Lord of Falconclaw (Formerly)


The Stranger Mister (by Nekoette~Tan)

  • Human (“Broken Human”)
  • Soul (currently)

Demonic Broadsword




Possibly 30's





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Professional Status

Phoenix Alliance

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Lord of Falconclaw

Previous Partner

Aphmau (Significant Other)

Personal Status

Unknown (Possibly alive and is now a vessel for Shad)


Aaron (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"Malachi's Moving Castle"

Last Appearance

"His Choice"

Voice Actor

Jason Bravura

As Lords we need to learn to smile through the darkness, to guide those who follow us. Mourning over my death will bring nothing but pain to those around you. It's hard, but if you can't find a way to smile for your people, then at least smile for me. I'll always be with you.

Aaron in his letter to Aphmau, Season 2 Episode 84
Aaron is a main character in Minecraft Diaries: The Rise Of Phoenix Drop and Minecraft Diaries: The Realm Protector and the deuteragonist of Minecraft Diaries: War Of The Magi. Before he revealed his name, he was referred to as The Stranger. He refused to reveal his name to Aphmau until Episode 14 of Season 2, "Trust Earned."  

Aaron had helped Aphmau many times and had also saved her life previously. He wasn't trusted before, as they knew little about him. Aphmau had gained his trust, and Aaron had gained her trust overtime.

In Episode 81 of Season 2, "His Choice," Aaron traveled to the Irene Dimension to engage against Zane. After a long fight, Aaron becomes bruised and desperate. He then uses an unknown magic that kills the two of them, as it was the only way to kill Zane. After the explosion, Aphmau is alerted by the vibration and sees the land damaged. Upon seeing the crater, she is surprised by Garroth's sudden appearance, who informs her on Aaron's sacrifice, causing her to scream in despair. After Aaron died, Aphmau thought looking in her old journal would cheer her up. She opened her book and a note fell out. It was from Aaron before he died. In the note he apologized to Aphmau for leaving her,and said "If you can't smile for the village, smile for me and Lilith," as he knew she would be grieving.

In the episode "She's Pregnant!?", Aphmau informs her friends that she is pregnant, and Aaron is the father of her child. The consummation of their relationship apparently occurred between the episodes "To be a Lord" and "Scholar's of Irene" - before Kenmur and Emmalyn visited. 

Years later, during Diaries Season 3, it was revealed that Zane had slain Aaron again while they were Shadow Knights. This then gave Shad the opportunity to take his body as his own and thus beginning the main plot of the season. It has been shown that a piece of Aaron is still inside Shad and is fighting back.  

Biography Edit

His past is mostly unknown, but he was Lord of a village named Falconclaw. The legend of Falconclaw that people believe isn't true. The legend says that long ago, a Lord went mad and slaughtered every single one of his villagers, and that if you walk over the lands, you can feel the crying souls of the villagers reaching for you.

Aaron actually was married to a woman named Lily and they had a son together. (In Season 2, Episode 42, his son is revealed to be named Jacob as Aphmau experiences a flashback in Aaron's deceased village.) They, along with his entire village died when he touched the stone in the amulet given to his son by Zane. The deaths from the amulet is known to be a curse. He was the only survivor and swore revenge on Zane and O'khasis.

The Stranger, AKA Aaron, first appeared when Aphmau was being chased and attacked by werewolves. He killed the werewolves immediately and saved her, but spared few words before leaving.

The Stranger makes another appearance many episodes later, in "Respect for Irene", thinking Aphmau to be a pawn and spy and not a real Lord of Phoenix Drop -- and almost killed her until her outburst made him realize this wasn't true. He informed her he had important information about things happening in the village, but in order for him to tell her, she couldn't tell anyone of his presence.

Once she agreed, he explained there was a spy in the village feeding information to Zane. He stayed in a small cave at the shore for several weeks until Scaleswind declared war on Phoenix Drop.

When Aphmau told Laurance of the stranger's presence, he told them he had been tracking Zane for a long time because Zane was responsible for his wife and son's deaths.

He was a extremely valuable source of information on what was happening in Phoenix Drop, and he had extremely fast athletic capabilities, climbing into Aphmau's room without Laurance even noticing. The two then exited her room quickly to spy on Lillian as she was acting suspiciously Lillian talked to Katelyn, boasting of how much of a better job she was doing than Katelyn, and then left. The two then began to apprehend Lillian, but failed as she got away.

It's assumed he helped during the war, although he was never seen fighting. However, afterwards when Garroth attacked Laurance and stole the amulet, he met Aphmau in the forest to help find him.

The Stranger even went into Irene's Dimension with the group and then escaped with them. He defended Aphmau from Zane, but Zane eventually started to gain the upper hand and had almost killed him when Garroth stopped his brother. The group then left the two brothers in Irene's Dimension.

In the first episode of Season 2, Aphmau stops to talk to him by a tree, asking him, "Are you even bothered by any of this?" He replies to that question, "No, Phoenix Drop did not have any personal attachment to me since I didn't really get to know anyone." Aaron then says ''It would be hard for any regular human being to accept it." Aphmau asks '' 'Regular Human Being?', then what are you?'' Aaron tells her that he is a 'Broken Human'.

In Season 2, Episode 4, "Dance of Swords ," he helps Aphmau and Dante fight the bandits and save Nekoette~Tan.

In Season 2, Episode 14, "Trust Earned " we find out that the Stranger's name is Aaron, that his deceased wife is named Lily, and what he looks like.  

In Season 2, Episode 23, "They Travel from Far" he slits his sword on Laurance's arm to try to get Laurance out of his Shadow Knight Form. Instead, he ends up knocking Laurance out. He carries Laurance back to Aphmau's room for him to recover. Then he explains what he did and why he did it to Aphmau.

In Episode 42 ("Aaron's Lament") Aphmau goes into the ruins of Falconclaw, where Aaron's son, Jacob and his wife, Lily, along with himself and many others lived in the past. Aphmau walks into the ruins, sees Aaron, and then flashbacks play in their heads. Aaron's son, Jacob, took an amulet from Zane and when Aaron confiscated the amulet, his touch caused a large flash of light, and then everyone in the village, except for himself, was dead. Further on, Aaron said he would devote his life to killing Zane and after that nothing else. Aphmau told him that "You can't just devote your life to that, you saved me and Dante, people who love others and care about others...when I came to Phoenix Drop I didn't know who I was I couldn't remember my past I'm even having a hard time remembering it now. Aaron, you just can't devote your life to killing one man...because if you do, you might not be around to help a better one. I'll leave you alone now."

In Episode 44, ("Their Mother") Aphmau finds Vylad in a library burning books, as they are walking back to the tavern they see Laurance and he tells them the only way back is through the forest. Aphmau stops him because they had forgotten Aaron, Laurance says he doesn't want to leave Aphmau there and risk the safety of her for Aaron. So they go through the forest, leaving Aaron behind. As of Episode 45 (Into the Forest), Aaron has been reunited with the group, and in the following episodes traverses the Forest to Phoenix Drop, later deciding to go on another adventure with Aphmau and the gang to Pikoro Village.

In Season 2, Episode 58, "Goodbye Pikoro " he lent his demonic broadsword to Aphmau for sparring. After the sparring he commented saying she fought well, but still have a lot of room to improve.

In "The Jury's Bane," while Aphmau was sleeping with Lilith Garnet, Aaron had snatched the divine fragment from Aphmau that she was going to use to open the portal to the Irene dimension. When Aphmau realizes the fragment is gone, and Aaron is missing, she becomes very distressed.

In "His Choice," an explosion is heard from the refugee camp. Aphmau investigates and in the midst of a giant crater, to her shock, finds Garroth, who is holding Aaron's bandana in his hands. He reveals that Aaron combined the fragment with another object (possibly another realm breaker), opening the Irene portal and saving Garroth just as he is about to be killed by Zane. After the three of them returned, Aaron used the miscellaneous object to kill Zane. His body, as well as Zane's, have not been found.

Before leaving the house to go and rescue Garroth, Aaron kissed Aphmau while she was asleep and said goodbye to Lilith, who heard his walking through the room, making her wake up, and he promised her that Aphmau will take care of her.

Aphmau, after hearing and reliving the news, takes the bandanna from Garroth and screams out - her cries could be heard throughout the entire village. Garroth is the only known person out of the three to survive the explosion (Aaron may be alive somehow). In Episode 82 (''Her Grief''), It was mentioned that Aaron had a memorial.

During Episode 95 ("Shadows of the Past") an imp of the Demon Warlock takes the form of Aaron while Aphmau is exploring in the forest, and Aphmau runs up to the disguised imp, overjoyed while believing it to really be Aaron. However, the imp then shows its true form, and in her rage Aphmau kills the creature, before breaking down in tears and falling to her knees.

In Episode 97 ("She's Pregnant!?"), Aphmau faints without warning while talking to Cadenza, and is rushed to Zoey to find out what's wrong. Though at first she is hesitant to say anything, Aphmau eventually reveals that Aaron was actually more than her friend; he was her lover,and is the father of her unborn child. When asked by Zoey when the relationship was consummated, Aphmau states that is was just before Emmalyn and Kenmur arrived at the island.

It was recently confirmed by Jason that Aaron will not be returning to Minecraft Diaries.

In Season 3, Episode 1, Aaron's body was taken by the Shadow Lord. Zane reveals this by saying Aaron is gone but his body is still intact and was a perfect fit for the Shadow Lord. At the end of the episode Gene is seen talking to the Shadow Lord about the Shadow Knight rebellion being led by Laurance coming close to being defeated. The Shadow Lord is shown to be using Aaron's body.

This revelation to Aphmau in the next episode that Aaron's body is being used by the Shadow Lord, Shad, has shocked her greatly as she thought he was alive that even the mention of Aaron's name in Episode 3 by Katelyn triggered Aphmau as she knew that Aaron is truly gone and that it was Shad in his body.

Despite Shad's full control of his body, as time goes by, without his fragment that was stolen by Zane, Aaron was slowly able to regain control of his body as shown in "Aaron (Episode)", when he managed to stop Shad from killing Aphmau and telling her to run. Some Years After Beating Shad, Aaron Was Given A Second Lifetime


Aaron wears a black jacket with the hood up, ripped up black pants and boots, and black gloves. He appears to have a red cloth tied around his head which covers his eyes. He also wears no shirt.

After revealing his face, it is shown that he has black hair and dark eyes.  

In Side Stories, he wears a red jacket with the hood up (unless you count when Garroth stole his clothes), black pants, no gloves, and black boots.

Personality  Edit

Though secretive and seemingly passive, he appears to have Aphmau's best interests in mind as well as Phoenix Drop's.

He seems introverted and mysterious as he refuses to tell anyone much about himself. He says he is a "broken human" with nothing to lose and nothing to gain. But he does not join Aphmau on her journey to Scaleswind, because he felt as though he needed to stay behind to watch and protect Phoenix Drop. But it is later revealed that he followed her after her puppy, Celestia (Celeste for short) comes up to him abruptly in a panic.

Although Aphmau is really the only person he talks to, he is willing to sacrifice his life. He saved Garroth from the Irene Dimension, and killed Zane, killing himself.

Relationships Edit

Aphmau: Aaron and Aphmau were close friends. Aaron is still definitely not entirely open about himself and his past, but he does listen and talk to Aphmau more than before. Though there was no explicit indication that they harbored romantic feelings for each other until Aaron kissed her before leaving to rescue Garroth from the Irene Dimension, there were some moments that suggested a bond between the two. In Episode 97 of Season 2, it is revealed that Aaron is the father of Aphmau's then unborn child, Alina.

Nekoette~Tan: Aaron aided in the rescue of Nekoette~Tan when she was kidnapped by bandits, and she then gave him an apple as an expression of her thanks, as she was clueless as to what his favorite food was, and so resorted to apples. She seemed to think very highly of him, and was always very happy when he was around.

Lily: Lily was Aaron's deceased wife, killed by the amulet alongside her son, Jacob, and everyone else in the village. She was the daughter of Aaron's head guard, who was also the head guard of Aaron's father, and that is presumably how the two were first introduced to each other.

Lilith: Aaron was considered to be Lilith's caretaker and adoptive father. Her name, despite the name itself having different origins, is an attempt to honor Aaron's deceased wife.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Aaron is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name varies, and can sometimes mean "lofty", "enlightened", "exalted", or "high mountain". Biblically, Aaron was Moses' older brother (and keeper by God's command).
    • Aaron was given the nickname "Mister" by Nekoette~Tan.
  • Aaron also has a habit of leaning against walls or any tall object that won't fall over.
  • In Final Fantasy X, there is a mysterious playable character named Auron. He is in many ways the party's mentor as they come to him for advice. His past ties into the past of Tidus (the main protagonist) and Braska's past. He wears a red haori, uses a large katana, and wears sunglasses. The two look similar.
  • Aaron is a few years older than Aphmau, which also means that he is older than Zane or closer to the age of Garroth.
    • In the new series MyStreet Phoenix Drop High, the prequel to MyStreet, Aaron is revealed to be a senior student while Garroth and Laurance are sophomores, and Aphmau, Travis and Zane are freshmen. This means that he is about 3-4 years older than Aphmau, which is proven to be accurate in Season 2 of Minecraft Diaries when Aaron says he is a few years older than her, though he does not say a specific number of years.
  • Aaron is in fact voiced by Jason, Aphmau's real life husband. Aphmau also confirmed this herself in a [1]
  • Jason has said that he is no longer in charge of running Diaries, therefore everything he said could be false. He said that Aaron would not be returning, but he obviously did.

Quotes Edit

Aaron: I'm just glad to see you smile again.

Aphmau: Mhm I'm so glad your here to help me through all this, really.

Aaron: I'll always be here for you..

-Aaron Diaries Season 2 Episode 78

Right. I would never want you to leave Lilith no matter what..

-Aaron Diaries Season 2 Episode 79

Lillith: Daddy!

Aaron: Shh, she'll take care of you. I promise..

-Aaron Diaries Season 2 Episode 81

Zane: How! When did you find.... GGRRH! YOU'LL KILL US BOTH!

Aaron: Good.

-Aaron Diaries Season 2 Episode 81

Not A moment goes by I don't miss my family.

-Aaron Diaries Season 2 Episode 60

As Lords we need to learn to smile through the darkness, to guide those who follow us. Mourning over my death will bring nothing but pain to those around you. It's hard, but if you can't find a way to smile for your people, then at least smile for me. I'll always be with you.

Aaron in his letter to Aphmau, Season 2 Episode 84

THAT DOES NOT EVEN MATTER! I'm the one who touched the stone. I'm the one that did it. I'm the one that killed them... All because of HIM.

-Aaron Diaries Season 2 Episode 42

Zane: Hahahahaha... Come to get revenge?

Aaron: No.

Aaron Diaries Season 2 Episode 81


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