Aaron's Losing Battle
Mystreet Season 6 Ep 5
Season 6, Episode 5
Post Date May 19, 2018
Duration 23:55
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"Neither Here Nor There"

"Aaron's Losing Battle" is the fifth episode of "MyStreet: When Angels Fall" It premiered on May 19th, 2018.

Blurb Edit

"Protect those close to you."

Summary Edit

After the raid of the hotel room that everyone was staying at, Aphmau, Aaron, Zane, Kawaii-Chan, Garroth, Lucinda and Kim are the only ones who have escaped, whilst Rowan, Garte, Zianna, and Rachel have been detained by the Guardian Forces. Melisa is believed to be dead.

Aaron and Kawaii-Chan move back into the resort while Aphmau and Zane escape with the help of a child and Garroth, Kim and Lucinda teleport to the Amusement park

Guardian Forces are reminded to search for the remaining survivors after the unsuccessful raid on the hotel.

Aphmau and Zane wander around aimlessly, almost getting caught a couple of times.

Lucinda, Garroth and Kim hideout in an unknown location in the amusement park.

During their journey to the resort, Aaron and Kawaii-Chan have a run in with Daniel and Blaze after misidentifying them for the GF.

Characters Edit

Trivia: Edit

  • Aaron's full Ultima eyes is revealed in the episode.
  • It is revealed that Meif'wa are unaffected by Aaron's eyes.

Video Edit

Aaron's Losing Battle - MyStreet- When Angels Fall -Ep

Aaron's Losing Battle - MyStreet- When Angels Fall -Ep.5- - Minecraft Roleplay

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