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A New Relationship!?
MyStreet 2 5
Season 2, Episode 5
Post Date

June 20, 2016



Written by
  • Aphmau
  • Castor
  • Kristina
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"Friendship is Sandcastles!"


"A New Relationship!?" is the 5th episode of the second season of MyStreetand the 40th episode overall. It premiered on June 20th, 2016.


"Aphmau and Aaron discover their new neighbors."


Aphmau and Aaron wake up and notice their noisy neighbors are kissing, only to realize it's Aphmau's mom and Katelyn's dad. Sylvanna sees Aphmau and cries out of joy, while Aaron looks worried. Aphmau and Aaron discuss how to tell her mom they're dating, with Aaron fearing Sylvanna's wrath.

They go to the roof and chat about their tickets, and Aphmau overreacts to the idea of her mom and Eric dating. Eric blurts out that they are dating, and Aphmau is thrilled. Sylvanna asks Eric to get drinks and talks about wanting grandbabies from Aphmau, unaware that Aaron is her boyfriend. Aaron faints, and they blush deeply.

Sylvanna asks about Travis, hinting at wanting him to be Aphmau's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Travis and Brendan have a mishap with burnt cookies and a fire at the guys' house. Katelyn arrives at the island and is surprised to see Eric and Sylvanna there. Sylvanna asks Katelyn about Aphmau and Travis as a couple, which Katelyn finds amusing.



  • In the beginning of the episode, while Aphmau and Aaron was looking out the window, Sylvanna's and Eric's hair looked completely gray. However, up-close their hair are same as their MyStreet Phoenix Drop High counterparts, except some of their hair are beginning to turn gray. 
  • Sylvanna and Eric make their debuts in MyStreet series.
    • The two are revealed to be in a relationship.
    • It is most likely that the two raised their children on their own.
  • It's revealed that, as a child, Katelyn was not fond of her father going on dates--to the point of setting her home on fire.
  • The guys' house is set on fire after this episode and Travis gets propelled across MyStreet.
  • Sylvanna is said to like Travis, prefering to have Aphmau with him.
    • She'd also like to have grandchildren from Aphmau.
  • Aaron's face once he heard Aphmau wants babies is similar to the Phoenix Drop High episode, "Aphmau Has a Baby!?."
  • Many fans believe that Travis gets blown away, all the way to the island.
    • The following day, Aphmau released a Hide and Seek on the island with Travis in it, mini games are considered non-canonical, though.
    • However, this occurrence happen in a later episode called "Travis In Paradise."
  • Brendan's voice actor is unknown. 



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