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The Aphmau SMP, or ASMP, is a series of casually scripted modern Aphmau roleplay videos involving Aphmau and her friends' adventures on their modded Minecraft survival multiplayer server. Videos are uploaded on a daily basis, usually between the times of 3PM - 4PM EST.


SMP videos usually take place within the Minecraft hub, where everyone's bases and houses surround the area. Aphmau usually tests a new mod she installed to support or trick her friends, or engages in various shenanigans involving them, from drama to minigames. Characters usually don't play as strictly in-character as they do in other roleplays, as it's to be taken literally that they're playing on a Minecraft SMP. Despite this, they're scripted a fair amount.

Main Cast[]

  • Aphmau (Jessica Bravura)
  • Aaron (Jason Bravura)
  • Ein (Christopher Escalante)
  • Pierce (Shado_Temple)
  • KC (MegaMoeka)
  • Zane (Kestin Howard)
  • Kim (Corinne Sudberg)
  • Noi (Michael A. Zekas)

Guest Cast[]

Mac, Sylvanna, Zack, Garroth, Michi, Ivy, Gene, Rhys


  • According to Christopher Escalante, the videos are a mix of scripted and improv, but he cannot disclose how much.[1]
  • Whoever develops the mods is unknown.
  • Whoever designs the thumbnails is unknown.
  • Whoever designs the maps is unknown.
  • Mac used to be a member of the main cast, but she eventually became a side character.
  • Their server tends to update as Minecraft updates, including the lush caves biome, skulk biome, and warden from newer versions of Minecraft. However, these are due to backport mods, as the server is actually in 1.12. Some evidence supporting this includes the villages looking how they used to before 1.14, villagers having their old trading system, and the zombie pigmen having their original designs. [Citation needed]