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"Aaron's Friend"

"Meeting FC"

*The Episode starts off with Aphmau and Garroth walking with each other to school*

*They walk until they reached the school*

Garroth: ...And then he goes 'Yeah, well it takes one to know one' and then I was all like 'BURN!'

*They both laugh*

Aphmau: You just yelled that right in front of them?

Garroth: Yeah, oh it was great! Wish you could have been at the game.

Aphmau: Hehe! Same, sorry, I had a lot of homework I needed to do that night. Then I went into a dungeon with my friend, and...

Garroth: Dungeon?

Aphmau: Ah, Video games. heh.

Garroth: Ahhh, I see. Huh, man, we got to school so fast.

Aphmau: Wow, I know, right. Thanks for walking with me again.

Garroth: No, thank you for walking with me, It's always great.

Aphmau: Huh, well, I gotta—

Garroth: Aphmau, wait! I, um, wanted to ask, uh if you've thought about getting a boyfriend.

Aphmau: Hmm? Oh ya, I ordered one in the mail. He comes with, like, seven outfits.

Garroth: Wait what?

*Aphmau laughs*

Aphmau: I'm joking, I'm joking, hehe! It's a terrible joke, I know, but um, heh, uh sorry, its just the way you asked it.

*Aphmau Giggles*

Garroth: Haha! Funny, uh, but, I'm kind of serious. I wanted to ask if you'd be interested in talking about that soon.

Aphmau: I-it's just that you brought it up so suddenly. I—

Garroth: Oh, that's fine, that's why I said "soon", w-we don't have to talk about it now, just, um, think about it, okay?

Aphmau: (giggles) Okay, I will. Um, I need to get to class. I'm helping the teacher set up a project for first period, so, I'll talk to you later? (She walks inside the school)

*Gene walks up to Garroth*

Garroth: Haha! Talk to you later! (Aphmau walks away) (He whispers) "She's beautiful".

Gene: Man, you really have the hots for her, huh.

Garroth: Huh, Gene.

Gene: Long time to see Garroth, How ya been?

Garroth: I've been great without you around, so let's keep it that way.

Gene: I can tell, huh. Hey, where are you going?

Garroth: Away from you.

Gene: Fine, I guess you don't want to know the big secret that Aphmau's been keeping from ya. Of course you aren't one to kiss and tell either, are ya?

Garroth: What are you talking about?

Gene: Don't play dumb with me. I happen to know your little secret, Garroth.

Garroth: You mean, when I kissed Aphmau?

Gene: Whaaat? You kissed Aphmau?

Garroth: N-no! That's not what I—

Gene: So I guess Laurance wasn't the only one.

Garroth: I didn't mean that, I— wait, what are you talking about?

Gene: Oh, you mean you didn't know about their little kiss? Oh, well, I guess Laurance wouldn't have told you about that either, seeing as it happened during your date with Aphmau.

Garroth: T— I don't believe you for a second. Now you're just trying to get under my skin. Leave me alone.

Gene: Fine. But the proof in in the picture. Here, take a look. Photo booth evidence. (gives the picture to Garroth)

Garroth: What the—

Gene: I'll leave you with your thoughts. (Whistles away)

*Camera follows Gene inside the school, where Zenix is waiting for him*

Zenix: What was that about? I thought you just wanted to go after Aaron!

Gene: I want to make examples out of anyone who stands up to me. Aphmau was the first person to do that to me. And even though he doesn't know it, Aaron let her slip through my grasp the first time by destroying my phone. No one makes a fool out of me an gets away with it. Plus, Aphmau still is going to join the Shadow Nights. On her own. Hahaha!

*Screen goes back to Garroth, and the picture of Laurance and Aphmau kissing fills the screen*

Garroth: T-This can't be real.

*Screen then goes to Aphmau pushing a heavy crate into her homeroom class. No one is there except for Zane, who is completely ignoring Aphmau*

Aphmau: Ugh! (pants) Oh, this box is heavy! (sees Zane) Hey Zane! Can you give me a hand here?

Zane: No!

Aphmau: Zane! You're supposed to be helping me!

Zane: Whatever!

Aphmau: Ugh!

Rylan: (walking in with Daniel) We'll help you.

Aphmau: Huh? Really?!

Rylan: Absolutely! Just tell us where you want this box.

Aphmau: Ha! Wow! Thank you guys so much! It's so kind of you two to help out of nowhere like that!

Rylan: No problem. Anything for the alpha's mate.

Aphmau: Haha! My name is actually pronounced "Aphmau", but, heh, nice try, heh. Also, I didn't know you were Australian?

Rylan: Uh, huh? Ok, well, wee you later, alpha lady. (They walk away)

Aphmau: Haha! See you later, mate! Oh my Irene, I hope I didn't offend them with that! Ah! (She walks towards Zane)

Zane: (doesn't see Aphmau, is looking at a book) Hmm, let's see. Something evil, something evil...

Aphmau: Hey, whatcha doin'?

Zane: Gah! It's none of your business!

Aphmau: Well, you're supposed to help me with that box like the teacher asked you to, but you didn't. So now I'm making whatever you're doing my business. Huh, hey, is that a drawing of a pony?

Zane: Ah! N-no, it's not! Go away!

Aphmau: Hmph. H-hey wait, are you still mad at me about the whole thing that happened with Gene? Um— uh, look, for what it's worth, I'm sorry. D-do you think we could still be friends?

Zane: No, we can never be— (thinking) "Wait a minute, Gene wants to control her. If I can get her to be my friend, maybe I can get some dirt on her, and Gene will have something to control her with! And then he'll let me join his gang!"

(Zane's imaginary scenario)

Gene: Wow, Zane, this is amazing! You got so much dirt on her! Now you're the leader of the Shadow Nights!

(Scenario ends)

Zane: "First, we take over the school. Then, the world! Hahahaha! This is my chance!" You know what, apology accepted.

Aphmau: R-really?

Zane: Yeah! You know what, you seem like a really trustworthy person. Can I tell you a secret?

Aphmau: Sure! I'm really good at keeping secrets.

Zane: Woo! Well, that's good to know. But, I-I don't feel comfortable telling you a secret when I don't know any of your secrets.

Aphmau: Well, I don't feel comfortable telling you any secrets, really. I mean, I barely know you, Zane.

Zane: Aww, but come on! We've been friends since we were kids! I really need someone I can trust right now.

Aphmau: Mmmm... Fine! You tell me one of your secrets, then I'll tell you one of mine, based on how deep yours is.

Zane: Ugh, fine. I— Well, I... like this... girl! Yeah, that's it!

Aphmau: Ooh! Juicy! Who is it?!

Zane: I-it's... this meifwa girl?

Aphmau: Kawaii~Chan?!

Zane: No eww! I mean, (clears throat) I-I mean, she's not in our class, she's, uhhh...

Aphmau: What does she look like?

Zane: Well, she has two eyes, cat ears, and a tail.

Aphmau: Oh! I think I know exactly who you're talking about!

Zane: W-WHAT?! YOU DO?!

Aphmau: Yes!

Zane: Ok, you know what, never mind. (Thinking) "I don't think I can do this, after all."

Aphmau: No, come on, Zane, let me help you! Maybe, all you need is a friend, or someone that can understand you. That way, we can melt that ice around your heart that is keeping you from opening up to someone.

Zane: For your information, I actually have friends, thank you.

Aphmau: Uh, you do?

Zane: Yes, duh. The Shadow Nights.

Aphmau: Really? You consider them, friends?

Zane: Yes! They're the only ones who understand the darkness in my heart.

Aphmau: Hahaha! hahahaha! Ha! Haha! (snorts) Hahaha! Hahaha! How do you have darkness in your heart with a mom like Zianna?

Zane: It's not funny! You don't know how I feel!

Aphmau: Okay, sheesh. I-I'm so sorry. I…didn't mean to offend you. Look, if you want to talk about anything, I don't mind listening.

Zane: (snorts) Just leave me alone.

Aphmau: Hmmm... You know what? I'm going to make up for laughing at you.

Zane: Huh?

Aphmau: I'm going to find out who your crush is, and set you up on a date.

Zane: WHAT! (bell rings)

Aphmau: Hahahaha! Just you wait! I'll make this up to you! Hehehehe!

Zane: Ok...Heh, she's going to make a fool of herself. That was just a lie I made up hahahah!

(Camera shows Zane walking down the hallway, where Aphmau is waiting, with a meifwa behind her)

Aphmau: What about her? Look! She has ears, and a tail!

Zane: NO! Go away!

(Camera shows Zane walking into the boys' bathroom. When he enters, Aphmau is there with a meifwa)

Aphmau: Is she her?

Zane: Ah! What are you doing here?

(Camera shows Zane at his locker. Aphmau pops up next to him with a meifwa)

Aphmau: Is she her?

Zane: What?! No! (He turns and walks away)

(Camera shows Zane sitting in class. Through the window, Aphmau shows up with Kawaii~Chan with a magenta mustache)

Aphmau: (knocks) What about this one?!

Zane: That's Kawaii~Chan! You just put a mustache on her!

Aphmau: Ha! No I didn't.

Kawaii~Chan: Yes, Aphmau~Sanpai did.

Aphmau: Quiet, Kawaii~Chan!

(Camera shows Zane walking outside. He hides behind some bleachers. THe camera angle changes to show Aphmau and Michi standing behind him)

Zane: Wooh! Geez, I think I lost her.

Aphmau: Zane!

Zane: Gah!

Aphmau: Ok, I know what you're thinking. But I think I found her. (turns to indicate Michi) Is this her?

Zane: No you didn't! Where do you keep finding these cat girls from?!

Michi: She offered me a mouse to come talk to you. (to Aphmau) Can I have my mouse now?

Aphmau: (sighs) Yeah fine. Here. (Gives her the mouse)

Michi: Yeah! Michi out!

Zane: Alright enough! I've had it with you! I lied to you! There is no girl I like! I just wanted to gain your trust!

Aphmau: So, all you wanted was a friend?

Zane: No! I don't want to be friends with you ever! And I never will! I have my Shadow Night friends and my online friends! I don't need you to be my friend! You're a stupid girl-thing and crazy!

Aphmau: *voice cracking* Um, I'm sorry. I was only trying to help.

Zane: Well, don't!

Aphmau: I mean, I've helped Katelyn keep her and Geoffrey a secret.

Zane: Yeah?! What else have yo done to help people, aside from annoy them?

Aphmau: Hey, I'm not annoying! I've helped plenty of people! Like Kawaii~Chan with her small bald spot on her tail that she covers up, or Teony when she got a C in math and was afraid to tell her parents.

Zane: Pfft! Yeah right! Those are stupid things!

Aphmau: They're stupid to you maybe, but to them, they matter! (Sighs) You know what, I…was being a little pushy with you. I'm sorry, I just got really excited when you started talking to me. I was hoping that we could be friends.

Zane: Yeah, well, I don't ever want to become your friend! EVER! (He leaves)

Aphmau: (sighs) Well, at least I tried.

(Outro music starts to play. Camera shows Zane walking out of the school, and Michi starts walking towards him)

Michi: Hey, you're that guy that asked his friend to give out all these cat toys, right?

Zane: N-No, I'm—

Michi: Well, today is my birthday, and no one remembered. Thanks for having your friend back there give this to me. It's pretty cute.

Zane: I-I don't think you understand, I didn't—

Michi: You're super cool for this. Thanks! See you later!

Zane: She-she said I was super cool? Bah! No one cares! I don't need to be cool! Ugh!

(Zane walks off, shaking his head as the outro plays)