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Aphmau In Danger/Transcript
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Season 1, Episode 5
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"The Missing Parts"

"Lost In The Forest"

The episode begins right where the previous episode left off. Aphmau’s house is set ablaze, and Laurance, Aphmau and Modzilla are all staring at it, shocked speechless.

Aphmau: M…my house!

Aphmau tries to run towards her house. Laurance stops her.

Laurance: Stand back! Something’s wrong.

Modzilla: Well obviously! The house is on fire!

Aphmau: It’s…it’s…

The same figure, The Altar, seen at the end of Episode 1 teleports behind the group and approaches Modzilla. It strikes Modzilla down. Aphmau and Laurance notice it.

Aphmau: What?

Laurance: It’s here!

Laurance draws his sword against The Alter. He charges, but The Alter teleports away. The Alter teleports to Aphmau, where it draws its sword and holds it over Aphmau’s neck, restraining her.

Aphmau: Ugh…ghh…get off me!

Laurance: Let her go!

Aphmau tries to bite The Alter. Modzilla gets up.

Laurance: Hold on, I’m coming!

Laurance charges towards Aphmau. The Alter releases Aphmau from it’s grip, but it still holds its sword over her. It glares angrily at Laurance, it's pink eyes meeting his blue eyes.

Laurance: Ugh…fine.

Laurance lays down his weapon. The Alter shoves Aphmau aside and charges at Laurance, punching him. He is sent to the floor. Aphmau recovers and picks up Laurance’s sword. She uses it to stab the Alter, who is unfazed by it. The Alter turns around, startling Aphmau. The Alter looks furious at her.

Modzilla: Aphmau! Run!

Aphmau takes the opportunity to run away from The Alter. Laurance picks his weapon back up and attacks The Alter. It deflects Laurance’s sword. The Alter teleports away.

Laurance: Aphmau!

Aphmau is still running away. She runs through the forest. The Alter follows her. Aphmau stops to catch her breath.

Aphmau: I can’t…I can’t outrun him…I’ve got to hide…

Aphmau looks around her surroundings looking for a hiding place. She decides to climb a nearby tree. She hides among the leaves as The Alter walks below the tree she is hiding in, looking for her. It teleports away. Aphmau climbs down the tree, and runs off. She hears the sound of teleporting and she wildly looks around her surroundings. The Alter spots her, and it teleports closer to her.

Aphmau: Ah!

The Alter teleports again.

Aphmau: Why isn’t he…coming after me?

The Alter reappears, charging towards Aphmau. Before The Alter can reach her, another man charges, flinging The Alter back. He stands in front of Aphmau, holding out his axe. The Alter recovers and draws its sword. The man with the axe charges towards The Alter, but it dodges. The Alter charges towards Aphmau, stabbing her in the arm. Aphmau recoils in pain, the stab wound now generating a void burn. The man with the axe attacks The Alter from behind, knocking him down. Aphmau collapses against a tree. The Alter looks around, then disappears into fire. The man with the axe rushes to Aphmau. She is in pain from the stab wound by The Alter. The man looks at Aphmau.

Aphmau: (in pain) Who…who are you?

The man pulls out his axe, and he starts to heat it up over the fire.

Aphmau: (in pain) W…what are you doing?

The man takes his axe out of the fire. He proceeds to get closer to Aphmau.

Aphmau: H…huh?

Jayden: This will hurt.

Aphmau: What?

Jayden: A lot.

The man places his burning axe over Aphmau’s wound, cauterising it. Aphmau yells out in pain. The man takes his axe off of Aphmau’s wound.

Jayden: Sorry.

Aphmau ends up passing out. Meanwhile with Laurance and Modzilla, they hear Aphmau’s earlier distant scream from the forest. Modzilla is clutching his arm.

Laurance: Aphmau!

Modzilla: We have to find her!

Modzilla and Laurance run in the direction of Aphmau’s scream. Meanwhile, the man who cauterised Aphmau’s wound decides to flee the area, leaving an unconscious Aphmau alone. Laurance and Modzilla arrive moments later. Laurance runs to Aphmau’s side.

Laurance: Aphmau?! Aphmau, can you hear me?!

Modzilla: What the…it looks like there’s a void burn on her arm…but not just any…

Laurance: We need a doctor!

Modzilla: I do have a doctorate I’ll have you know.

Laurance: Help her then!

Modzilla: I really should’ve been more specific on what type of doctorate really…I’m not qualified for the attention she needs, we should probably get her back to the village.

Laurance turns to Aphmau, and leans down.

Laurance: Hold on…we’ll get you help…

Laurance picks Aphmau up, and he and Modzilla return to the village. It cuts to the next scene back in the village at morning. Aphmau is in a bed, hooked up to a monitor, still unconscious. It changes to Modzilla’s perspective. Tommy, Laurance, Modzilla and Laila are all around her.

Laurance: I was too late…

Modzilla: It’s not your fault. The Alter’s teleportation grants him every advantage. It’s a miracle you yourself made it out of there intact.

Laurance: She’s the only familiarity I had in this world…I failed her!

Modzilla: Laurance, she’s not your responsibility. She’s safe. And you should be thankful for that.

Modzilla gets closer to the bed Aphmau is laying in. He looks at Tommy, and sighs.

Modzilla: I suppose this wasn’t really the reunion you were hoping for between you and I, huh? I suppose trouble’s always followed us. Don’t worry though, the ladies love it. Heh heh…

Tommy: Whoever did this to her…I will find them…

Modzilla: Tommy, hey…

Tommy: They’ll pay for this…

Modzilla: I know what you’re feeling. And I know you’re at an age where those kind of feelings seem all encompassing, isolating and even unresolvable but…we can’t do anything right now. Not when we only have hypothetical outlines of what we’re up against.

Tommy: Can’t do anything? You caused this! Y-you! You! I will do something about this! I will find out who’s responsible!

Tommy runs out of the hospital area.

Laurance: Quite a temper on him…

Modzilla: I had quite the temper at that age too. It’s…it’s difficult to lose something you love. He’s too young. I think this was too close of a call for him to handle. I’m gonna go after him. Find me if there’s an update on her condition.

Modzilla walks out of the room. The scene changes to third person perspective as Laurance looks over at the bed Aphmau is resting on. Laila is looking over at the monitor.

Laila: Hmm…her vitals picked up for a second there…but…if she managed to pull herself out of unconsciousness it was only for a second.

Laurance: Oh…

Laurance notices Aphmau’s void burns.

Laurance: Those void burns…

Laila: Permanent. Or at least we don’t know of a case where they faded…I do have to note though, something’s different about this particular burn.

Laurance: How so?

Laila: I…can’t explain it exactly. I’ll have to do more research. Develop a hypothesis.

Laurance: But…she’s okay, right? Right?

Laila: I…I have theories, but I can’t just..

Laurance: Heh…Laila…you can tell me. You can trust me. We’re friends aren’t we?

Laila: Um…no. Not really. In fact, this is the first real conversation I’ve had with you.

Laurance: Sorry…I didn’t mean to assume anything between us…I’m a little out of my element…maybe a smart girl like you could help me feel more…comforted? By telling me what this…”hypothersis” of yours is?

Laila starts to blush.

Laila: It’s “hypothesis”, and what are you doing?

Laurance: Who, me?

Laila: Is this how you usually get what you want?

Laurance: Huh?

Laila: Even if you were acting even remotely genuine, I’m in a relationship already, okay?

Laurance: Oh, come on…a little flirting never hurt anyone. I’m sure your boyfriend wouldn’t mind.

Laila: That “boyfriend” is a girlfriend. And even if you’re…well…you’re you…I’m an honest girlfriend myself.

Laurance: So…you and Polly are a thing, huh? I thought you and her were still fighting about the portal experiment.

Laila: Which is exactly why I’m not going to give her any ammunition to even the fight out.

Laurance: I’m just trying to find out information.

Laila: Look…I don’t know what kind of Casanova you think you are, I’m not giving you my hypothesis without proper evidence.

Laurance: So you’re just not going to tell me then?

Laila: That’s what I just said. At least, not until I have something more to go on than a hunch. Besides, it’s just going to worry you.

Laurance: Can you at least tell me if she’s going to wake up?

Laila: She…yes. She should. Hopefully soon. She’s suffered a lot of trauma and she’s probably still under several layers of shock, but she’s the only one of us who came into close contact with that Alter…she might know the answer to at least a few of our questions.

Laila leaves the room. Laurance sits beside Aphmau. The scene cuts to Tommy outside, now shifting to Modzilla’s perspective. Tommy notices Modzilla approaching him.

Tommy: Leave me alone!

Modzilla: Tommy, wait!

Tommy: I said go!

Modzilla: Tommy, hold on a second, listen to me!

Tommy: What?

Modzilla: I…Tommy, I know how you’re feeling.

Tommy: You were trying to joke around about this, you have no idea how I feel!

Modzilla: Except that I do! Because I’ve been you!

Tommy: We’re not the same. You left! And now she’s…she’s…she’s all I have left.

Tommy starts to cry.

Modzilla: I know I left you, I know our separation was mutual but, I don’t blame you for feeling abandoned. You’re just a kid.

Tommy: Don’t call me a kid, I’m a man now. I’m just…I just don’t wanna be alone. Is that too much to ask? I…I don’t wanna be a-alone…

Modzilla: I know what you’re feeling. And I know you don’t wanna hear that right now but…I can…understand what you’re going through…even though we’re our own people. Look at you, you’re growing taller every day. You don’t have to keep wearing this face paint, y’know? You don’t have to emulate me.

Modzilla tries to wipe off the paint, but he finds that it’s not coming off.

Modzilla: Huh…it…it’s not coming off…

Tommy: After you left, I stopped wearing the paint. But slowly after time, the void burn started to appear slowly…until it became this.

Modzilla: No…no…that’s impossible! I’ve never even humoured the thought that void burns could transcend DNA replication!

Tommy: It…it…it’s fine. I have to stay on task, I need to find that…thing…that did this to Aphmau.

Modzilla: The most important thing right now is to ensure that the void stays contained in Polly’s lab. That’s our priority.

Tommy: Do you know how we can get rid of the Alter? Do you have even a tiny idea?

Modzilla: With our combined brain power, we’ll figure it out.

Tommy exhales.

Tommy: Okay. Okay. We’ll…figure this out.

Modzilla: Heh heh, don’t we always?

Tommy: Not always…um…I’m sorry you lost Polly back on your world. I can’t…actually I can…I can imagine how terrible that must feel.

Modzilla: The most I can do right now is to make sure the same fate doesn’t befall all of you.

There is a moment of silence.

Modzilla: You may be a man now but no ordinary man can take on that monster. Not without a plan. How about for now, let’s head back and check on Aphmau, then from there we can come up with a plan.

Tommy: I’d…appreciate that. A lot…

Modzilla: Let’s go.

The scene changes as it shifts back into third person perspective. Laurance is still by Aphmau’s bedside, as she is still breathing.

Laurance: I…I’m sorry…you’re not my lady…but I can’t help but feel…is that wrong? To see her in you, despite being different people? I promised to protect her…she’d want me to protect you, too.

Aphmau goes limp, and the monitor flatlines. Laurance turns to the monitor, then Aphmau.

Laurance: Aphmau? Aphmau?!

Aphmau soon raises her hand, and grasps Laurance’s neck.

Laurance: Agh!

Laurance starts gasping for breath as Aphmau turns to look at him. Her eyes are now similar to that of The Alter, light pink with grey sclera. She glares angrily at Laurance.

Laurance: Aph…Aphmau!

Aphmau continues to stare at Laurance, glaring at him coldly as she chokes him. The episode ends here.