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Human Sorceress Ava (by Asch)

(Our) Prisoner (by all of the Daemos living with her)

The Human Sorceress (again, by all of the Daemos living with her)

Princess Ava (by all of the Daemos living with her)

Prisoner (by Asch)

Pumpkin (by Andrew)



Daemos (disguise, temporary)


Bra (“Magic power source”)

Giant Novelty Pencil







Hair Color


Eye Color

Hot Pink

Personal Status


  • Steve
  • Kristen
  • Orin
  • Zex
First Appearance

"To The Other Side"

Voice Actor

Jessica Bravura

Ava is one of the protagonists in My Inner Demons

Biography Edit

During high school, Ava was bullied by other students and was often talked about behind her back. She snapped at people who suspected her home life was bad and was protective of her fathers Devon and Andrew. She didn't have many friends, though she did go to the movies with Lorelai and other unnamed teenagers. In the first episode (her first appearance), Ava is seen on her bed sleeping then awoken by her pet cat. She later gets a call from her friend Lorelai about going to the Anime Convention that was in town. Ava was going to a job interview when she then has an encounter with Daemos (Asch, Pierce, Noi, Rhys, and Leif). After Asch uses his magic, Ava faints in disbelief. In the second episode, we find out that Ava believes that the Daemos were just “some kind of a sexy dream”. We also find out that Ava wants to get rid of the Daemos, so she takes them to a government building and then walks away and leaves them to explore. Ava then lets the Daemos stay in her apartment overnight. In the third episode, Ava is seen sleeping in her bed again and she is holding a large pencil, as a weapon. She is woken up by Rhys flushing the toilet and then goes to the bathroom to use it. Later, she plays along with the Daemos and pretends to be a sorceress, and takes some of the Daemos (Asch, Noi, and Pierce) to the mall to buy them some more normal human clothing. Then she goes to the convenience store to buy food for her cat, however, she does not enough money to buy herself her Munchies Scrunchies cereal. When the group gets home they walk through a wall into a room that Rhys made (with magic) for the Daemos to live in. Ava faints again in disbelief. When she wakes back up, Pierce gives her a box of Munchies Scrunchies he stole. Ava is upset by this and takes the box of Munchies Scrunchies. As the episode closes we see Ava pour herself a bowl of the cereal, smiles, and let out a little chuckle.

Appearance Edit

Ava is short and has long raven hair and bright hot pink eyes. Her normal outfit consists of a light pink sweatshirt with short sleeves with shoulder cuts and black shorts with long black and pink striped socks and pink and white shoes. We also see Ava in her pajamas which consists of a light lavender sweatshirt with a purple cat on it and magenta color pants that have a variety of food printed on them.

As a Daemos, she had sharp, curled magenta horns on each side of her head.

Personality Edit

Ava has a much different personality than Aphmau. Ava is a bit feisty and she is also very lazy and doesn't have many friends. She seems to have a little temper but she also can be nice (according to Noi). Unlike Aphmau, she has a lot of energy and has no trouble making friends and has a lot of friends as well. Ava also swears a bit but it seems as though she is trying to stop doing it so much. Ava and Aphmau tend to blush easily in embarrassing moments.

Trivia Edit

  • Ava is afraid of roller coasters.
  • She hasn't had her first kiss, though she has kissed Asch, Rhys, Leif, Pierce, and Noi on the cheek.
  • She had a rough high school life as she was misunderstood and disliked.
  • Lorelai is her only female friend.
  • in one of Jess’s live-streams, According to Jess, Ava could be slightly possessive.
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