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Princess Aphmau


Lord of Phoenix Drop (Formerly)





  • Diamond Sword (Former)
  • Demonic Sword (Former)
  • Mithril Sword (Former)






Hair Color


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Professional Status
  • Phoenix Drop
  • Phoenix Drop Alliance
Previous Occupation(s)

Lord of Phoenix Drop

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First Appearance

"New World"

Became "Aware"


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Hey guys! Jess here!

-Aphmau, most episodes in the beginning

Aphmau was the Lord of the village of Phoenix Drop in Season 1 of Minecraft Diaries.

Biography Edit

Aphmau, in the beginning, was a normal Minecraft player who has spawned into a newly generated world. Upon spawning she almost immediately finds a village. She has no other memories of her past, and that is addressed in . She is later made Lord of Phoenix Drop.

Appearance Edit

Aphmau has long, waist length black hair and dirty amber, almost light brown eyes.

Aphmau has many outfits in the series which changes from time to time.

  • Snow Suit
  • Amethyst's Dress
  • Cadenza's Gift
  • Aphmau's Original Everyday Skin
Casual: A purple crop top, light purple shorts, grey gloves and purple, black and white rubber. This was Jess' usual skin outside of Diaries, as there was no skin specifically for the series in the beginning.

Bridesmaid Dress: A purple version of Cadenza's dress made by Cadenza for Donna and Logan's wedding. It has a crisscross armlet, a purple bodice, white in the abdominal area and purple all the way down her legs and has a slit in the middle.

Disguise: Long, purple-ish hair that's in a braid in the back, a purple top with gold trimmings, a gold headband with a purple gem, gold bracelets, and a small purple skirt with gold trimmings. Aphmau got this makeover from Nicole in "Episode 66". The episode thumbnail and title jokingly refer to Aphmau as a princess in this outfit.

Snow Suit: A thick white and purple snow hoodie and pants that Dante gave Aphmau on the way to the Eastern Wolf Tribe in "Our Fears..."

Amethyst's Dress: An off-shoulder dress which is purple. It is a style like the Kingdoms and Battles era. It has crosses in the middle of the dark purple bodice. It is an ombre dress, from dark purple to a darker shade. in the middle is white cloth. It was made by Amethyst, the wife of the Pikoro Village Inn Keep.

Cadenza's Gift: A purple and black outfit with a quiver sash and a purple bow given to Aphmau by Cadenza in "Respect for Irene".

Personality Edit

In the beginning, Aphmau seems to be a more of a carefree happy-go-lucky type who is just trying to help out where or when she can, while still surviving on her own. When she was Lord of Phoenix Drop she was kind and honest to her villagers, and was adventurous and brave when she went on long journeys and trips to different places in her Minecraft world. She is also such a loving adoptive mother for Levin and Malachi while she was doing her duties as Lord. Aphmau, in the series, is very gentle and selfless and cares for everyone she meets. She is also humorous as when she cracks random jokes to the different characters in the series.



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  • According to an astrology website, the name Aphmau means "chronic warrior".
  • It can be debated whether or not parts of her carefree personality in the very beginning of Season 1 almost contradict her personality throughout the rest of the series. For example, in Season 2 when she's forced to be a thief in order the get Levin's music box back, she's reluctant to commit the crime because she believes it's wrong, but in the first episode of Season 1 she takes the town's crops to herself, 'claiming' the townsfolk wouldn't mind, even though Garroth and Zenix mentioned that the town was low on supplies i.e food. In a game-play point of view this is somewhat expected since Aphmau's exploring and surviving while playing around with the game's story, but in a lore point of view, she's stealing crops from a dying settlement even after being told that they were low on supplies.
    • Minecraft Diaries Season 1 was a Roleplay Survival, with more focus on the 'survival part'. It's like Aphmau playing a game that happen to have a story. The survival series incorparated mods including Minecraft Comes Alive, a mod that just happen to be a staple part of the series and the glitchier mod, with all other mods happening at once. The villagers function more like NPCs and less like actually characters. (There were even moments where, in conversations, she joking wanted to choose red responses because of how mess up they were, but instead chose green ones, saying she needs to be a good person, hinting she was trying to go a "Good Ending" route) By the time story, history, lore, conflicts, and personalities played a much larger role into the series, Aphmau become a benevolent person within the story, with remnants of her original personality still present, but not contradicting her character as a whole. She's now seeing her world as her home rather than just some game she's playing.


Hey guys! Jess here!

-Aphmau, most episodes in the beginning

Quite literally, or should I say, quite kitteraly! *laughter* No, I'm just kitten around.

-Aphmau, Season 1 Episode 26

I'm not here for bread, but I will take a... loaf of information.

-Aphmau, Season 1 Episode 31

You never know when you're going to need, what? 17 hoppers!

-Aphmau, Episode 62

WHAT?? Garroth your horse is a jerk!

-Aphmau, Episode 70
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