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Aaron's Dad
Season 3.5, Episode 2
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December 16, 2016



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"Aphmau and Aaron's First Christmas"

"Christmas Boy Fight!"

"Aaron's Dad," previously "Arron's Dad," then "The Christmas Tree," is the 2nd episode of MyStreet Holiday Special!, and the 89th episode overall. It first premiered on December 16, 2016.


"The holiday season hits MyStreet! 

Aaron and Aphmau are spending their first holiday together and they plan to make it REALLY special!


The screen first displays of Aaron and Aphmau, Aaron seemingly to be anxious about his dad coming. Aphmau tries to cheer him up, responding with 'Holiday Magic.' Then they both proceed to go downstairs.

Downstairs, Melissa asked Derek how Aphmau managed to have him here. Derek recalled Aphmau sending him a letter. He questioned if it was the glitter that made him come and talked how he considered to spend more time with Aaron.

Aphmau and Aaron arrived when Aphmau commented about a Christmas tree. Rachel then pulls out her phone to get a tree however Melissa reckons to get the tree the old fashioned way and takes her phone.

The screen switches to Katelyn, Katelyn seemingly upset that she won't be able to get a Christmas tree with Kawaii~Chan. However Eric suggests Katelyn to go with him so she could spend more time with both Eric and Kawaii~Chan. Then it's assumed they headed out to get a tree.

Damien and Kawaii~Chan are shown sitting in a table of two. Kawaii~Chan comments about how she had so shopping to do that she wouldn't be able to pick out a tree this year. Damien flirts with her, making her seemingly better. Then he comments about helping her pick out a tree sooner or later. She thanks him before realizing she forgot Celestia and Eli.

Aaron's and Aphmau's group are found in a supposedly 'Tree Farm.' Sylvanna taunts at Rachel, before Rachel comments how she is getting the best tree instead. Melissa tries to break it up but instead it turns into a competition; each of them spreading out on their own.

During their separation, Rachel and Sylvanna bump into each other before arguing over a tree they both found. However Ross makes a cameo and appears, scaring them off.

Aphmau is also seen to accidentally see Derek shirtless and asks where his shirt is awkwardly. Meanwhile Melissa seems to be lost and asks Ross to help her.

Aaron regroups with Aphmau and Derek before getting surprised at the sight of his father shirtless and tells him to put a shirt on demandingly. Rachel and Sylvanna both arrive as well and they both get anxious as they come until they react to Derek. Aphmau then realizes the tree Derek was cutting was great. Derek is seen to be flattered before Ross alongside Melissa interrupted; surprising Sylvanna and Rachel dearly and ending the episode.



  • The episode was renamed twice: "The Christmas Tree," then "Arron's Dad."
    • In the first episode rename, Aaron was spelled incorrectly, like most fans commonly spell it: 'Arron.' However, it was fixed to 'Aaron.'



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