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A POTION To Capture Asch!
Episode 25
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Breaking A Girl's Heart

The End Of Ava

Rhal: (Opens door) Bish! (Opens another door) Bish! (Opens another door) Bish!

Daemos guard 1: Is something wrong, Your Majesty?

Rhal: Where's. My. Wife?!

Daemos guard 2: Uh...

Daemos guard 1: No one has seen her in days.

Rhal: Begin searching the castle for her! I want this castle ripped apart! Bish has been gone longer than she normally is.(Runs through the castle) Bish, Bish, Bish, Bish, Bish, Bish, Bish! Shut up! I'll (Something) if I want to! Piss of, Guard, you're not the boss of me! Not in the dungeon, not in the kitchen. Bish please!

(A few minutes later)

Rhal: Bish, where could you have gone to? I know we don't see each other a lot but you've been gone long enough, long enough for me to be... Alone. (Walks to Bish's room) All I have to remember you by is your room. Bish used to open this door. (Goes inside and falls onto Bish's bed) This is where Bish used to sleep, I... (Sniffs the bed) It still smells like her. Wait, it's warm and her scent is still fresh, which means...

Lady Bish: I'm right here, Rhal.

Rhal: Bish, you're back!

Lady Bish: I never left the castle, I simply went to the library.

Rhal: Wait, you went there and... And you're out alive?

Lady Bish: Of course. I don't think you understand how smart your wife is.

Rhal: I mean you didn't get consumed by the madness there?

Lady Bish: The library is indeed cursed, but as you can see, I made it out alive.

Rhal: Next time, tell me where you're going! Especially if it's a dangerous place like that! What would've happened if you died?

Lady Bish: You'd find a new wife most likely.

Rhal: Yeah, but that takes work! I don't wanna! Besides, none of the suitors prior were as pleasing to the eye as you.

Lady Bish: Is that your way of saying I'm beautiful?

Rhal: Yes, that word.

Lady Bish: You have no need to fear for my safety, I am well equipped to take care of myself.

Rhal: Well, good! What is that?

Lady Bish: It's a very ancient book I found in the Royal Library, 1 of great importance.

Rhal: What? No! Keep something like that away from me!

Lady Bish: Huh?

Rhal: Um... Anything that's come out of that library, anything at all has always been a bad sign of things to come. No one brings anything from there.

Lady Bish: I am not concerned of it. It seems the book was taken from its place prior to myself.

Rhal: Bish, I want nothing to do with that. Please, call me back when it's gone. (Leaves but comes back in) I am glad you are safe, Bish, but don't scare me like that again! (Leaves and breaks the door)

Zex: Meow.

Lady Bish: I am not concerned for his words, it's truly a matter of ignorance on his behalf. Rhal cannot read and he fears the unknown while I tend to... Embrace it. (Picks up a potion)

Zex: Meow.

Lady Bish: I will soon require your aid, but before that, we will need to get to the Ritual Room. We're bringing Asch home.

(On Earth)

Izuku Midoriya: I want to be the number 1 hero, with you.

Katsuki Bakugo: I don't need your love, Deku. I just need explosions! (Blows something up)

(Ava turns off the TV)

Asch, Leif, Noi, Pierce and Rhys: (Screams in fright)

Asch: Where did you come from, Prisoner?

Noi: She looks mad.

Rhys: What happened?

Pierce: Ava, a-a-are you mad?

Noi: Uh... Is this about the trash? We thought it was your day to take it out.

Asch: We did agree on that.

Leif: Hey, what happened to the TV?

Ava: We need to talk.

Leif: Oh no! That's what Courtney said to Ryan when she broke up with him after solving the murder!

Asch: Wait, you watched that episode without me?!

Leif: Uh...

Ava: I don't really care about your TV shows at this point! It's obvious you guys are getting super addicted to TV, but that's beside the point. We need to talk about what happened this past weekend.

Pierce: We went to the Carnival.

Leif: It was pretty fun.

Asch: What are you talking about?

Ava: Rhys, you know what I'm talking about!

Rhys: Uh... No idea!

Ava: No, we need to talk about it. You were using your magic, Rhys! Specifically when I told you not to!

Rhys: Um... Yes, but I had a good reason to.

(Ava glares at Rhys)

Rhys: Uh...

Ava: Look, I don't care what reason you had for using your magic. You were blatantly using magic in front of others! And do you know what the repercussions of doing that is?

Asch: Why does it matter? Humans have magic, you use it all the time in front of us.

Leif: I have to agree with Asch. Human magic isn't as flashy as Daemos magic but it has power in its own.

Asch: It's truly not worth you getting upset over.

Ava: I have to get upset over it! They'd take you guys away from me if they found out!

Noi: Princess Ava, I think we're more than okay.

Rhys: Noi is correct, nothing has happened to us here. We can safely say Earth is a place where we don't have to worry about the... Hostility.

Pierce: Are you all right, Princess Ava?

(Ava goes into her room)

Leif: What was that about?

Noi: I don't see what the problem is. Nothing bad has truly happened since we got here.

Rhys: I agree, regardless, we should respect Ava's wishes. (Walks to Ava's room)

Pierce: Where are you going?

Rhys: To apologize. Princess Ava has been nothing but hospitable to us since we arrived, the least I can do is apologize. Your Highness, I truly believe we need to make plans to return to Daemos soon, we truly have outlasted our stay. (Goes into Ava's room)

Noi: Um... Well?

Asch: We... We... We'll make plans after the show is over.

(They all sit down and continue to watch My Hero Academia)

Rhys: Princess Ava, I wanted to express how sorry I am for what I did. I didn't mean to...

Ava: You guys are real, aren't you?

Rhys: Huh? I beg your pardon?

Ava: When you guys first showed up, I swore I was dreaming. I was certain that when I woke up you guys would be gone, but you guys were still here. Every time I woke up you guys were around. Believe it or not, you all gave me the confidence to go outside. It's not just you, Rhys, the others are guilty too of doing stupid things that would get you guys taken away. It's just... I don't want to lose you all.

Rhys: What?

Ava: Nothing, nothing. I'm just upset, that's all. Again, it's not just you, Rhys, I appreciate you more than anyone. I'm just emotional, I guess.

Rhys: Is there anything I could do to make it up to you?

Ava: No thank you.

Rhys: I can perhaps cook you something, at least something I know how to make.

Ava: Not hungry. Thank you. (Her stomach rumbles)

Rhys: Humans eat more than we do. I'll make you something anyway. (Leaves)

(On Daemos)

Lady Grandma: Hm... Hm.... I'm not sure how I feel about creating possible eternal youth. It's a nice idea to be close to Pierce, but Pierce isn't whom I truly want, he just looks so similar to my late husband. I'd go for him if I could join the one I fell in love with in the afterlife. Such a conflict. Looks could be quite the curse, I presume. And do I truly want to live forever, if it's at all possible? It's already been a few thousand years for me. Huh?

(Something shatters)

Lady Grandma: (Aims her staff) Someone is here. (Goes to the entrance but sees nothing) Perhaps I'm getting too old. Perhaps eternal youth would be good for my sanity. (Is about to walk away but then Zex shows himself) A spirit? Wait. You!

Lady Bish: (Freezes Lady Grandma) A little too easy for my liking.

Zex: Meow.

Lady Bish: I enjoy a challenge. It's obvious the old hag's gotten rusty with her senses, I'm sure a challenge would be head if she could actually use her magic on me.

Zex: Meow.

Lady Bish: It's a task for another time. For now, we focus on Asch. (Goes to the table and reads the book) I knew it, this book is directly from the same shelf as the book I found of Earth. It's a book of forbidden spells, elixirs. (Pulls out the other book) It's 1 worth looking through, but this 1... This 1 is the 1 they used. It's time.

(Zex transforms into his physical form)

Lady Bish: Zex, I need you to take my place and retrieve Asch for me.

Zex: Are you positive Asch is on the astral plane of E-Earth?

Lady Bish: Every clue I found has pointed to him being there. It explains his sudden disappearance as of late.

Zex: I will do as you command.

Lady Bish: Your mission is to retrieve Asch at all costs, he must be brought back here ALIVE, under no circumstances must he be physically harmed.

Zex: And what of his knights?

Lady Bish: If they get in your way, kill them.

Zex: I understand. What should I know about E-Earth?

Lady Bish: Earth isn't a realm that was originally was an extension of our own, however, it has evolved in a completely different way.

Zex: I will be sure to take precautions.

Lady Bish: Do not fail me. Do what needs to be done to accomplish this mission. (Shows a potion) This will bring you back, use it wisely as it's the only 1 I have.

Zex: Yes, M'lady.

(Lady Bish opens the portal and Zex goes through)

Ava: Since when did you learn how to make pasta?

Rhys: It's called spaghetti. (Gives Ava her food)

Ava: (Giggles) Yeah, that.

Rhys: There is a show about cooking on the TV. Spaghetti sounds like a rather simple recipe.

Ava: Well, you're getting really good at it.

Rhys: Thank you.

Leif: Hurry, Rhys! The show's about to start!

Rhys: Coming! Uh, do you mind?

Ava: Not at all. Go ahead.

(Rhys joins the rest of the Daemos to watch a TV show while Ava eats her spaghetti and after notices the rubbish bag)

Ava: I guess it's my turn to take out the garbage. (Goes outside)

Zex: (Appears) The air is different here; my skin feels as if fire consumes it. (Sees some teenagers doing graffiti) The attire.

Thug #1: Woah, get a load of this freak. (Laughs)

Thug #2: Hey, Nerd! What, is the Naruto convention in town or something? Yo! Hello! Ah, what a freak.

(Zex teleports towards the thugs and pulls out his blade)

Thug #1: Woah! Hey! Calm down, Man!

Thug #2: We were just kidding!

Zex: If you wish to remain living, give me your garments and speak nothing of this to your elders or I will hunt you down and I will keep your tongues as trophies.

Thug #2: Yeah, Man! Whatever you say!

Thug #1: Just leave us alone!

(The 2 thugs run away half naked as Zex wears their clothes)

Zex: I need to become assimilated before I can begin my search.

(Ava goes puts the bag into a big rubbish bin)

Ava: (Screams in fright from Zex) Who... Who are you?

Zex: I'm lost.

Ava: Huh?

Zex: I do not know this place. Can you help me?

Ava: Uh...

Zex: (Sniffs) (Thoughts) That scent. This female doesn't seem a threat, but that scent is strangely familiar. Has she been in contact with...

Ava: What's your name again?

Zex: My name is Zex. I'm lost and don't know where I am.

Ava: Where are you from?

(Zex doesn't respond)

Ava: You know, you remind me of some friends that I know.

Zex: Really?

Ava: (Giggles) Yeah. Um, I can help you, after all, the last time I helped someone or rather someones, my life became happier. Oh shoot, I forgot my phone. Well, I can let you burrow it. Just follow me.

(Zex doesn't follow her at first)

Ava: Come on, this way!

(Zex follows Ava to her apartment)