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Aphmau's Mom to the Rescue
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"Aaron... I Miss You"

"Is It Over?"

Aphmau: (sobbing) Ohmahgah! He loves her so much! Even though he's dead! Why can't living people do that?!

Travis: Hey, Aph!

Aphmau: (screams)

Travis: Aph... What are you doing?

Aphmau: I'm... Being productive and not moping?

Travis: Katelyn sent me to check on you to make sure you were doing alright. Are you sure you're not moping?

Aphmau: Nope!

Travis: Are you watching depressing zombie movies again?

Aphmau: Me?! No!

Travis: Then what's that on the TV?

Aphmau: N-No! Y-You see, it's a zombie movie but it's not a depressing one this time.

Travis: (whispers) I'm telling Katelyn.

Aphmau: Travis, no!

Travis: (sing-song) I'm telling!

Aphmau: (yells) Travis, don't tell!

Travis: (sing-song) You can't stop me!

Aphmau: Travis!

Travis: (laughing obnoxiously)

Aphmau: Travis, you little tattletale!

Travis: (to himself) Oh, Irene, she's fast. She's fast.

Aphmau: (pants) Travis! Why are you--?!

Travis: Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Aphmau: You can't tell and be a snitch! (panting)

Travis: (panting) Gotta get to Katelyn. Gotta get to Katelyn. Gotta-- Katelyn!

Aphmau: Travis, you can't tell on me! Please!

Travis: Katelyn! (panting)

Aphmau: (incoherent speech) You can't!

Travis: (panting) Katelyn!

Katelyn: Travis?

Travis: (catching his breath) Katelyn! Aph... Has been doing... The thing again.

Aphmau: No, I haven't!

Katelyn: Ugh... Aph! Then what were you doing?

Aphmau: Watching TV!

Katelyn: What kind of TV?

Aphmau: A romantic story?!

Lucinda: Did it have zombies in it and were you eating cheesecake while watching?

Aphmau: (squeaks) Yes?

Katelyn: That's it! We are taking you out tonight!

Aphmau: Katelyn, I swear I'm not thinking about Aaron!

Katelyn: Jacket.

Aphmau: What do you mean?! I don't have his-- Oh, I have his jacket.

Lucinda: Aphmau, it's been two days since you sent that text. He hasn't responded. Maybe it's time you--

Katelyn: Uh-bu-bu-bu-bu! No explanations! We are going to take Aphmau out and she is going to have a good time on her own!

Aphmau: But I-- Ugh! Travis, you tattle-- Is that my cheesecake?

Travis: (muffled) Um... No?

Aphmau: Travis!

=MyStreet Lover's Lane=

♪ Wearing light shoes ♪

♪ Walking down the shore ♪

♪ Diving head first down to the ocean floor ♪

♪ Your dark brown eyes reflect fireflies ♪

♪ Slipping bright nights ♪

♪ Getting me high on life ♪

Melissa: Still looking for your phone?

Aaron: Yeah. I swore it was in my room, but I've looked everywhere.

Melissa: Maybe you should just get a new one. It wouldn't be too hard, you know.

Aaron: I can't! The phone had my SIM card in it and all of the picture of Aphmau were in there. I don't want to lose those. Plus, maybe she tried to reach out to me.

Melissa: Aaron... You're my brother and I care about you a lot, but at some point you have to realize that people get caught up in life. Again... Trust me, it happens.

Aaron: Yeah... I-- I just want to make sure she didn't call me. I'd feel terrible if she tried to reach out to me and she thought I didn't want to reach back.

Melissa: Again, you have nothing to worry about. I'm sure if she really wanted to reach out to you, she would have tried some other way. There's so many other ways she could.

Aaron: (sighs) You're right.

Melissa: Either way, if your phone means a lot to you, I'll help look.

Aaron: Thanks, Melissa.

Melissa: No problem. Oh, don't forget we have a meeting with the board of directors tonight!

Aaron: I won't forget. Are we gonna have dinner with Dad anytime soon?

Melissa: I'll check. I'm sure he just had something come up last time. Don't worry. (leaves) Mom? I wasn't aware you got in.

Rachel: I just wanted to sit and have a cup of coffee before I spoke with you and Aaron. It's been a long day.

Melissa: Tell me about it.

Rachel: What are you up to?

Melissa: I'm looking around for Aaron's phone.

Rachel: Aaron's phone?

Melissa: Yeah, he apparently misplaced it.

Rachel: Hmph! Easy. We'll just buy him a new one.

Melissa: If only it were that simple. Aaron has pictures of him and his girlfriend on there he wants to keep.

Rachel: His... Girlfriend?

Melissa: Yeah. We told you about his girlfriend at our dinner. Don't you remember?

Rachel: I thought it was someone he was with for a few days.

Melissa: He's apparently known her for a very long time.

Rachel: Oh...

Melissa: You haven't seen his phone anywhere, have you?

Rachel: No, I haven't.

Melissa: Alright, well, I'll keep looking. Either way, I'll see you tonight at the meeting, Mom! (leaves)

Rachel: (to herself) Right... That text must have been from his girlfriend. She might get concerned if she doesn't hear back from him soon. There! Blocked. Now, she'll have no reason to text him if she thinks he's ignoring her. I won't lose my son again.


[Dance music.]

Lucinda: Whoo! Isn't this fun? Dancing with your friends, having a good old girls' night!

Aphmau: (sighs, sadly)

Lucinda: Aph! What's the matter?

Katelyn: I told you, Lucinda! The club isn't her scene! We need to go to, like, a bookstore or something for her.

Lucinda: Oh, what? So she can pick out books to read about zombies? Or that trash novel "Midnight" she likes to read?! Nu-uh! No way! None of that! (sings) ♪ She's going to let the rhythm of the night sooth her soul! ♪

Katelyn: She needs to do things she wants to do!

Lucinda: She would be left at home if we let her do what she wanted to do!

Aphmau: I'm gonna go get a Poopsi... (leaves)

Katelyn: Oh, great! You made her feel bad!

Lucinda: I made her feel bad?! It's not my fault you didn't let me give you dancing lessons!

Katelyn: You, clod! I didn't want dancing lessons! I dance better than you!

Lucinda: We're supposed to be getting along!

Katelyn: I know we're supposed to be getting along! It's just so much fun to fight you!

Lucinda: Aww, that's sweet!

Katelyn: (angrily) You're welcome! Now... Back to coming up with a plan to help Aph.

Both: (in unison) Hmm...

Castor: (smooth voice) Oh-ho-ho-ho! Hello there! Might I buy you a drink?

Aphmau: No, thanks. I'm not--

Castor: (angrily) I wasn't talking to you! (smooth voice) I was talking to her. (leaves to go flirt with a chicken)

Aphmau: (to herself) How was he even talking to her? She's all the way down-- Ugh... Never mind. (groans)

Gene: (imitating Castor's smooth voice) Why, hello there! Can I buy you a Poopsi?

Aphmau: How do you know I like-- Huh? Gene?

Gene: (sarcastically) Whoops! For a moment there, you looked like a hot chicken.

Aphmau: (chuckles) You heard that guy, huh?

Gene: (chuckles) Yeah. Hey... I, uh, heard what happened between you and Aaron. I'm sorry.

Aphmau: For what? You didn't do anything.

Gene: No, I didn't... But I am your friend and-- I don't know. Maybe there was something I could have done.

Aphmau: It's alright.

Gene: (chuckles) Is this place even your scene?

Aphmau: (chuckles) Is it yours?

Gene: No, it's not. This place is just down the street from my house and, to be honest, this place makes cheap food quick. So I pop in every now and then when I don't feel like cooking. Hence why I'm not dressed right.

Aphmau: I see... (chuckles, sadly)

Gene: Hey, you look even more down than usual. Is everything okay?

Aphmau: I haven't told anyone, but Aaron blocked my phone number. (sadly) I-I think he's done with me.

Gene: What?!

Aphmau: (sadly) What am I going to do, Gene?

Gene: I'll tell you what we're going to do! We're going to get out of this place... And you're going to help me eat the hot wings I ordered!

Aphmau: (sniffles) What is that going to do?

Gene: Probably nothing. But I'd love to just have some time alone with you.

Aphmau: Maybe tomorrow, Gene? I think I just want to go home for now.

Gene: Can I walk you home then?

Aphmau: Sure.

Katelyn: Aphmau! Gene? What's going on?

Aphmau: I think I'm gonna go home, Katelyn. I appreciate what you guys are trying to do, but really... This isn't helping. I honestly think that I just want to be alone for a bit.

Lucinda: Aphmau, I--

Aphmau: It's okay. You guys can come check on me whenever you want, but right now... This isn't helping. (leaves)

Gene: I'll walk her home. (leaves)

Katelyn: Aph, I--

Lucinda: Katelyn, I think we've done as much as we can do for her. We'll check on her after she gets home. For now, let's let her do her thing.

Katelyn: Yeah... You're right.


Eric: (on the phone with Katelyn) Sugar pea... I don't know. Is it my place to tell her about--? Look, I ain't no tattletale! I-- Zombies? (sighs) I'll see what I can do. (hangs up) She's her mother. She deserves to know.

Sylvana: Deserves to know what?

Eric: Gah! Sylvana!

Sylvana: My mommy senses have been acting up for the past week! What's going on, Eric?

Eric: I, uh... I-I ain't snitching on anybody!

Sylvana: You are obviously talking about Aphmau. She's my daughter! Now, spill it!

Eric: Never!

Sylvana: I'll drop this strawberry puff right on the floor if you don't tell me about my miha!

Eric: You wouldn't!

Sylvana: Try me.

Eric: Alright, alright! I'll talk! Just don't drop my precious puff to the ground! I made that one with super love for you!

Sylvana: Talk.

Eric: Um, well, you see... Aphmau and Aaron, they, uh, done gone and--

Sylvana: Having a baby?! Ay dios mio! This can't be!

Eric: They broke up.

Sylvana: They broke up? For reals?

Eric: For reals.

Sylvana: T-This... I-Is... Amazing! (humming "Single Ladies" by Beyonce) Here we go! Alright, now... Time to put on a sad face. (sighs) Miha? I'm sorry to barge in, but I have the house key and I haven't heard from you in a while. And I wanted to make sure you were okay-- (gasps; bad acting) Miha! What happened here?!

Aphmau: (sniffles) Mom...

Sylvana: Yes?

Aphmau: (sadly) Aaron and I broke up.

Sylvana: (bad acting) Oh, no! How did this happen?!

Aphmau: (sadly) We had differences. (sniffles) It's funny because I thought we had a lot in common.

Sylvana: (bad acting) Oh, miha! Sometimes things just don't work out!

Aphmau: (sobs) But it turns out I'm a selfish jerk who can't think of anyone but herself! (crying) It's my fault! And all I'm doing is turning away people around me who care about me! I don't know what to do! (cries)

Sylvana: Miha...

Aphmau: (sobs) I loved him, Mom.

Sylvana: Miha, come here. Sometimes these things happen. I'm sorry it happened like this. Granted, I'm not entirely sure what happened, but... Can't you call him?

Aphmau: (sobs) He blocked my number.

Sylvana: I'm sure he just needs time. You're strong, miha. Just--

Aphmau: (sobs) I guess you got what you wanted, Mom. He's gone.

Sylvana: (sighs) How about I read you a bedtime story and make you some warm milk, hmm? You look like you could use some rest. Then we'll talk some more in the morning.

Aphmau: That's-- I would like that, Mom.


Sylvana: (growls) That little punk! How dare he make my daughter sad?! Sure, I don't like him, but-- (sighs) If he makes my miha happy...


[Phone rings.]

Zianna: (answers phone) What's the sitch, yo?

Sylvana: Zianna, girl... I need your help!

Zianna: Sylvana? Yo, you sound serious. Did something happen?

Sylvana: You know Aphmau's boyfriend, right? Aaron? I know your family and his are close. I hate to ask you for something like this, but you're the only one I can turn to and--

Zianna: Girl, we've been friends since our kids were babies. What you need?

Sylvana: Aaron and Aphmau broke up.

Zianna: Say what?! Uh, shouldn't you be--?

Sylvana: Happy? Honestly, I thought I would be. But seeing my baby like that made me realize... She's grown up. And I haven't been there to help her with relationships. Honestly, that was never my forte.

Zianna: So... What do you want to do?

Sylvana: (sighs) You and I are going to bring Aaron back home.