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  • Meif'wa (In Game)
  • Human (In Real Life)

Lavender Scimitar





  • Tan (real life)
  • dark(in game)
Hair Color
  • Dark Blue (In Game)
  • Black (In Real Life)
Eye Color
  • Purple (In Game)
  • Orange (In Real Life)
Professional Status

Adventurer's Guild

Personal Status


First Appearance

"Dreams of Estorra"

Voice Actor


Aphmau is the main protagonist of Dreams of EstorraShe wields a lavender scimitar, which is located on her hip. 

She first appeared in "Dreams of Estorra", chasing after Rune when she stole an item from an EVI.


Aphmau is one of the main characters in Estorra. Her class is Cavalier.

Early Estorra[]

She is first seen chasing Rune for stealing an item from an EVI that she needed for a quest.


In real life, it is revealed that Aphmau is living in an apartment where she had to pay a rent for the landlord and his wife in ep 11. They seem to be also taking care of her as the wife felt sorry for her being orphaned and learning how to take care of herself. It could be possible that Estorra is helping her talk to people more since she doesn't have a family to teach her.


Estorra Purple Character

Aphmau's concept art

In Game[]

She has raven hair, wears purple clothing and silver bracers. Her outfit is outlined in gold trimming. Her most notable trait is her feline-like ears and tail. She wields a curved lavender sword. The guard is maroon, the grip is gold and pummel is brown. Underneath her clothes, she has a swirly pink tattoo on the side of her right butt cheek.

In Real Life[]

In real life, Aphmau is a young woman with orange eyes and a lighter complexion. She has medium-length black hair which she hangs to the side. Her clothing consists of a blue and tan sweater and black shorts.


In Game[]

In game, Aphmau has a personality similar to her other identities from other series, although noticeably more cunning, mischievous and ill-tempered.

Aphmau played the game solo, finding parties and partnerships to be a hassle. This was shown greatly after the battle against the Wolf, which resulted in her sword bending and expressing to have joined the mission alone. 

Out of the three, she is the leader. Possessing some initiative, she lead the group during their first mission against the group albeit a failure. 

After learning about the secret of Estorra, she became curious on the history of game and the people in it. However, as a player, she is eager when ever she receives a quest.  

She seems to have an interest in ghosts, as she fonds over their appearances and meeting one in person. Upon finding the ghost, later revealed to be a sea bunny, she falls in love with it because of its cute appearance. 

Real Life[]

Although we haven't seen much of the real life Aphmau, she appears to be shy, quiet and introverted, a stark difference to her usual outgoing loud self in other series. She'd rather be alone than talking to people, unlike her other identities from other series and the mention of talking to people in real life, even her parents, scares her. In "Bunny Love", it is revealed that possibly due to her introverted personality, she (in game), told Rune that she couldn't remember the last time she was hugged when she was hugged by Pria, further showing proof on how she'd rather be away from people in real life. The reason she rather be away from talking to people except for the landlord that takes care of her is because she was an orphan and had to learn how to take care of herself.

In "NO BUTTS!", in game, Aphmau talked to herself about how she was never taught to have a home and no one made her feel important in society and wanted to be accepted and was happy to belong in Estorra, hence it may caused her introverted behavior and the two girls to gossip behind her in the second episode.

Because she is an orphan, she was never used to someone disciplining her in a way a parent would. Situations like this cause her to act childish.

Aphmau is also oblivious to certain kinds of common sense, an example is when she willfully agrees to take off her clothes and Rune and Asher stopped her from doing so. She seems to be unaware of the amount of embarrassment she'll feel if she stands in public naked and will even be annoyed and confused if people insist that she stops doing something that they think is stupid. This might also explains why she doesn't feel welcomed in society due to having no mentor teaching her common sense.

Powers and Abilities[]


Estorra Skin Teaser Purple Character

Aphmau is a brand new and inexperienced Estorra player. She currently wields a curved sword and a black wand. 

She is proficient at wielding her signature curve sword. Although she is an experienced battler, she had difficult time fighting off the low-leveled wild fiends. 

She also sports a wand that can fire a spell that has destructive properties. She (notably) is terrible at aiming with it so it's unknown how powerful the spell is against enemies. 

Cat Traits[]

As a meif'wa, she may retain some abilities of felines, such as great eyesight in the dark. 


In the first episode, Aphmau was seen as a person who dislikes running and has low stamina as she lost motivation chasing after Rune. 


  • The character's design is inspired by Jess' Final Fantasy XIV avatar, who is also a Miqo'te, or cat-girl.[1] Her avatar wears the Thavnairian Bustier set and Demon Sandals of Healing.[2]
  • She was the first character revealed through concept art, but her name was left unknown.  
  • In "Bad Idea", it was revealed that she is an orphan.  
  • Her weapon was showcased on social media by Will.[3][4]


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