!

Aphmau: You said not to dye my whole hair! I just did a strand.

Sylvanna: (sighs) You are grounded. As for you young man, I—

Ein: Please, ma'am, you have my apologies. I didn't know how you felt about boys, or about Aphmau's hair. Had I known about your wishes, I wouldn't have disobeyed them.

Sylvanna: Hm?

Ein: I completely understand and respect your house, and am so sorry events played out as they did. Please, don't blame her completely. You can call my parents to let them know what I did. ( *spoilers* it would be interesting if she called his father... well, I guess she already did, though she didn't know it was him) I deserve it.

Sylvanna: Wow, you're a really nice boy. 

Ein: I'm just trying to make amends for what I did. I'm so sorry.

Sylvanna: Aphmau, a word.

Aphmau: Uh, okay. (they walk over to the kitchen)

Sylvanna: Aphmau, this boy, he's very nice. Hehehe. Why didn't you introduce him to me sooner?

Aphmau: Huh?!

Sylvanna: And he's a werewolf, too! Hehehehe. Did you know that I had a crush on a werewolf boy in high school back in my day?

Aphmau: I know, Mom. You never shut up about him.

Sylvanna: (sighs) I wonder how things would have been if I had ended up with him, (sighs) instead of an insensitive gerk like your father.

Aphmau: Wait, you actually like Ein?!

Sylvanna: Yes! He's so polite and understanding! He's quick to apologize, and respectful! Unlike some of the other boys you brought back. (Um, Sylvanna invited Aaron over, not Aphmau)

Aphmau: But you've only just met him!

Sylvanna: Is he one of the people you're going with to the movies tonight?

Aphmau: Yes.

Sylvanna: Hmmm... alright, I've made up my mind. I was going to tell you you can't go because of all of this, but, I'll still allow you to go as long as he brings you back home before 9 PM, you dye your hair back tonight, and you're grounded from the internet for a month, deal?

Aphmau: A month?! But Mom, I-

Sylvanna: Fine, then, no movies.

Aphmau: (sighs) (thinking) "Oh, Kai!" Fine. Deal.

Sylvanna: Perfect! (they walk back to the living room) Just so you know, my daughter is grounded for a month. But, she can go out tonight only if you get her back by 9 PM, understand.

Ein: Absolutely! I'll make sure she's here before then. You are as gracious as you are beautiful.

Sylvanna: You are just so flattering! Hahahaha! Oh, who wants tacos? I'll make some great ones before you both leave. Hahahahaha! (she goes into the kitchen to make tacos)

Aphmau: Ugh, Mom!

(The screen fades out and comes up on Aphmau and Ein walking into the Arcade. Kai is already further into the room)

Aphmau: Heh, here we are.

Ein: Hey, isn't that your friend?

Aphmau: Huh?!

Kai: (noticing them) Hey!

Aphmau: Mmmmm, Kai.

Kai: Wow, Aphmau! Your blue streak, i-it's adorable!

Aphmau: Ee hehehe! (composing herself a bit and looking down) Uh, thank you.

Kai: (dreamily) It reminds me on Katelyn.

Aphmau: Oh. Heh. (don't be disappointed Aph, isn't that the reason that you got the light blue streak in your hair in the first place?)

Kai: Well, how do I look?

Aphmau: Perfect, absolutely perfect.

Ein: Ugh.

Kai: Thanks. I'm so nervous. I don't know if I can do this.

Aphmau: Well, you're going to do it now.

(Katelyn walks in, covered in sparkles)

Kai: (blushing a bit) Wow.

Aphmau: Mmm, here we go.

Katelyn: Hey guys! So sorry I'm late.

Kai: You weren't late at all! Heheheh, heheh.

Katelyn: Hm, you're pretty excited, Catboy.

Aphmau: Actually, his name is—

Kai: You can call me whatever you want.

Katelyn: Haha, okay! So, is this everyone?

Aphmau: Yup! It's me, you, Ein, and ... Catboy!

Katelyn: Cool. Let's go crush some games!

Kai: Yeah! (Katelyn and Kai walk off)

Aphmau: (sighs)

Ein: Come on, let's go, Aphmau.

Aphmau: Oh, right. (They walk over to Kai and Katelyn)

Katelyn: Let's see, what to play... Ooh! How about a racing game? Wanna go, Aph?

Aphmau: Actually, I gotta use the bathroom real quick. Maybe you should go? (looking at Kai)

Kai: M-me?

Katelyn: Yeah, come on, I'll destroy you!

Kai: Oh, um, okay!

(They go and play the game for awhile)

Katelyn: Ugh, darn it!

Kai: Haha! Beat you that time!

Katelyn: Ha, yeah, but I won the last round.

Kai: How about best two out of three?

Katelyn: You're on!

(They keep playing, and the camera turns to show Aphmau and Ein, who are watching Katelyn and Kai)

Aphmau: At least they're getting along.

Ein: Aphmau, are you okay?

Aphmau: Yeah, I'm... fine.

Ein: They've been playing that racing game for awhile.

Aphmau: Yeah, and it's almost time for the movie to start.

Ein: Um, hey, Aph, I know you're trying to help Kai get with Katelyn, and I think that's really awesome.

Aphmau: Heh, yeah.

Katelyn: (walking over with Kai) Hey, the movie's going to start in a few minutes. We should get heading over.

Aphmau: Oh, you guys are done?

Kai: Yup!

Katelyn: Aph, Catboy here is hilarious.

Kai: Heheheheh.

Aphmau: Yeah, I know! Heheh.

(The screen fades to show the Theatre. Katelyn and Kai walk in, and then Ein and Aphmau walk in by the other door. The screen then shows them all watching the movie. At one point, Kai holds Katelyn's hand and starts blushing. Katelyn doesn't really react. Aphmau notices and sighs. Then, the screen fades to after the movie. Katelyn and Ein walk out one door, and Kai and Aphmau walk out the other one. The camera points to Kai and Aphmau)

Kai: Aphmau, I'm going to do it. I'm going to tell Katelyn how I feel about her.

Aphmau: Do you think you can?

Kai: Yes! I can do this. I've gotten to know her so well during this. Thank you so much, Aph. I means a lot.

Aphmau: Yeah! Haha.

(Kai goes over to talk to Katelyn, and the two of them walk outside through the front doors. Then, Ein walks over to Aphmau)

Aphmau: (sniffling) I need to go home! (she rushes off to another exit)

Ein: Aphmau, wait! (he runs after her)

(the screen shows Kai and Katelyn in front of the theater. Katelyn is on her phone)

Kai: Katelyn? I know this is sudden, but (Katelyn looks up from her phone) I've been admiring you for a long time.

Katelyn: (putting her phone away) Huh?

Kai: This is the first time in a whole year that I've had the chance to talk with you like this. I've been so shy before, but I wanted to tell you that, I like you a lot, so tonight was a dream for me.

Katelyn: You like me?

Kai: Yes. And again, I know it's sudden, but you are so beautiful, so kind.

Katelyn: Heh, you know, this entire night has been fun, but I never got your name.

Kai: Oh, it's-it's Kai.

Katelyn: Kai?

(start flashback)

Aphmau: I-I'm not crushing on—

(The toilet flushes in a bathroom stall and Kawaii~Chan walks out)

Kawaii~Chan: It's Kai~Kun.

Katelyn: Wha?

Teony: Who?!

Aphmau: K-K-Kawaii~Chan!

(end flashback)

Katelyn: Oh, oh no.

Kai: What is it?

Katelyn: Look, Kai, you seem like a really nice guy, you really do.

Kai: I see. I'm sorry, I-I know you wouldn't be interested.

Katelyn: It-it's not that, if this were a completely different situation, then maybe I might give you a shot. You're really sweet. But, Aphmau, she, she has a major crush on you!

Kai: Huh?

Katelyn: Please don't tell her I told you, but, I'm her friend, and I can't do that to her. Please understand.

Kai: S-She has a crush on me?

Katelyn: Yeah, it's painfully obvious. At least to us.

Kai: I didn't— I never thought about her that way.

Katelyn: Well, it's easy to overlook feelings like that from others. But, Kai, we can be friends. I'd love to own you at air hockey some day.

Kai: Heh, yeah! Me too! (thinking) "Aph... likes me?"

(The screen fades to Aphmau running off, and Ein chasing her)

Ein: Aph, wait! (he grabs her hand)

Aphmau: I just want to go home!

Ein: What's wrong? You can tell me.

Aphmau: I'm just... off... today. After everything that happened, I feel like Kai— I mean, no one likes me.

Ein: I like you.

Aphmau: I know that, Ein. You just, —

Ein: I mean, I really like you.

Aphmau: You what?

Ein: (blushing) I mean, you are the alpha, so, of course I do! Hahahaha!

(By now, Aphmau and Ein have walked over so they are also at the street, but on the side of the theater. Aphmau looks over at Katelyn and Kai, and Kai looks at her, although Aphmau doesn't see that)

Aphmau: (thinking) "Kai's already confessed to Katelyn by now."

Ein: Hey, Aph?

Aphmau: Yeah?

(Ein kisses her on the cheek)

Aphmau: Huh? What was that for?

Ein: I just wanted you to know that... someone cares for you. (Yeah, Aaron does) I'm sorry I kissed your cheek, but, I don't know how else to show it to a human.

Aphmau: Heh, it's okay, Ein. Thank you.

Ein: Come on, let's get you home.

(They walk off, and Kai watches them)

Kai: (thinking) "She... likes me?"

Katelyn: Hey,

Kai: Does that other guy have a thing for her?

Katelyn: Uh, don't know. I know they're just friends, but, if I were you, I'd think about at least giving her a chance.

Kai: Yeah. Hey, can I walk you home?

Katelyn: Sure, heheh.

(They walk off, and the screen pans up at the night sky before the outro screen comes up)