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Alone in the Woods
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"Choose Your Destiny!"

"A Bunny Princess"

Alone in the Woods | Meteora Valley Ep.4 [Minecraft Roleplay]



[man's scream echoes in the distance]

Phoenix: (sighs, to herself) Why do people have to be so difficult? In a situation like this, we should stick together, but... (sighs softly) Zero has no means of self-defense... and Leo has a revolver. Either one of them could be hurt by the-- No! I have to choose now before I lose them both. Z-Zero! Wait up!


Zero: Listen!

[man's scream echoes in the distance]

Zero: Hear that? He sounds so close. It's almost like he's right here.

Phoenix: (sighs) It sounds like it.

Zero: Darn it! That means I was wrong! Leo was right.

Phoenix: No. You were right.

[tinkling sound effect]

Phoenix: It's just... not what it seems.


[thunder rumbles, static noises]

[heavy rain & thunder sounds]

Man: Hello? Someone help me!

[creature growling]

Man: Huh? (screams)

[End of Flashback]

Phoenix: (gasps) No...

Zero: The screaming stopped.

Phoenix: I don't think that was Chester. But... I do think you were right in your choice of direction.

Zero: How do you know that?

[man screams in the distance]

Zero: And what was that?! Was it an imp spirit playing tricks on us?!

Phoenix: An... imp spirit?

Zero: You've never heard of them? Where are you from, exactly?

Phoenix: Uh, wait! Sorry. I got... caught up in my thoughts. You said imp spirit. Yeah, I know about those. (stammering) I-I, uh... I used to read about them, um, all the time with my friends.

Zero: What?

Phoenix: (chuckles nervously)

Zero: Somethin' ain't right about you.

Phoenix: (stammers) ...What are you doing?

Zero: I wanna see your face closer.

Phoenix: That... This is highly uncomfortable.

Zero: Something is off about you, and I can't put my finger on it.

[creature growling]

Zero: What was that?


[thunder rumbles, static noises]

[End of Flashback]

Phoenix: We need to get away from here.

Zero: Don't change the subject! I want to know where you're from! It's gotta be some backwash place for you to not know what Spirit Menders are.

Phoenix: Look, I-I just... don't care about them as much as you do. And why does this "where I'm from" suddenly matter to you now?

Zero: Because I'm very interested in the strange and paranormal. You are acting strange and you have something weird about you. I wasn't sure at first because we'd just met, but I am now.


Leo: (to himself) The screams stopped. That can mean one of two things. It could mean they found him, or... something stopped those screams. Looks like that girl decided to follow Zero. Rightfully so... He ain't got a weapon on him. And who knows where we're runnin' off to? (sighs) Confound it! I shoulda done something else for a vacation! We're on a wild goose chase for a mayor and that little girl... (sighs) Hope she's okay.

[grass rustling]

Leo: What was that?! ...A bunny?! Ugh, gosh. These little guys really are pests around here.

[creature growling]

Leo: Huh? What's that?! (screams)


[Leo's scream echoes in the distance]

Phoenix: (to Zero) I really don't feel like telling you any--


Phoenix: (gasps)

[Leo screaming, gunshots]

Phoenix: That's Leo!

Zero: This way! Come on!


Leo: (groaning)

Phoenix: Leo! Leo, what happened?! (exclaims)

Leo: (weakly) I-I-I was attacked... (coughs) I-It was a monster...

Phoenix: What?! No... No, it was an animal, right?

Leo: No! (coughing) I-It was a monster! I saw it!

Phoenix: (nervously) T-There was no way it could've been a monster. (to Zero) H-He must be out of it.

Zero: Of course he is! He was just attacked!

Phoenix: Leo... it's gonna be okay. We'll get you up and--

Leo: (shouts in pain) Gah!

Phoenix: I'm sorry!!

Zero: We need to get him medical help.

Phoenix: The village! I-It's too far away.

Zero: Yes. That's why we're taking him to the Spirit Menders tribe. It's much closer. Plus, they'll be able to help us.

Phoenix: All right. W-W-We should get him up.

Zero: Right.

Leo: (groaning in pain)


Phoenix: Leo... hold on. We're gonna get you help. (sighs) I can't believe you were attacked by an animal like this.

Leo: (weakly) I would've been able to fend him off with my revolver if it didn't catch me off guard. I was just taken aback. It was definitely no animal. (coughs) It was a monster.

Phoenix: Yes. It was a monster in the way it did this to you. But... it was definitely an animal you saw.

Leo: I know what I saw! Why are trying to make me change my story?!

Phoenix: ...I'm sorry. I-It's just... monsters--

Leo: --Have been gone for a thousand years, I know! You don't think it sounds crazy?!

Phoenix: C-Calm down. I meant no offense.

Leo: (coughs) I'm sorry. I'm just upset this happened.

Phoenix: I should've gone with you...

Leo: Now, missy, don't you dare go questioning yourself like that. We can't see the future. (coughs) Besides... there's no way you could predict a monster would be out here. Had I not fired my gun off, it would've ripped me to shreds. Monsters care not for humans.

Phoenix: That's...

Zero: Hey, leave him alone. He doesn't need any stress right now.

Phoenix: What do you mean? I-I'm not--

Zero: I heard him get upset. He needs to rest. Both mentally and physically.

Phoenix: You're right. I-I'm sorry...

Zero: It's fine. Now, I've got a job for you.

Phoenix: Me?

Zero: Yes. You're gonna go inside and you're gonna see if you can request the aid of the Spirit Mender.

Phoenix: Me? Why me? Why don't you do it?

Zero: I'm sorry to say this, but... I'm a little more intimidating than you are.

Phoenix: What?!

Zero: You're a lady. And a cute one at that. I'm a gruff, smelly guy. They're less likely to hear a request from me than they are from you. Plus, none of us... ugh... are Spirit Menders. They... don't often listen to requests outside of their tribe.

Phoenix: ...I see. So we're playing the safe card here.

Zero: Unfortunately. In a perfect world, I'd stroll up to them myself. But Leo is in no condition for us to take that risk.

Leo: (coughing violently) Guys... I-I'm kinda dying over here.

Zero: (to Phe) You need to go in now. He's getting worse. We'll be waiting out here for you.

Phoenix: Mm-hmm. Right. (sighs, to herself) I'm not intimidating? If only he knew. Okay. W-What do I even say when I... ask them? "Uh, hello there, my friend is bleeding to death, can you help us out?" Ugh, now's not the time for that. (to a man) Excuse me! Is this the Spirit Mender village?

???: Hm? An outsider?

Phoenix: Um... I need help for my friend.

???: Your friend? ...I'm afraid you're going to have to speak with the chief of the tribe... However that might not be so easy to do, the chief has been distressed since our little Luma vanished... she was... so little... How could we have been so stupid to let her go out into the world alone!?

Phoenix: Huh? Y-You seem upset about all this...

???: Luma is the littlest of our tribe and the purest too... She was sent on her first trail to soothe a spirit and Wait, why am I telling this to you? My apologies. The chief lives right over there... Tell her Takota sent you, she'll know you are friendly then.

Phoenix: Oh. W-Wow. Thank you, so much!

???: No problem at all. I know what it's like... trust me, strange things have been happening lately and I uh... Hm... *He looks closer at you*

Phoenix: Huh? I-Is there a problem?

???: Something about you... It kind of reminds me of something... going on lately. Either that or my taste in women has changed. Either way, carry on. (Why can't I put my finger on it...?)

Phoenix: (chuckles nervously, sighs, to herself) Well... that was close. Now to find this chief. Uh... that looks official enough. I have to keep in mind the chief is distraught over a child. But I know the girl is safe! She's in the village. Um... (clears throat) Um, e-excuse me...

Chief: ... An intruder!? How dare you enter the house of the Chief of the Garnet Tribe without permission!

Phoenix: Uhh... Takota sent me!

Chief: ...Takota? Grrr.... That boy, he should know better than to trust anyone that comes into this village. I swear, he tries to be nice to everyone. But he's still in his young adult years... he's got a lot to learn... Now then, excuse my rant. If Takota sent you in then you must have a friendly aura about you. I can usually trust his judgement. What can I do for you?

Phoenix: I... I have a friend who needs medical help. He was attacked by an animal in the forest, and he's gravely injured.

Chief: ...I'm afraid there is nothing we can do for you here. You will have to take your friend elsewhere. We have our own issues we have to deal with here.

Phoenix: ...You would let him die?

Chief: Unfortunately we do not have the resources to give you. For you see... our daughter, Luma went missing a day ago. She was only supposed to be out for a few hours but she went past that... which means something terrible happened to her... since then we've had our people out and looking for her everywhere, but no sign of her at all.... My husband and I are here awaiting news from the search parties.

Phoenix: Wait. Luma. Um... does she have a beautiful, cropped beige outfit on?


Phoenix: U-Um... (sighs softly) Yes. I found her in the forest, unconscious. She's perfectly fine. She's in the care of Ava of Meteora Village.

Chief: Oh! Praise the Sun! Thank you! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now we can call everyone back and swiftly head to Meteora Village to get her... I... wait, how do I know this isn't some kind of ruse?

Phoenix: What?! Why would I trick you?

Chief: The heart of a mother is easily swayed to believe anything as long as their child comes home safe. Unfortunately for me my entire village is my child as well, I have to think of their well being and not rush everyone out to Meteora Village on a lead. So... here is what we will do. We shall house your friend here and care for him. We do not have the appropriate medicine but it should do. Until you can prove what you say is true by bringing Luma back then he will be our prisoner. Not an actual prisoner of course, we will treat him as our guest... but he will be collateral for the exchange of my daughter. Do we have a deal?

Phoenix: (to herself) I have no other choice. I mean... (sighs softly, to Chief) Deal.

Chief: Perfect. Takota! Take him to the hut! ..I hope your word is true.

Phoenix: It is. I... promise. Um... O-Oh.

Chief's Husband: I hope you have our daughter... Me and my warriors have been searching for hours... it will be nice to call them back home.

Phoenix: I do have her.

Chief's Husband: Good... What the... your aura... it's odd. It's almost similar to the events going on in the woods as of late... Interesting.

Phoenix: Huh? What's that?

Chief's Husband: This? It's a com-pu-ter. We out here in the valley don't normally like to use modern tech-no-lo-gy, but... in the case of Luma missing... we are willing to forsake our comforts.

Phoenix: Okay. Right. Um... I see. Ah! That's right! Leo! Leo, please be okay!



Phoenix: Leo, hold on... You'll be okay.

Leo: (weakly) I got a warm bed... I'll be more than fine. (chuckles, coughing violently)

Zero: This isn't good. We need to find him a doctor.

Takota: Well, good luck with that. We don't have any doctors here in the Spirit Mender tribe. At least not for the wounds he has. Our only doctor went to the city to live a "modern life". You'd have to go to the Amethyst Tribe to find a doctor for him.

Phoenix: Then... that's what we'll do!

Takota: And what about little Luma? Chief won't let your friend go without her.

Zero: We won't have a friend to release if we don't have him treated.

Takota: But who knows what the chief will do? Sometimes I can't even predict her actions when it comes to her children.


Jess: (V.O.) Now it's your time to decide where the story goes. Should Phe choose to go get Luma, the lost child, or should she seek help for Leo and his injuries? Using the poll, vote for which path she will take. In the previous episode, had Phe chosen to go with Leo, Zero would've been attacked and ended up losing his arm in the process. So be sure to consider everything and chose wisely. Know that every decision matters in this story. Good luck.