A Present of Love
MyStreet 5
Season 1, Episode 5
Post Date December 5, 2015
Duration 15:05
Written By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
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"Frozen Outside"
"Christmas Cat-Tastrophe"
"A Present of Love" is the 5th episode of MyStreet. It premiered on December 5th, 2015. 


"Kawaii~Chan asks for Aphmau's help with something and soon discovers that she herself might be in for more than she was hoping for."


At IHOP, Kawaii~Chan expresses her exhaustion as the holiday season tires her greatly. As a new customer sits on the booth, Kawaii~Chan heads over to take the order, but is surprised by Reese . Running back into the kitchen, Kawaii~Chan is in panic. Catching her breath, Michi offers to help by taking Reese's order instead.

At the kitchen, Michi returns to inform Kawaii~Chan on Reese's order. Michi suggests Kawaii~Chan to head home as she can take over her shift, insisting Kawaii~Chan to head home. Speechless, Michi is puzzled by Kawaii~Chan's naivety.

Michi suggest Kawaii~Chan to go home so that she can take over the shift while Kawaii~Chan shops for a present for Reese. Michi is seen to have an interest in Reese, planning to take advantage entirely. Michi is left in awe as Kawaii~Chan doesn't see her as an enemy.

At the living room, Aphmau sings a tune but is interrupted by an excited Kawaii~Chan. She asks Aphmau to join her to the mall to pursue a gift for Reese. 

At the entrance, Kawaii~Chan and Aphmau brainstorm on the best gift for Reese. Upon their arrival, it is noticed that the mall is rather empty, making their search easier.

Aphmau warns Kawaii~Chan on the merchant booths around the mall, as they can easily persude her to purchase unneeded items, which she falls for. Disappointed of her, Aphmau gives advice to avoid merchant booths entirely. Indirectly calling Kawaii~Chan gullible, she storms off, while Aphmau is left daunting.

In the search for a run away Kawaii~Chan, Aphmau is worried of Kawaii~Chan's easy persuasion. Aphmau stroll through the mall and stops at the food court. She hurriedly runs around until she encounter Laurance . She explains the situation to him, and leaves in an awkward manner. 

Endlessly running, Aphmau finds a weeping Kawaii~Chan sitting on the ground. Kawaii~Chan explains that she has spent most of her money on Pony collectibles.

Zane suddenly appears as he was attracted to her sobbing, which is considered loitering. Kawaii~Chan retells her story and Zane purchases her collection with a discount. Overjoyed at the return of her money, Kawaii~Chan continues her plan to buy a present for Reese. However, Aphmau makes a note on Zane's strange behavior. 



  • This episode is a continuation of Love Pizza as Kawaii~Chan still harbors feelings for Reese.
  • Zane is revealed to be working as a part time mall security.
    • It is also revealed that Zane is the winner of the snowball fight between him versus Garroth and Laurance.
    • He is interested in My Little Pony merchandise as he easily bought Kawaii~Chan's collection.
  • The current month as of this episode is December. 


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