An Alpha Is Chosen
An alpha is chosen
Season 2, Episode 20
Post Date April 9, 2017
Duration 16:16
Written By Aphmau
Produced By Dom
Episode Guide
"An Omega Is Chosen"

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It's time for Aphmau to choose an Alpha.

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In this episode Aphmau will try to choose an Alpha male, but even after seeing the candidates run through the obstacle course made by Dottie, Daniel and Rylan, she was still not sure who to pick, Maria showed up to (try to) challenge Aphmau with little success, meanwhile Aaron (who came back into the school in the previous episode) asks to the werewolves what was going on and who was Ein, learning he has been really close to Aphmau for quite some time, he tells Mr. Gavin Ein would be the perfect candidate to choose for the Alpha male which he does.

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  • It was deleted and re-uploded 45 minutes later.

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