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"The First Trial"

"The Hour of O'khasis"

Aphmau-"Stealing from O'khasis, I can't believe it."

Kalzul- YOU! WOMAN!

Aphmau- Uh, I have a name you know

Kalzul-*Huff* Right.... sorry I never caught it when you walked in but.... it's Aphmau right?

Aphmau-Yeah, you actually didn't mispronounce it either. How do you know my name?

Kalzul- You're one of the new recruits who finished the first trial...please... I need you to tell me... Is...Is it true that Amber was successful as well...?Is she really moving onto the second trial?

Aphmau- Um she is. She managed not only to steal an antique, but she's got some information as well.I guess that was enough to qualify her to move on. Even though I helped save her from my frien- uh this guy who turne- who tried to turn her in.


Aphmau- Huh? Are you okay?

Kalzul- This...This can't really be happening...

Aphmau- Is there something wrong?This is what she's been wanting it seems. You should be happy for her.

Kalzul- Amber isn't cut out to be a Thief


Kalzul- Look... rookie..You're new here.... I'm NOT supposed to help you at all what-so-ever with these trials...however...I need you to know that the second trial is stealing from O'khasis...

Aphmau-I already know that the Boss was kind enough to let me know that as she walked away from me after our first trial.

Kalzul- How can you be so calm? Okay... look, maybe you're a master thief.. but Amber is as sweet as a button, she's tough but she's... she's just not cut out to be a thief... she can't kill anyone. In this profession you NEED to have the guts to stab someone trying to stop you.... Amber can't do that.. or rather she hasn't been able to bring herself to do something like that... I don't want her to go to the second trial, but the Boss says she succeeded. I have No idea why the Boss is allowing this... You helped her escape being caught, right?

Aphmau-Um, I did.

Kalzul-...What the....? This HAS to be some kind of cruel joke right... right?.... If I had kown Amber would have been successful during the first trial I would have never let her into the gate...DANG IT!

Aphmau-Why do you care? Particularly