Family Edit

Jacob Edit

Jacob is Aaron's deceased son. They seemed to be close. One day Jacob returned to his home with an amulet given to him by  Zane. Aaron got mad at him for having it and took it from him. Everyone in his village died instantly.  

Lily Edit

Lily is Aaron's deceased wife, killed by Zane during the incidents of the amulet.

Relationships Edit

Aphmau Edit

Aphmau, who he met during an attack by werewolves, was a close friend to him, and a possible romantic interest. They closely bonded over Lilith Garnet, a child adopted by Aphmau, of whom Aaron was essentially a father.

Lilith Edit

Lilith is a child whom Aphmau adopted. Her birth parents died in a shipwreck and she was taken in by the Wyverns. But they were unable to care for her, so Raven requested that Aphmau take her in. Aaron grabbed her and use his jacket as a blanket. He grew to be a father figure to Lilith.

Enemies Edit

Zane Edit

Aaron's first known encounter with Zane was when Zane gave an amulet to Aaron's son Jacob. Aaron took the amulet from him and his whole village died. This was part of Zane's plan.

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