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  • The Power Of Friendship! (a.k.a. Flower Crowns)
  • Tavari's Golden Dagger (Used Against Tavari)
  • Rock (Used Against Tavari)




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Personal Status


  • Mermaid King (Adoptive Father)
  • Katelyn (Adoptive Sister)
  • Biological Mother (Deceased)
  • Biological Father (Deceased)
  • Aaron (Love Interest)
  • Aphmau
  • Aphmau MyStreet
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"The Heart of The Sea"

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Not much is known about Aphmau, but it is known that her biological family died and she is the adoptive sister to Katelyn and the adoptive daughter to the king, which makes her a princess. She also tried to cross the barrier before and got shocked, which gave her a star shaped scar.

Years later, she stole a sea crystal from the trash, not knowing it was out of power and would not be able to get her through the barrier. She attempted getting through with Teony watching, but was shocked and thrown back. Katelyn then came up, offering Aphmau a charged sea crystal to let her sister see the outside. Aphmau went outside the barrier, but was then attacked by the giant shark Titanis, and ran away. She couldn't get away and swam away to hide. There, she found a boat, whom she thought was a whale, and tried to get it to help her. When Aaron and Garroth lost the Crystal Heart, they dived into the water to get it back. Aphmau thought Aaron was in danger, so she swam over to help him. Titanis came back, and Aaron started to pull her up. Aphmau let go of his hand. Aphmau kept following the "whale," asking it many questions and offering to make it a flower crown.. She became curious as to why it kept its head in the sky all the time, as she was taught that the sky was toxic. She decided to put her hand in the sky, and was shocked to see that it had a patch of purple scales on it. She started to freak out, but then she decided to put her attention on something else, like making more flower crowns. The sea buns around her told her that one of their kind was trapped, so she helped it. Because of this, she gets trapped in the net herself, and lifted into the sky by some bandits. Her skin erupted in scales, and was dropped into the sea again. The sea buns took her to their king, who then decided to eat her. The sea buns started tickling her, and she was then rescued by a merman named Tavari. Tavari took her to his grotto, telling her that he could help her heal her skin. He told her that she needed to get human hair, so she snatched Aaron off the dock, ripping off a chunk of his hair and wrapping a flower crown around his hand. She swam back to Tavari, giving him the hair. He told her it wasn't enough to heal her, and introduced him to his scholar crab Zane, who loved shiny things. He told her that he was going to use the hair to turn her human, so she could get more hair for the spell. He cast the spell, and Zane yelled at her to swim to the surface. She and Zane swam to the surface, and seeing that she was in pain, he explained that the spell would make her feel like she was dying for a while. Aaron then found her, and wrapped her in his jacket.

She later woke up in cave with Aaron. She was amazed by fire and said his coat was a "shell". She also thought Aaron was a sea bunny because he had a flower crown.


She has olive skin, raven-black hair, and amber eyes. She has a small star shaped scar on her right shoulder from attempting to go through the barrier without a sea crystal. She wears blue-purple shells on a band of the same color. Where her tail meets her waist, there is a band of purple darker than her tail. Her tail is a light purple. Her fluke is ombre, going from blue-green to orange. She has two smaller fins at her waist. These fins are ombre in the same way, and have small white circles at the top.

After she is lifted into the sky by a fishing net, her chest, back, and arms have patches of purple scales. Her ears became finny and purple.


Aphmau is a very adventurous mermaid. She is bored of living within the barrier, and wants to leave to see the outside ocean. She does not know a lot about the outside world, believing for a very long time that Aaron and Garroth's ship was a whale, and tried to speak with it. She is very curious about things she does not know. She is kind of obsessed with making flower crowns, wanting to make one for literally everyone she meets, including the boat, the sea bun king, and even Aaron (whom she had just ripped hair from).



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  • Aphmau may be inspired by Ariel, from The Little Mermaid.

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