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Aaron Flirts
Episode 12
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September 1st, 2017



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"Get Away From Her!"

"Aphmau's Date with Travis"

"Aaron Flirts" is the 12th episode of 'Mermaid Tales'. It premiered on September 1st, 2017.




Michi approaches Aaron, nearly seeing a transformed Aphmau- but he stalls for time by flirting with her. He dips her right when she sees Aphmau behind him, asking her if she can swim. When she says she can, he throws her into the water. He covers Aph's tail up, tosses Michi down a rope she can use to get out of the water, and leaves to find somewhere Aphmau won't be seen.

Tavari starts to question Katelyn on Mariana. He starts to ramble on about how the kingdom is nothing but an echo chamber of ignorance, but.. much to his surprise, Katelyn seems to agree, if only slightly. She tells him how she doesn't believe everything that's in the book of the merfolk, but she uses its messages and concepts when making decisions for the kingdom. None of Tavari's manipulation tactics work on her- she even knows that mermaids were and are going extinct, but it's all a shock to Teony. He decides that he needs to let Katelyn tone down, or she'll never trust him and let him take the sea crystal.

Travis questions Garroth on where his date is, but they're interrupted by Amber finally finding him. She demands he come with her, which Garroth starts to argue against. She throws him off his own ship, insisting the prince come with her.. but he refuses. Travis decides to stay and finish the date because he's having fun, something he gets very little of living as a prince. She allows it, but says she'll stay to make sure he's alright. Garroth (who just got back on deck,) argues, and is again thrown off the ship.

In the cave they first spoke in, Aaron waits for Aphmau to dry off by a small fire he sets up. After hours, she still doesn't transform back into a human. She wakes and he tries to ask her about the problem, but when she speaks, he only hears mer-speak. She can still understand him, though, and gets upset when he celebrates not having to listen to her complaining. She tries to dive at him, but he runs out of the way. They go around the cave, Aph flopping at them and being avoided each time. Zane approaches them, weirded out by what they're doing. He gives her another potion to let her speak human, confusing Aaron. She slaps him with her fin for teasing her. Once Aph knows he can understand her, she asks for some of his hair- and he obliges, but Zane says it isn't enough.. so they plan to go back and get Garroth's from the date. Zane gives her the second potion to turn her human again so that they can go, and Aph runs off without Aaron.



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Aaron Flirts Mermaid Tales Ep.12