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February 1, 2017


February 3, 2017

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MyStreet Season 4

Aaron's Ticket is a mini series divided in parts and serves as the prelude to the fourth season MyStreet. It first premiered on February 1, 2017.

After Aaron's odd jobs, Aaron is stuck in a predicament as the money he's earned is not enough to send himself and Aphmau to Starlight Wonderland. 

The characters received an updated look, particularly their eyes. Comparing the first episode of this series to the previous two episodes of MyStreet, the eyes of the characters are more detailed and receive a shine to them, similar to that of thumbnails in Aphmau's videos.


Following Aaron's odd jobs, he faces a dilemma with not reaching the goal to take Aphmau to Starlight Wonderland. After taking Dante's word, Aaron asks for Garroth's help, but is left at where he started. 

The Lycan and Ro'Meave family are both sold the same property by the Phoenix brothers, Levin and Malachi. A headed argument erupts between the two family as they fight for who keeps the property. 


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Episode Title Posted Date Duration External Link
1 "Worst Idea Ever" February 1, 2017 12:54 Worst Idea Ever
2 "Aaron and Garroth's Mission" February 3, 2017 14:41 Aaron and Garroth's Mission


  • This is Kim's first role as a main character. 
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