An Omega Is Chosen
An omega is chosen
Season 2, Episode 21
Post Date April 25, 2017
Duration 20:21
Written By Aphmau
Produced By Dom
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"An Alpha Is Chosen"
"A Change Of Heart"

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  • As of now, Daniel is the Omega.
    • However, Dottie and Rylan still continue to be his friend.
  • This episode reveals Ein's malicious intents.
    • This means that what the Werewolf Trio said in "Is This A Date?..." were true; Ein did intend to mark her and use her.
  • After a long absence, Katelyn, Garroth, Laurance, Teony, Travis, and Dante have made their reappearance.
    • In addition to that, the voice cast in the description is updated.
  • This episode's title is similar to the last episode's. The only difference is the use of Omega instead Alpha.
  • The thumbnail is a reference on the video game franchise, "Ace Attorney", where the main protagonist (Phoenix Wright) yells out the word "OBJECTION!" when against a prosecutor, and points out his finger in a similar style to the thumbnail when he is in court trying to defend his client.

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An Omega Is Chosen - Phoenix Drop High S2 -Ep

An Omega Is Chosen - Phoenix Drop High S2 -Ep.21- - Minecraft Roleplay

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