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Aaron Lycan


The Ultima

Full Name

Aaron Lycan


Aaron Wolfwere

  • Blue Relic Sword (MyStreet) (Formerly)
  • Demonic Broadsword (Mystreet) (Formerly)



December 17 (Sagittarius)[1]

  • 17-18 (PDH, PDD)
  • 18-19 (PDH S2)
  • 20-21 (PDH:GD, FCU)
  • 31-32 (Current)


Hair Color


Eye Color
  • Black
  • Red (Untamed)
  • Dull white (Blind, current)
Professional Status
  • Kawaii~Treat Maid~Sweet Cafe
  • The Wishing Well
  • Night time security guard
Previous Affiliation(s)

Alpha Male

Previous Occupation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • Student Alpha
  • Student Omega
  • Falcon Claw University Student
  • Security Guard
  • Unknown Night Shift
Previous Partner
Personal Status

Alive (Amnesiac/Revived by Irene) Was Dead (Not Anymore)

  • Melissa (Older Sister)
  • Rachel (Mother) †
  • Derek (Father) †
  • Unknown Uncle (Status unknown)
  • Renee/Alina (Alternate Universe Daughter)
  • Alexander (Childhood pet/dog)


First Appearance
Voice Actor
  • Jason Bravura/Dom (Adult)
  • Joseph Bravura (Young)
Werewolves like you are the reason the world hates us. Werewolves like you are the reason why I've been forced away from her. These eyes were never my curse. Werewolves like you were!

―Aaron to Ein, Ultima

Aaron Lycan, also known as The Ultima, is the deuteragonist of MyStreet. Aaron is the son of Derek and Rachel Lycan and is the younger brother of Melissa. As of MyStreet: Starlight, Aaron is the fiancé of Aphmau.


Early Life[]

Aaron was born to Derek and Rachel of the Lycan family, with an older sister named Melissa. His father is a descendant of the "Ultima", which was the first ever werewolf bearing the ability to transform humans into werewolves with just a look. That trait passed down to Aaron. His parents made efforts to keep Aaron separated from other children and help him learn to control his emotions. They also tried to have Aaron play with other werewolves, but to no avail. Aaron was then allowed a dog named Alexander, but he ran away while on a walk with Derek. His parents used a coddling and defensive nature while rearing him, leading to Aaron making few friends and becoming somewhat detached from people in general.

Aaron's home life was particularly strict, with his parents wanting him and Melissa to join the family business in the entertainment industry. Prior to attending Phoenix Drop High School, Aaron was isolated from others and monitored by his family. He was to call his father "Sir" at all times and was chastised if he did not. One of the only methods he had to interact with others was through the safety of online interactions, such as online games. At some point during his time between middle school and early high school, Aaron met Aphmau through such a game, coming to know her as "Shu" and calling himself "FC." They became good friends over time and came to rely on one another up until his senior year in high school.

Aaron became groomed to his family's secretive ways, performing actions not usual for werewolves. He actively pushed away anyone interested in being his friend, fearing that his parents would prevent him from seeing them. By the time he attended Phoenix Drop High, he had come to expect a certain level of paranoia from his family.

High School and University[]

Aaron was allowed to attend Phoenix Drop High School, with the stipulation that he not make any deep connections (bar acquaintances) with anyone and attend a class about werewolf culture. This led to difficulties with the werewolf students (specifically Balto) in class, resulting in Aaron becoming the Alpha Male. After it was revealed that Aphmau was Aaron's online friend Shu, Aaron started to open up to Aphmau and they became very close, even romantically invested in one another. Aaron began hiding evidence of their relationship from his family.

Aaron attended Falcon Claw University, where his family-owned land could easily keep an eye on him. He made few to no friends and rarely interacted with people outside of group projects for class. Near the end of his first year, Aaron disobeyed his father's orders to remain on campus to help Aphmau during Alpha selection at PDHS. During this incident, Aaron's Ultima lineage manifested and his ears and tail sprouted for the first time and his eyes shone red. As a result of his lack of control over his abilities, he began to hide his eyes using a bandana Aphmau had given him during high school.

During his senior year of college, Aphmau's presence inspired Aaron to be more openly social and he made several new friends, including one of his father's agents hired to keep an eye on him. After graduating college, Aaron reverted to his distant, introverted nature due to his general inability to make and keep friends.

Phoenix Drop High[]

Aaron transforms from a class delinquent and outcast to a quiet confidant and someone Aphmau can depend on. Initially, he is hostile and detached from the other students at school, leading to altercations and even detention. One of his altercations was with Balto during the events of "Werewolf Class". Gavin summons Daniel, Dottie, and Rylan to the classroom and informs Aaron that since bearing Balto made him the Alpha, he was now tasked with picking the Omega. However, he chooses to be both the Alpha and the Omega to keep any of the three from being bullied. When he suspects Aphmau may become the subject of bullying herself, he marks her with his scent to keep her safe, this making her the Alpha Female.

Despite this act of kindness, he remains hostile and indifferent to her, such as in detention, provoking her into leaving him alone. Aaron's way to cope with his loneliness at school is to escape into the music room and play guitar during lunch. Aphmau discovers this and leans on Aaron for emotional support. As a result, Aaron interferes with Gene's plans, destroying his phone and getting rid of the blackmail he had on Aphmau. In "Aaron VS Aphmau," Aaron allows his competitive side to shine when Aphmau challenges him to a sports competition. He plays crafty during the final event, a foot race, and ends up beating her. Afterwards, he accidentally frees Aphmau from his locker and she sees him without a shirt on. He also finds a new friend named Lily, but he doesn’t believe Aphmau when she tells him that the friendship is fake and that Lily is scheming against him.

When Aaron and Aphmau discover that they are FC and Shu respectively, they struggle to start over as friends after years of online interaction, but Aaron feels close to Aphmau and acts more friendly towards her at school. Aphmau is able to talk sense into Aaron and calm him down, and the two are seen often chatting happily together. Aaron defends Aphmau after Lily tries to make fun of her, calling off his friendship with Lily in the process, which causes Balto and Gene to think of a new plan to get there revenge on him.

The two approach the couple and Balto beats up Aaron while Gene gets his new phone out, preparing to record Aaron fighting back to get him expelled. With Aaron still holding back, Gene decides to kiss Aphmau. This works and Aaron was about to fight back, but Garroth and Laurance reveal themselves and show that they recorded the whole thing, threatening to use the evidence to get Gene and Balto in trouble if they don’t leave Aphmau and Aaron alone. With the plan foiled, Gene still tries to get that kiss, but Aphmau punches him. This gives Kawaii~Chan the chance to throw cat potions on the two delinquents and chase them away. After the incident, Aaron helps Aphmau make up for the misunderstandings and they promise to start over as friends.

When Sylvanna uses Aphmau’s phone to invite Aaron for dinner, he saves it from being burnt, but Sylvanna gets jealous and eventually snaps when he "steals" a Beyonce joke, starting her long hatred towards Aaron as she chases him out of the house. On Valentine's Day, Aaron gave Aphmau a wolf plush to help her study for werewolf class, but when she starts bringing it to school, Balto has Ivy steal it from her so that he can challenge Aaron for his title back. Aaron beats Balto up and returns it to Aphmau. Aaron and Aphmau agree to leave "Woof" home. Aaron accidentally gets roped into babysitting and grows closer to Aphmau once she decides to help, but it is cut short when Sylvanna intervenes. Aaron is able to make a break for it when Sylvanna notices the baby.

Aaron and Aphmau head to prom together, but some drama causes them to retreat to the music room. In "Aphmau in Wonderland," Aphmau confides in Aaron about her strange dream, which he is not happy about due to his curse.

Aaron calls Aphmau and realizes that Katelyn and Kawaii-Chan threw a runaway party at her house without her permission. He resorts to extreme measures, throwing Rylan out a window and cutting himself when trying to clean up the glass. Aphmau learns from Rylan that she was the Alpha Female the whole time and Aaron never told her. Aaron tries to explain why he didn't tell her. Aaron and Aphmau discover that they are the same person and Aaron wants to make the summer worth it.

Aphmau confesses her feelings to Aaron and they share their first kiss. Rylan invites them to howl at the full moon, but Aphmau knowingly orders for the pack to gather on her roof.

Phoenix Drop High, Season 2[]

Aaron and Aphmau decided to postpone any romantic involvement until she graduated high school, leaving Aaron to his own devices. As a result, Aaron plays a more supportive role during Aphmau's sophomore year at Phoenix Drop High School. In "Kai's Crush," Aaron chastises the Pup Trio for breaking into the principal's office and informs Aphmau of the werewolves' acting out being a direct result of her not having a male Alpha at school. In "Looking for an Alpha," Aaron calls Aphmau again and invites her to college for spring break. They discuss the Alpha situation and Aaron promises to hug her the next time they meet.

Aaron is determined to see Aphmau, despite his parents' wishes. He goes to PDHS with a bouquet of white flowers, but finds her hugging Ein from afar, sending him into a fit of despair. He then leaves the flowers on her desk in werewolf class.

Aaron endorses Ein as the new Alpha, bypassing Aphmau's need to make a selection. In "What Do You Know About Me?" Part 2, Aphmau calls Aaron late at night to talk about her realizations regarding Ein and Kai. Aaron encourages Aphmau, but turns her down when she asks if he wants to be more than friends. Aaron is contacted by the Pup Trio for advice on how to handle being the Omega of a werewolf pack, but they admit that Ein picked Daniel without Aphmau's permission or knowledge. Aaron then wonders why Ein would pick an Omega without consulting Aphmau.

After Aphmau’s date with Kai turned into a disaster, Aaron was able to make her feel better, even telling her everything he knows about her when she asks. He then stays up after Aphmau fell asleep until her phone is hung up by Sylvanna. The following night in "Aphmau gets a Boyfriend!," he is told that everyone but Ein apologized to Aphmau after what happened last night and that her day went well. Ein did “apologize”, but his apology wasn't real. After Sylvanna calls Aphmau downstairs, she comes back in an angry mood. Aphmau then tells Aaron that Ein let himself into her house, tricked her mom into believing they were dating, and got her grounded. Aaron punches his wall in frustration and explains that it was his fault since he picked Ein as his successor. Aaron then brings up that Ein picked Daniel as the Omega. Aphmau asks why the pup trio didn't tell her, to which he replied that they didn’t want to stress her. Aphmau was gonna call Ein right then, but agrees to sleep on it.

In “Alpha!” Aaron attempts to contact Aphmau, but her messages are intercepted by Ein, who misleads him and tries to get him to stop contacting her. After school, Blaze contacts Aaron asking for help with Ein. When he refuses and brings up Aphmau acting strange when she contacted him, Blaze admits that being impossible since Ein took her phone, which snaps Aaron out of his despair, both realizing that he was tricked and that Ein was mistreating Aphmau. Blaze tells Aaron that Aphmau challenged Ein to the werewolf games, and if she loses, she will be forced to be his girlfriend. Aaron realizes that Ein only sees Aphmau as a prize to be won and prepares to sneak off campus.

In "Omega," Aaron arrives at the school and is briefed by Blaze about the werewolf games, and the two conspire to trick Ein into not showing up to the competition so that he’d be disqualified and Blaze could replace him as Alpha. Aaron sets the stage by pretending he doesn't know Ein has Aphmau's phone, and dupes Ein into believing that Aphmau planned to physically challenge Ein to a fight at the gym and was planning to spread rumors of him being a coward for showing up in the werewolf games instead. Just as everything is set into motion, Daniel approaches Ein in the gym and challenges him for the title of Alpha.

In "Ultima," Aaron intervenes in the challenge, stopping Ein from entering the werewolf games and protecting Daniel from further physical assault. As their fists begin flying, Ein finds himself unable to land any damaging blows against a "mere human," while Aaron topples him with each strike. Fueled by his anger, Ein gains some headway in the fistfight, but after mentioning Aphmau and his plans to get rid of all of her friends until she has no one left, Aaron's werewolf features appear as he states, "Werewolves like you are the reason the world hates us. Werewolves like you are the reason why I've been forced away from her. These eyes were never my curse! Werewolves like you were!" He then proceeds to fight back successfully. Defeated, Ein compares Aaron to himself, but Aarons says that he isn’t like Ein and holds him by the collar. Being anngered that Ein still plans to reclaim his title as Alpha, Aaron ends up throwing Ein out a window right onto the werewolf games field moments after Blaze won the werewolf games. Aaron then sets up Daniel as the one who "defeated" Ein, effectively sealing him as the new Alpha as Blaze resigns. He then picks up Aphmau's phone off the floor and heads to place it on her old desk in Werewolf 107. Throughout the encounter, only Ein, Daniel, and Maria see his werewolf form.

As Aaron tries to leave the school, Aphmau catches him, her voice calming his eyes to their normal state. He sees his father's agents come to take him to Derek, with his eyes glowing red for a few seconds, so he and Aphmau run to her house, where they confirm the events of the day upon Aphmau figuring out on her own. There, Aphmau admits her continued feelings for Aaron, but Aaron turns down her offer to be together because of the complications surrounding his family. They agree once again to wait. They seal the promise to be together with a kiss, and then run like mad (through Aphmau's window!) after Sylvanna catches them in the middle of kissing.

Phoenix Drop High: Graduation Days[]

Aaron was brought to his father the next morning, telling him that he was informed of Aaron's actions. He accused Aaron of almost turning someone into a werewolf as they argued about his eyes again. Derek said that Aphmau probably forgot about him and told him to do himself a favor and forget about her. Deciding to talk to Aphmau when he thought his father wasn't watching, he decided to text her when Derek left, only for Derek to grab Aaron's phone and destroy it. His father's abusive actions caused Aaron's eyes to turn red and he yells that it was just texting. Derek told Aaron that he must stop talking to her and that she'll rip his heart out. Aaron complained that she was the reason he had a heart, to begin with. All his life he was never allowed to be close to anyone or even socialize because of Derek. Derek said that Aphmau doesn't love him. Aaron said that it doesn't matter. He loves her and he always will.

Derek followed Aaron to his room and told him that he doesn't even know what love is. Aaron said that Derek didn't have to break his phone to get her out of his life. Changing the subject, Derek reminded Aaron that he snuck out of campus to go back to that school. Aaron said that he had to since it was his fault that he picked a corrupt successor to be Alpha and he had to do something. Ignoring the truth, he said that Aaron went back for that girl. With Aaron saying he didn't, Derek didn't want to hear any more excuses and said that Aaron betrayed his trust while he was trying to protect him. He called Aaron a monster and said the society will always see him that way, and that there are things in this world he will not understand. To prove a point, Aaron said that he'll never know if Derek keeps him oblivious about it. Choosing to ignore what Aaron said, Derek again changes the subject and tells Aaron he will return to college tomorrow. He'll be putting more security up, Aaron will not be getting his phone back, and internet time will be supervised until further notice. Aaron said that it was unfair. Derek agreed, but he said that it will teach Aaron a lesson. And if he catches him with that girl again, the consequences will be much worse. He concludes by saying he'll make sure Aaron never see her ever again.

When he went back to college, he spotted someone waving at him and decided to go talk with them. A security agent stopped him and said that they were given direct orders from Derek to always keep an eye on him and prevent him from socializing after that stunt he pulled. He complained that his father is stopping him from having a life and questions why he has to know everything he does. The agent then told Aaron to go to his dorm.

When he and Aphmau weren't able to contact each other for two years (mostly thanks to Derek), Aaron became unsocial and never really spoke. When Aphmau did arrive at his college for a week for orientation, he became completely shy and feared that his father would take him away from the school if he even spoke to her. When he did, in fact, speak to her, his dad's "friends" arrived seconds after. They were more focused on keeping Aaron isolated as they did not notice that his eyes were normal. They then had Aaron escorted to his father for a "meeting," claiming that it was a good thing that they caught "it" in time.

Falcon Claw University[]

Aaron was allowed to return to college for senior year, but his probation has increased with an agent guarding his floor. Derek also almost removed his only privilege left, the game he met Aphmau on, after realizing he can use it to socialize with other people. Aaron saw this coming and cleared his friend list before the inspection to make it seem like he played alone. Even when an agent said that the game should be taken from him anyway, his father spared him, but said that this was all he would get and told him not to socialize or he will take the game from him and leave him in permanent solitary. Unlike last year where he could at least go to the café, he is now banned from leaving his dorm unless it's for classes, most likely a punishment by his father for being caught socializing at the end of last year. In order to go anywhere, he has to sneak out. There was at least one agent, Rowan (Agent R), that cared for Aaron and saw what his father was doing to him was unfair, especially during what was supposed to be the best years of Aaron's life. He even allowed Aaron to sneak out and go to the movies when he saw him escaping and even not tell Derek. By allowing him to be social, Aaron was able to gain back control over his eyes.

However, Derek noticed that Aaron was spending more money than usual, especially on snacks for Betty, and decided to cancel his credit card after he found evidence of Aaron sneaking out. He also hired a new agent, Xavier, to keep an even closer eye on Aaron. The first thing Xavier did was attack Aaron while he was talking to Jenny. He then tricked Aaron into thinking that they were childhood friends. Derek informed Aaron about his credit card's cancellation in his dorm, also putting his tuition on the line if he continued to socialize. He also informed him that Xavier was a special agent meant to supervise him closer than other agents and make sure that he didn't kill anyone. Xavier acted more like a bully however, trying to get Aaron angry. He even revealed that he knew that Aaron was the Ultima. Jenny was also able to get into a relationship with Aaron, making him more uncomfortable as he tried to hide from her. Aaron then noticed Xavier trying to flirt with Jenny, much to his suspicion. When he was able to spend time with Aphmau again, Xavier found evidence of them being close and decided to hit on her instead, all with the intention of exposing Aaron as an Ultima. Derek later waited for Aaron in his dorm, warning him to stop socializing or he will be removed from the school. Xavier then tried to kiss Aphmau in front of Aaron to trigger his eyes to turn red, which failed when Aphmau kicked him in the manhood. After getting advice from Aphmau, Aaron was then able to break up (they were never really a couple) with Jenny. Aaron still felt bad, but Agent R talked to him to make him feel better. When Aaron left without his bandana, Derek revealed himself and fired Agent R, having heard everything.

Aaron was then approached by Cathy, who wanted to start a relationship with him. Aaron rejected, saying he didn't want to go through that again. Cathy insisted however, admitting that she spread disgusting rumors about Aphmau and scared off Diana with threat notes just so she could be with him. Jenny and Betty overheard this, and Betty dragged Cathy to the dean's office. Jenny then apologized to Aaron for treating him unfairly, accepting just being friends. Unfortunately for Aaron, the dean called Derek (who caught Xavier red-handed and had him removed from campus), who once again waited in Aaron's dorm for Aaron to arrive. After Aaron said that the only reason Derek was angry was that the incident would make him look bad, Derek sentenced Aaron to extreme lockdown or to have his entire funds or even his entire inheritance removed. Derek reminded Aaron that he was a monster that needed to be controlled by someone, and Aaron stated that it was because Derek wasn't going to be the one to do it. Aaron said that he had someone watching over him, Agent R. Derek chuckled and revealed that he fired Agent R, telling Aaron that he doesn't need people like Agent R that allow him to socialize to be in his life. Aaron then remembered what Aphmau told him and finally snapped at his father. He stormed out of his dorm and told Derek to keep his money, not needing it or him, officially leaving the Lycan family behind. Instead of feeling shame, Derek felt anger as Aaron walked away.

Two years later, he was able to get his own apartment after officially escaping his father's grasps. However, he returned to wearing his bandana over his eyes. Aphmau visited with a housewarming gift as well as a new phone for Aaron. She also gave him a box that was given to her by Agent R, but she didn't know who he was. Inside the box was Aaron's stuff from college, which Agent R managed to save. Aaron then gave Aphmau a tour of the rather small apartment.

The Big Move[]

By this time, Aaron had moved from his apartment to a house in a suburban neighborhood. Eventually, two houses became available on his street and Aphmau decided to pick one of them to move to.

In "The Big Misunderstanding," Aaron gets a call from Aphmau to help her move out of her apartment. On his way into the building, he spots Garroth and Laurance and says hi to them. Not wanting to lose their chances of being in a relationship with Aphmau, they plot to find out where she's moving to. The two then knock on Aphmau's door in disguises, with Aphmau and Aaron deciding to leave through the backdoor. They then decide to go to go to an IHOP. Upon discovering that Katelyn worked there, Aphmau follows her to the kitchen to invite her to move in with her. While Aaron waits for her, Kawaii~Chan, having also been invited and is excited about her ship returning, places a couple's cake on the table, which Aphmau discovered in embarrassment upon returning to the table. They then decided to place their actual order, but Garroth and Laurance rushed in with a fish and a bunch of cats. They tried to have the cats chase Aaron away, but it didn't work.

In "The Picture," it is shown that Kawaii~Chan took a picture of her ship at the IHOP. Garroth and Laurance found the picture on her phone and threw it off the balcony in a panic upon Kawaii~Chan finding them.

They spot Aphmau and Aaron stepping into a cake shop in "Abs-olutly Lovers." Aaron tells Aphmau that he plans to buy a cake to bring it to Olive Garden. Aphmau asks him why they couldn't just buy a cake at Olive Garden, with Aaron replying that it would just be too complicated before shrugging it off. Not knowing what cake to buy, Aaron walks up to the baker to ask for samples. Aphmau questions him as to why, with him replying that it's free cake. While the baker talks about Aaron to Aphmau, Aaron asks her what type of cake she like. After she regrettably says, "red abs," he manages to find a cake to sample, but it ends up being bitter. Aphmau notices that he got frosting on his face and proceeds to wipe it off, with Garroth and Laurance meanwhile suspecting that they are kissing and freeze in panic. Upon realizing that Aphmau's cake was bitter too, they report the issue, to which the baker fires Michi for since she made the cakes. As an apology, the baker gives them a cake on the house. The two then make their way to Olive Garden, but upon arriving there, they notice Garroth and Laurance acting weird. Kawaii~Chan asks Aphmau if she could take more pictures of her with Aaron, now asking before taking a picture. Katelyn and Nicole ask Aaron why he lets Kawaii~Chan ship him with Aphmau, to which Aaron decides to head to the bathroom. However, he gets knocked out by Michi, who made a deal with Garroth and Laurance and hands them his clothes before getting paid, meanwhile showing no interest in Aaron's type (yet). Upon coming to, he notices Garroth wearing his shirt just as his cover was blown. He asks for his shirt back, but all the girls except Aphmau (who blushes) faint upon seeing his bare torso.

In "The Date", Aphmau and Aaron end the day off with a movie and dinner to make up for what Garroth and Laurance did, but Garroth and Laurance arrived with Michi to try and make Aphmau jealous. Aphmau tried to leave, but Aaron, attempting to expose Garroth and Laurance as the only ones who were jealous, held Aphmau in his arms and told them that they were on a date to trigger them. This works as they break character and prepare to attack Aaron. Telling them to bring it, he claims to have the ultimate weapon and snaps his fingers, which causes all the girls in the area, including Kawaii~Chan, to attack them. He then returns home in "Roomates" and Aphmau returns to her apartment to continue packing up.

MyStreet Season 1[]

In the remake of "The New House," Aaron catches Aphmau from falling out of the moving van while she was getting her laptop, which causes Kawaii~Chan to silently fangirl. Before he heads back to his house, Aphmau thanks him for helping her move. He is then shown featured on Kawaii~Chan's shipping shrine, which she put in the basement. After Aphmau sees it, she has trouble sleeping, to which Katelyn decides to tease her and tell her a bedtime story about a princess named Aphmau and a knight named Aaron.

Around the holidays, Aaron managed to win a house decoration contest that was hosted by Zane in "The Decoration Fight" by scoring 200/100 points. He later made his "first appearance" in "Mistletoe Wars PT.2: The Kiss" in which he arrived at Aphmau's party and placed Aphmau's mistletoe back where it was before Garroth took it off and ran. It then looked like they were about to kiss, but they didn't. Aphmau also reveals that she now runs into him whenever she walks Celestia. On Christmas Eve, he scared Zane out of his house with a bat during the latter's Grinch phase.

In "The Auditions," Aaron auditions for the role of Romeo in Katelyn's neighborhood play. However, Katelyn tells him to take his bandana off. Upon taking it off, all the girls in the audience scream in excitement and Aaron instantly gets the role. Meanwhile, Aphmau anxiously blushes over the thought of having to kiss Aaron as Romeo.

In "The Kiss," Garroth and Laurance board up Aaron's house to prevent him from being in the play and tell the others that he's "sick," but Dante points out that Aaron is backstage rehearsing his lines just as Katelyn was about to give the role to Garroth. With that plan thwarted, Lucinda shows up and gives a potion to Laurance that will allow him to switch places with Aaron during the kiss. The play goes out as planned until the intermission. Aaron heads to the bathroom, but he is locked inside by Garroth. With Aaron missing, Katelyn has no choice but to give the role to Garroth and gives him a helmet to wear. However, his plan backfires when Laurance uses the potion. He misses "Aaron" and hits Aphmau instead, causing him and Garroth to kiss each other as they scream in disgust and horror, much to the audience's applause. Travis manages to free Aaron and tells the group that Garroth locked him in the bathroom. Before Kawaii~Chan could unleash her anger, Aphmau points out that the boys have already learned their lesson, only for the two to be horrified that Katelyn plans to reenact the incident next time. Back on the stage, Aphmau apologizes to Aaron on the behalf of Garroth and Laurance's actions. She also points out that she kinda wanted the kiss to happen. Seeing the opportunity, Aaron embraces Aphmau and kisses her for the first time in years, to which Aphmau kisses him in return. Aphmau told Zane about the kiss in "Aftermath," which almost resulted in him forcing a relationship because it was convenient. She was also worried in "Fan Fiction" about Garroth and Laurance learning about the kiss.

In "Secret Lovers," Travis has a feeling that Aphmau and Aaron are close and asks Aphmau on a double date, with him taking Katelyn and her taking Aaron. He then takes her phone to text Aaron. Aaron texts back and causes Aphmau to faint. Aaron is there when she comes to and Travis has him sit next to Aphmau, much to Garroth and Laurance's jealousy, but Travis white lies to make them less tense. Aaron was then hiding behind the door in "Date Begins!," agreeing with Zane that Aphmau is cute when she blushes after he made her blush about the thought of dating Aaron when it was supposed to be a casual date. Zane warns Aaron not to pull any tricks.

The next day, Aphmau and Aaron meet at the mall's water fountain, followed by the rest of the group. Michi is paired with Zane, but she plots to steal Aaron from Aphmau. In "Valentine's Disaster," Aaron wins a racing game at the mall's arcade against Aphmau, to which she claims he cheated. He then goes off to get Aphmau a snack, but then Zane tells Aphmau that Michi left him behind. She had previously stolen a potion from Lucinda and has now used it to turn into Aphmau as Garroth and Laurance watched from a distance. She then tries to win over Aaron with her "charm" and nearly gets him to kiss her just as she turned into herself and Aphmau caught them. Michi was about to tear their relationship apart when Garroth and Laurance once again reveal to have seen everything and that Michi tricked Aaron. Michi throws a fit about failing to win Aaron and was even reminded that she told Garroth and Laurance that Aaron wasn't her type, with her then claiming "Michi gets what Michi wants!" Zane then arrives and demands Michi to leave, and that if she ever messed with any of his friends again, they would have some "words." Aphmau apologizes for the confusion, to which Aaron forgives her for. He then walks her home and was about to kiss her at her doorstep until Zane opened the door and pretended to be Aphmau's father, "grounding" her. Aphmau played along and excused Aaron.

Love~Love Paradise[]


Lover's Lane[]


Emerald Secret[]




When Angels Fall[]

Being wielded as a relic caused a significant part of Aaron's soul to be consumed; he had sustained major memory loss, forgetting his entire family and friends, and had went permanently blind and could only detect slight movement. Aaron is aware of his memory loss, crying silently as Melissa attempted to remind him of their childhood. Toby explains that Aaron remembers trivial things such as colors and facts, but not what made him who he is. He theorizes that familiar things might possibly jog his memory.[2]

Melissa brought Aaron to Aphmau with the hopes of jogging his memory. Aaron did not remember, only giving her a brief apology and leaving to board the boat. On the boat home, Aaron begins to fret to Melissa about his online friend, Shu. Melissa is pleased with his small recollection and tells him she can help arrange something.[2]


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Aaron typically wears a red jacket or hoodie, black pants, and black boots or sneakers. The appearance of the jacket changes over time as production quality increased. He is reasonably tall and is physically fit. He has a moderate tan, with black eyes and hair. Through various interactions throughout his appearances in the series, it can be assumed he is quite handsome, becoming the object of affection of many characters even when compared to heartthrobs like Garroth or Laurance. During periods of emotional instability or especially reclusive periods of time, Aaron wears a red bandana over his eyes to prevent humans from making direct eye contact with his eyes in case they become untamed, as he is an Ultima Werewolf. This bandana was given to him by Aphmau during his senior year of high school.

In his werewolf form, Aaron has two tall wolf ears tinged with red fur and a long, bushy tail. When he allowed Aphmau to touch his ears, she expressed that his ears are fluffy. While his Ultima eyes are untamed, his eyes change from black to a shining red and red-orange.

In Phoenix Drop High season 1, he wears a PDHS school uniform and has a few cuts and bruises on his face, as well as a small square bandage, trophies of his frequent fights at the start of the year. Aaron also wore a similar outfit in Phoenix Drop High season 2 in order to blend in while he went to the gym to fight Ein, as he had graduated from the school the year prior.

In MyStreet season 1, he wore an open-front jacket with a hood, black pants, and black boots. He also wore Aphmau's bandana over his eyes for several episodes. This outfit is similar to his outfit in Phoenix Drop High season 2 when he snuck out of college and the Lycan home with his parents' permission to visit Aphmau. It is also similar to most of his time during Falcon Claw University.

In Love-Love Paradise, he wore an opened short-sleeved red jacket with red swim shorts.

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In Lover's Lane, he wears a red jacket with no sleeves. He also wears gloves. As a cat, he is very dark brown with a teeny red hoodie.

In Emerald Secret, he has a grey-black shirt and a red jacket or hoodie, normal pants, and black boots.

As of the end of season 4, his abdomen is covered in scars. He also wears a purple jacket and grey swim trunks. Over the course of Starlight, a few of his scars disappear as a result of healing magic.

In When Angels Fall, he wore an open-front red hoodie with the Lycan family emblem on the back, symbols on the shoulders of the sleeves, the hoodie having a black hood. He wore a gray T-shirt underneath and had bandages on both of his arms due to the attack on the villa sometime in between MyStreet Season 5: Starlight and MyStreet Season 6: When Angels Fall. He also wears gray pants with two strips of red on either sides, along with gray sneakers. In "Too Late, Part 2," he removes his hoodie, his top apparel only consisting of his gray T-shirt and the bandages. In S6 Ep.14, when he transforms out of his wolf form and back into his human form after a flashback with his mom, Rachel. He is covered in void burns. Later on, after Aaron is released from Aphmau after she defeated Michael by absorbing him, Lucinda, and Zane as relics. He still has his latest attire, void burns, and is now blind, his eyes being a very light gray.

In Aphmau's daily content, he wears an outfit that combines elements from MyStreet Season 1 and When Angels Fall. He also has the Lycan family emblem on his sweater whether he appears as a werewolf or not. In 'IN LOVE with the Alpha Wolf in Minecraft', he wears a outfit that combines elements of Lover's Lane and Starlight.

When in his Ultima werewolf form, he is a menacing, dire wolf-sized creature with jet black fur tipped red at the ears and tail.


Aaron is a descendant of the Ultima werewolf, the first-ever werewolf cursed by the god of wolves many thousands of years ago. Unlike normal werewolves, the bite of an Ultima's bared canines can transform a human into a werewolf, as can the stare of its shining, red eyes. The process is very painful, and humans often do not survive the transformation when it is the result of eye contact with an Ultima. Although still painful, a transformation through a bite is non-lethal to a healthy human adult.

Aaron is quite capable in self-defense, and has enough experience in such to best several people over the course of MyStreet and its accompanying series, namely Balto and Ein.

He has the unique ability to focus in on Aphmau's heartbeat and locate her by listening for it. This ability has no origin and is never truly explained.

As a werewolf, Aaron has several superhuman qualities:

  • Enhanced senses, specifically hearing and smelling.
    • These are enhanced further when Aaron is in his werewolf form.
  • Enhanced strength and endurance, even by werewolf standards.
    • He survived being stabbed in the abdomen and on the face multiple times, along with being flung off a mountaintop.
    • He went toe-to-toe with Ein in close combat in PDH season 2. The fight was not an even match.
      • He later threw a dazed Ein out the gym room window, the werewolf teacher even remarking that it was a "magnificent window break" and that it was "such a powerful toss", even tearing up a little.
  • Enhanced speed.

As a descendant of the Ultima, and the bearer of its curse, Aaron has a few unique abilities:

  • A bite from his bared fangs/canines will turn a human into a werewolf as noted above. This process is painful and takes several days.
    • To date, Aphmau is the only human known to be turned by the bite of an Ultima.
      • However, some speculate that Rachel may have been human at one point.
  • When his eyes become untamed and shine red, eye contact with a human will put them into the werewolf transformation, usually leading to a swift and painful death.
    • As long as Aaron is emotionally stable, he is able to turn his eyes on and off at will.
    • There may be some amount of tolerance to Aaron's eyes after being affected by them, as Ein and Aaron carried on a small conversation directly after Aaron removed his werewolf traits, and Ein did not experience a re-transformation.
    • To date, Garroth is the only human shown to survive being transformed through Aaron's eyes, although this probably has much to do with his history of being given a Forever Potion of Strength as a child.
    • People with animal traits, such as meif'wa and other werewolves, can safely look into Aaron's eyes. In "Take Them By force," Kawaii~Chan looks into Aaron's eyes with no consequences, while the newly-transformed Aphmau and Aaron's family were able to safely look into his eyes throughout season 5.
  • The eyes of an Ultima have the ability to remove a werewolf's wolf traits, as seen as performed on Ein in Emerald Secret. Additionally, Aaron can painlessly restore these traits to someone he's once reverted to a human, as seen as performed on Ein in Starlight.
    • To date, Ein is the only individual who has experienced not only one, but both parts of this ability.


In MyStreet, he keeps his calm, kind, helpful, and understanding personality with him. Like his Minecraft Diaries counterpart, he often talks briefly or not at all. Due to his lack of socialization growing up, he isn't confident in his ability to talk to people and make friends, coming off as extremely shy.

He tends to keep to himself, often isolating from the main group, and prefers to do things solo. Aaron shows up on the nick of time, especially during the auditions of the play, where he gladly accepts to play the part of Romeo. His looks and personality top the guys as they see him as a threat. His character is good-natured, measured by Celeste, who stays with Aaron when Aphmau is busy.

When he is alone with Aphmau, he is more outgoing, loud, and social. Aaron is more teasing too.

After the kiss with Aphmau, he is more social and wanted to ask Aphmau a question but is interrupted by Travis' arrival.

In the Valentine's Day arc, Aaron showed his more carefree and playful behavior to Zane and Aphmau. He enjoyed Zane's embarrassment but meant nothing harsh.

During Katelyn and Lucinda's competition to see who could figure out more about Aaron and Aphmau relationship-wise. Aphmau revealed that Aaron had attempted to sing the "Love is an Open Door" duet with her. She did not reveal but rather just remembered fondly how he helped Aphmau tailor her dress to her taste by putting it on.

During Zianna's visit, he showed clear jealousy towards Zane, who at the time was pretending to date Aphmau for Zianna's wishes.

In the second episode of A-Con 2016, Aphmau teased Aaron of the fact that he hides his knack for the guitar and Zane enjoys ponies. He also has known of Aphmau since seventh grade (according to him) but this is quite controversial. Considering the fact that he shows no acknowledgment towards Aphmau in any of the classes they've been in together. However, he was most likely referring to himself as FC and not himself, in A-Con, part 2 he says "Well, I've known OF her since middle school, it wasn't until..." (Aphmau, at this point, has interrupted) he says this after being asked (by Zane) how he and Aphmau met.

In the final episode of A-Con, Aaron asks Aphmau to be his girlfriend. Aphmau does not want to say yes at first, worrying about what the others would think, especially Garroth, Laurance, and Zane. Zane walks in and tells Aphmau that Aaron asked him if he minded them dating and that's all that matters. She finally says yes. Garroth and Laurance accepted that Aphmau and Aaron love each other and that they can't do anything about that. In Kawaii~Chan's picture that she takes out the end of the episode, Aaron is seen kissing Aphmau.

He also is quite cunning as in "Omega" he hatches a plan to keep Ein from the Werewolf Games. He uses the fact that Ein stole Aphmau's phone to give Ein false information and make him miss the Games.

His love for Aphmau has been shown to be strong. When asked what he knew about her, he was able to give several facts such as a cat face she makes when she pouts and her favorite dish in Olive Garden. For 3 months, he went through hard labor and several jobs, determined to earn enough money by himself to make Aphmau's dream of going to Starlight Wonderland come true. Also, when Aphmau was under control by two forever potions, he took lethal punishment, even from her, just to get her back. He is also shown to accept Aphmau moving on. This is shown at first when he saw her with Ein and decided to make him alpha. Also, when given a choice on whether to free Aphmau from Ein or make her not hate him, he picked to have her still hate him, knowing that she would at least be free to choose her own path. He also lets her scratch his ears but finds it annoying if she does it without asking. Also, when Aphmau popped the question about turning her into a werewolf, the same question that Ein demanded Aaron to do, he decided to not do it out of fear that it will hurt her more than her fearing to hurt him, after all, he worried that she wasn't careful and accidentally opened her eyes when she stopped him from attempting to harm the Ein-lookalike. Eventually, he granted her request after she explains that if she becomes the same species as him, they can be strong enough to protect each other.

Like Aphmau, Aaron also suffers from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), due to the tragic incident at the lodge, but in a more severe form called complex post-traumatic stress disorder, or C-PTSD, which is when the victim has to suffer repetitions of psychological and emotional abuse. Aaron was never allowed to socialize, even at a very young age. His parents were also too busy with their company to spend time with him, only having Melissa. He had a dog named Alexander, but his father's carelessness allowed Alexander to run away. Derek was actually more of a warden than a father to Aaron. He spared no expense in making sure Aaron was isolated from everyone, hiring agents to watch him and using spyware to track all his devices. The more Aaron was isolated, however, the more untamed he became, and the more he needed socialization. This caused a giant loop in which Derek removed privilege after privilege for Aaron trying to socialize, eventually leading to Derek destroying Aaron's phone in the middle of texting. The consequences eventually lead to literal solitary confinement in his dorm.

Later, his C-PTSD returns during Emerald Secret when Ein exposes his secret, and Aphmau (under a Forever Potion) tormented him with her "true" opinion on him in high school and even death. According to "Scars", Aaron mentioned that he couldn't sleep as he had a nightmare. He kept hearing Aphmau's cruel words from "I Will Always Love You" in his mind echoing all over again despite people telling him to forget about the incident and move on, and keeps talking about how her mocking about his loneliness and her true feelings about their relationship are true. He also mentions that during his coma, he had a recurring nightmare where he was trapped in absolute despair, being unable to move, breathe, or scream. He could only watch in horror as he keeps seeing a vision of Aphmau, who seemingly succeeded in killing him, living a happy life with Ein as they hang out alongside the rest of the gang, who acted as if he never existed, and the nightmare keeps repeating and repeating and every time it repeats, he kept begging that he wake up from his nightmare. Regular nightmares are usually visual, but complex PTSD is also emotional, which is why Aaron spend the first five minutes explaining his overwhelming rush of hopelessness during his nightmare to Aphmau.

Other symptoms of his trauma that are somewhat specific to C-PTSD are how he seems somewhat nervous to hang with Blaze, Maria, and the trio pups other than that he's trying to adjust to his werewolf life as Ein tormented him by revealing he's not human. He is also somewhat socially awkward near Aphmau herself as he keeps apologizing and accidentally exhibits werewolf behaviors that he's too embarrassed to explain, such as licking, as it was Aphmau who tormented his mind the most as she actually harmed and killed him. Just like when Aphmau was alone on the beach, Aaron thinks negatively about himself and has self-hating thoughts, calling himself a "failure" and "worthless" because he felt he failed to protect Aphmau. Also, in Starlight episode 7, he spotted a werewolf guest that looked almost similar to Ein, save for the eye color and hair dye, causing him to remember the trauma and snap. His Ultima eyes awoke and he was about to attack and possibly kill the guest in a blind rage, another sign of PTSD: aggression. Fortunately, he was able to snap out of it by Aphmau, who gave him a bandanna. Aphmau even mentions that anything that reminds him that he's not human will make him snap in anger. He once again snapped when he saw Ein for real in part 1 of the Starlight finale and this time, it took his family and Aphmau to stop him at the price of Garroth’s life. Once he realized it, Aaron felt really bad thinking that he killed Garroth with his eyes and Garte calling him a monster.

Once all his loved ones, being his family and Aphmau, were killed, he had no one to soothe him as he went on a full rampage. He also killed all of the wolves from the werewolf camp, albeit under Ein's control, before turning into the true, full Ultima wolf form.

Some enemies like Ein, Michael or others have ways to make Aaron go on a rampage as the Ultima if they kill the people he loves or cared, and to have no one to soothe him. Clearly there are reasons to provoke him which is why no one knew that an Ultima reveals itself right after it gets provoked by a bunch of enemies. More like some bad people would control him as a weapon of destruction.


  • He’s afraid of vacuum cleaners, probably because of the typical hate that dogs (and thereby, werewolves) have of vacuums due to their hearing being much more sensitive than humans'.
  • He may have been named after his grandfather.[Citation Needed]
  • His last name, Lycan, is a shortening of "lycanthrope," the technical/original term for werewolf (literally "Wolf-man"). This is part of a long string of evidence pointing at him being a werewolf throughout My Street.
  • According to Jeffory, Aaron transferred from a military academy during his senior year. He got into three fights in his first week at Phoenix Drop High School.
  • Despite not being a big anime fan, Aaron manages to pull off two successful cosplays during the group's A-Con trip in My Street season 1.
    • In "Cosplay and Chaos!", Aaron cosplays as Auron, a playable party member from Final Fantasy X. This is likely a nod to Jess and Jason's love of the series, but is also a play on words around his name. The two also share a lot of personality traits, at least until Aaron starts opening up to the group.
    • In "Aaron and Aphmau", Aaron cosplays as Gray Fullbuster from "Fairy Tail", which was a favorite character of Aphmau's when she was in high school. It may be noteworthy that Aphmau told Aaron she thought Gray Fullbuster was hot in high school, although he replied by saying he looked stupid.
  • In "Cosplay and Chaos!" of MyStreet, Aaron mentions that he's known of Aphmau since she was in middle school. This is an important distinction, as they didn't meet for some time afterward.
  • Aaron can play the guitar, but he seems to embarrassed by his skill level.
    • He can also sing, as shown in the finale of Starlight when he played the guitar and sang a serenade to Aphmau.
  • Aaron's online gamer tag - or at least an abbreviation of his gamer tag - is "FC," a nickname that Aphmau continues to call him for several years even after discovering his identity.
    • Contrary to popular belief, FC does not actually stand for Falcon Claw, the village Aaron was the Lord of in Minecraft Diaries. It was an abbreviation of the username that Jason used when he met Jess online. The two were simply pure coincidental.[3]
    • Additionally, "FC" is a common abbreviation used by Final Fantasy XIV players to refer to their established play group, or "Free Company." This is an amusing coincidence considering the in-game footage in Falcon Claw University used footage from that game.
  • Aaron knows how to cook very well, saving dinner in "Who's Coming to Dinner?" His dad often burned dinner, making him pick up a few tricks to get by. Much later, during Her Wish, Aaron admitted to Renee that he learned to cook because his parents were never around and would never cook for him.
  • Aaron's signature color is red, shown in his clothes across most seasons of the series, as well as objects associated with him in mini-games and Minecraft let's play videos.
  • Aphmau is Aaron's first kiss, confirmed in MyStreet Phoenix Drop High episode 30, "Their First Kiss."
  • At Love~Love Paradise, Aaron no longer wears a hoodie. Also, in The Neighborhood Play story arc of MyStreet Season 1, Aaron no longer wears his hood and mask, allowing his face to be seen because Aphmau said looking at his eyes made her feel better.
    • This was due to Aphmau asking about Aaron’s bandana while they were practicing their roles
  • It was said that in Aaron's senior year of high school, he was 6'1.
  • In the Emerald Secret (MyStreet Season 4) episode "I Will Always Love You," Ein confronts Aaron about his family lineage and its relation to the first-ever werewolf, the Ultima. The evidence supporting the theory that Aaron was a werewolf was scattered throughout the My Street canon leading up to this confrontation.
    • This helps explain his avoidance of chocolate, his enhanced sense of smell, his ability to run great distances in seconds, his sensitive hearing and generally sharper senses, his great knowledge of werewolf culture, and his superhuman strength.
    • This is also the reason why he was put in werewolf class during his senior year of high school and why he continued to take werewolf classes in his early college years.
  • Aaron was the first character in MyStreet to have died, but he came back to life.
  • Following the events of "Always...," Aaron is revealed to be in a comatose state.[4]
    • He woke up 5 months later, a week before the 30th of October. This is revealed by Melissa in "We Met...".
    • As of "...And Then We Said Goodbye." Aaron is physically fine and is back on his feet.
  • He planned on proposing to Aphmau at Starlight Wonderland, a place where Aphmau has always wanted to go.
    • However, Aaron didn't have enough money to take her there, so he tried to take on odd part-time jobs to get the money, thus, resulting in the events of The Emerald Secret, since his father, Derek, offered him a job at the lodge, along with Garte with his son, Garroth.
    • In "In My Dearest Memories", Aaron wears a sleeveless jacket similar to what he wore during Love~Love Paradise but in purple, Aphmau’s signature color. This is probably to mirror Aphmau, who is wearing red, Aaron's signature color.
    • Aarons5bllindfolded
      As of "In My Dearest Memories ", Aaron is more comfortable with exposing his ears and tail. He also has scars covering almost his entire body.
  • Aaron's favorite type of cookies are oatmeal cookies.
  • Aaron likes reading manga over watching anime. He also likes first-person video games and working out.
  • Jess is a fan of the idea of Aaron having facial hair, however the limitations of Minecraft as a storytelling medium when Aaron was created as a character made it difficult or even impossible to portray well.
  • According to Irene herself, Aaron is living his second life.
  • In Her Wish, Aaron is seen trying to play the guitar again, but he doesn't seem to know how to play again, an effect of Aaron losing his memories after the events of When Angels Fall. Aaron is also wearing his bandana again.
  • Aaron's birthday is December 17th, which is also his voice actor, Jason's, birthday.
    • He shares his birthday with MegaMoeka, the voice actress of Kawaii~Chan.
  • "The Double Date" was the first time that the VA credits listed Jason as Aaron's voice in My Street. Prior to this, he was credited as "????" in season 1, and as "AwesomeDom" for several episodes at the beginning of season 2.
  • Aaron initially tried wearing sunglasses before deciding on his red blindfold to obscure his eyes.[5]


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