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  • Green-Eyed (Ein's Choice of Clothing)
  • (Normal Clothing)

MyStreet 2 Aphmau Paradise

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  • Uniform

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Full Name

Aphmau Shalashaska


Shu (In video games)

  • Angel (formerly using relics)
  • Werewolf
  • Human (formerly)
  • Blue Relic Sword (formerly)
  • Knife (when hit by forever potion)



October 16 (Libra)







Hair Color


Eye Color
  • Caramel
  • Green (caused by forever potions)
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High
  • Falconclaw University
  • Homeschooling
  • Owner of a Maid Café
Previous Occupation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • Student Alpha
  • Falconclaw University Student
  • Actor
  • Unknown Night Shift
  • Maid Café (part-time)
Previous Team

Not-Alone Buddy


Aaron (Fiancé; Amnesiac)

Previous Partner
  • Ein "Fiancé" †
Personal Status

Alive (Revived by Irene)

  • Sylvanna (Mother)
  • Zack (Father; Estranged)
  • Ein (Paternal Younger Half-Brother; Estranged) †
  • 8 aunts/uncles
  • Renee/Alina (Future Daughter)
  • Eli III (Cat)
  • Celestia (Dog)


First Appearance
Became "Aware"

Too Late Part 1 & 2

Voice Actor

Aphmau is the main protagonist of "MyStreet", its prequels, "Phoenix Drop High" and "Falcon Claw University" and its side stories, appearing in just about every episode since her debut.


Aphmau's parents are Zack and Sylvana. Zack cheated on Sylvana with an unknown woman, therefore causing Sylvana to break up with Zack

Aphmau's Life Edit

Sylvana (Aphmau's mother) was pregnant with Aphmau when she found out Zack was cheating on her. When Aphmau was born, she did not inherit the werewolf traits of her father, making Zack disappointed, yet he still loved her as his daughter.

At a young age, Aphmau, her mother and her father, resided in a small neighborhood with Zianna, Garte and their sons: Garroth, Zane, and Vylad as well as their neighbors. She often played with Zianna's children and were close friends during their youth. Her father and Garte were also good friends with Derek, Aaron's father, Elizabeth, Katelyn's mother, and Michael, Travis' father. At some point in their youth, Garroth and Katelyn were tested with forever potions of strength along with Travis, who was tested with forever potions of possession.

Around the time that Zack began to meddle in the act of making these potions, he cheated on Sylvanna before they even got married. The two argued about this in the middle of the night, waking up Aphmau as she left her room to see what was going on. After the fight, Sylvanna told Zack to leave. Aphmau saw her father about to step out the door and asked him where he was going. Since she's too young to completely understand, Zack decided to tuck Aphmau back into bed. When she fell asleep, Zack held a potion given to him by Michael. Tearing up, he decided not to use it on Aphmau and left. When Aphmau figured out about the breakup however, she was very upset about it. Aphmau and her mom ended up moving. And during the years at their new home, Aphmau did not stay in contact with the Ro'Meave brothers, leading her memory of them to be clouded. Sylvanna also made sure that the memory of her father was gone and did everything she could to make sure they never see each other again. (There is a chance that her last name is Shalashaska based off a game character)

After moving, not much else is revealed about Aphmau. She continued public school until her 8th-grade year when she was home-schooled for reasons currently unknown. During the year, she did not make many friends, but she had friends that she met online, one of them being FC.

Due to the small family not having much money, they couldn't go on vacation to places like Starlight Wonderland or even afford swimming lessons. To avoid her wanting swimming lessons, Sylvanna told Aphmau "There are sharks in there, yo" when she was just a baby. This unintentionally led to Aphmau developing a phobia for swimming. Zack, however, donated money that Sylvanna never asked for since he still cared about Aphmau.

Once Aphmau hit high school, she moved back to her childhood town and resumed going to public school.

MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Edit

First Days ArcEdit

On the  "First Day of School!", Aphmau is nervous to enter high school as she is unfamiliar with the new environment, but also afraid of being alone. After some convincing by her mother, who encouraged her to attend school, Aphmau anxiously obliged. Before school began, she ran into some friendly faces (Teony and Garroth, who she didn't recognize, but identifies Garroth as dreamy and handsome), but with a new school year brought some rivalries (Ivy regarding Garroth). In her homeroom, she meets a freshman named Travis. The two easily connect and stick together to make their first day easy.

At "Werewolf Class", the freshmen are brought to the gymnasium to browse the extracurricular activity the school provides. As the duo browse the clubs, Travis is excited to join Drama Club, due to his interest in theater. The last bell of the day rings, prompting the students to attend their last class. Aphmau says goodbye to Travis and the two split. Aphmau arrives at the classroom with tension in the air. She finds that Aaron and Balto, two werewolf students (the first being human, or so we thought and the other an actual werewolf), are fighting. Aphmau tries to stop the two, but Aaron comes from behind and throws Balto out the window. The werewolf instructor comes to the scene. He is thrilled by the students' already aggressive tendencies and asks the students to partner up. Aphmau alone, finds Aaron sitting by the corner. Sitting next to Aaron, he growls at her for getting in between the confrontation.

Ro'Meave Family ArcEdit

Sylvanna arrives at the park with Aphmau, who is dreading to join as she expects to be babysitting some younger kids. She soon finds out that the "kids" are in fact Garroth, Zane and, Vylad ( later two being Aphmau's homeroom classmates), which are later to be revealed as her childhood friends. In the episode "First Kiss", Zane is getting under Garroth's skin by teasing him about his love of Aphmau, leading him to become angry and storm outside. When Aphmau tries to cool him off, he reveals his feelings for her and kisses her, which led her to her first kiss.

Gene's Scheme ArcEdit

Aphmau is nervous about confronting Garroth over the kiss. Blackmailed by Gene by him showing her the picture of the kiss and because of Laurance's feelings, she proceeds to meet with his Shadow Knights (Gene's "gang") outside of allowed school grounds during school hours. At their location, Gene and his gang pester her on her name being hard to remember, nicknaming her 'Kitty'. After avoiding Garroth, Laurance, Gene, and his gang, she happens to run into the music room to hide. While doing so, Aaron talks to her from the other side of the door of the practice room. While doing this, he convinces her to stand up to Gene. Later in that episode, he smashes Gene's phone along with the picture in the gallery, which leaves Aphmau to be free from Gene's blackmailing.

Festival ArcEdit

Aphmau attends a sports day at her school with friends. She is in a good mood until Aaron pesters her. The two start to compete in the activities, each winning at least one leading up to the final game. Aaron manages to win by tricking Aphmau into stopping in the middle of a relay race. Frustrated, Aphmau is starting to walk home when she hears crying from the boys' locker room. She goes in but immediately regrets it. Ivy and her friends lock her in a gym locker for the rest of the evening for talking to Garroth. Aphmau grows distressed until the locker is opened by a shirtless Aaron. Flustered and embarrassed, she returns home in a hurry.

Later in the fall, she goes to a fall festival with Garroth to have a good time. She and Laurence go into a photo together, where Laurence reveals his feelings for her and ends up kissing her, unknowing that Aphmau had kissed Garroth first. Confused on what to do, Aphmau leaves it and does not tell each other what happens. but ends up telling FC over text since she tells him everything that happens.

Aphmau later finds out that FC is actually Aaron (who she hates) and becomes good friends with him. He helped Shu (her game name) pass werewolf class. She was in werewolf class because her mom thought maybe she would conform to being a werewolf after her dad. (She did not know of this or her dad at this point.) Later, Aphmau and Aaron started developing romantic feelings towards each other and go to prom together, but could not be together because Aaron is an Ultima. Aphmau did not know of this. Aaron's father did not let him have any relationships or friends.

Aaron went to college and Aphmau still had to attend high school; therefore, they soon lost connection because of Aaron's dad not letting him have a phone or go anywhere. After high school, she went to college with Aaron and helped him move away from his father and got him a phone as she promised.

Link ArcEdit

The Big MoveEdit

The Big Move is a five-episode mini-series giving info and leading up to the first episode of MyStreet. It also helps us understand Kawaii~Chan's obsession with Aarmau and the creation of Aphmau's roommates.

MyStreet (S1)Edit

Moving InEdit


Aphmau and her roommates (Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan) arrive at their new home.

Aphmau moves into "67 Cypress Street", along with Kawaii~Chan and Katelyn as her roommates. They try to adjust and make things feel like home. Later, Aphmau goes with Kawaii~Chan to greet their new neighbors, finding that Brendan lives in the house to the left of them. (Brendan faints after seeing Kawaii~Chan, not expecting to see her) After that, the two go to see who is moving in the house across from theirs. Aphmau becomes surprised and shocked that Laurance, Garroth, and Dante have moved 'coincidentally' across from them.

Kawaii~Chan decides to go back into the house, telling them to not come inside, especially Aphmau. Aphmau soon goes inside after talking to the boys and tries to find Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan, as they've seemed to have gone missing. She enters the basement to see a "shrine" of Kawaii~Chan's OTP (One True Pairing) Aarmau (Aaron and Aphmau), which was created by Kawaii~Chan. She freaks out after seeing it. During the evening Aphmau can't sleep and Katelyn asks if she wants a bedtime story, only making it worse by making Aphmau the Princess and Aaron being the knight.

Frozen Fun ArcEdit

As the cold weather comes into MyStreet Aphmau and friends prepare for fun, cozy and friend-filled times and the holidays! Katelyn and Aphmau bond over the snow and eventually have a snow fight with the guys across the street. Kawaii~Chan troubled over getting her Reese~Senpai a holiday present. She asks Aphmau for help with the promise to reveal her feelings for Reese~Senpai at the end of one month.

Holiday Hijinks ArcEdit

As the holiday's roll right around the corner Aphmau needs to spread some Cat-mas cheer! With the "help" of Randy (the Crazy Cat Lady's magical cat), he turns her into an adorable purple cat and makes her spread cat-mas cheer. At first thought, she goes to the guys' house, only to be bathed and named affectionately by Garroth who calls her "Sprinkles". Aphmau ends up spreading Cat-mas cheer to Zane and ruining his holidays even more. Decorating for the holidays and even getting into competition Aphmau still feels like her home is lacking something...a Christmas Tree! She, Garroth, Laurance, Dante, Kawaii~Chan and Katelyn all argue for the perfect one, but end up decorating another tree together. Aphmau then hosts a Holiday party. The guys thought they want something special for the holidays...a kiss under the mistletoe. Let the competition begin, but with one giant trip they end up in quite a predicament. Zane still a little bit grouchy from missing out from the holiday fun devises a plan to take Christmas away from everyone. Aphmau found Zane and his heart which already three sizes too small, then taught him the true meaning of Christmas and his heart grew big and not so teeny. From that point on, Zane became Aphmau's best friend.

New Years ArcEdit

Garroth, Laurance and, Dante are planning a New Years Party (episode 13 "A New Years Kiss"). While trying to invite Aaron to the party, they find out that Aphmau was there and end up 'assuming' again. During the party, Aphmau sees Emmalyn. Emmalyn explains to Aphmau that she wants to kiss Kenmur at midnight. Later, Kenmur says to Garroth that he wants to kiss Emmalyn. While Garroth is trying to help Kenmur and Aphmau trying to help Emmalyn, Garroth and Aphmau are going into a fight, which leads to Aphmau lying to Garroth saying that she saw better feathers at Aaron's house, which led Laurance to say "OH NO SHE DIDN'T!", ending the episode.

Neighborhood Play ArcEdit

In "The Neighborhood Play PT.1", Jeffory encourages her to produce a play to push Katelyn on pursuing theater. After he leaves, Aphmau informs Katelyn on an upcoming play. She then asks Katelyn if she'd like to direct the play, which she enthusiastically accepted. Later on, Aphmau and Zane are seen at the Community Center, spreading the news of the auditions. At the auditorium, Katelyn is saddened of the lack of auditions to the point of almost cancellation. Desperate, Aphmau loudly accepts to play as Juliet. Aaron enters from behind and agrees to play as Romeo, causing the guys to quickly audition for Romeo. With new actors available, Katelyn extends the date of the auditions.

In "The Auditions - Neighborhood Play PT.2", Aphmau is seen crying in her bedroom from the previous events. She is seen later at auditions where she is partnered with another "Romeo" to see which guy receives the most applause. At the end, Aaron auditions and gets the part of Romeo. All he had to do was take off his bandanna and hood and fangirls screamed for him. While rehearsing, Aphmau questions Aaron about why he wears the bandanna on his head. She continues by saying that she missed looking at his eyes. This lead to Aaron deciding to not hide his eyes anymore.

In "The Kiss - Neighborhood Play PT.3", Lucinda gives Laurence a switching potion so he can steal the kiss from Aphmau. Meanwhile, Jeffory congratulates her on successfully publishing the play and turning Katelyn's dream to reality. The play begins. During the intermission, Aaron goes missing, thus making Garroth, the understudy to take in the part. With the final act resuming, Laurance's plan goes into motion but is incorrectly executed, thanks to a well-timed shove from Kawaii~Chan. Instead, Laurance and Garroth kiss, while Aphmau watches from afar. At the end of the night, Aaron and Aphmau stay behind to talk about the infamous kiss that occurred. Aphmau continues to talk, Aaron becomes silent and pulls her in for a kiss.

Aftermath Arc Edit

Aphmau talks with Zane and tells him about the kiss. Zane freaks out and goes with a sword to Aaron's house to force him to date Aphmau "because it's convenient". While she is trying to stop him, Lucinda throws a sleeping potion on Zane trying to "save" Aphmau. She explains everything, which leads to them doing some "catching up." While Lucinda starts to talk about Aaron, Aphmau starts to get a little nervous and Lucinda assumes that something happened between them. Kawaii~Chan is going to see who the new neighbor is and thinks that Aphmau moved out of the house. While Aphmau is trying to calm Kawaii~Chan, Lucinda comes in and the two are having a fight about their past. Lucinda is about to throw a potion at Kawaii~Chan when Zane wakes up. Kawaii~Chan dodges and Zane turns into a cat.

Valentine's Day ArcEdit

In "Secret Lovers-Valentine's Date PT.1", Travis is trying to find out what happened in the episode before, "Mr & Mrs Travis". He saw something happening between Aaron and Aphmau. While doing that he tells her he "convinced" Katelyn to go on a date with him, he tries to pull her and Aaron into a double date. While doing that, he texts Aaron in the name of Aphmau and she faints when he answers. When she wakes up, Travis is "getting Aaron and Aphmau" together and Garroth and Laurance get mad. When he tries to explain to them why he forgets that they want to take things slow and keep it to themselves. He then lies to them, and they end up coming along with Cadenza and Lucinda.

In "DATE BEGINS!-Valentine's Date PT.2", Zane was informed about going on a date and didn't like it. This is also when Aaron started to get flirty with Aphmau.

In "Valentine's Disaster-Valentine's Date PT.3", everyone comes to the arcade for the "date." After talking a bit, all the girls except for Aphmau are going to the bathroom. While in there Michi takes one of Lucinda's potions, to fool Aaron to be Aphmau and tries to kiss her, while the real Aphmau comes in, heartbroken and furious. Garroth and Laurance fixed things telling Aphmau what Michi did. After that, Aaron walks Aphmau to her house, and they kiss. Zane comes in as her "father" and yells at her. From there, Aphmau plays along into what becomes a hilarious "Father vs Daughter" type of scene.

Ro'Meave Brothers ArcEdit

In the episode, Zane and Aphmau are having a pony-tea-party when someone knocks on the door. When Aphmau answers the door, she finds Vylad, Zane, and Garroth's younger brother. He asks if he can stay with her until he gets himself an apartment. Aphmau agrees, but then Garroth comes. After a bit of running around checking on the 3 brothers, Vylad gets caught by Zane, and then by Garroth, who tries to force Zane to hug Vylad.

A-Con Arc Edit

In "Her Best Friends", she hangs out with Aaron and Zane, who is currently having a rivalry. She stays out of their best friend competition and returns to inform the group on an upcoming anime convention, A-Con. Excited by the news, she invites her group of friends to attend.

In "A-Con 2016", she is joined by Aaron, Kawaii~Chan, and Zane at the main center. After learning that her bags being misplaced, Aphmau returns to their suite. Still upset about her lost cosplays, Lucinda and the guys arrive in the scene to fix the issue. Lucinda waves her scepter to conjure up costumes for Aphmau. Finally, she is left with a black hooded costume resembling Aaron from Minecraft Diaries. With Lucinda left with little magical power, they agree to try again later, and Aphmau asks her friends to join her in playing video games.

In "Cosplay and Chaos!", Aphmau is dressed up as Asuna from Sword Art Online. During the first day of A-Con, she is between an Aaron and Zane rivalry. The two clashes with the use of their weapons, but in the midst of it all, a love triangle erupts between Katelyn, Travis, and Lucinda. Katelyn grabs Travis and plants a kiss on him, leaving the group speechless.

In "Aaron and Aphmau", the last day of A-Con comes to a close as the group finishes up their convention fun. Aphmau is pulled by Aaron, who confesses his feelings for her. Bright red, Aphmau is worried that there are too many obstacles that are blocking their path, especially Zane. Zane surprises the couple and approves of their relationship. The two then share one more kiss. Aaron and Aphmau tell the news to everyone, which they all support.

MyStreet (S2)Edit

Beginning of Summer Arc Edit

Aphmau and her friends go to the legendary Love~Love Paradise to spend the summer there. Aaron and Dante got the tickets from a kissing contest and Dante end up kissing Aaron, Eric (Katelyn's dad) Slyvanna (Aphmau's Mom) who kisses Teony. The tickets they have to give them access to do everything in paradise. There is one problem: The group forgot Travis.

In "Beach Puppy", Aphmau goes to the beach with her friends. They all go swimming apart from Aphmau and Zane. Here we learn that Aphmau can't swim because her mom taught her that the ocean was a dangerous place and because she didn't have the money for swimming lessons. Later in the episode, Celestia swims to the beach. It turns out that Aphmau forgot her and that she had come all the way there. When Aphmau is about to cuddle her when Celestia runs to Aaron.

In "Blast From The Past!", Aphmau meets Teony again. They both catch up and Teony tells her about a friend that she made in college. That friend turns out to be Ivy...Ivy apologizes for being so mean in high school. Aphmau decides to accept Ivy's apology, but keep a close eye on her. In the following episode, Aphmau and Ivy both participate in a sandcastle building contest. However, there is a huge storm that ruins all of the castles. Ivy goes out in the middle of the night to rebuild Aphmau's. When Aphmau finds her and sees what she is doing the team and hopes to win. Aphmau also realizes that she misjudged Ivy and they become friends. The next day they are shocked to realize that they didn't win, but some kids who built a pony did. In “Travis In Paradise”, Travis arrives at Love~Love because Garroth’s explosive feathers that blow up all of the main characters‘ houses, which later explains why they move to Lover’s Lane

Lover’s Lane (S3)

Emerald secret (S4) Edit

In Emerald Secret: The Finale, there is a flashback at the end of it. It shows a young Travis, Zane, Garroth, Vylad, and Aaron. It also includes their fathers, Garte, Derek, Terrence (Terry), and a mystery guy who claims to have a little Daughter the age of Travis. The mystery guy looks a lot like Aphmau. It is confirmed that Aphmau's father is the mystery guy named Zack.

Starlight (S5) Edit

Derek said that he's in a realm but he broke-free from the realm by with two other mysterious people named Michael and Elizabeth, also known as Katelyn's mother. Zack works as a therapist at starlight. In the Finale of Starlight, Sylvanna reveals that Zack's race was a werewolf, even though Aphmau didn't inherit this, so that's why Sylvanna signed Aphmau up to werewolf class all those years ago.

When Angles Fall (S6)

Minigames (Mostly Not Canon)Edit

After her encounter with Katelyn, the two have bonded over anime and are good friends. Katelyn is close enough to Aphmau to revealed that she was dating Jeffory, an upperclassman. Aphmau found this out anyway in PDH.

Off-screen, Aphmau and Katelyn are implied to have bonded over anime and became close friends.

She seems aware of the fourth wall when playing minigames and tends to break it whether it be on accident or when she has the chance.

Appearance Edit

In General: Aphmau has long, waist-length wavy black hair, a tan complexion, and amber eyes.

Casual: Up until episode 3, she is seen wearing a long-sleeved galaxy shirt and black shorts.

Winter: During the winter-themed episodes she wears a purple and white sweater, gray pants, and the same shade of purple boots.

Love~Love Paradise: Aphmau wears a one-strapped, sparkly, purple swimsuit in a unique shape which Zane describes to be 'revealing'. Her hair is also slightly shorter.

Neighborhood Play: For the play, Romeo and Juliet, she wore a red dress, black flats and had a matching red bow in her hair.

Maid Café: In the Maid Café, she wears a lavender and white maid outfit.

Cat Form: When Randy cursed Aphmau into a cat, her appearance was of a domesticated cat with black and purple fur and white underside (during which she was fondly named 'Sprinkles' by Garroth, who proceeded to obsess over her even after finding out Aphmau was Sprinkles). Her new cat form is much pudgier, with white fur and light and dark purple spots.

Screenshot 2017-05-21 at 5.33.16 PM

Aphmau's cat form

Pajamas: In her sleepwear, she wears a pink shirt with a shape that resembles a heart, pink bottoms and her hair has a purple and magenta streak which resembles Twilight Sparkle from the show My Little Pony (or in this case My Little Horsies).

Formal: During her date with Aaron, she wore a lavender-colored dress with purple boots.

A-Con Day 1: Aphmau is cosplaying as Asuna Yuuki from the anime Sword Art Online. After losing her first costume on the way to the con.

A-Con Day 2: She is cosplaying as Mabel from Gravity Falls.

Genderbent: As Adrian, he has short black hair and caramel eyes. He wears a dark purple sweater and underneath is a vibrant purple shirt. His pants are dark brown with sneakers.

Lover's Lane: Aphmau had new clothing during that season. She wears a lavender bow, a white top with a black tank top and wore a black skirt and high tops.

Emerald Secret: Aphmau wears a pink sweater, a blue scarf, black pants, and boots. She still keeps the bow on her hair.

Emerald Secret 2: When she was under Ein's control, she changed to a blue outfit similar to her Dreams of Estorra counterpart. She wore a blue tube top with blue arm warmers, a blue skirt with layers of frills, blue tights and white boots with blue ties. Her hair is in a braided half ponytail. She would have her knife hiding in a pocket that was given by Ein a second time after Aaron attempted to save her. When she first appears in that outfit, her eyes are noticeably sharper than the usual eyes, a common trait in hero-turned-villain. This is due to her undying hatred towards Aaron under the potion.

Aphmau's Year: Aphmau wears a black shirt that shows her shoulders and black shorts and black cat-shaped knee socks. She wears brown loafers and has Aaron's sweater around her waist and his bandanna is still on her right arm.

Aphmau's Year 2: Aphmau wore the bandanna Derek gives her (Aaron's old bandanna) as a headband over her head after she loses the dark circles. She wears a black crop tank top and black shorts and wears Aaron's sweater.

Starlight: Aphmau wears a red crop top and a red skirt with sandals. She has Aaron's bandanna as a headband. In newer episodes (mostly after "Aaron's Choice") she may sometimes be wearing a purple Starlight shirt, which is suppose to be matching Aaron's red one (if/when he wears it). She is also halfway through transforming into a werewolf. She has half of her ears and tail. She wore a purple hat, with the ears poking through the hat during her transformation.

Starlight 2: First shown in a minigame before in a later episode, Aphmau returns to her usual purple attire. She wears a checkered cardigan with a purple crop tank top. She has white shorts and purple and white flip-flops.

Werewolf: If she is turned into a werewolf by the potion, her ears and tail are pale purples. In her pure werewolf form, her ears and tail are grayish-white. The tips were eventually dyed purple to make them seem cuter. During the transformation, her ears are stubby and her tail is curled. To, ahem, "hide" her ears and tail, she wears a purple hat and tucks her tail inside her clothes. Her ears are visible with the hat though and her tail makes her butt look big (the only reason this worked is because people are dumb).eventualy she learns to "put away" her ears and tail. She also has greater strength, agility, smell, and hearing.

When Angels Fall: Aphmau wears a jacket with many different variations of purple and some white shorts. She also wears purple sandals. In episode 8 PT 2, Ein captures Aphmau and holds her at sword point so Aaron can give him his ears and tail back. She later breaks free running to Aaron, but is shot by Ein's magic in the chest, causing her death. Later on in the episode, Zane, Nana (Kawaii~Chan) and Aaron were at her side when she died. As of S6 Ep.11, Aph is alive in her normal attire but has a hole in her chest and back from the Laser-thing.

By Episode 12, Aphmau is wearing bandages in her chest area with some GF armor on top of it. And she also wears Aaron's Lycan hoodie and some black jean shorts.

After absorbing Lucinda, Zane, and Aaron as relics, her eyes glowed white and she had angel-like wings!

Personality Edit

Although she's always cheerful and thrill-seeking, Aphmau also has a sarcastic tone. Although Aphmau can be quite timid in certain situations, she also appears confident in others. She is also very passionate about the things she loves. Aphmau is very kind and compassionate, and almost always tries her best to do the right thing.

In the climax of Emerald Secret, when Ein splashed a forever potion on her, she becomes a cold, cruel and heartless person, who does not hesitate when Aaron pleads her to stop threatening him. She worships Ein as her lover and nothing else and coldly mocks Aaron for being alone in high school and completely shrugged off Aaron's plead when he begged her to stop, saying that he will always love her, instead demanding that she wants him to die before plunging the knife. Aphmau was also very satisfied when she killed him when she and Ein checked on Aaron's body to check if she fulfilled his request, calling Aaron "that fool", and also tearfully apologized when she failed to kill him after Ein slapped her. When she tried to kill Aaron a second time, instead of her cold-hearted hatred, she screams out her intense hatred and rage as she starts to show signs of breaking free from Ein's control after being restrained.

After the events of MyStreet: Emerald Secret, her personality changed from a cheery person to a more heartbroken and tragic character, due to the amount of guilt and regret she had done, with some saying that the amount of grief is a lot greater than that of her Diaries counterpart from Season 2. As a way to cope with Aaron's comatose state, she has used his bandanna to blind herself and wore his jacket to comfort herself. The change in personality is shown greatly in her clothing; her colorful and bright wardrobe changed to simple black and red colors to reflect Aaron's colors to think of him.

In the first few months of her year without Aaron, Aphmau would have dark circles around her eyes from lack of sleep and any mentioning of Aaron will make her start crying. She would then write several letters filled with regret messages and how he was doing, saying she was sorry for what she had done after finding out he woke up.

Possibly according to Lucinda, after the events at the lodge, Aphmau, along with Aaron, now suffers from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), a mental disorder where symptoms involve depression, insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, etc. due to a traumatic event. Even at Starlight, when she managed to reunite with Aaron after their year apart and acted all cheerful afterward, every time they remember a flashback from the lodge incident, they immediately start crying due to the horrible things Ein had, or as they refer to him as simply "he" or "him", since saying Ein's name might cause more pain. On the beach, while hopelessly trying to search for Aaron, Aphmau started to have self-loathing thoughts. She'd rather die painlessly back at the lodge than be saved and suffer an eternal burden and doesn't think she deserves to go to Starlight after being forced to see the pain, agony, and despair Aaron had to go through and feel no regret while brainwashed. Sylvana even mentions that Aphmau get nightmares when she asked her during the first episode of her year.

Lucinda also mentions about wanting to use firework creating potions for the welcome party but changed her mind, not wanting to induce Aphmau's Post-traumatic tendencies with the sight of a potion bottle.

A year later, Aphmau had started to become more thoughtful and serious like her Diaries counterpart along with her cheerful self as she tries to cope with Aaron's werewolf life and how to tell his secret to the other people, like Katelyn and Travis. She may get depressed over time as she fears that a werewolf and human relationship is like being Juliet to her Romeo; Aphmau worries that the two are star-crossed lovers and are ill-fated to never be together and have the same love chemistry. She also fears that, after becoming a werewolf, the two will still be apart due to Aaron's status and her family history intertwining with an impending, tragic fate, nevertheless, she will still be his lover.

Interests Edit

Aphmau has a passion for art and likes to sketch and draw, an interest she has had from a young age. She often sketches her close friends and her boyfriend, Aaron, as well as practicing anime art styles.

She is also a big fan of anime and manga, with some of her apparent favorites being Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online and Sailor Moon, as well as being a fan of cartoons in general, including the American animated TV shows Steven Universe, Gravity Falls and animated movies like Frozen.

Aphmau, along with Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan, also appears to be interested in cosplay and it has been implied that they have been attending conventions as a trio for several years and during A-Con 2016, she is seen cosplaying as the character Asuna from Sword Art Online and the character Mabel from Gravity Falls.

Aphmau likes the mobile game Neko Atsume, a cat collecting game. She also plays a dating sim.

She likes to watch YouTube videos on her phone, at one point even watching videos for 72 hour straight only to be stopped by Wolf Plush. She also had a thing for PPAP.

Unlike Jess, Aphmau is also fluent in Spanish, as shown in Phoenix Drop High, as is her mother, Sylvana.

After the tragedy at the lodge, she now wants to learn more about werewolves so that she can understand Aaron and learn magic so she can be more helpful to Aaron and her friends whenever another tragedy occurs like in Emerald Secrets.

Her Room Edit

Aphmau's room contains a neon magenta double bed with white sheets in the far right corner, near the 3x3 window with lavender lanterns. Next to her bed, she has a poster with a picture of Levi, a character from the anime Attack on Titan (also known as Shingeki no Kyojin) and a dresser. In the bottom right corner, there is a door leading to a big bathroom/restroom. Then she has her Gravity Falls poster and another AOT poster on the wall. On the left side of the room, there is one door leading outside of her room, a Steven Universe poster and another door for her closet. However, is room blew up along with the rest of the neighborhood at the start of The Bigger Move.

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My street is a series that contains 6 seasons. The 6th season being the last one for now, it hasn't been confirmed if there is going to be a 7 season because it is still on early stage. Lets hope the series continues!

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  • Aphmau's favorite fictional character (also known as her "Senpai") is Levi from Attack on Titan (also known as Shingeki No Kyojin).
  • When Aphmau and Travis met in MyStreet, it was implied that they had never met before, although it is proven in Phoenix Drop High that they went to high school together, and were actually best friends during their freshman year.
    • This is probably a mistake in the script, since later on in MyStreet they mention that they were very close in high school before Travis moved away.
    • Or, it's more likely that it was a small detail forgotten when planning out PDH, since season one of MyStreet was up and running before the idea of PDH ever came into play.
    • Either way, it's confirmed that they did in fact meet in high school as in the finale of season 6, She referred to Travis as her "Not-Alone Buddy".
  • MyStreet Aphmau's Wattpad username is Empress_Aphmau. This is also Jess' real-life Wattpad account.
  • According to Pixel Painters, her favorite sweets are cupcakes, which are also Zane's.
  • Overall, her favorite food is chocolate-covered strawberries.
  • Both Aphmau and Zane tend to call things with an ending of "thing". Examples are girl-woman-thing from Zane and "you-being-an-Internet-sensation" thing.
  • Aphmau does have the last name as stated by Jessica in a live stream a year or two ago, Her last Name is Shalashaska to add to the uniqueness to her first name. Though it has never been used in an episode.
  • Aphmau and Katelyn agree that Garroth in high school is hotter than his present self.
  • Aphmau currently has the most outfits in the series, followed by Zane.
  • She is a fan of a variety of anime. From Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail and more. She is also very fond of western cartoons such as Gravity Falls.
  • Aphmau's love for babies, in the minigames, is a reference to Minecraft Diaries, where Aphmau adopts and has several children: Levin, Malachi, Lilith and recently Alina, who is her first biological daughter, which was with Aaron before he died.
  • Aphmau tends to wear purple in MyStreet, but earlier on, in Phoenix Drop High, she wears red. In her Q&A video, Jess mentioned that she dyed her hair red in high school, but if she were to dye it now it would be purple - she says that she dyed her hair red before she 'discovered the color purple'.
  • When she was a little child, she would always look out for Zane.
  • As a child, her favorite plush toy was a stuffed cat. This is most likely the root of her obsession with felines.
  • Despite having a cat in real life, she owns a dog named Celestia, Celeste for short in the series.
    • Her real-life counterpart now has a dog after Johnny ran away.
  • In MyStreet, both Aphmau and her mother are Hispanic and fluent in Spanish. Jess tweeted out a long time ago that she is Mexican. It was about being the only Mexican in the room when "Feliz Navidad" plays.
  • As stated by Eric (Katelyn's dad), Aphmau and Katelyn could have been sisters.
    • This may have been a joke since that wouldn't be biologically possible.
  • As the central character, she has appeared in almost every episode of MyStreet.
  • In "Aaron's Friend", every werewolf in her school considers her to be the Alpha Female since she is marked by scent to Aaron, who became Alpha when he stood up to Balto, demoting him from his position.
  • Back when Aphmau played RPGs, she used to play as the Medic or "healer" as Shu, healing FC as he fought in the dungeons.
  • Aphmau does not know how to swim, as her mother never taught her nor did they have money for lessons. Another partial reason Aphmau may have never learned to swim is because of her mom making her scared of the ocean and sharks. Aphmau is very embarrassed at the fact that she cannot swim and as such, begged the first person she had told about it (Zane) to not to tell anyone, as to preserve her integrity. It wasn't until she was in danger of drowning in the ocean that Zane spilled the beans.
    • She is later taught how to swim by Aaron but doesn't actually swim by herself until two years later at Starlight.
  • It's heavily implied by Dream (Wonderland) Dante that Aphmau deliberately does not pay attention in Werewolf Class just so Aaron can help her catch up and spend time together.
  • Her favorite character in Undertale is Papyrus.
    • She shares this with Katelyn and Travis.
  • Her favorite Pokémon is Vaporeon, Jess' real-life favorite.
  • It was mentioned in the MyStreet episode "Don't Tell Mama!" that Aphmau previously had a boyfriend in high school before Aaron. In "I Love You Aaron", it is stated that Sylvana thought that Ein and Aphmau were dating. Then Aphmau says that she never dated Ein.
    • It is revealed in PDH (season 2, episode 26) that Ein lied to Sylvana and everyone at the school by telling them that they were dating, even though they weren't, just so he could gain more control and eventually make Aphmau's role as the Alpha female worthless.
  • It was revealed that at one point she had a crush on Zane.
  • In the final episode of MyStreet: TES, there was a man (Zack) who mentioned he had a little girl that was around Travis' age. He also mentioned that he was going through a divorce (although never actually marrying). It is possible that he is Aphmau's dad. They even look a bit like each other.
    • This seems to be confirmed by the title of the episode, "Her Dad".
    • This is totally confirmed as Zack said to Elizabeth "His son [Aaron], is dating my daughter.".
  • Her favorite color is purple.
  • As of Aphmau's Year, she now knows magicks, specifically healing magicks.
    • This is a reference to her Diaries counterpart, who also knew healing magicks.
  • As of "Aaron's Choice", she is now in the process of turning into a werewolf.
  • Aphmau likes water fountains. It was first seen on "Aaron's Choice".
  • In season 3, she wasn't that good of a cook. She would get upset for hours if anyone doesn't like her cooking. Her skills have slightly improved however as of season 5.
    • Aphmau is a decent cook when she cooks things that she knows how to make well, she just isn't good at cooking when she makes up recipes herself and experiments with her cooking.
  • As of "It's Time...", she is now engaged to Aaron and vice versa.
  • Aphmau tends to yell "WOW!" whenever she is surprised or finds someone during hide and seek, also during Minecraft murder whenever she was caught.
  • Aaron said in the episode "We're Engaged...!" that Aphmau's tips (ears and tail) were white. In the episode where we see Zack's ears and tail, they had white tips (and spots) too. It can be speculated that Aphmau did in fact have Zack's genes and were only dormant until Aaron bit her. It's highly unlikely though and probably just because she is still transforming and they have yet to develop fully.
  • At least during the start of college, Aphmau had a fear of needles and piercings. She didn't even get her ears pierced.
  • During college, because of rumors about her, she had to start wearing a disguise to get around. Even then, people might recognize her.
  • During her teen and early adult years, Aphmau hated coffee. This is ironic since Jess in real life loves coffee.
    • It was stated by Jason in a stream that Jess doesn't even drink her coffee and she only pretends to like it.
  • Jess's Minecraft model is custom to be shorter as she is in real life. This is a reason why they haven't played "Guess Who" recently because it would be easier to spot Aphmau in the game.
  • The game that she and Aaron played together in was actually FFXIV.
  • It's confirmed that Aphmau is able to wield relics just like Irene and the Demon Warlock.
  • Although Aphmau still has tiny ears and a curled tail, Garroth has fully transformed into a werewolf.
    • This may be because Aphmau was turned by a bite, and Garroth was turned by Aaron's eyes.
      • It is quite possible that as of S6 Ep.15 she is now a full-blooded Angel Irene with the power to wield relics instead of a being a human and a werewolf.
  • In College, she was shown to have a dirtier side, jokingly typing '80081' on a calculator before Aaron takes it from her (she might have done this a few before to the point where Aaron says she 'hasn't changed a bit').
  • Although they are technically step sisters due to Eric and Sylvanna dating, in the past it has been implied Katelyn and Aphmau have kissed and possibly dated (possibly to try things out). This implies Aphmau could possibly lgbt, good for her!


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