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"He's Not My Boyfriend!"


(Episode starts with showing Aphmau arrive at school. She overhears two werewolves talking)

Werewolf Guy: Hey, there's a fight going on in the art room.

Werewolf Girl: Aw yeah! Let's go!

Aphmau: Ugh, not again!

(Scene changes to Aphmau arriving in the art room. Blaze is fighting another werewolf)

Werewolf Guy #2: Now that he's out the way, let's finish this.

Blaze: Come at me!

Aphmau: Huh?! Blaze!

(Punching and fighting happening)

Blaze: (Panting)

Aphmau: Blaze! What was that about?!

Blaze: Just trying to help out and manage the fights.

Aphmau: B-But, Blaze! We shouldn't fight with our fists!

Blaze: Alpha, look. I know you're human, and I'm cool with that. But you don't understand. All The werewolves are unruly right now, and won't listen to reason. Humans have a different way of doing things. And we do too.

Aphmau: I understand that, Blaze. But everyone that isn't a werewolf is getting caught in the crossfire!

Blaze: I know, and I'm sorry. But this is how it has to be for me to help. Now, stand back. I'm going to see if there's anyone else I can deal with. (He leaves)

Aphmau: Blaze! Ugh, I get it. Werewolves are different. But still, when it was just me as the alpha, at least I could talk everyone into listening to each other. (sighs) At least Blaze is on my side. But still, he can't keep doing that! He's going to get hurt. (sighs again) It doesn't matter. I need to keep up with the werewolves. Plus, I need to find my phone. Which means finding Jax and Ryder, and maybe even Ein. Ugh!

(Montage starts of her walking down the hallway. She tries to end a fight between werewolves by throwing a ball to one of them, but they tear off a drinking fountain instead, which floods the hallway. Then, she looks around a tree and knocks on it, asking the werewolves in it to come down. It turns out that they aren't Jax or Ryder, so she walks off, and the werewolves go back into the tree. Then, she tries to set a trap with a hot dog, but catches Jeff instead of Jax or Ryder. The montage ends with her walking through the hallway, then pausing)

Aphmau: (panting) No sign of Jax or Ryder. Ugh, they're not anywhere! Not even Ein! Ugh! I'm seriously going to lose it if I don't get my phone back! Not only will my mom kill me, I haven't updated my twitter in ages! Everyone probably thinks I'm dead! Ugh!

Werewolf Girl 1: Ugh, just, like, leave me alone!

Werewolf Girl 2: Ugh, you ate my homework, just admit it!

Aphmau: Hey! You two stop it! Right now!

Werewolf Girl 1: Make us, Alpha!

Werewolf Girl 2: Yeah, rumor has it, you're a human. And we don't listen to humans.

Aphmau: Stop and leave, or I'll call the principal!

Werewolf Girl 1: Oh! Why you—

Werewolf Girl 2: Fine, we'll settle this later. (They walk off)

Aphmau: (sighs) Why does everyone care if I'm a human all of the sudden? I thought they loved me for me. Oh.

Dottie: (from off screen) Come on Daniel, move those buns!

Daniel: I'm trying, Dottie. I'm trying.

Rylan: Keep going, Daniel. You got this!

Aphmau: Huh? That sounds like— (She walks off to the gym, where Daniel, Rylan, and Dottie are. There are two piles of boxes, and Daniel is running back and forth between them, panting and grunting)

Rylan: (looking at a clock) Just 15 seconds to go.

Dottie: You can do it, Daniel!

Rylan: And... done!

Daniel: Gotta... go... fast... (he reaches where Dottie and Rylan are standing, and lays down on the floor) Whew.

Aphmau: Dottie? Rylan? Daniel? What are you guys doing here?

Dottie: We're getting Daniel to move his buns!

Rylan: Yeah! He's getting in shape.

Aphmau: So... he's moving boxes?

Dottie: Uh, pft, no! He's moving buns!

Aphmau: Like, his butt?

Rylan: Haha, she said butt!

Rylan and Dottie: Hahaha!

Aphmau: Guys, seriously. Be mature. Geez.

Daniel: Haha, no Alpha. I'm moving these buns from one box to another. I'm doing it really fast to build up my endurance. Plus, when I finish a workout, I get to eat one. (He takes out a bun and eats it)

Aphmau: Daniel! Where did you get those buns?!

Dottie: From the cafeteria! It's right next to the gym, so it was a great idea!

Aphmau: First off, Daniel, you can't work out and eat. You aren't going to get swole that way!

Daniel: It's okay, Alpha. I'm not eating too much. See? These buns don't even have a weenie inside!

Aphmau: Heheheha! You said weenie! Hehehehe! (clears throat) I- I mean, guys. Did you ask permission for these boxes or did you just take them?

Trio: We... just took them.

Aphmau: (sighs) I thought so. Honestly, I understand you guys had good intentions, but you can't just take things without asking. Not only that, but you know that the school is really upset with the behavior of all of the werewolves lately. Doing this might make the principal look at us worse.

Trio: We're sorry.

Dottie: We'll put to buns back right were we found them, promise!

Aphmau: Thank you guys. Now, why exactly are you trying to get in shape, Daniel?

Daniel: W-well, because, I'm going to challenge Ein, and take the position of alpha.

Aphmau: (With a very shocked expression) You wha?!

Dottie: Yeah! We're training Daniel because he's going to challenge Ein and dethrone him as alpha!

Rylan: Yeah. Daniel can do it!

Daniel: Yeah! I'm going to give him a hug, and when I do, he'll let his guard down, and when he does, I'll suplex him and destroy him!

Aphmau: Oh, sweet baby honey child, no!

Daniel: Yeah! And if that doesn't work, I'll give him a dandelion, and when he looks at it, I'll blow it in his face, and then suplex him!

Aphmau: Daniel no! Daniel, please. Promise me you won't fight Ein. I believe in you, but Ein might play dirty.

Daniel: B-but,

Aphmau: (with large, starry eyes, magic-y music plays for her line) Please, Daniel?

Daniel: Mm, okay, I promise.

Rylan: We'll go clean up the buns. Come on, guys!

Aphmau: Thank you guys. Oh, one thing. I wanted to ask you if you've seen my phone be chance. Jax and Ryder took it, and I feel one of them have it.

Rylan: Nopes!

Dottie: Nope.

Daniel: Nuh uh.

Aphmau: I see.

Dottie: Maybe Ein has it. He hangs around them a lot.

Aphmau: He said he doesn't, but I don't know if I can trust him.

Rylan: We'll keep an eye out for it, Alpha. Don't worry.

Daniel: Yeah! We'll help find it!

Aphmau: Just, don't get into trouble, guys. Okay?

Trio: We won't! (They leave, walking past Aphmau on their way out)

Aphmau: (when Dottie walks past her) Hey, Dottie?

Dottie: (stopping and turning towards Aphmau) Yeah?

Aphmau: I was wondering, do you think you can help me out today?

Dottie: Huh?

Aphmau: (crying a bit) I need help looking for my phone, and some of the werewolves aren't listening to me because I'm... not a werewolf.

Dottie: Alpha! Are you crying?

Aphmau: (sniffles) No, no. I just... need help doing my rounds today, to make sure everyone's okay. It's my job as alpha, after all!

Dottie: Alpha, mm hmm! Alright, I can help you.

Aphmau: Thank you.

Dottie: So, where do we go?

Aphmau: First, let's make sure that there's no fighting. Blaze has been helping out, but I want to try to help in... a different way. My way. Then, once we've helped out enough werewolves, I need help finding my phone.

Dottie: Mm, alright. Let's go. I can absolutely help you, Alpha! My snooter is A number 1!

Aphmau: Really?

Dottie: Well, I mean, it's not the best, but it is a snooter! Hehehe!

Aphmau: Hehe! Alright, let's go.

(The camera shows Dottie snooting (yes, that's definitely a word) around, and Aphmau follows her. Dottie stops at one place in the hallway)

Aphmau: Dottie, what's wrong?

Dottie: Mm, E-Ein.

(The camera shows Ein getting something from his locker, not too far from where Aphmau and Dottie are)

Aphmau: Does Ein have my phone?

Dottie: I- I don't know. But Jax and Ryder's scent is strong here. Maybe they were here before, but, I- I don't want to go up to Ein, so...

Aphmau: Don't worry, Dottie. Let me talk to him. You stay here. (She leaves to go over to Ein)

Blaze: (walking over to Dottie) What's going on?

Dottie: Aphmau isn't happy with Ein.

Aphmau: Ein!

Ein: (turning around) Aha, so there's my girlfriend.

Aphmau: Stop. Calling me that! Now give it back.

Ein: Give what back?

Aphmau: My phone. I know you have it. Jax and Ryder took it from me, and I know they hang out with you.

Ein: I don't have your phone. Jax and Ryder did have a phone, but I didn't ask them about that.

Aphmau: How can you let them get away with doing things like that?! You're the alpha. Set an example!

Ein: Haha. I am.

Aphmau: Well you're not setting a good one! The alpha male from last year would have never let behavior like this go past him!

Ein: Ugh, shut up and don't tell me how to be alpha!

Aphmau: Then give me back my phone, and I'll think about forgiving you.

Ein: I said, I don't have it. You can search through my locker if you want.

(Aphmau goes over to Ein's locker and looks through it, but doesn't find anything)

Aphmau: Empty your pockets.

(Ein takes out a chocolate bar and a piece of gum from his pockets. By now, everyone in the hallways are looking at them)

Ein: See? Nothing.

Aphmau: Ugh. I swear, if I find out you're behind this...

Ein: What are you going to do? You wouldn't hurt your boyfriend, would you?

Aphmau: You. Are not. My boyfriend!

Ein: But, we are so cute together! (Not according to the shipping master (Kawaii~Chan)

Aphmau: Ein, I'm serious! Stop it!

Ein: And I'm serious. What are you going to do if I don't?

Aphmau: I challenge you, Ein!

Ein: Huh?

Aphmau: I challenge you to the werewolf games. Just like the ones we were going to have before you became alpha.

Ein: I'm afraid I don't understand.

Aphmau: It's simple. If I win, You will dethrone yourself as alpha.

Ein: You can't challenge me. You're the alpha female. You can't challenge the alpha male.

Aphmau: I. Just. Did. I challenge you, Ein!

(Ein looks around. There are several werewolves, as well as humans and meifwa watching, hearing the challenge. Then, he looks back at Aphmau)

Ein: Fine, but, if I win, you have to actually become my girlfriend.

Aphmau: If it gets you away from my pups, I will take that risk.

Ein: Tch. Fine. (Aphmau leaves) Good luck setting up that obstacle course. Heh, she'll need a few days to set that up.

(As Aphmau walks off, she passes Dottie and Blaze, who were watching the whole time, of course)

Blaze: Aphmau?

Dottie: A-Aphmau? You- you challenged him!

Aphmau: I did. And I'm going to need help setting up that obstacle course. The werewolf games are back on.

Dottie: Aphmau, wait! (She runs off after Aphmau)

(Blaze watches them leave, then looks over at Ein, who finishes what he was doing at his locker and walks off. Angry, Blaze follows Ein)

(The camera changes to show Ein, talking to a group of other werewolves, two of which are Jax and Ryder)

Jax: Yo, Ein. Jeez, you look angry, bud.

Ryder: Yeah, who chewed you out?

Ein: Don't worry about it. Just an issue with Aphmau.

Jax: Hahaha. Can't get her in line, huh?

Ein: Shut up. By the way, I wanted to ask you guys, about the alpha last year.

Ryder: What about 'im?

Ein: He was alpha with Aphmau, first time that a freshman was ever names alpha. How did that happen, exactly?

Jax: Some kind of freak accident, I guess? I don't know. They were humans that had that class on accident.

Ein: Humans?

Jax: Yeah, I guess Aaron was just strong for a human, and took out Balto.

Ryder: Ugh, Aaron. Did not like that guy.

Ein: Why?

Ryder: He didn't let us get away with anything.

Jax: Yeah! Not like you, Ein. You let us do what ever. You are cool.

Ein: Heh. As I thought.

Ryder: What was the problem with Aphmau exactly?

Ein: I've got it resolved. Heheh. I have her phone. With this, it will make it easy to find out something about her.

Daniel: I knew it! (All the werewolves turn to look at Daniel, who is on the bleachers) I knew you had her phone.

Ein: Hahaha! What's an omega like you doing here?

Daniel: Well, I- I came... to, um, f-fight you, for alpha, and to get Aphmau's phone back.

(All the werewolves start laughing)

Jax: Hahaha! Ah, idiot.

Ein: You, challenge me?! You're not worth my time.

Daniel: Bu-but...

Ein: (turning to the other werewolves) Teach him a lesson, guys.

Jax: With pleasure. (He and Ryder head over to Daniel)

Daniel: (crouching and facing away) Ehh, don't hurt me!

Blaze: (walking over in front of Daniel) Back off.

Ein: Ugh, you.

Blaze: Seriously! What kind of alpha are you? You're letting the werewolves gang up on the omega?!

Daniel: Blaze—

Blaze: Daniel, run! Now! (Daniel runs off)

Ein: After him! (Jax and Ryder try to run to Daniel, but they have to run by Blaze on their way. Blaze punches Jax, knocking him to the floor. For whatever reason, Ryder doesn't try to attack)

Blaze: Don't you have any morals? Any sense of self worth?

Ein: More than you will ever have! You just showed me how much of a coward Daniel is! (Look who's talking)

Blaze: You're a coward! It's fine to roughhouse, but you're taking this too far, Ein. If you're going to fight, do it yourself!

Ein: I don't need to.

Blaze: Well now you have to. Because I'm going to take you on here and now!

Ein: Oh, you are, are you? Hm, fine. But, you'll have to get past these guys, first.

Ryder: (standing next to Jax, who just got up) Really, Alpha?

Jax: Hahaha, I've been waiting to put Blaze in his place.

Ein: Take him!

(All of the other werewolves go to attack Blaze) (Ein, you're really not doing a good job proving that you're not a coward here)

Blaze: Bring it!

(The screen watches Ein's face as Blaze and the other werewolves fight. Ein then walks off a bit and pulls out Aphmau's phone)

Ein: Hmm, now let's see... (Aaron texts Aphmau's phone) Huh? What's this?

Aaron: (as this message was sent, Aaron's smiling face pops up) "Hey Aph, sorry to text you during school, but you said you wanted to talk yesterday and didn't call, wanted to see how things were going!"

Ein: FC? Who's that? Hmm, I'd better play this right. (When he sends this text, the Ein emoji appears on the other side of the screen "Ah! Sorry! My phone got reset and I lost all my contacts, whose number is this?"

Aaron: "Hahah! I thought you memorized my number :P It's me Aaron!"

Ein: Aaron? Aaron... Aaron, ah, that's right! The name of the alpha from last year! Hm, let's see... Haha! Looks like they were really close based on their text history. Hmhmhm. If he's her support, then taking him out of her life will make it easier for her to depend on me. "Hey Aaron, sorry I didn't really want to talk to you."

Aaron: "Oh! That's perfectly fine! I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

Ein: "Why would I want you to check up on me? Geez you're so annoying."

Aaron: (his face changes to a frowning face) "Aph...? Are you okay...?"

Ein: "I'm perfectly fine. You're just bothering me right now."

Aaron: "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to..."

Ein: "How about this, just leave me alone. I'm in the middle of class and I don't appreciate you talking to me right now."

Aaron: "Aph... did I do something wrong...?"

Ein: "You did everything wrong. Please just leave me alone and go away." "I've found someone else." (Aaron calls Aph's phone) Haha! Now he's calling me? How pathetic. He really wants to know what he did. "Wow! Now calling me during class! I just got in trouble you idiot!"

Aaron: "I'm sorry! I'm just worried about you... I want to help you..."

Ein: "Then leave me alone if you want to help me." "Stop calling." "Get out of my life."

Aaron: (his emoji gets red eyes, which are wide open, and he's blushing) "Aph..."

Ein: (turning off the phone, and the emojis go away) Hahaha! There. Now to let it sit for awhile. Now, to find out who's her support here at school, and get rid of them, too.

(Scene changes to Aaron sitting on his bed, crying and with red eyes, and a slight blush) Aphmau... (He takes several shaky breaths)

(The screen fades, and comes up on Blaze laying on the ground by the bleachers in the afternoon. He's covered in scratches, and he's breathing heavily. He sits up)

Blaze: Ow, my head. How long have I been out? Hm. (He stands up) I can take one werewolf, even two, but five... A-Aphmau! (He takes out his phone and calls Aaron)

(The screen changes to Aaron, sitting on his bed, his eyes still red. He picks up)

Aaron: Aph?

Blaze: (The screen switches to Blaze when he talks, and back to Aaron when Aaron talks) No. Not her.

Aaron: Huh? Who is this?

Blaze: It's Blaze.

Aaron: Blaze? How did you get my number?

Blaze: A few werewolf pups I know.

Aaron: I see...

Blaze: I'm going to be honest with you, Aaron. Things here with the werewolves have gotten worse since Ein became alpha. He hasn't taken charge, or even made an effort to contain everyone's behavior! He's just letting the werewolves do what they want. At this rate, there's so much going on, I need help.

Aaron: Huh?

Blaze: You were the alpha last year. You knew how to keep order here! I need help. Getting these werewolves back in line!

Aaron: Heh, as fun as that sounds, I- I can't. I- I can't leave the campus. Is there anyone else you can rely on, anyone at all? I mean, what about the others that tried to become alpha?

Blaze: Heh, Raven and Evan? They're trying as well, but it's not enough, man. It's really rough.

Aaron: I'm sorry Blaze, but it's not possible for me to leave.

Blaze: That's fine. I just, I wanted to ask.

Aaron: No problem. You can call me if you need any advice. It's the least that I can do.

Blaze: Yeah. I know I can do this on my own. Thanks for talking to me.

Aaron: Yeah. By the way, uh, can I ask you something?

Blaze: Yeah, shoot.

Aaron: Is Aphmau okay? She seemed kinda off when I was messaging her today.

Blaze: You were messaging her? How? E-Ein took her phone!

Aaron: (angry) What?!

Blaze: Yeah. It's really messed up. I just hope she didn't have anything on there that was personal. Not only that, but Aphmau decided to challenge Ein herself to the werewolf games she made! If she loses, she becomes his girlfriend.

Aaron: He's trying to win her? Like some kind of prize?!

Blaze: It's really messed up here, dude. I'm sorry to bother you with this.

Aaron: Blaze.

Blaze: Yeah?

Aaron: I'll be there by tomorrow morning.

Blaze: Huh? You will?! But, you said—

Aaron: I know what I said. But I'll find a way.

(Hero music starts playing)

Blaze: Alright! Whoo!

(The screen shows Aaron get off his bed, put on his old uniform and red jacket, turn his eyes back to normal, pull up his hood so he's less noticeable, climb down a rope out of his balcony, and walk off. The screen shows the night sky and the creeper moon, before the outro screen comes up)