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"Aphmau Plays Cupid"

*The episode starts off with a fly over of Aphmau's Old Family home at night, then goes in to see Sylvanna, covered in purple werewolf fur, cleaning a couch with a lint roller. Sylvanna finishes and walks over to the stairs*

Sylvanna: Aphmau! Aphmau, come down here!

Aphmau: NO!

Sylvanna: Aphmau, what did I tell you about your shedding? There's fur all over the couch!

Aphmau: I can't control it!

Sylvanna: Well, you obviously could control it when you decided to turn into a werewolf without my permission!

Aphmau: It's not my fault! Kawaii~Chan threw the potion at me before I had time to react!

Sylvanna: You told me she said it was supposed to last for a few hours. You've been like this for the entire weekend!

Aphmau: Ah! She grabbed the wrong potion in the first place! She said it could last for a week!

Sylvanna: Well, if you don't turn back soon, I'm going to have to take you to a witch doctor. Literally. Now, can you at least clean up after you shed from now on? This is the last lint roller I've used.

Aphmau: Ugh, alright, mom. I will. I'm sorry.

Sylvanna: It's alright. Now, go get ready for bed. You've got school in the morning.

Aphmau: Okay.

Sylvanna: Oh, and I bought the lavender-scented flea shampoo for you!

Aphmau: Mom!

Sylvanna: (Laughs)

*Camera shows Aphmau sitting on her bed with her pajamas on*

Aphmau: (sighs) I'm not used to sleeping with a tail. But I have to admit, the ears ad tail are super cute . Hehe. That reminds me, Garroth and Laurance haven't seen me like this! Hmmm... maybe I should send them a picture. Ahhh... there we go. Sent! There! Now they won't be freaking out when they see me tomorrow. Haha! (Yawns) At least Katelyn and Teony know. That'll save me from explaining things to everyone. (yawns again) Time for bed.

*Screen goes black, then comes up the next day showing Balto waking down the hall and into the boys' bathroom. When he enters, two other werewolves are in the bathroom, talking*

Balto: You two, step aside.

Werewolf: Heh, why should we? You aren't the alpha anymore.

Balto: Don't make me...

Werewolf: Don't make you what? Get thrown out a window? Ha! Pathetic. See ya, loser. (The two werewolves leave)

Balto: Ugh! (Smashes a mirror) Darn it! I swear, I'm going to take you down, Aaron, if it's the last thing I do!

Gene: Well, well, well. If it isn't the "big, bad wolf."

Balto: Argh!

Gene: Sorry. I couldn't help but overhear the loud conversation you were having with yourself.

Balto: Urgh... So? What do you want?

Gene: I want to see if you want to work with me on-

Balto: Hahahaha! Work? With you? You're funny. I'm a lone wolf now. I don't need any help.

Gene: Fine. Do things on your own. We've seen where that's gotten you now.

Balto: (Grunts)

Gene: Kinda sucks, doesn't it? I mean, you're the first alpha male werewolf in this school's history to be dethroned by a human! None of your werewolf peers respect you anymore. And to be quite frank, you're all washed up at this point. I mean, if you're trying to go through her to get to Aaron, then you're doing it all wrong!

Balto: I don't need any— Wait, "her"? What are you talking about?

Gene: I'm talking about Aphmau. Come on, don't play stupid. You must have seen it, too. She's the only one who won't take his crap. She's feisty, and easily provoked. And the best part? He lets her get away with it. Tell me why that is?

Balto: He marked her. She's the alpha female.

Gene: That's what you call it. But I have a theory that he's smitten with her. And frankly, I don't like it.

Balto: Stop talking fancy and get to the point.

Gene: You and I both want to take down Aaron. Why not work together to accomplish this?

Balto: Hahahahahaha! Fine, what do you need me to do?

Gene: Be patient. Your role won't come for a while.

Balto: You something planned?

Gene: Oh, even better. My plan is already in motion as we speak. Patience is key.

Gene and Balto: (laughs evilly)

*Zane walks in*

Gene, Balto, and Zane: (laughs evilly)

Zane: HAHAHAHA! So, what are we laughing about?

*Gene shakes his head. The screen goes black and punching sounds are heard*

*The camera comes up on werewolf class, where Aphmau is sitting in her class. Aaron isn't there yet*

Aphmau: (thinking) "Oh, I'm so hungry! My appetite has increased tenfold since I became a werewolf! Ugh, I just have to finish this class, and then I can go home!"

*Camera turns to where Dottie and Rylan are talking to each other*

Dottie: Are they dating?

Rylan: I don't think so, but she smells so much like him, and they sit together. She even looks like us now. So I'm okay with calling her alpha.

Dottie: Do you see how they fight? I think it's so cute. I can't wait for them to start throwing punches.

Aphmau: (thinking) "Wow! I can hear them from here! This is so cool! I wonder who they're talking about. I can hear so much gossip like this! Hehehe!"

Aaron: (walking over) Psh, you're still wearing that?

Aphmau: Ah! Where did you come from?

Aaron: The bake sale's over. Why do you still have those ears and tail?

Aphmau: Why don't you mind your own business?

Aaron: All I'm saying is that it looks stupid.

Aphmau: Well, I really don't care about your opinion at all now, do I?

*Aaron grabs her tail. Then they are both blushing*

Aphmau: (tinking) "A-ah!" D-Did you just grab my tail?!

Aaron: W-It's real?!

Aphmau: Yes! It's real. I, uh—

*Aaron grabs her ears. Aphmau knocks him to the ground. Aphmau's face is all red, both from blushing and from being angry*

Aphmau: What in the name of Irene gives you the right to touch me!?!

Aaron: H-how was I supposed to know the tail and ears were real?

Aphmau: Um, you ask! Like a decent person!

Aaron: Ah-I did ask!

Aphmau: Well, I don't like the way you did!

Aaron: Whatever.

Aphmau: This is yet another reason why no one likes you and you you have zero friends.

Aaron: For your information, I do have a friend.

Aphmau: Huh?

Aaron: Well, she's a nicer person than you are, that's for sure.

Aphmau: Maybe there's hope for you, after all. Hmph!

Mr. Gavin: Alright class, pipe down. Today we're going to talk about pack mentality.

*Screen fades to black, then comes up on Aphmau, and then Aaron leaving the classroom. Lily is standing outside, waiting for Aaron*

Lily: Aaron! There you are.

Aaron: Hey!

Lily: How was class?

Aaron: It was alright.

Lily: Oh Aaron. You're so funny! Hahaha! (sees Aphmau) Huh? Oh, it's you.

Aphmau: Lily.

Lily: What happened to you? You look stupid.

Aphmau: At least I don't act like it.

Lily: What did you say?

Aaron: Hey, she’s-she's not worth the time. (he walks away)

Lily: Huh? Wait up, Aaron! I want to walk with you!

Aphmau: Huh, so she's his friend. Hm, fitting. I'm sure they get along well together. (Aphmau walks away)

*Camera shows students, one of the Travis, at the lunch line, then turns to see Aphmau walking down the hallway towards Travis. When she gets closer, Travis turns around to face her.*

Travis: E-eh— Aphmau?!

Aphmau: Uh— Travis! Hey!

Travis: W-what happened to you?!

Aphmau: You... didn't see the picture I sent?

Travis: N-n-no! I d-didn't get any pictures from you?

Aphmau: Hmm... I must'a forgot to send it to ya. Anyway, long story short, you know Kawaii~Chan? Well, she threw a potion at me, and it turned me into a werewolf. Heheh. It was only supposed to last a few hours, but it's lasting much longer than I expected. Heheh. Uhhh...

Travis: W-well, you look pretty.

Aphmau: Aww, Travis! Thanks!

Travis: N-no problem! U-um... does it hurt?

Aphmau: The ears and tail? Nah. Actually, I'm kinda getting used to it I—

Travis: I-I mean, when you... fell from heaven.

Aphmau: T-Travis? Are you... hitting on me? Terribly?

Travis: Did it work?

Aphmau: No, not at all. What are you doing?

Travis: Uhhhhhhh... Shoot. Darn it. I was trying to practice hitting on girls like Dante showed me. I figured you'd be the best one to try out, since, well, every other girl would probably hit me.

Aphmau: (laughs) Awww, Travis, why are you trying to hit on girls? (Coos) Is my little not-alone buddy growing up?

Travis: H-Hey! It's not like that! I just, well, Dante has been trying to help me by giving me advice, but so far, it's only got me into trouble.

Aphmau: Hmmm... That's because, Dante is a guy who knows nothing about ladies. I mean, he dated two girls at once. That should tell you something.

Travis: Y-You're right.

Aphmau: Hey, how about I give you some realistic advice. Like, be yourself. You're already adorable.

Travis; Y-You really think so?!

Aphmau: Absolutely! You don't need to go out of your way to do anything crazy like Dante said.

Travis: That's— actually nice to hear. (whispers) "But Katelyn's butt was nice to stare at..."

Aphmau: What was that?

Travis: Ah! Um... nothing! Haha! Ah, (clears throat) Aphmau, if you need help with getting back to normal, maybe I can help you? My dad is a warlock, and I know some spells from him.

Aphmau: Really?! That would be awesome! Thank you so much!

Travis: Heh, it's the least I can do for you being such a good not-alone buddy to me and giving me advice. Let's head over to the potion lab!

Aphmau: Sure!

Travis: Got any more advice?

Aphmau: Hmmm. I mean, first off, maybe start by brushing your teeth? You smell like fish.

Travis: Hey! (Covers mouth) It's what they served for lunch today! A-also, you can smell that?

Aphmau: Heh, I'm a werewolf, remember? Super-smelling and stuff?

*Aphmau and Travis walk down the hallway. The screen fades to black, then comes up on Aphmau and Travis in the potion lab. Travis is holding and mixing potions, and Aphmau is sitting in a cauldron*

Travis: Ok, I think I got this.

Aphmau: A-are you sure? I don't want to make things worse than they already are.

Travis: Trust me, Aphmau, I got this. Hold still!

*Potion hits Aphmau, and she turns into a dog. And for some reason, teleports to be next to the cauldron rather than in it*

Aphmau: Well? Wha— Wait, why are you all the way up— OHHHH! OH MY IRENE NO!!!

Travis: Ah! I'm sorry!

Aphmau: Travis! This just got ten times worse! Now I'm an actual wo-o-olf!

Travis: Here, I made a backup! Hyeah!

*Travis throws another potion at Aphmau. She becomes a potato*

Aphmau: Are you kidding me! You can't be serious right now!

Travis: Heh, heh, heh. At least when people call you a potato, they won't be lying.

Aphmau: Argh! Travis, when I grow arms, so help me!

*Lucinda enters. She appears to be under a spotlight and sparkling all over, with music playing in the background during her first line*

Lucinda: Hey, what's going on in here?

Travis: Ah, I-I was just, (sees Lucinda) w-wow I, uh I, I, wow, pretty lady...

Aphmau: Lucinda! Thank Irene you're here!

Lucinda: Huh? (looks around) Aphmau? Where are you?

Aphmau: (jumps up) Down here! I'm the potato!

Lucinda: (laughs) Oh, this is too rich! How did this happen?

Aphmau: Argh. Don't ask questions! Just help me! Please!

Lucinda: Hahahaha! Alright, alright, alright, hold still.

*Lucinda throws potion at Aphmau and she turns into a purple cat*

*Outro music starts in the background*

Aphmau: Haha yay! I'm back to... a cat?! Lucinda! Are you kidding me?

Lucinda: Sorry, that's the only potion cure I know. Buuuut, don't worry, this one wears off in like, 30 minutes. So you'll be back to your normal human self soon!

Aphmau: (cries) Are. You. Kidding me! I can't (a living computer mouse squeaks and goes over next to her) be a cat? What am I supposed to do for 20 mi- (sees the cat)oh ah ahhaha! A mouse! (makes weird excited laughing noise) Come here little mouse! Nya!

Outro music start playing

Lucinda: Hehaha. Well, that should keep her busy.

Travis: Y-you're really pretty.

Lucinda: Awww, thank you! You're adorable. Want to talk while we watch Aphmau chase that mouse?

Travis: Yay!

*Aphmau continues to chase the computer mouse around as the outro plays*