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Art Buddies!
Phoenix Drop High 6
Season 1, Episode 6
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April 3, 2016



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"Weekend Friends!"

"Shadow Knights Rule!"

"Art Buddies!" is the 6th episode of MyStreet Phoenix Drop High. It premiered on April 3rd, 2016


"Aphmau heads to her art class, little does she know she shares the same class with her new friends!"


The episode begins with Aphmau wondering where Laurance is when she gets a text from FC. After some texting, Laurance approaches behind her and says hi. This causes Aphmau to jump and accidentally says that he's beautiful. Flattered, Laurance takes the news very well, which causes Aphmau to be even more embarrassed. When Laurance takes it to extreme measures, this causes Aphmau to faint. Laurance jokingly suggests that he should wake Aphmau up with a kiss, which causes Aphmau to regain consciousness so quickly and asks why he's doing this. Laurance innocently asks because it's cute. He asks if Aphmau wants to walk to school together with him, and Aphmau agrees.

When Laurance asks Aphmau what class she has, but right when she was about to reply, Garroth comes in and asks how was Aphmau's weekend. She says that it went alright, and when Laurance asks what class does Aphmau have, she replies that she has Art 101, and Garroth and Laurance say that they also have the art class too. Aphmau suggests that they should take selfie as art buddies, and they do before the bell rings and they enter. On the way to art class, they all explain why they are doing art class before the bell rings and they finally go to class. We then learn that Laurance is the captain of the soccer team. In art class Garroth asks for drawing lessons with Aphmau to help him get better. The teacher ask for a model in which Aphmau immediately responds. The teacher id surprised by Aphmau's confidence and chooses her. The class then gets an hour to paint Aphmau however they want. After class Laurance and Garroth show Aphmau their paintings. Aphmau says she likes them and tells Garroth that he will learn from Aphmau.



  • At the 4 minutes and 56 second mark, Nicole and Kawaii~Chan can be seen talking.
  • The Art Teacher is voiced by KamiWasa or Will, who works for Aphmau.
  • The Art Teacher's skin is based off of KamiWasa skin but with some added details to look like an art teacher. This makes sense considering that Will (KamiWasa) works as an artist for Aphmau. 
  • At the 9:36 mark, Zane is seen on a table eyeing Garroth as they pass by. 



Art Buddies! - MyStreet Phoenix Drop High -Ep.6 Minecraft Roleplay-


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