A child of good and evil. I'm interested in what the baby's fate will intertwine with the strings of destiny.

Hyria - Season 2 Episode 100

The Daughters of Irene (shares title with Lilith)


Renee (in Her Wish )

  • Human
  • Divine Goddess (Holder of Shad's Relic)




  • Fair
  • Light Tan (as Renee)
Hair Color
Eye Color
Professional Status
Personal Status


First Appearance

"A Goddess Divine"

Voice Actor
  • Julia Bravura
  • Rochelle Chiang (in Her Wish )

Alina, also known as Renee in a possible future, is a character in the Minecraft Diaries and MyStreet series who appears as a major character in Minecraft Diaries: The Realm Protector and the protagonist in Her Wish.She is the biological daughter of Aphmau and Aaron and the adoptive sister of Levin, Malachi and Lilith Garnet. Appearing in the first episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 3, she is seen celebrating her third birthday.


Alina is Aphmau's biological daughter, born sometime during the three year span. She is seen usually playing with Aphmau's adoptive daughter, Lilith and their babysitter, Leona.

As soon as she was born, according to Aphmau in Season 3, Episode 8, Shad's relic from Season 2 immediately absorbed into her body as soon as she popped out of Aphmau.

In season 3, episode 2, it is revealed that Shad is after her as she is the daughter of Aphmau and Aaron, who are descendants of Irene and Shad respectively (with Aphmau, her mother, being Irene herself) and according to Hyria, "the child of good and evil". Thus in season 3, episode 3, Aphmau has Dmitri and Nekoette~Tan help train Lilith and Alina to learn how to fight.

She later went with Aphmau on her quest in Yggdrasil Forest to find info about the relic and Shad and while Aphmau went to talk to the Heart of Darkness, she and Lilith stayed with Liochant.

In episode 8, it is revealed that the relic from Shad is starting to awaken in her and that it could go uncontrolled due to her young age, with the possibility that she could go berserk. Aphmau then was given a potion to help control the pain of wielding power from Shad. The potion is for when she gets consumed by the power (if she does), even though it won't heal completely, it will help.

While on the road to Enki Island and the portal to the Demon Warlock, Alina managed to sneak on the boat Aphmau, Katelyn and Travis were on and was allowed to journey with them to kill the Demon Warlock. When they reached the entry portal, Travis found himself unable to open the portal and as Aphmau, Katelyn and him were fighting over what to do now as he can't open it, Alina used her powers of the relic to open the portal, to everyone's shock. She giggles in amusement about what she did.

While Aphmau and Travis head off into the portal that Alina opened to fight the Demon Warlock, she was left in care with Katelyn and was given a necklace from Travis to help her protect herself from the Demon Warlock if he finds out that she is the descendant of Shad and she and Katelyn head off to find flowers as Aphmau and Travis entered the portal.

In the next episode, it is revealed that Alina had taken a nap as she was really exhausted from using magic. According to Aphmau, she had odd magic occurrence when she was younger, but as of now, her powers are starting to emerge.

When Alina finally woke up in ep 15, she sneaked up to Travis after the doctor left. She said that Aphmau and Katelyn went exploring when Travis asked her and said she is going to care for him. Travis was hoping that she had healing powers from Aphmau. Alina wanted to try so she tried slapping him, but nothing happened. She later told Aphmau and Katelyn that she "fixed" Travis, with him covered in slap marks.

Aphmau decides to let Alina hang with the local doctor as she talks with Katelyn and Travis about the relic. When Travis was being slow when he and Katelyn were heading back to the ship, Alina can be heard happily getting ready to slap Travis if he is going slow.

She later went with Aphmau to the house they were staying back at the Phoenix Alliance Island where she went upstairs to say hi to Lilith.

When Aphmau realized that the Shadow Knights are on the move, she had Alina and Lilith go to the Sacred Forest to be safeguarded by Hyria. Alina was told that a "very bad man" is looking for her and she replied that she would beat him up and heads off with Lilith as they started to hit trees with their sticks.

Sometime later, an older Alina travels into the future.

Renee was the identity Alina gave herself when visiting the MyStreet timeline with the help of Santa. She wanted to see her real mother, but she was too difficult, if not, impossible to reach. When she first arrived, she was in disbelief of her surroundings since she was raised in a less modern era. Disguising himself as Sylvanna, Santa told Aphmau that Renee is a distant cousin of her. She lost her parents when she was young, and has been spending Christmas with Sylvanna for a while. While the reason isn't known, she had to get up early every morning, most likely due to her duties as a lord. She almost said this out loud, but said she had to do laundry instead.


Despite her parents having considerably darker complexions (her mother being tanned and her father having olive skin), Alina has naturally fair skin, with short black hair and dark brown eyes. She wears a purple ribbon in her hair and appears in a dress with a magenta and white torso and a dark blue skirt with black shoes.

In the future, she has auburn hair, light brown eyes, and sports a reindeer Christmas sweater made by Aphmau.


Due to her young age, she is too innocent to understand the meaning behind her powers and her inevitable fate and doesn't seem to be scared of the fact of having Shad's power growing unstable in her from time to time until she finds out, when it does unleash. She does show some shock when Aphmau heard Lilith's scream when they were in the Yggdrasil forest.

In episode 12, she likes to be sneaky, as she snuck away from Lilith, Garroth and Liochant and then boarded Aphmau's ship before they departed. This trait seem to come from Aphmau according to Katelyn and Travis.

She is playful and believes that she can do anything if she just tries even more, causing much pain to Travis when she tries to 'heal' him at one point by slapping him.

As Renee she is very shy and cautious, especially when it comes to visiting an alternate universe, but is very sweet and polite to those who help her. She was especially sweet towards Aphmau and Aaron since they are counterparts to her actual parents.



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  • Alina is a female given name of Greek origin which means "Light". Other sources, however, attribute an Arabic or a Germanic origin. In both cases, it means "Noble". In the Germanic version seems to be related to Alicia in Spanish and Adele or Delia in English. The Germanic root subsists in the adjective edel, meaning "noble", or the substantive Adel, meaning "nobility, generosity".


  • About sixteen years before having a relationship with Alina's mother, her father, Aaron, was married to Lily, with a son, Jacob. Due to having the same father, Jacob is Alina's paternal half-brother (meaning that they share the same father but have different mothers), though he died about seventeen years before her birth.
  • Jason/Dom tweeted Alina's name as Aleena in Twitter and later corrected himself , stating, "Gotta put that note here before Jess kills me.". The spelling of her name and her voice actress (Jess and Jason's daughter Julia) have been confirmed by Aphmau herself here as well.
  • She is a descendant of two of the Divine Warriors, Irene and Shad. She is the holder of Shad's relic, which came to her before she was born, while Aphmau was pregnant.
  • It is shown that Alina's secret identity is Renee in MyStreet: Her Wish("One Last Time...").
  • When she saw MyStreet's version of Zane for the first time, she was in obvious fear, hinting that she knew how dangerous MCD's Zane was.
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A daughter. Our daughter. Bring her to me....

Shad - Season 3 Episode 2

Hehehe~ YUMMY! Hehe~

Alina - Season 3 Episode 3 "Our Daughter"

I was sneaky!

Alina - Season 3 Episode 12 "A Warm Welcome"

Feel better!

Alina - Season 3 Episode 15 "Shad and Irene"

I'd beat him up.

Alina - Season 3 Episode 19 "I Have To Know"