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Full Name





Iron Sword and Shield



  • 0 to 4/5 (Season 1)
  • Around 19-20 (after season 2 timeskip)
  • 22 to 23 (after season 3 timeskip)


Hair Color
  • Dark blue (teenager)
  • Honey (child)
  • Auburn (adult)
Eye Color
  • Lilac (child)
  • Magenta (adult)
Professional Status

Phoenix Drop


Guard of Phoenix Drop

Personal Status


First Appearance

"Molly's Secret"

Became "Aware"

"Wedding on the Docks"

Voice Actor

Amy Rosie


Alexis was born on Episode 50 "Molly's Secret", and we saw her for the first time in this episode (in a swaddle), where we saw her for the first time out of her swaddle, wearing a one time only dress. In Episode 55, Alexis and Kyle have a joint baby shower. Much to everyone's surprise, Zane came to the shower and gave her a necklace.

That night, the necklace teleported her to the market, leaving a black and purple substance behind (Later known as Barrier rips). At the market, the black and purple stuff was everywhere. Zane stood before an altar with Alexis laying on top. He poured a potion on her, and she grew to an adult wearing shadow knight armor and attacked Aphmau. Then, Molly came and Alexis passed out and was watched over by the healers of the village.

Eventually, the amulet that cursed her combined with the necklace Zane gave Kiki and created a realm-hopping amulet. Alexis eventually woke up because of a spell performed by Lucinda the Witch. However, with all the barrier rips everywhere, Aphmau decided to create a statue of Lady Irene. It then cleansed the area of any evil magicks at play. Soon after, Alexis started returning to her previous age.

To ensure the safety of the children, Aphmau sent Zoey on the same ship Lady Katelyn used when she first arrived in Phoenix Drop. Alexis left Phoenix Drop with the other kids before the war between Phoenix Drop, O'Khasis and Scaleswind began.

In Season 2, Alexis is still here. Like Kyle, her parents moved out and Alexis decided to stay in Phoenix Drop to be a guard, trained by Dante. Later in the series, Alexis decides to train Nekoette to be a guard when she's off duty.

Side Stories[]

Alexis makes a very brief appearance in the Beach Vacation side story when she shows up on the boat with Zoey.

Other Series[]

Minecraft Kindergarten - Alexis makes an appearance in Minecraft Kindergarten as one of the well-behaved kids. She does not appear in Season Two.


She is very kind and shy, but she can also be pretty innocent and naïve. She is sweet and she loves puppies. As an adult, she is a bit fun and silly, but more mature and responsible. As a baby, she mostly made baby sounds and occasional words. As a child, she uses new words, but never progresses to having actual conversations with full sentences (that we've seen). She has the tendency to crush on every guy around her age that has been there for her. Therefore, she's easily a hopeless romantic.


As a baby, not much could be noted about Alexis's appearance, as she had no hair, and the only aspect of her appearance that was of any significance was her rouge eyes. In Season 1 and 2, Alexis has golden-brown hair. While under Zane's curse, she had long blonde hair and pale skin, similar to her mother, Molly, and wore a blue and white gown with hatch stitches on the front made by Cadenza. Her everyday outfit was a pink tank top and a white diaper with a purple bow-pin.

When she became aware at the wedding, she wore a white top with purple trim and a white-and-purple striped skirt. 15 years later, in Season 2, Alexis has magenta eyes, and her golden-brown hair appears to have an auburn tint. She is seen wearing a blue-grey iron guard uniform and a white and hot pink bow.

Former Abilities[]

Enhanced Aging: Due to Zane's ritual, Alexis grew to the size of a normal woman, though she has now become younger. Alexis also had the ability to talk, but as she still had the mind of a child, all Alexis could say was "M-mama?" when she saw Molly, her mother.

Enhanced Strength: Alexis also gained strength, enough to fight Aphmau, who was a skilled swords woman in her own right, but Aphmau didn't want to hurt Alexis so she was holding back. Laurence mentioned in a later episode that Alexis was not a real Shadow Knight, so she was probably much weaker than a real one.


  • "Gahahhha!~"
  • "Guu! <3"
  • "Gaaahahha!~ <3"
  • "Mama...Dada..."
  • "Sand! Sand! Sand! Sandcastle! Hehe!"
  • "Oh! Tiny Baby! Kyoot!"
  • "Um..Aphmau..it's a girl.."
  • "I like food because it is good and makes my tummy not go 'Owe!' Hehe!"
  • "I brought my lunch to school and Mommy makes the best lunch because she is the best and so I brought it to show it because this is the best lunch and when I eat it it is the best!"
  • "and I also styled and cut my Moms, hair, when her hair gets down to her butt, I trimmed her hair every two times a (day).


  • Alexis is a Greek name, and comes from the Greek name Αλεξις (Alexis), which meant "helper" or "defender", derived from Greek αλεξω (Alexis) "to defend, to help". 
  • No one knew Alexis was going to be born, except for Molly, Dale, Brian, and Aphmau.
  • She has a tendency to crush on every guy her age who has been there for her at least once.
  • She is the only known young girl to be turned into a Shadow Knight.
  • Becoming a Shadow Knight turned her hair a different color.