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Diaries Aphmau Angelic

  • Lord Aphmau
  • Lady Irene
  • Irene the Matron
Full Name
  • Aphmau
  • Irene

Little Saint (Demon Warlock) Apple (Kyle)


Lady Irene

  • Divine Goddess
  • Human (Formerly)
  • Mithril Sword (Former)
  • Cold Iron Sword (Former)
  • Diamond Sword (Former)
  • Aaron's Demon Broadsword (Current)
  • Frost Broadsword (Divine Warrior Form)



About 1000 years old





Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status
  • Phoenix Drop
  • Phoenix Drop Alliance
  • Divine Warriors

Leader of The Phoenix Alliance

Previous Occupation(s)

Lord of Phoenix Drop

Previous Partner
  • Shad
  • Aaron (Significant Other; Deceased) †
Personal Status




First Appearance

"Welcome to Phoenix Drop"

Became "Aware"

"Welcome to Phoenix Drop"

Voice Actor


There are so many things we cannot control in life. We cannot see the future, or change the past.

-Aphmau, Season 2 Episode 50

Aphmau is the protagonist of the series - in the finale of the season, it is revealed by the witch Hyria that Aphmau is actually Lady Irene (also known as 'Irene the Matron'), a member of the ancient Divine Warriors, who protected the land many centuries ago, and was resurrected into the world by Vylad. Aphmau's adopted son, Levin, and his biological father Malik, are revealed to be her indirect descendants, meaning they are descended from her other relatives, such as her cousins.

It is theorized that Aphmau has feelings for both Garroth and Laurance. In Episode 24 of Season 2, when told by Laurance to deny her love for him, she is not able to do it. In Episode 27 of Season 2, Garroth asked what was holding her back from giving Laurance a chance and she blushed. This signifies to him and herself that she has feelings for both. It is still yet to be decided when the war of ships will be won. The only one will come out on top.

In "She's Pregnant!?", she reveals to her friends that she bares a child, with Aaron being the father. She states that her relationship with Aaron was consummated sometime before Kenmur and Emmalyn's arrival to the island between the episodes of "To be a Lord" and "Scholars of Irene", when Aaron and Aphmau get lost in the forest and stops to rest for the night. In the finale of the season, it is revealed that Aaron was the direct descendant of Shad the Destroyer, also known as the Shadow Lord, meaning Aphmau's unborn child shares a bloodline with Shad and Irene (Aphmau). Hyria says this means that Aphmau's baby is "a child of good and evil", and because of this it is unknown what sort of destiny the child shall have. The baby is born during the time gap between "Season Two" and "Season Three", and is revealed in the third season to be a daughter named Alina.

Biography Edit

Aphmau and the others who accompanied her to Irene's dimension, Emmalyn, Kenmur, Katelyn, Laurance, and Aaron (the stranger) (aside from Garroth, who stayed behind to hold back Zane as they made their escape), were saved by Zoey, whom they didn't actually recognize as 15 years older and no longer immortal. Zoey then told them how they had been gone for 15 years (15 minutes in Irene's Dimension), and how everything changed after they went missing. It is unknown who she likes romantically - if anybody at all - but her two biggest potential suitors are Laurance and Garroth, both of whom are close friends of Aphmau, and as of recently the fandom has started to suspect Aaron as a love interest as well. Regardless, Aphmau has shown no signs of being romantically interested in anybody until (Episode 14, Season 2) when she said maybe she should give Laurance a chance and started thinking about how Garroth and Laurance have been there for her.

Aphmau was completely distraught of what Phoenix Drop has become for the past 15 years and refused to believe that this was a new reality she had to live in from that point onward. She quickly regained her cheerful self after being informed that some of the remaining residents of Phoenix Drop had been waiting for her return.

After knowing that Levin is now the recurring Lord of Phoenix Drop with Dante being the Head Guard, the only thing she has in mind was catching on with the events that happened after they went missing. Events such as Kawaii~Chan marrying Dante and having a child named Nekoette~Tan, Logan and Donna having four children in total, and Zoey's immortality being the ultimate sacrifice to bringing them back.

During the events of Season 2, Episode 4, "Dance of Swords", Aphmau unknowingly used a power that once belonged to Lady Irene in order to save Dante from a near-fatal arrow wound. She ended up passing out after doing so and when she woke up, Emmalyn and Zoey at her bedside were yelling at her on how she healed Dante. Emmalyn started a very, very long conversation with Aphmau about Lady Irene and figuring out how Aphmau healed Dante.

Aphmau then went on a journey to New Meteli with Cadenza and her comrades. It was a long trip which wore everyone out. When they arrived at New Meteli, the girls went to Cadenza's house, had a change of clothes and went to bed. Aphmau then had a dream of Garroth kissing her and him confessing his feelings to her. Aphmau then woke up and found Emmalyn searching for her after she went missing in the middle of the night and that people in New Meteli are looking for her. From this point onward, she began going into this dream of hers and notified Garroth about the things that changed over the past 15 years. Many theories of Aphmau being of Irene's line were made in season one, even at the first mention of Lady Irene.

Later, during Season 2, Episode 22, Aphmau is staying in Scaleswind. Nicole and Aphmau go to the gates to see a caravan requesting shelter, a woman crying and pleading for them to be let in by saying "Please, my son has just passed, I don't want to lose my other children as well!" while standing over a recently dead body of a small child. Aphmau walks over while Nicole is allowing the travelers to stay in Scaleswind, reaching out to say a prayer for the dead child, when a white point of light under her hand spreads out to glow around the child and the next moment the kid is sitting up again. Thusly, not only can Aphmau's newfound power heal wounds, but revive the dead.

In Season 2, Episode 29, Aphmau, Laurance, Katelyn and Aaron set sail to find a place to set up the Phoenix Alliance. Dmitri and Nekoette hide in the ship and come along. They run into a tornado on the sea and crash land on the island home of the Enki Warrior Tribe. They discover the reason the tornado appeared was due to a curse laid on the sea by the Demon Warlock. They go in search of the Demon Warlock as he is the only way off the island.

Later in Season 2, Episode 30, While searching for the Demon Warlock, Aphmau comes in contact with a man who attacks her thinking she is the Demon Warlock in disguise. She heals him when she notices he is injured as proof she is not him. He informs her that if she comes into contact with the Demon Warlock that he will steal her powers and add them to his own. He tells her the only way to get off the island is to kiss him due to having been kissed by a siren which gave him knowledge of the seas. She complies and discovers his name to be Travis. They are interrupted by Laurance who attacks Travis to defend Aphmau. Travis admits he lied but was only going to do it because he hadn't seen a girl his age in years. They head to Travis's hideout to talk more.

Later, during Season 2, Episode 46, Aphmau meets the witch Hyria. Aphmau says "That I don't believe that the protector of the forest is you.", We get a flashback from Hyria's mind. It depicts the living Lady Irene and Hyria in the Irene Dimension, thus giving us the first real look at the living Irene. Hyria then decides to let Aphmau inside her home.

During Season 2, Episode 48, while trying to save her sons and Zoey, Aphmau runs into the bandits who try to lock her up as she is grabbing keys to try to free them. She undergoes her angelic transformation for the second time and the bandits free her, Zoey and her sons Levin and Malachi, thinking that they are in the presence of the Divine Warrior, Lady Irene.

During Season 2, Episode 49, Aphmau and the others went back to Meteli. Zoey and he sons Levin and Malachi rest, but Aphmau couldn't sleep so she went outside. Then Travis saw her outside saying she should go back inside to sleep, but Aphmau told Travis she can in go into her dream to meet Garroth. It didn't happen for a while so she began to worry. Travis told Aphmau not to worry, so in the morning Aphmau and the others went back to Phoenix Drop. When they got there Donna told Aphmau to go find Emmalyn she had great news. So Aphmau found Emmalyn by the Irene's Statue. Emmalyn told Aphmau she and Kenmur are getting married, so Emmalyn asks Aphmau if she can be her maid of honor for the wedding and Aphmau said yes.

After the wedding, Aphmau travels to Pikoro with Laurance, Travis and Aaron to find Lucinda. It turns out that that Pikoro is surrounded by snowy mountains. In the middle of the snow, they find a small cottage. Isabell lives there with her husband. Isabell tells Aphmau about a white witch that saves people in the mountains. Aphmau goes out looking for the witch. She is attacked by werewolves and a witch in a white dress with orange hair saves her. The witch turns out to be Lucinda.

Lucinda and Aphmau are happy to see each other, but they don't start catching up as Lucinda heads towards the cottage. Isabell's husband turns out to be evil and tries to hurt her. Lucinda turns him into ice and they head to Pikoro. After Aphmau has met her apprentice, Hailey, it turns out that a mother and her child went missing. Aphmau helps Lucinda look for them. Aphmau finds the baby in a cave. Then she hears Lucinda scream. Lucinda and Aphmau had been trapped in ice blocks by Ivan, a man Lucinda fell in love with a while before Aphmau's return. He turned out to be a bad guy and turned the area around Pikoro into snow. After that he lost his physical form. He managed to regain it.

He tries to get the shadow souls to kill Aphmau and Lucinda, but they are killed by Travis, who suddenly shows up in his demon form. He asks Aphmau to lend him her power. Aphmau obeys and they manage to kill Ivan and to get rid of all the snow. Travis gets put in a cell as it's suspected that he tried to kill Aphmau. Later, he is set free because Aphmau explained what really happened.

Aphmau and her group then return to Phoenix Drop with Lucinda and Isabell. Soon, they set out on an adventure to find a place to build their village. They have trouble finding land, but eventually they find a small island with two mountains. When they go exploring they find a cave with Wyverns. One of those Wyverns turns out to be Raven, Garroth's old Wyvern. Raven says that he can feel that Garroth is still alive. After that he shows her a baby he found. He lets Aphmau keep the baby. Aaron helps take care of the baby as he raised a kid before. Aphmau wants to name the baby Lily after Aaron's deceased wife. Aaron corrects it to Lilith, saying that that was the name Lily would have preferred. He also adds the middle name Garnet, for Garroth.

The group finds an island to settle on, but it doesn't seem to be the safest place. When they first arrive they are found by The Demon Warlock's Specter form. He then disappears. When the group goes exploring they find some old ruins. In the end they find a temple that looks very similar to Irene's Dimension. When they look further they find a painting of Lady Irene and some Divine Warriors. When Emmalyn takes a look at it, she says that it represents The War of The Magi. Aphmau uses her powers to open a coffin. In the coffin there is the skeleton of a Divine Warrior and some sort of fragment. Aphmau believes that it can be used to open a portal to Irene's Dimension.

Aphmau receives a dream where Garroth has been stabbed in his back. He runs towards him in panic and heals him back to life. She promises him that she will get him out of there.

While the village is being built, Aphmau and Aaron do several things together. They do some sparring and they take Lilith on a picnic. Aaron calls himself Lilith's father. Before Aphmau goes to bed the next night, Aaron says that he doesn't want her to die opening the portal. Aphmau tries to convince him that it will be fine, but he doesn't seem to believe her. When Aphmau wakes up the next morning her fragment is gone.

Aphmau receives a message from Malachi, saying that the refugee's camp was attacked. Aphmau goes to Phoenix Drop with Katelyn. While they are there Ivy turns up in the settlement. It turns out that she was one of The Jury of Nine. She starts to be rude to Katelyn, and Katelyn attacks her. Katelyn gets knocked out and receives a wound in her arm.

In "His Choice", she is alerted by the vibration caused by an explosion. After arriving to the scene, she notices the crater and Garroth's sudden appearance. He hands her Aaron's bandanna and informs her on the sacrifice he made. Aphmau receives a vision where she sees Aaron take the fragment from her in her sleep. Then he kisses her. Lilith wakes up and says "Daddy" to him. Aaron says that Aphmau will take good care of him. He then heads towards the portal and opens it. Zane is about to kill Garroth, but Aaron stops him just in time. He takes them out of there and attacks Zane. He gets a fragment (not Aphmau's) and tries to kill Zane with it. They both disappear. Garroth says that he is extremely sorry. She cries aloud in grief as she discovers that Aaron has died. 

In "Her Grief", she distances herself from her friends as she mourns over Aaron's death. She spends days in her old house in Phoenix Drop babysitting Lilith Garnet. She hardly eats and sleeps. Katelyn tries to talk to her, but Aphmau hardly says anything back. Katelyn says that she should have been there for Aphmau when she needed her. Many of her friends are getting extremely concerned about her.  

In the following episode Garroth takes her to where the explosion happened to talk. They are interrupted by Ivy and a werewolf guy proven to be Gavin. Ivy starts saying rude things to Aphmau involving the place of Aaron's death. Extremely angered by how Ivy doesn't care about Aaron's death, Aphmau then attacks Ivy in her Irene form. Ivy turns out to have a similar amount of strength and manages to hold her back. Ivy says that she had heard rumors about Aphmau being Irene and that she wanted her relic. Meanwhile, Garroth is attacked by the werewolf guy (Gavin). Vylad comes to save them in his shadow knight form saying that Laurance might be in trouble.

Aphmau heads to O'Khasis to find out what Tu'la wants with Garroth and Katelyn. They find out that the king of Tu'la wants something with all of the relics. Aphmau disguises herself as Zane in order to find out more about the relics. She attempts to trap Ivy. She meets Ivy and fights her. She is just about to kill Ivy when Laurance attacks her, thinking that she is Zane. By the time Laurance realizes that she is Aphmau, Ivy has escaped.

When Aphmau gets back to Phoenix Drop she starts to not feel like herself and is getting sick a lot. When she is speaking to Cadenza about Tu'la in Season 2, Episode 97, she suddenly faints. She later tells Katelyn, Zoey and Cadenza that she is pregnant and that she reveals that Aaron is the father. It turns out that Aphmau had been very close to Aaron and that "it" happened with him a little before Emmalyn and Kenmur arrived.

In Episode 98, she tells Garroth about her pregnancy. Garroth gets heartbroken and starts shouting at her. He says that Aphmau just lied to him about liking him and that she never really loved him. Aphmau desperately tries to tell him that this is not true, but it is pointless as Garroth runs away.

In Episode 100, it is revealed from Hyria that Aphmau was Lady Irene and that Aphmau asked that could Hyria conceal her memories, as she was immortal, she also gave up her powers and went into a deep sleep. Her memories quickly flash by and Divine Warriors flash by resembling Garroth and Travis this is that they are Enki and Esmund. It is very likely and here memories of Shad or the Shadow Lord flash by resembling Aaron, the theory is that Aaron is Shad (but it is confirmed that Aaron related to Shad, either like theory or is a descendent of Shad) like Aphmau is Lady Irene. The child that she is carrying will have the blood of both Lady Irene and The Shadow Lord, Shad, Hyria has no idea how the child destiny is going to go. It is also said Irene had no children but had family, meaning that Levin and Matilda are her great, great, great, great grandniece-in-law and great, great, great, great, great grandnephew. Also the child is her first child that is directly related to her. This also means that Lady Irene had siblings.

Appearance Edit

Aphmau has long, waist length black hair, a tan complexion and amber eyes, similar to a cognac color. She is described as being quite short, since she is given the nickname "Shorty" by Katelyn and is said to be rather small according to Aaron and Garroth.

She has more outfit changes than any other character in the series. In the beginning of the series, she is seen wearing the clothes Cadenza gave her as a gift in Season 1, which is a black and purple outfit with a quiver sash and bow. She is also seen wearing Cadenza's spare dress when she visits Meteli, which is a white and cyan dress with a gem at the knee and a brown belt. When she is kidnapped by the werewolves and is forced to marry Fenrir she is given a wedding dress that appears to be a white empire dress with long off-the-shoulder sleeves. When she has to dress as a thief in order to get information about her missing sons, she wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a brown vest on top, short-shorts, ankle-high boots, accompanied by Malachi's green scarf styled to look like an over-the-mouth bandana. Then, when she is the maid of honor at Emmalyn and Kenmur's wedding, she wears a dress in vary shades of pink and lilac with white fishnet sleeves. When she goes looked for Lucinda and Pikoro Village, she wears a brown and white dress with brown boots.

Following Aaron's death, she wears his red bandana as a bracelet around her wrist as a way of remembering him. After she discovers a letter from him telling her not to mourn over his death, she changes outfit once again and wears a purple shirt with long sleeves and black and grey accents, and black trousers with silver knee-pads and black boots.

When she is turned into a Meif'wa in Episode 17, her cat ears and tail are both lilac colored.

Personality Edit

Although she has been pretty distraught over the events so far, she goes back to normal Aphmau later on in the series.

Her selfless and considerate nature often helps her on her escapades, gentle words with heavy meaning hitting those she meets and commonly changing lives. Her actions, even when accidental, almost always leave one of more others with a broader perspective. She was willing to marry Fenrir for the sake of saving the lives of friends. 

Although she does not think about her love interests that often, Aphmau does seem to be flustered in the situation when she still has to choose between Garroth and Laurance. Aphmau also shows to be very reckless. She will do anything for her loved ones like let herself be killed by them, for she could not bear to kill them herself, or sacrifice her own life just to know that her loved ones are safe.

Aphmau is kind and patient with everyone, even some of the worst characters we've seen. But in Episode 48 of Season 2, Aphmau loses it and starts to mistreat Michi. Even though she full well deserves it, we know this isn't how sweet and sensitive Aphmau works. Laurence ends up nailing her against a tree to snap her out of her blind rage. He manages to talk her out of hurting Michi until later. After the unfortunate death of Aaron(Season 2, Episode 81) Aphmau has an emotional break down and let's out a scream of agony. This shows a much more emotional side of Aphmau that we have not seen yet.

Despite possessing a kind and nurturing nature, she becomes the opposite when her patience are thin. This is expected to characters whose caused her trauma and pain. At this mindset, she becomes uncontrollable, capable of unjustified violence and inhumane actions.

Gallery Edit

Aphmau minecraft diaries

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  • Aphmau put "Garnet" in Lillith's name in the honor of Garroth since at the time, he was in the Irene Dimension fighting Zane.
  • According to an astrology website, the name Aphmau means "chronic warrior".
  • Aphmau stopped using facecam in Season 2.
  • She no longer introduces herself in the videos, but continues on from the previous story. No summary of the last episode is given so it seems like she's completely in the roleplay. Furthermore, the series seems to have been taken even more seriously.
  • Aphmau's favorite meal is mashed potatoes, as mentioned by Cadenza in Episode 11.
  • Aphmau apparently can speak brief cat. She said she ''picked up a few tricks'' while being a Meif'wa herself.
  • It's implied that Aphmau is very short in the series, as seen in Episode 89, where Katelyn had called her ''Shorty''.
    • In the episode after that, Garroth mentions how she is shorter than Zane
    • Lady Irene was from Scaleswind which Aphmau is confirmed Lady Irene thanks to Hyria. Aphmau is from Scaleswind, but forgot her memory/Woken up from her sleep from the Irene dimension and "moved" to Phoenix Drop

Quotes Edit

Don't make your entire life about being devoted to killing one man. Because if you do, you might not be around to help a better one.

-Aphmau to Aaron, S2 EP42: Aaron's Lament

This is the new home, of the Phoenix Alliance.

-Aphmau, S2 EP68: Ancient Secrets

Well geez, sorry I don't look at dog butts.

-Aphmau, S2 EP13: A Shadow of the Past

"G-GARROTH! I've missed you so much."

-Aphmau to Garroth, S2 EP81: His Choice

"How in the name of Irene did you get out of there?"

-Aphmau to Garroth, S2 EP81: His Choice