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Maid Cafe[]

Aaron was very supportive of Aphmau's decision to open a maid cafe, helping her out with some of the paperwork and other things needed for it. Most presume his business prowess came from his parents training to take over their company. He helps to find a location for the cafe and set it up. He also ends up being a butler for the cafe, helping Aphmau come up with her gimmick for the cafe.

Lucinda's Magic Shop[]

Aaron had to work many odd jobs to try and afford to go to Starlight Wonderland. One of the the jobs was working for Lucinda in "Aaron's Odd Job". He voluteered to go get the Zuzu plant for Lucinda as a customer was willing to pay a lot of money for it. The path to get the Zuzu plant is apparently extremely treacherous as when Aaron comes back, he almost immediately passes out after Lucinda promises him half of the sale money.

Phoenix Drop High[]

Aaron transferred to Phoenix Drop High in his senior year after attending military school for his previous education. While at Phoenix Drop High, he becomes the Alpha male of the school by dethroning Balto to distract Balto from Aphmau. Aaron marks Aphmau, making her the Alpha female but they don't like each other until they realize they know each other as FC and Shu respectively. They both like each other but as Aaron only has one year there, they decide to wait until after Aphmau graduates.


Aphmau is Aaron's girlfriend and the first person he ever cared for and who cared for him back. Aaron first met Aphmau as Shu, her online gaming name. They knew each other online for at least two years before Phoenix Drop High and became close friends. Their first real life encounter did not go as smoothly. Aaron acted very coldly to her in Werewolf Class. Their later interactions gradually got worse as they kept being aggressive towards each other. In "Aaron VS Aphmau" Aaron tricked Aphmau into losing the race, furthering rivalry. Aphmau got locked in Aaron's locker by Ivy later in the episode. When Aaron goes to open his locker, Aphmau falls out onto to him and awkwardness ensues. Despite this, Aaron has a crush on her and marks her as his mate and the Alpha Female.

Aaron and Aphmau also met in Music Room in "Fight or Flight" also anonymously. Aaron says this is probably for the best as it might be easier for her to open up if they don't each other. Aphmau agrees and tells him her problem with Gene. Aaron tells her to stand up to him and not let him win. Later Aaron breaks Gene's phone probably because of what Aphmau told him.

Aaron and Aphmau finally figure out who they are to each other "Finding FC". Aphmau thinks it's a cruel joke but Aaron begs her to give him another chance. Aphmau agrees and they finally see each other in a different light. Aaron in a flashback in "We Met..." proves he's FC by showing "the face" 8D. Aphmau groans and giggles at their inside joke. Aphmau then asks why he's such a jerk as Aaron if he's FC. He apologizes saying it's hard for him to let anyone get close him. The real reason is probably that Derek forces him to be like this so he won't turn anyone. He begs her to forgive him which she does and in "FC and Shu" they act like best friends, confusing the entire school.

Their sudden friendship confuses Gene and Balto as well as Garroth and Laurance. Garroth and Laurance think that Aphmau deceived them and is dating Aaron and Gene and Balto had to change their plans to get Aaron expelled. One thing Gene tries to exploit is Aaron's protectiveness over Aphmau to get him to fight Balto. This ultimately fails as Garroth and Laurance were recording to catch Aphmau with Aaron but actually got Gene's plan on video and they blackmailed him into leaving Aphmau and Aaron alone. Aphmau and Aaron thank Garroth and Laurance and reveal to them that they aren't dating, making them feel bad for what they did to Aphmau.

In "Their First Kiss" when hearing that Aphmau will hang out with him alone if he helps her with Katelyn and Kawaii-Chan's, he sprints over faster than humanly possible.


Melissa is his sister who is very supportive. Melissa oftens teases Aaron when they talk about Aph. (more will be added soon)


Ein is his arch-nemesis. (more will be added soon)