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Rowan Eisen
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Rowan Eisen


Agent R







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  • Brown (Previously)
  • White (Current)
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Kellen Goff

Rowan Eisen, also known as Agent R, is a supporting character in Falcon Claw University and in MyStreet: When Angels Fall. He was a former agent of Derek's before getting rehired for a different job.


Early in his life, Rowan lost the love of his life.[1] Rowan became Derek and his brother's guardian following the murder of their family.[2]

He is an agent hired by Derek to keep Aaron in line, but has taken a liking to Aaron. He realized that Aaron should be enjoying what's supposed to be the best years of his life. After catching Aaron sneaking out, instead of stopping him, he lets the other agents think Aaron is asleep and that he shouldn't be disturbed. Going back to Aaron, he told Aaron not to do anything dumb. He then followed Aaron to the movies, but left when he noticed he was in a group. In the end, he decided not to inform Derek, telling Aaron that they would both get in trouble if he did. Ever since then, Agent R aided Aaron in sneaking out and having a social life. He even lies to Derek to protect Aaron. And despite Derek's restraint enforcement, Agent R realized that Aphmau meant a lot to Aaron and wanted to make sure that he can spend time with her without Derek knowing.

When he saw Derek searching Aaron's room, Derek informed him that Aaron was spending more money than usual. To keep Aaron safe, Agent R told Derek that Aaron was just spending more at the café and that it kept him calm. After hearing that Derek was going to cancel Aaron's credit card in a kangaroo court fashion, Agent R realized that Aaron's happiness was none of Derek's concern. Even saying that it kept Aaron calm didn't change his mind, especially after finding evidence of Aaron going to the movies. After hearing about Xavier, Agent R made it his goal to protect Aaron and hopefully get his social life back. When Aaron was going to the beach, Agent R decided to disguise himself as him, so the other agents won't think Aaron is missing.

Eventually Derek figures out Agent R's intentions after comparing his reports with Xavier's and decides to head into school campus. Agent R sees something is going on and decides to watch and follow him from afar. When he returned to Aaron's room, his boss was waiting for him and to his horror, the inconsistencies in his and Xavier's report causes Derek to realize Agent R is actually helping Aaron become social instead of preventing him. This was confirmed when he spotted him escorting his son outside of the dorms by himself with no bandana after trying to comfort him about his decision to break up with Jenny. As a result, Agent R was fired from his job and dismissed off campus. And when Aaron learned this, he finally snapped and walked away from his father's grasps.

Two years later, he managed to find Aaron's things from college and gave it to Aphmau to give to Aaron.

Years later, Derek contacted Agent R, now called Rowan, to get a briefcase from the residence in Falcon Claw (which was now overrun with the Guardian Forces) and bring it to Starlight. While on the boat to the island, he was ambushed by Guardian Force members, but managed to land on the island. There, he met up with Garroth, who tells him that Aphmau's villa was ransacked by the GF, and they had to move inwards. He helped lead them to the hotel where they are hiding and brought the briefcase to Derek.

Later, Kawaii~Chan wanted to go to the casino and convinced Aphmau to go. She tells Aaron the same info but he refused, for fear of being caught. Rowan managed to come in the room Aphmau and Aaron were talking in and tells him that because there are not a lot of GF men around the area (they are moving inwards in order to check each area), there aren't going to be any at the gala in order to make the guests feel less stress. Also, they deserve to take a break from hiding every night and promises to make sure they are safe. He then talked with Derek about the briefcase's purpose and that once Aaron comes back from the gala, give the briefcase to him.

The next day, without a warning, the GF invaded their hotel room. Rowan is stuck in a room with Aaron, Rachel and Melissa. A helicopter spotted them, and Rowan decided to go outside up to the roof of the hotel via the window and use himself to distract the helicopter so that the three can escape. Before he left though, he gave the briefcase to Aaron, telling him to open it when it's all over. The GF eventually caught up with Agent R and arrested him.

While imprisoned in the Celestial Cannon with Derek, he hears Derek regret the choices he made to keep Aaron from killing anyone and that he was a terrible father. Rowan corrects him, telling him that he had his best intentions in mind when it came to keeping Aaron safe. It is also revealed to Derek that before his parents died, his father told Rowan to watch after him. When they were dragged out to watch Michael turn Aaron into a relic, Rowan attacks one of the guards, which allows for Derek to run to Aaron and push him out of the way of the cannon.


Agent R has white hair, a beard, and wears sunglasses that cover his teal eyes.

In his more formal uniform, he wears a suit with a blue tie, and in his more casual outfit he wears a flame-patterned hoodie, which he bought off a kid.

For Season 6, his sunglasses, flame jacket, and facial hair got updated.


  • He is the only character introduced in Falcon Claw University to make a physical appearance in MyStreet.
    • On Jason‘s Twitter, he confirmed that Agent R would be in Season 6 via a screenshot behind the scenes.
  • Unlike other agents hired by Derek, who stick to strictly what they’re told, Agent R is willing to go against his orders if he feels it’s the right thing to do.
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