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Irene's Relic Edit

As it was first seen in episode 100, it was only shown for a short period of time. From what people know of it, it holds the power of last Irene. In season 1 episode 100, Zane tried to take the relic captive. He failed, as the relic suddenly appeared in front of Aphmau, it absorbing into her. it is later found out in Episode 100 of Season two, Aphmau is Irene herself. After the other Divine sealed Shad into the Nether and banished him, Irene sealed herself and her memories in her dimension and gave Hyria a staff that would summon her back, saying "Use it when the world needs me again." In latter years, Hyria gifted it to Vlyad and repeated the same message to him. Vlyad placed it right outside of Phoenix Drop, where Aphmau is first seen in Season one, Ep 1, "A New world.".

The pendant was first seen in season 1, episode 68 when Aphmau found the pendent on Kiki. The pendant's power made Kiki pass out and was brought to the Eastern wolf tribe village. When Kiki finally woke up, she told Aphmau that she was gifted the pendant by Zane. One of the wolfs from the Southern wolf tribe goes on to tell Aphmau the history of the pendant.

Alexis' Necklace Edit

Alexis' necklace was first seen in season one when Zane had arrived in the village for the wedding. It seemed to have the property to transform a person of any age into a shadow Knight, (Alexis was only a newborn at the time.) and to be controlled in some form. This occurred with Alexis until Aphmau knocked her out, and she stayed as an adult for quite some time before waking up. Years later, the pendant does not seem to have any effect and is lost.


Swords of The Divine Warriors Edit

These swords were given to Garroth, Dante, and Laurence by Katelyn.It is said these swords were blessed by priests which represented:Enki The Keeper

Esmund The Protector

Irene The Matron (Also known as Lady Irene)

The 4th one mentioned was originally Shad The Destroyer's, which wasn't given out.

These Figures, or "Divine Warriors." were huge idols and were highly exalted throughout the world, each pertaining to their own region. (E.g Irene- Ru'an, Enki - Gulruk.) They each held Relics gifted to them by Irene, but with the price of Immortality.

Communication Amulets Edit

Aphmau and Garroth's Communication Amulets (S1) Edit

Aaron and Jury of Nine's Communication Amulets (S1) Edit

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