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Aphmau's Love Confession
Aphmau's love confession
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"In a Locker"

"Kai's Crush"

(Episode starts by entering Aphmau's house through her bedroom window and showing Aphmau, pacing up and down her room holding a flower)

Aphmau: Tell him, don't tell him. Tell him, don't tell him. (petals fall to the floor as she says this)

Woof: What are you doing?

Aphmau: I'm trying to figure out if I should tell Kai how I feel about him or not, based on this flower.

Woof: Wait! You are killing an innocent flower for love?! (The flower's already dead from when Aphmau picked it)

Aphmau: What? No I'm not.

Woof: (in a different voice, to sound like the flower I guess) Help me, I'm dying! (back to their normal Woof voice) Ah! Quick, give it CPR!

Aphmau: How do I give it CPR?! (She looks at the flower, which now has no petals and a dead face)

Woof: Put your mouth on it!

Aphmau: But I—

Woof: (in the flower voice) Tell my wife and kids I love them. (in normal voice) He's. Got. A. Family. Woman! Give him CPR!

Aphmau: (takes a deep breath, then starts coughing) Oh my Irene! I- I accidentally ate him! (continues to cough)(me: AHAHAHAHHAHAH IM DYING HOW DOSE SHE ACCIDENTALLY EAT A FLOWER)

Woof: Oh! You're a monster! Kai will never love you! (How is Kai supposed to know about this?)

Aphmau: (crying loudly) No!!!!!

Woof: Hehehehe! Ah, calm down. It was just a flower. It was already dead when you plucked it.

Aphmau: You really know how to cheer a girl up, you know? (she keeps crying)

Woof: Yeah yeah, whatever. Now back to Kai!

Aphmau: He had a family!

Woof: Well, you can go eat them later, too. (isn't Woof the best?) Now snap out of it! What about Kai? Are you going to go tell him how you feel?

Aphmau: What?! Why should I?

Woof: So you can have an official boyfriend. Isn't that what you want?

Aphmau: Well, yeah.

Woof: So, go tell him!

Aphmau: N-no! He's— too cool for me. And handsome.

Woof: Look! You've been talking to him for like, what, four to five months of school! You know a lot about him. Now is the time to act!

Aphmau: But I can't! He probably won't even like me.

Woof: Does it matter?! You've been thinking about telling him. You should just go on and do it!

Aphmau: I can't!

Woof: Why not?!

Aphmau: Because! If he doesn't like me, then I'm just going to have my heart devoured into an oblivion. Just like I devoured the flower!(me: HAHA)

Woof: Fine! You know what? I tried to give you good, mature advice, but you don't listen to me! Go on, be a dumb teenager. See if I care!

Aphmau: Fine, I will!

Woof: Fine!

Aphmau: Fine!

Woof: Fine!

(Aphmau slams the door shut and leaves, and there are cricket noises as Woof is left alone)

Aphmau: (walks back in) I forgot my backpack!

Woof: That's what I thought.

Aphmau: Shut up! (She grabs her backpack and leaves)

Woof: Oh, that poor, dumb girl.

(The screen fades and comes up on PDH. Then, it shows the bathroom, where Aphmau and Katelyn talking by the sink, and Teony is on her phone)

Aphmau: (sighs)

Katelyn: So, who you crushing on?

Aphmau: W-What?! W-w-what are you talking about?!

Teony: (looking up from her phone) Hahaha! It's written all over your face!

Aphmau: No it's not!

Katelyn: Yes it is!

Aphmau: No it's not!

Teony: Yes it is!

Aphmau: I'm not!

Katelyn: You have that same look on your face as you did when you were thinking about Aaron.

Teony: Speaking of which, how is he going to take this?

Aphmau: Gah!

Katelyn: I don't think he's going to take it any way in particular. I mean, they did agree to wait 'til later.

Teony: Ah, right, I almost forgot! Smart move on you guys, by the way. That decision was very mature.

Aphmau: Aww.

Katelyn: Yeah. I couldn't do a long distance relationship myself. That'd kill me.

Teony: I concur. Frankly, I don't think Aphmau should think about being in a relationship. But if she's going to be, she should definitely make sure it's in high school.

Katelyn: Yeah, but thinking about it now, Aaron and Aphmau were really close. But if she's got a crush on some other guy... I just hope it isn't Garroth.

Teony: Are you and Garroth still fighting?

Katelyn: Yeah. At first it was friendly rivalry, but lately he's been acting weird since he got his new girlfriend. Speaking of girlfriend, how 'bout your crush, Teony? Are you ever going to even talk to us about that?

Teony: (blushing) W-What? I have no idea what you're talking about! A— haha— I, um, so! Do you think Aphmau's crush is a werewolf? I seriously think she has a thing for them!

Katelyn: Ah, right. Yeah, I think it might be. She's had a thing for werewolves for awhile. But, I don't know if it's werewolves as much as it's rugged guys. But, werewolves are pretty rugged, so...

Teony: And I think Aaron was in werewolf class too last year.

Katelyn: Oh yeah! Wait, was he a werewolf? I didn't know the guy that well, so, huh. Maybe Aph does have a thing for them.

Aphmau: (with an angry face) Ugh. I'm right here, you know.

Katelyn: Oh, sorry. We thought you were tuning out 'cuz you were drooling.

Teony: Probably over the guy you like.

Aphmau: (with a really triggered face, that is also drooling from before) I am not! Ah!

Katelyn: Ugh, just tell us! Who's the guy you're crushing on, Aphmau?!

Teony: Yeah, we won't say a thing.

Aphmau: I-I'm not crushing on—

(The toilet flushes in a bathroom stall and Kawaii~Chan walks out)

Kawaii~Chan: It's Kai~Kun.

Katelyn: Wha?

Teony: Who?!

Aphmau: (blushing a lot) Haha Kawaii~Chan! Where did you come from?!

Kawaii~Chan: The bathroom. I came in here earlier, but you were daydreaming about Kai~Kun that you probably didn't notice!

Aphmau: (in a high-pitched voice) Wh-Wh-What!? W-why would you think it's Kai~Kun?!(me: I think ima puke)

Katelyn: Did you just say "Kai~Kun"?

Aphmau: (in a high pitched voice) No!

Kawaii~Chan: Well, you drew him for your art project, you wrote about him for your creative writing essay that you asked me to read, and, also, you blush at his name!

Aphmau: (with a blushing, shocked face) No I don't!

Teony: Haha, oh, it's totally Kai. Is... he a werewolf?

Kawaii~Chan: Nope! He's a meifwa! He's really cute, too! A lot of girls like him, and he's super nice!

Aphmau: I-I-I gotta go! (she leaves)

Katelyn: Ah, young love.

Teony: Wait, Kawaii~Chan, didn't you ship Aphmau and Aaron? What do you think about her crushing on another guy?

Kawaii~Chan: Kawaii~Chan does think Aphmau and Aaron are so cute together and would be great together, but, if she really likes Kai, as her friend, all Kawaii~Chan can do is support her.

Teony: Kawaii~Chan...

Katelyn: Wow. That's really thoughtful of you, Kawaii~Chan. I'm proud of you for being a good friend.

Kawaii~Chan: (sobbing and sitting down before a bunch of papers on the ground) But at least Kawaii~Chan has her fanart! (she keeps crying)

Katelyn and Teony: Kawaii~Chan!

(screen fades to Aphmau, walking down the hallway)

Aphmau: (sitting down on a bench thing) A-huh-huh-huh! They knew? They knew about... Kai?! I mean, I guess it's pretty obvious I like him. I just can't control my feelings around him. I—

Kim: (from off camera) I-I know how you feel.

Aphmau: Huh?! Who are you?!

(the camera turns to show Kim sitting on another bench thing nearby Aphmau)

Kim: Oh, I'm... nobody important. (Yes you are! You are important, Kim, well In MYS4 at least) But, I'm in the same boat as you. You see, there's this guy I like a lot, but he's got a girlfriend.

Aphmau: Oh, I'm- I'm so sorry to hear that.

Kim: It's okay, it's my fault, really. I had so many chances to tell him how I felt, so many chances to get to know him as a person, but I was too scared and I lost him. I really wish I had said something sooner. Then maybe, I wouldn't feel this sad about it.

Aphmau: That sounds... horrible.

Kim: It really is. So, if you have a chance to tell the guy you like that you like him, then maybe you should take that chance, before it's too late.

Aphmau: (thinking) "Sh-she's right. I should tell him." I hope things get better for you soon. There's so many fish in the sea.

Kim: Thanks. I hope you— (Aphmau has already walked away) Huh? Did she run off? Maybe... it was my imagination. (very sad sigh) Oh...

(the screen changes to Aphmau, who ran off to another part of the hallway)

Aphmau: After hearing what that girl is going through, I think... I need to do this. This will be my first time I've made a big decision like this on my own. The first time I've... confessed to someone. I can do this. I can do this! I can tell him!

(The screen changes to Zane talking to some random guys)

Zane: Well, what is your answer then?

Random guy: I-I won't join the Shadow Knights.

Zane: They've had their eye on you for awhile. I want to make sure that if you aren't joining my gang, that you aren't joining theirs, either. Understood?

Random guy: Y-yes, Zane. I promise I won't. I don't want to get mixed up in that stuff. Not after what you did.

Zane: Good. Now, run along.

Random guy: Y-yes sir. (He walks off)

Zane: (sighs) Wasted potential. (Kacey starts walking through the hallway and Zane sees him) You there. Aren't you Katelyn's little brother?

Kacey: Uh, who, me? Uh, yes I am.

Zane: Interesting. By any chance, are you interested in joining a club?

Kacey: Y-you're asking me to join a club? Really? No one has approached me about such a thing. I'd love to hear more about it! What kind of club is it?

Zane: Oh, it's an after school club that I run. I call it, "The Jury". Hahahahahahaha!

Kacey: Wow, sounds like you're really excited about it.

Zane: (clears his throat) Um, sorry, I just thought of something really funny. Now, come. Walk with me. I'll tell you more about it. (they walk off)

(The screen changes to show Aphmau walking off to the locker room. She walks over to a changing room and sits down. She then pulls out her phone to text Kai)

Aphmau: "Hey Kai! You there?"

Kai: "Hey Aph! Yeah I'm here! What's up?"

Aphmau: "I wanted to see if I could talk to you after school today?"

Kai: "Is this about you not being at lunch today? 😏"

Aphmau: "Heh! Sort of... I just have something I want to tell you! 😋"

Kai: "Cool! I have something I want to tell you too! 😁 How about meeting at the bleachers after school?"

Aphmau: "Sounds perfect! See you then! ☺(smiling face with the small blush)" Kai has something he wants to tell me? What if he says...

(imaginary scenario starts)

Kai: (with sparkles and sun beams all over him) Aphmau, I'm glad you're here.

Aphmau: (with her eyes closed and blush on her cheeks) Oh, Kai!

Kai: I want to kiss you, and have hundreds of baby kittens with you.(me: 🤮🤮🤮)

Aphmau: Kai?

Kai: Here baby, I wanted to get you present, so I hunted this bird and made you a bouquet. (He holds up a bouquet where the top is a bird's nest and there is a dead bird inside)

Aphmau: Ew! But, awwww!

Kai: Nya~

(The scenario ends)

Aphmau: (blushing a lot) Hehehe! I bet it will go something like that. Oh, I can't wait to see him now! Hehehehe! (She leaves the room, now in her gym clothes. as she heads towards the gym, Ein, who was drinking some water, sees her)

Ein: Hm? Hey! Aphmau!

Aphmau: Ah! Hey, Ein!

Ein: You look like you're in a good mood. Did something happen?

Aphmau: Oh, no, just.... thinking about things.

Ein: Cool! So, are you ready for gym class?

Aphmau: I sure am! (just then, Aaron texts) Hm? Huh?

Aaron: "Hey, are you busy?"

Aphmau: What the— (thinking) "Right now?" (to Ein) Uh, one second. I gotta take this real quick. (She turns around so her back is to Ein and he can't see what she's doing)

Ein: But class!

Aphmau: "Aaron? Is everything okay? 😳"

Aaron: "Yeah! Just wanted to see how things were going! You never got back to me, heh! 😅"

Aphmau: "AHHH! Aaron! I'm sorry! Things are going good! I'm just in the middle of class, so sorry! It's hard to talk!"

Aaron: "Ugh, I'm sorry! I forget you are in High School 😣 My schedule has been off lately..."

Aphmau: " It's okay! Can we talk later then?"

Aaron: "Sure! Talk to ya later! ❤"(me:AWWWWW)

Aphmau: Heh, Aaron. I'm sorry to make you worry.

Ein: I-is that a friend of yours?

Aphmau: Yeah! Uh, yeah. He's a good friend of mine. Anyway, sorry about that. We gotta get to class!

Ein: Right. Um, hey Aphmau?

Aphmau: Yeah?

Ein: (blushing a bit) You... look lovely today.

Aphmau: Aww, thanks, Ein! (She opens the door and leaves)

Ein: Yes! I did it! I... managed to tell her. (He walks to the gym as well)(me:aww sorta still ship aarmau)

(The camera changes to show the front of PDH, where Katelyn is waiting for Kacey. Kacey is standing closer to the road, and Zane and some other guys who are probably supposed to be part of the Jury are walking by)

Katelyn: (seeing Kacey) Ah, there he is. (she watches as Zane walks over to Kacey and starts to talk to him) What the?

(The screen zooms in to where Kacey, Zane, and the other Jury members are)

Kacey: It was awesome talking with you, Zane!

Zane: You too, Kacey! I'm sure we're going to be great friends.

Kacey: You bet! (he walks off, and Zane waves. He walks over to Katelyn) Hey, Katelyn! I made a new friend today!

Katelyn: I can see that.

Kacey: Zane is Garroth's brother, and he's super nice!

Katelyn: Yeah, h-he sure is. Glad to hear it, Kacey!

Kacey: Heh, well I gotta get to soccer practice! See you guys later!

Katelyn: Good luck, Kacey! (Kacey walks off to his soccer practice, and Katelyn walks over to Zane) So, friends with Kacey, Zane? That's... new for you.

Zane: It is, isn't it. (he begins to walk off)

Katelyn: Hey Zane, I have a question. There's a rumor that you spray painted the cafeteria. Is that...

Zane: True? Ha, I would never do such a thing, Katelyn. Trust me. (He walks off, followed by his other Jury members)

Katelyn: Zane has been acting so weird since that rumor went around. I hope Kacey doesn't get involved in that. If it's true, I'd better keep an eye on him.

(The screen then changes to show Kai sitting on the bleachers, waiting for Aphmau. Then, Aphmau comes running over)

Aphmau: Kai! I'm here. So sorry I'm late!

Kai: Hey! No problem.

Aphmau: Phew! So, um, K-Kai, I wanted to tell you something.

Kai: Are we just going to jump into it? I thought we could have a tuna sandwich first, heheh.

Aphmau: This-this is important, Kai.

Kai: Oh?

Aphmau: Yeah.

Kai: You seem tense. Here, sit down. (Aphmau sits down next to him) Tell me what's on your mind.

Aphmau: (blushing) W-Well, Kai, There's, um, I have— I-I feel, uh, um, um,

Kai: Yes?

Aphmau: W-well, you see, there's this... guy, and- and I've liked him for awhile, and I don't— know— how— to tell him— how I feel, even though, he's... (Kai stands up and puts his hands on her shoulders)

Kai: Aph, you don't need to say any more.

Aphmau: I-I don't? (thinking) "Oh my gosh, does he like me, too?!"

Kai: I know how you feel. You see, I have a crush on this girl, too.

Aphmau: (in a high pitched voice) You- you do?!

Kai: Yeah. But, she's a junior, and I'm a senior. And I'm going to be graduating next year, so I'm not sure how it will work out, and— (The camera is slowly turning from Kai's face to Aphmau's and now we can see that her face has a shocked, freaking out face. Kai notices this) Aphmau?

(the music changes to sad music)

Aphmau: (thinking) "He's... already interested... in someone else?"

Kai: Aphmau?

Aphmau: (thinking) "I- I- I should have known.

Kai: Aphmau!

Aphmau: (with a crying, blushing face that continues for the rest of the dialogue) Huh? Oh um, sorry.

Kai: Are you okay?

Aphmau: Y-y-yeah. I'm... fine.

Kai: Okay, well, I want to ask you for advice on this kind of stuff. I'm not great at talking to girls, so...

Aphmau: Um, K-Kai... I just remembered something came up, so I- I need to go.

Kai: Huh? But, you just got here.

Aphmau: I'm sorry. (She looks at him again before running off across the field).

(The camera shows Kacey walking onto the field for soccer. He sees Aphmau run by)

Kacey: Huh? Aphmau? APHMAU!

(She doesn't stop or turn around, instead keeps running out to the front of the school)

(The camera turns up and shows the trees, then the outro screen comes up. The sad music continues to play during the outro)