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Aphmau's Crush On Kai
PDH 2 8
Season 2, Episode 8
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March 8, 2017



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"Is This A Date?..."

"High School Love"

"Aphmau's Crush On Kai" is the 8th episode of the second season of MyStreet Phoenix Drop High and 38th overall. It premiered on March 8th, 2017.


"Aphmau is starting to get really close with Kai..."


The episode begins with Aphmau talking to her Woof plush when Aaron calls. Aaron asks why she has not responded to his text and then learns Aphmau has been trying to learn more about werewolf. Sylvanna calls for Aphmau that it is time for school so Aphmau hangs up and heads downstairs. Sylvanna realizes Aphmau is tired so she gives her coffee which she hates the taste.

Aphmau then walks to school with Katelyn and Kacey on the way they chat. They bring up Soccer, Schedules, and even Rivals. At school Ein keeps ignoring Aphmau and kids talk bad about him so she is determined to find the answers. At lunch she sits with Kai who notices then notepad and asks about it.

She says she just wants to learn about werewolves but worries he will find it weird. Kai says Aphmau has brought up weirder thing in the past which leads he to telling him about the sitouan. Kai says to learn more about werewolf so you can know them better, after lunch Aphmau looks for info in which she learns that the omega is the lowest ranking in a pack.



  • The episode was originally titled "Aphmau In Love?" but was changed for unknown reasons.
    • If the title stayed, it would have been the third video titled "Aphmau In Love". Following MyStreet and minigame videos.
    • Although a minor rename, the episode's title remained the same but received a heart emoji at the end, making it "Aphmau's Crush On Kai ❤️️".
  • The "research" on Aphmau's laptop is her YouTube channel.
  • Kasey and Vylad both made the soccer team.
  • According to Aphmau and Katelyn, many of the students of Phoenix Drop High has had their schedules changed.
  • This marks Fenrir's first speaking role.



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