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Sylvana is Aphmau's mother. She is very fond and supportive of her daughter. This is shown when Sylvana let Aphmau take a year off of public school to play her video games. Despite the support she gives, Sylvana often becomes overbearing and protective of her daughter, making it difficult for Aphmau to form friendships, especially towards boys. Although she despises Aphmau hanging out with boys, she seems fond of her close friend Zianna's sons (Garroth, Zane and Vylad) and supports the idea of Aphmau marrying one of them. She also thinks werewolves are cute and is fine if Aphmau ends up dating one (except Aaron).

Although she uses outdated slang, Aphmau cares for her mother greatly. When Aphmau panics, she often comforts her. When she noticed how much Aaron really meant to her and how cripplingly depressed she is without him, she went against her own judgement and brought Aaron home just so her little mija could be happy. She also bought back their house from Phoenix Drop High and let Aphmau stay with her for 2 months after Aaron was sent to Falconclaw to recover for a year.

Zack Edit

No information is said about Aphmau's father, but it said in another episode that Aphmau and her mother moved away when her mother and her father got divorced. However, in the finale of S3 we learn that Aphmau's father left. In the post-credit flashback of the Emerald Secret Finale, we see what seems to be Aphmau's father Zack, who says that his daughter is still upset about the divorce.

Zack is later confirmed to be Aphmau's father in S5, who was also revealed to be a werewolf. Sylvanna later told Aphmau the truth about her father. She also said that they never married because Zack cheated on her. Zack however still cared for Aphmau, even donating money her mother never asked for.

Relationships Edit


Phoenix Drop HighEdit

Aaron is Aphmau's Fiancé. They first met online in middle school. Their first real life acquaintance wasn't until Aphmau's first day of high school, but it was on bad terms, with Aaron becoming angry at Aphmau for attempting to cease the fight between him and Balto. Aaron reaches his breaking point and throws Balto against the window, completely shattering the glass. The werewolf teacher arrives to the scene, enthusiastic about the violent nature his students have. From there, the teacher instructed his students to pair up, thus leaving Aphmau paired by an aggressive Aaron. It was later revealed that Aaron was just trying to protect Aphmau.

In their next meet, the two were sent to detention, even though Aphmau was bullied into detention. Aaron showed his hostile nature once more to Aphmau, who tried to befriend with him. She retaliates by ignoring him. As Jeffory notices the eruption, he suddenly makes a connection with Aphmau due to their interest in anime. The two create a connection, but Aaron interrupts by insulting a poster that Aphmau received from Jeffory.

The duo encounter once more when Aphmau is seen with Gene. Aaron quickly asks her to run while he deals with Gene. Aphmau shows her bitter side once Aaron nicknames her a "Potato". When Aaron saw her in an apron, he blushed. He noticed next week that Aphmau still had werewolf ears and a tail. Thinking they're fake, he tried to pull them off. Aphmau pushed him and he noticed they were real.

Aaron showed to be competitive towards Aphmau during field day. When she beat him in an event, he deceived her in the final event to rob victory from her team. Aaron however blushed when he found Aphmau trapped in his locker.

Despite the trouble Aaron has put her through, she was nice enough to warn him about Lily using him when she was eavesdropping on her and Ivy. Aaron didn't listen to her due to them not really being friends. Secretly, Aaron has feelings for Aphmau, but he didn't treat her as such because he still liked Shu. It wasn't until they realized they knew each other as Shu and FC that they became friends. Aphmau at first didn't believe him, trying to run away, but Aaron revealed he knew her birthday was on October 16, he knew she was his healer, and he knew that "8D" annoyed her. Aaron broke into tears saying how stupid he was for treating Aphmau the way he did and that he didn't deserve to talk to her again, but Aphmau hugged him and forgave him, saying she would never stop talking to him. Aaron then decided to help her with werewolf class and even gave her a wolf plush (which ended up having a mind of its own).

Gene was almost able to force them apart by trying to get Aaron expelled, until Garroth and Laurance intervened. They went to prom together and Aphmau admitted she wouldn't be okay with Aaron gone next year, breaking into tears. Aaron then picked her up and they danced together.

When Sylvana invited Garroth, Travis and Aaron to figure out who Aphmau is dating, she developed jealousy when she noticed how happy Aaron made her. Jealousy turned to hatred when Aaron "stole" a Beyoncé joke.

After the last day of school, Aaron helped put an end to a party that Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan threw in Aphmau's house. Aphmau was upset with Aaron when she realized she was Alpha, but they made up and Aaron had his first kiss with her. Ever since next year, Aphmau called Aaron whenever she needed to talk to someone. Derek, Aaron's father, noticed the relationship and hired people to spy on him both in person and on his phone.


Years later, Aaron helped Aphmau move to her new house. When they were in the movie theatre about to watch Inside Out, Aaron noticed Garroth and Laurance trying to spy on them. To tease them, Aaron hugged Aphmau close and said "Maybe because of you, we're actually dating." When Aphmau finally moved in, Aaron decided to take care of her dog Celestia when she's out of the house.

When Aaron was accepted for the part of Romeo for the neighborhood play, Aphmau blushed and became anxious that she had to kiss Aaron. While rehearsing, Aphmau asked Aaron why he wears a bandana over his eyes. She goes on by saying that she misses looking at them. Ignoring what his father told him, Aaron took off his bandana and decided to keep it that way so Aphmau could always see his eyes. He then put on Aphmau's dress, so she could work on it, even though Aaron felt embarrassed. When Garroth and Laurance messed up the kiss scene, Aaron went and kissed Aphmau anyway after the play.

Aphmau sometimes forced Aaron to watch Frozen together. She once even made him sing 'Love is an Open Door' with her, but Aaron took an opportunity to make sandwiches instead, much to Aphmau's annoyance.

On Valentine's Day, Michi used a potion to trick Aaron into thinking she was Aphmau. When the potion wore off and Aphmau saw them together, they almost broke up if it weren't for Garroth and Laurance telling her what happened. Later, Aaron walked Aphmau home, kissing on the doorstep.

During the last day of the A-Con, Aaron asked Aphmau if she would be his girlfriend. She was doubtful, wondering what the others would think. After Zane admitted he was okay with it, she said yes.

That summer, Aaron, along with Dante, were able to get tickets for them, Aphmau, Lucinda, Zane, Garroth, Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan to Love~Love Paradise. During their time on the island, Aaron saved Aphmau from drowning and decided to teach her how to swim. During the cruise home, Aaron asked Aphmau if she would move in with him. Aphmau said yes and that she loved him.

After Mayor Chad nuked their neighborhood to build a puppy hospital, Zianna helped them and the others find new homes, with Aphmau and Aaron sharing one. When Aphmau decided to open a maid café to help Kawaii~Chan, Aaron stepped in to help open it for business. When Zane tried to get Aphmau to expand, Aaron had flashbacks of his parents not being there for him due to them being busy. With them not understanding how each other felt, they decided to have a break.

Worried that Aaron would eventually return to Aphmau, Rachel, his mom, took his phone, blocked Aphmau and deleted all the pictures of her. Aphmau, thinking Aaron broke up with her, went into a massive breakdown, usually staying home and watching The Walking Dead with tubs of ice cream. When Aaron noticed this and that Rachel only did it for their company's benefits, he decided to go "home". They met again where the first met their real selves, broke into tears and made up.

During the holidays, Aphmau invited her mom and Aaron's family so they all could get along better. The "holiday magic" succeeded when Alexander, Aaron's long-lost dog, returned. During new years, when Aaron asked Aphmau if there was anywhere in the world she would want to go the most, she said Starlight Wonderland. For the following 3 months, Aaron made it his goal to make Aphmau's dream come true and eventually propose to her, working extra hours and getting odd jobs just to get the money. He said he didn't want his parents to just give it to him, saying he wanted to truly earn tickets.

When Aaron was given a job to clean up a lodge that both his and Garroth's family bought, Aphmau became worried and eventually followed him. Bad things happened and Aphmau was eventually kidnapped and forced to love Ein. When Ein threw a potion that made Aphmau hate Aaron from the bottom of her heart, Aphmau stabbed Aaron with a knife and he fell off a cliff. Aaron was given a second chance by "an angel" and went to get Aphmau back despite him constantly losing blood. When he noticed that they only had enough resources to undo one of the potions, Aaron decided that he'd rather have Aphmau choose who to love and still hate him than to have her stay with someone she's forced to love. After the potion failed and the effects were about to become permanent, Aaron held Aphmau despite her constant screams and threats and managed to break the spell. Aphmau was in great regrets as Aaron passed out.

Because Aaron was an Ultima, Aphmau wasn't allowed to see him, leaving Aphmau to cry about what she has done for a week. But when Sylvana intervened and dragged Aphmau to where Aaron was, Derek noticed that Aaron's eyes turned normal just by hearing Aphmau's voice. He then admitted it was wrong to keep him and Aphmau apart and told Aphmau to wait a year for him to recover, then they would reunite in Starlight Wonderland.

During that time, Aphmau was in great pain, but all her friends decided to help her get though the year, especially her friends who were with her at the lodge. When Aaron woke up in October, he believed Aphmau was still under the effects of the forever potion and tried to get out, but he collapsed. When Aaron sent Aphmau a note after she sent the oatmeal cookies, she decided to record her voice so Aaron could hear it.

The two later reunited and learned even more about each other, especially about Aaron and his Ultima side.

In episode 26 of Starlight, (Season 5) Aaron proposed to Aphmau and she said yes.


Garroth Edit

Garroth is a childhood friend of Aphmau. He seems to have an immense crush on her and often was bitter that she and Aaron were spending time together (Side Stories). He and Laurence often tried to get back at Aaron, though always bringing Aaron and Aphmau closer together.

He and Aphmau first met in high school, when Aphmau was a freshman and Garroth was a sophomore. On the first day, Aphmau bumped into and fell on him by the fountain in the courtyard and it was obvious that she liked him because Garroth is apparently handsome and has a lot of admirers. This unfortunately led to Aphmau being bullied by one of the admirers.

When Garroth admitted to Aphmau that he liked her, he went up and stole her first kiss. Again, unfortunately for Aphmau, this lead her to be blackmailed into joining the Shadow Knights.

In MyStreet, Garroth had a temporary relationship with a purple cat that he found next to his door and named Sprinkles (actually Aphmau who was suffering a temporary curse that turned her into cat) and immediately fell in love. Garroth said he never been allowed to have a childhood pet, so he took the chance to have a cat when Sprinkles/Aphmau arrived. But when Sprinkles/Aphmau left him, he got really depressed. He only found out that Sprinkles was Aphmau in a Pixel Painters much later on.

Even though both he and Laurance were jealous of Aaron and constantly tried to break him from Aphmau, they eventually realized that Aphmau should be with whoever she wants after what Michi did during the Valentine's Day Date.

Zane Edit

Zane is a childhood friend of Aphmau. She, Zane and his brothers lived in the same neighborhood and frequently played with each other. After years of isolation from each other, Zane has shown no interest in being friends, even after Aphmau tried to get him a girlfriend.

It wasn't until years later that Zane and Aphmau became best friends when she gave him a picture of him being nice to Aphmau when she was Sprinkles. Ever since then, they hung out a lot. They also turned out to have a lot in common such as their love for ponies and cupcakes, but Zane is more secretive about it.

When Zane was trying to encourage Aphmau to expand her maid café, she noticed that Zane was trying to be too much of a friend, even trying to keep her away from her other friends, causing Aphmau and Aaron temporarily broke up, she told Zane that they needed time away from each other. Zane later went and apologized to Aphmau, saying he will try to make more friends.


Vylad was welcomed as a not-alone buddy during freshman year. Aphmau noted on how she felt bad for not spending much time with him. Years later, Aphmau welcomed him into her house and let him stay until he can find somewhere to live.

They appear to like each others company, this is probably because of their similar personalities.


At first, Aphmau was shy around Laurance, but his nice approach led to their friendship. In the park, when Laurance asked Aphmau if she would be his boyfriend, she fainted. Things got complicated when Laurance stole Aphmau's second kiss during their time at the fair. She finds it annoying when he and Garroth spy on her when she's with another boy.


Travis is Aphmau's first friend and not-alone buddy. Beginning their freshman year, the two grew close to each other by their interest in anime.

For some odd reason, the two seemed to have forgotten each other, not even recognizing each other after years passed. It wasn't until later that they remembered their past as not-alone buddies. Aphmau was one of the few girls who tolerated his womanizer personality and seems to enjoy his company nonetheless.

Ivy's GroupEdit

Ivy Edit

Aphmau's relationship with Ivy had a bitter start. Ever since the start of freshman year, Ivy and her gang bullied Aphmau due to Ivy being jealous about Garroth talking to her. One of her worst acts being cornering Aphmau alone in the girls locker room, pushing her to the floor and tricking Hyria into getting Aphmau into detention. The other being faking being a crying student, having Lily knock her out from behind and leaving her in a locker after school. Ivy only stopped when she heard that Aphmau was interested in Aaron. She did however inconsistently push her during the start of the second year.

As she matured, Ivy started to look back at herself and notice how stupid she was to Aphmau. She finally had the chance to apologize to Aphmau in Love~Love Paradise, even helping her rebuild her sandcastle in the sandcastle competition.


Alex wasn't a bully to Aphmau directly, due to being quiet most of the time.


Supporting Ivy's interests, Lily was a bully to Aphmau. Unlucky for Aphmau, Lily was the fast thinker of the group, being able to even deceive teachers just to get Aphmau in detention for Ivy's actions. She's also not afraid to put her hands on Aphmau as she did to trap her in a locker. When faking being Aaron's friend in Gene's scheme, she saw Aphmau with Aaron and decided to bully her. Aaron then dumped her as a friend for her actions.

Shadow KnightsEdit


Aphmau has been given the nickname "Kitty" by his group. She was once blackmailed by Gene to be her pawn and was forced to ditch school and tag a wall in the park, which she almost got arrested for. He was also responsible for causing Garroth and Laurance to shortly dismiss her as a friend. She especially didn't like it when Gene tried to get Aaron expelled.

In Love~Love Paradise, Gene was found by Sylvana, who admits that he feels sorry for what he did. Unlike Ivy, it took more effort to gain Aphmau's trust due to what he did to Aphmau ended up being worse. She eventually accepted him as a friend, also allowing him to work in her maid café. She later befriended both Zenix and Sasha as well after she helped Gene get a house in the neighborhood.

When Ivan tagged the entire street with the Shadow Knight's logo, Aphmau had trouble believing Gene and his friends being innocent at first, but was convinced by Laurance to help expose the real criminal.

Phoenix Drop HighEdit


On the first day of high school, Teony was there to help Aphmau get familiar with the school. They later became friends as she was invited to Aphmau's sleepover. Her kindness inspired Aphmau to help others starting the beginning of next year.


Aphmau fist met Kai during sophomore year in which he defended her from Ivy and Lily after they pushed her. Aphmau developed a crush on him, but he didn't notice. He taught Aphmau more about meif'wa’s and gave her a tuna fish sandwich every time she forgot one or gave it to someone else. When Aphmau tried to confess her feelings towards him, he admitted that he was in love with someone else, causing her to avoid him.

Aphmau being a friend, eventually decided to help Kai admit his feelings to Katelyn. Noticing how Aphmau loved him, Katelyn was a little upset about Kai and they decided to be friends. Kai then took Aphmau on a date, which ended up going horrible when Kai said "I'll learn to love her". When Aphmau asked him what he knew about her, all he could think of was that she liked tuna fish sandwiches. On the next day of school, Kai apologized for his actions and they decided to just be friends.

In Starlight Wonderland Kai was talking to Aaron, her Fiancé about why Kai rejected Aphmau but Kai started going on about how he didn’t think she was special or pretty, but Aaron defended Aphmau.


When they first met, Ein went up to Aphmau's personal space and instinctively sniffed her, which she slapped him for. When she lost her phone the same day, Ein found it and returned it to her. When they went to the mall together, Aphmau found out from other werewolves that Ein was the omega, making Aphmau feel sorry for him, eventually telling the other werewolves to stop mistreating him. Ein also helped her understand werewolves better and went out of the way to help prove her innocence after she was blamed for tagging the cafeteria.

When Ein was declared Alpha, his true nature started to show. Behind Aphmau's back, he forced Daniel, Dottie and Rylan to choose which of them would be the omega. When they refused to pick, Ein declared Daniel the Omega, choosing to never reveal it to Aphmau. He also betrayed Aphmau's trust by trading pictures of her to Gene for hair dye, which didn't go as planned since all the pictures had her looking like a werewolf.

When Ein heard rumors that Aphmau was going on a date with Kai, he made it his mission to sabotage it. When the plan worked, Aphmau went up to Ein and asked what he knew about her. Ein's response made it seem like he just used her to become alpha, later trying to bribe her back with chocolate. He later broke into her house and told her mother they were dating (which they weren't), getting Aphmau undeservingly grounded. He eventually spread the rumor to the entire school and also made the werewolves fight more than they ever did before. When Aphmau went to confront him, he yelled at her and threatened to take away her position as alpha. Kacey tried to defend her, but Ein pushed him aside, enforcing him to know his place. This lead to other werewolves to treat Aphmau more like the omega than alpha, as they did by not listening to her reasoning and stealing her phone.

Later on, we see that Ein only sees Aphmau as a prize, not even having any feelings for her, calling her imperfect and preferring that she was a werewolf. He has no respect for her friends and only plans to eliminate them from her life. He'll even go as far as physically torturing them until they bleed, as he did with Kacey. When asked by Aphmau herself if he had his phone, which she knew he did, he lied to her face without regret and was hiding it in his clothes where she wouldn't expect it. When Aphmau snapped at Ein about her phone and everything else he did after becoming alpha and challenged him to the werewolf games, he said she will have to be his girlfriend for real if he won. Ein later used Aphmau's phone to pretend to be her and break her up with Aaron. When asked about the werewolf games, he said he plotted to play dirty, even if it meant Aphmau directly being injured by other werewolves or even himself. He hoped that with her being his official girlfriend, he will have full control over every werewolf in the school. Because of how Ein treated her, Aphmau saw Ein as a jerk, the very thought of it even causing her to cry.

Unlike Ivy and Gene, Ein became more corrupted as he matured, growing up with a desire for vengeance instead of having remorse. To get back at Aaron for allowing his title as alpha to be taken from him so easily, he forced an engaged relationship with Aphmau and later forced her to hate Aaron to the bone with forever potions. When Aphmau "failed" to kill Aaron, Ein slapped her across the face, giving her a bruise, showing he still lacked any feelings for her and only used her as a tool for revenge. Ein even said during his battle with Aaron that he will hit her again when he's done, just to make Aaron upset. The events that transpired led to Aphmau and Aaron being separated from each other for about 12 months, being the most depressing and saddest time in both their lives. Because of this, whatever little remorse Aphmau had left for Ein, it was completely gone, only remembering him for the monster he was.


The werewolves of Phoenix Drop High at first only saw Aphmau as a human that got mixed up into werewolf class. It wasn't until she stood up to Aaron, who was the current alpha male, that they started to recognize her as the alpha female. As their alpha, they started to be extremely nice to her and most of them wanted to even take her to prom.

Ever since she realized she was alpha, Aphmau developed a parental bond to her fellow werewolves, even calling them her pups. One of the werewolves even said that she was the best alpha they ever had. She even befriended some of the werewolves directly, namely Daniel, Dottie, Rylan and Blaze. Aphmau even said that Daniel was like a little brother to her.

Their opinion on her changed however when Ein became the new alpha male. He slowly undid all of Aphmau's hard work to keep peace and made the werewolves more violent than ever. He also convinced them to no longer treat Aphmau as alpha because she was a human, causing other werewolves to disobey her in favor of Ein and even bully her, namely Jax and Ryder, who stole her phone and gave it to Ein. It wasn't until Daniel was made the new alpha and Ein was expelled that peace was restored and the werewolves started to respect her again.

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