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The Divine Warrior and Goddess Lady Irene, after suffering lifetimes upon lifetimes of so much conflict and watching her friends and lover die repeatedly, she had lost her emotions. Irene went to Hyria one day, saying, "I want to learn how to feel again." Irene sealed away all of her memories, sealed her powers in a relic, and went into slumber in the realm she created, the Irene dimension. Before she vanished, she instructed Hyria to take her staff and place it where people need her help when it starts glowing, and she will be woken from her slumber. Hundreds of years later, Hyria gave the staff to a new Shadow Knight boy, Vylad.[1]

Aphmau (MCD) is possibly implied to be one of the three pieces of Irene's broken soul alongside the later Aphmau (MS).[2]

Minecraft Diaries[]

The Rise of Phoenix Drop[]

Entering the world[]

Aphmau was spawned into the world via a staff held by Vylad, directed by the witch, Hyria.[1] Aphmau initially went into the world as a Minecraft lets-player, deciding to establish a life in Phoenix Drop as she became their new Lord. Over the period of the series, Aphmau gradually becomes fully immersed in the world around her. Aphmau befriends many villagers, including the head guard, Garroth and his apprentice, Zenix.

The world continues to change[]

Strange things begin to happen, such as her friend Visher getting assassinated while departing on a boat from Phoenix Drop.[3] Aphmau travels to Bright Port to tell Visher's now widowed wife and discovers on her way home that the Lord of Bright Port was kidnapped.[4] She discovers that it was Zenix who betrayed Brendan and shot Garroth, so she travels back to Bright Port to find the Lord of Phoenix Drop and rescue a werewolf pup.[5] She enters the Nether realm and battles her way to rescue the pup, then on her way out of the Nether, finds Zenix fleeing with a golden lasso.[6] Aphmau finally rescued Lord Burt and brought him to Garroth to heal him with a potion since Zenix had stole his powers.[7]





The Nether[]


Zane's schemes[]




War on Phoenix Drop[]

Aphmau pairs with Garroth to defend Phoenix Drop against raids of Scaleswind soldiers and black mages.[8] Once Nicole is found and abruptly stops the war, Aphmau enters Phoenix Drop into a peace alliance with Scaleswind and they join the Phoenix Alliance. She later discovered Laurance unconscious on the ground, and they begin a search party after Garroth since he took the amulet. Confronting Zane, they discover Garroth had betrayed them and joined the Jury of Nine, and Aphmau is devastated. Zane combined the amulets and summoned them all into the Irene Dimension.[9] Aphmau unintentionally absorbed the relic as she approached Zane. Zane and his Jury begin their attack, but Garroth comes to his senses and holds Zane off. Garroth confesses his love for Aphmau and parts ways with her, leaving Aphmau and her friends to be escorted out of the Irene dimension through a portal by an older Zoey.[9]

The War of the Magi[]

Aphmau returns to the overworld and realized that fifteen years had passed in the fifteen minutes she was in the Irene Dimension, Phoenix Drop is largely abandoned, and her adopted kids, Levin and Malachi had grown up without her.

Restoration of the Phoenix Alliance[]


New Meteli[]


The Nether reopens[]


Werewolf wedding[]

Aphmau, Katelyn, and Laurance arrive on Urla's island and meet Michi. She drugs the three and places a curse on them that turns them into meif'was. She then brings Aphmau and Katelyn to the South Eastern Wolf Tribe. Katelyn is imprisoned while Aphmau is forced by the king to marry Fenrir, who himself is being forced to marry or else his friend Abby will die. Meanwhile, Katelyn will die if Aphmau tries to avoid the wedding herself.

Laurance is eventually brought to the king by Michi for refusing to love her. She tells the king that he's in love with Aphmau and the king rewards Michi handsomely before ordering Laurance's execution, which is delayed until after the wedding thanks to Fenrir.

Despites the two's best efforts, Aphmau and Fenrir are eventually forced onto the altar on the day of the wedding. Being forced to watch, Laurance's jealousy causes him to turn into his Shadow Knight form. He kills the guards and forces the king to fall to his death. Aphmau manages to stop him from killing Fenrir as well and calms him. Despite this, Fenrir's anger for his father's death starts to corrupt his mind. Realizing this, Queen Ylva gives the dungeon keys to Aphmau and tells her and Laurance to free their friends and escape before Fenrir has them all executed.

After they escape and Fenrir is crowned king, he lets out a howl and has his werewolves begin their search for Aphmau, telling them that she was the Shadow Knight that killed his father and that she will either marry him or die.

Enki's island[]


Back home[]


The Realm Protector[]


After Minecraft Diaries[]

Aphmau and Emmalyn entered the Celestial Cannon to meet Holla, apologizing for causing so much trouble to him and his family. She promised to help Holla in his next time of need.

Shad had kidnapped Alina and brought her into the prototype room. Aphmau rushed to the bottom of the chamber while Emmalyn watched from the ledge containing the buttons. Shad threatened to kill Alina in the same way Irene killed his daughter.

In the end, Aphmau managed to save Alina, who would grow up to be a lord, but she still ended up losing everyone else she loved.

"I tried to save everyone I could... but at the end of the day they all perished. I was left alone... What world would I continue to live in? What world could I give? I tried my best... and maybe, that's all I could do."[10] "In the end, I found... I could be happy"[11]

She somehow ascended to the Irene Dimension and remained there until MyStreet.


Emerald Secret[]

Aphmau, residing in an otherworldly home that strongly resembles the house she and Aaron (MCD) shared, personally meets Aaron (MS) for the first time. Aaron (MS) had died when he fell from the cliff at Bunny Hill Lodge, but Aphmau chose to circumvent his death and return him to his world, but not after speaking to him.[12]

When Angels Fall[]

It's established that Aphmau had taken control over the Irene Dimension and had been watching over the events of MyStreet, creating a sort of fantasy for herself.

Aphmau confronted Aaron (MS) again to make him not give in to Michael's plan, even saying that he will no longer exist, and that countless people will die if Michael wins. With him still willing to die at the last minute, she gave her life to rescue him one last time. In the Irene Dimension, Aphmau's life began to fade, left crying as she couldn't comfort or save Aaron (MS) anymore until she passed away. This caused the realm to begin to fade, leaving Aaron (MS) to wander and get eaten away by the void.

In the afterlife, she once more met Shad and was ready to face judgment. However, she would not be judged by him. Entering the gates, Alina confronts her and tells her that she made a wish, and that Aphmau could use it to revive either herself or the other Aphmau (MS). After giving words of wisdom to the latter, Aphmau gave her Alina's wish, accepting that it was her time to rest. Aphmau (MS) then found and rescued Aaron (MS) using a realm breaker.[13]


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