For the eponymous character, see Ein (MyStreet).
Season 2, Episode 28
Post Date May 24, 2017
Duration 23:36
Written By Jess
Produced By Jason
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"He's Not My Boyfriend!"

"Alpha" is the 28th episode of the second season of Phoenix Drop High and the 58th episode overall. It premiered on May 24, 2017.

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While looking for Jax and Ryder, Aphmau notices Blaze fighting another werewolf, saying he's trying to restore order with violence since the werewolves no longer listen to reason. Aphmau later stumbles upon Dottie and Rylan, who are trying to get Daniel fit to face Ein. Aphmau asked for Dottie's help for finding her phone. Jax and Ryder's scent leads them to Ein. When being confronted by Aphmau about him having her phone, Ein lies and allows her search his locker. After emptying his pockets, Aphmau still doesn't believe him and challenges him to the werewolf games. If Aphmau won, Ein will have to relieve his title as alpha. If Ein won, Aphmau will have to be his girlfriend for real.

While outside, Ein's pawns ask what he plans to do about Aphmau. Planning to be unfair and dirty, Ein reminds them that he still has her phone. Daniel overheard what he said and challenges Ein for position as alpha. Ein denies the challenge and order his pawns to teach Daniel a lesson. Blaze suddenly drops in and tells Daniel to run, stopping two werewolves that Ein ordered to go after Daniel. Blaze informed Ein that he is taking his positon as alpha too far and that the previous alpha male would never let such chaos spread. He challenges Ein to a fight, but Ein plays dirty and orders five werewolves to gang up on him. With Blaze outmanned, Ein, being the coward he is, flees from the scene, not willing to risk his title as Alpha.

After Ein was a good distance away, he noticed Aaron leaving a text messasge on Aphmau's phone. Wanting to keep Aphmau as a prize for himself, he pretends to be Aphmau and tells Aaron that "she" finds him annoying. With Aaron suspicious, he decides to call Aphmau's phone. Laughing as if it were a joke, Ein ignores the call and tells him that "she" just got into trouble and tells Aaron to never call "her" again. Aaron's eyes turn red and he starts to cry. Ein then plans to eliminate any other of Aphmau's friend in order to make her more dependent on him.

After school, Blaze wakes up after being defeated by Ein's pawns. Realizing he needs help, he calls Aaron. Aaron apologizes, saying he can't do anything. He then asks Blaze if Aphmau is ok, saying she rejected him hours earlier. Blaze states that it's impossible since Ein took her phone. Aaron gets enraged, now knowing Ein only sees Aphmau as a prize, not even considering her as a friend. With this Aaron tells Blaze that he will be there by morning and sneaks out of his college dorm.

Characters Edit

  • Aphmau
  • Ein
  • Daniel
  • Dottie
  • Rylan
  • Blaze
  • Jax
  • Ryder
  • Aaron
  • ect

Trivia Edit

  • Ein finally reveals to the school that he indeed spread a false rumor that he and Aphmau were dating.
  • It is revealed that Ein doesn't see Aphmau as his girlfriend or even his friend, only seeing Aphmau as a prize for being alpha that he can toy with and bully. Refusing to admit him having her phone and instead messing with her social life.
  • Ein also reveals his cowardly nature, refusing to accept one-on-one fights and instead ordering other werewolves to outnumber his challenger, even if it is someone he can easily defeat himself.
  • The reason why Ein wants revenge on Aaron in MyStreet Emerald Secret starts coming into play.
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