Aphmau In Wonderland
Phoenix Drop High 29
Season 1, Episode 29
Post Date June 19, 2016
Duration 15:03
Written By Aphmau
Produced By Dom
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"Aphmau In Wonderland" is the 29th episode of MyStreet Phoenix Drop HighIt premiered on June 19th, 2016. 


"Aphmau goes through the looking glass."

Episode OverviewEdit

The episode opens with Aphmau and Aaron talking about finals. Aphmau is tired because she got very little sleep, and is worried about her final for the day, creative writing. After chastising her for not getting more sleep, Aaron says that he and Aphmau can walk home together because she is so tired.

The scene changes to inside the classroom where the teacher goes over the rules for the final. Aphmau is still shown to be very tired, but reads the prompt, "Twelve years have gone by from today and you are now an adult. You have a box of memories and you decide to open it. You find a letter from yourself about a magical adventure you had as a kid. What kind of adventure was it, and what do you think it meant to you?" She appears confused about the prompt, and then 'almost' falls asleep. She sees a bunny with purple eyes outside the classroom, and decides to follow it. She follows it outside school grounds, and almost up the mountain, when she finds a hole, which the bunny proceeds to push her into. She falls onto some yellow flowers, and is greeted by Teony. Teony says that she will lead Aphmau to her classroom, but Aphmau first asks about the bunny that pushed her. Teony says that she is a silly child for chasing a rabbit, and despite Aphmau's protests, still gives her a piece of candy. She then leads Aphmau to her classroom, but the classroom is much too small for a person. Aphmau finds no one to tell though, because Teony has disappeared.

Aphmau decides to eat the candy, which shrinks her down enough that she can fit inside the classroom. In the classroom are Dante, the teacher, and Travis, the sole student. Dante is teaching class on swag and complimenting girls, and Travis is taking notes. Travis says Dante just wants someone to pay attention to him, so they should do as he says. Dante also gets mad at Aphmau for having not read the assigned chapter. Aphmau disagrees with Dante's teaching, and shortly thereafter leaves the classroom.

Outside the classroom, Aphmau hears a voice. She identifies it as coming from Lucinda, now a Meif'wa, who is in a tree. Aphmau asks for help getting back to class, and Lucinda says that she can help. Lucinda then proceeds to offer a potion that can turn people in to cats, but Aphmau says that won't help. Lucinda replies that it is no more useless then chasing around your feelings, especially when you let them run away from you. Aphmau is confused, but asks Lucinda if she has seen a bunny. Lucinda replies she has not, and Aphmau should see the Dad Hatter if she wants to know.

Suddenly Kawaii~Chan bursts in proclaiming that Lucinda is under arrest for illegal cat potions, causing Lucinda to disappear. Aphmau decides to go see the Dad Hatter in the cafeteria.

Inside the cafeteria is Eric, who is the Dad Hatter, Zianna, Savannah, and all three Ro'Meave boys as babies. Aphmau asks Eric about the white rabbit she is looking for, but he says that she will have to ask the king if she wants to know that. However, Eric, Savannah, and Zianna all protest against her seeing the king because he is a boy. Aphmau asks about the king, and immediately afterwards questions about Eric being a boy. When Aphmau says that Eric is a boy however, he says that he is Erica and therefore isn't a boy. He also tells Aphmau the King is the King of Hearts, and can be found in the music room. Savannah cautions against the King, saying he isn't nice to those he doesn't know, but Zianna says, "She'll be fine, she's gotten this far."

Aphmau rushes to the music room, and steps through the middle practice room doorway, somehow ending up in the gym. In the gym she sees Balto, Gene, and the masked King. Balto says that she is in no way suitable for the title of Queen, for she isn't mature enough. He goes on to say that she is prey, and he is predator, and it is impossible to tell if she even cares for the King of Hearts. Gene says he has evidence against her, so if she cannot prove she is mature enough for the king, she will be executed. Aphmau says that she can prove she is an adult, but is scared when asked how she handles love. Aphmau says that she doesn't even know what love is or if she is in love, for she barely met the King.

Balto yells for her to prove she is mature enough, causing Aphmau to retort by yelling back, "How!?" Her friends rush out, saying different ways she could be mature. Dante suggests she could pay attention in class. Lucinda suggests facing her problems without a potion, and Kawaii~Chan agrees.

The white rabbit turns out to be a different version of Aphmau, who tells Aphmau to be honest and tell the King how she truly feels. The white rabbit Aphmau and regular Aphmau turn into one Aphmau, who runs up to the King. She ends up confessing. The King questions her on what she is afraid of, and Aphmau responds that she isn't sure if she wants to be with Aaron, the King, or FC. Aaron then responds that he isn't as scary as Aphmau thinks he is, and she should remember him and FC are the same person. Aphmau retorts that she's also scared of rejection, but the King says that he was afraid of the same thing. Aphmau also says that she is afraid being with Aaron will hurt. However, she accepts that there is only one way to find out.

At that point, Aphmau wakes up in class. She panics because she only has five minutes to complete the final. Then she notices something strange: She has been writing in her sleep! It turns out she wrote her whole dream, so she only has to proof read it.

After the bell rings, the scene changes to beside Aaron's classroom, where Aphmau is waiting. Whe Aaron exits, Aphmau asks how he did on the final, which he is confident he aced. She proceeds to tell Aaron about how she fell asleep, which scares him, but he calms down when he realizes she finished anyway. Aphmau then tells Aaron about her dream, and how the dream made her realize something: Not that she needs to stop relying so much on others, or tell Aaron how she feels, but that he would look cute as a werewolf. This flusters Aaron, as he was expecting one of the other examples, but he eventually recovers, and they walk out of the halls together.

The white rabbit from Aphmau's dream hops in the scene, slowly shakes its head, and then hops away. Thus ends the episode.

Characters Edit


  • Since the episode revolved around Aphmau exploring Wonderland, many of the characters used different skins and identities
    • Teony appears as Toriel from Undertale.
    • Travis and Dante are Drake from "Hotline Bling."
    • Lucinda as Cheshire Cat and Kawaii~Chan as a Knight of Hearts.
    • Eric as Dad Hatter/Erica and Savannah as Mom Hare. The Ro'Meave brothers appear and are babies and Zianna appeared but her character is unknown.
    • Gene and Balto appear as a judge and lawyer respectively.
    • Lastly, Aaron as King of Hearts/Werewolves and Aphmau who turns out to be the Judy Hopps/Purple-Eyed Rabbit.
  • This episode directly foreshadows Aaron being an Ultima Werewolf, as Aaron was the king of werewolves in this episode.
  • Aphmau confronts her feelings for Aaron, but only during the dream sequence. Her reasoning for ignoring her feelings is rejection and if her true feelings lies to Aaron or FC. She also is afraid that being with Aaron will hurt.
    • The white rabbit she is trying to catch represents her true feelings.
  • Some characters, beyond their dream alter-egos also bring up worries of Aphmau's connected to their real-life self.
    • Aphmau is worried that Dante will corrupt Travis and the possibility of failing her classes (Dante).
    • Aphmau is worried that she won't have a way out (Lucinda and her potion).
    • Aphmau is worried about outside pressures (Kawaii~Chan).
    • Aphmau is worried that adult figures in her life will disapprove of her relationship (Eric, Zianna, and Savannah).
    • Finally, the obstacles she endured upon meeting the identity of FC. (Balto and Gene). 
  • A snippet of the Classroom scene with Dante and Travis was released a day before on Aphmau's Twitter.

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Aphmau In Wonderland - MyStreet Phoenix Drop High -Ep

Aphmau In Wonderland - MyStreet Phoenix Drop High -Ep.29 Minecraft Roleplay-

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