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He's... Sorry?


[Aphmau and Cyrus sit in the cafe, at the very same table Vance broke up with her- but she sits where he did. Vance and Cassidy sit at another table across from them. Both of their conversations take place at the same time.]

Aphmau: So, obviously we've been hanging out a lot recently..

Cassidy: Obviously, we've been official for a while now.

Vance: It's been two weeks.

Cassidy: Yes, like I said.. a while. And.. I think we need to talk.

Aphmau: I just feel like maybe the spark between us isn't there, or at least it's not as strong as we want it to be.

Cyrus: What makes you say that?

Aphmau: I-, um.. Cyrus..

Cassidy: I heard you had a little stunt with your ex-girlfriend in the hall this morning.

Vance: How did you- that was like 20 minutes ago, and no one was even around!

Cassidy: Rule number one of being a leader: know everyone, know everything.

Aphmau: I just.. know what you're feeling.. for reasons I probably can't explain without being sent to the school nurse. But, I know you started this thing between us with a lot of enthusiasm, and now you have.. significantly less.

Cyrus: What are you talking about? I love spending time with you, you're great!

Cassidy: She's laughable! Literally a child. We've talked about this.

Vance: we ended on a sour note! I wanted to make sure everything was cool.

Cyrus: Aphmau..? Is everything cool? With us?

Cassidy: Vance, you need to be focusing on your future, right now! Not whatever happened in the past! And if you're not willing to do that, then.. then you and I..

Aphmau: I keep feeling like what we had before we started dating was a lot more genuine and-.. and fun, and-.. and I missed that, and I think you do too.

Cyrus: Aphmau..

Aphmau: Cyrus..

Cassidy: Vance..

Vance: Cassidy..

Cyrus & Vance: Are you breaking up with me?

Aphmau: Yes..

Cassidy: No. You're going to be my prom king, remember? I'm not going to let you abandon all our plans, just because you're feeling nostalgic!

Vance: Cass, seriously, I was just checking in with her.

Cassidy: Ooh? And did you get that sticker as thanks?!

Aphmau: I'm really sorry Cyrus, but I think if we continue this, it might.. make things even worse, and I don't want to lose you as my friend.

Cyrus: No, yeah.. Yeah, I know you're right.. I don't know how you know, but you're right. [Cyrus starts to cry. His one heart becomes a broken one.]

Aphmau: I am so sorry.

Cyrus: You don't have to apologize! ..Sorry.

Aphmau: You don't have to-.. Here, can we just call it even? We gave it a shot. That was worth something right? ..Cyrus, you okay?

Cyrus: Me? Oh, totally, totally. Listen, is it all right if maybe.. we spent some time apart?

Aphmau: Apart?

Cyrus: Apart like, in general. Separate. I'm just gonna.. take a moment, get my head straight. A-A lot's happened recently.

Aphmau: No no, of course! Go for it!

Cyrus: Great, um, I'm just gonna.. yeah.

[Cyrus leaves. Aphmau starts to overhear Vance and Cassidy's conversation.]

Aphmau: That was.. That was rough.

Cassidy: What do you mean you won't see me until prom?!

Vance: I'm clearing my schedule. My great-great second godmother died or.. something.

Cassidy: You have a responsibility to uphold! You made promises! I bought you planner stickers!!

Vance: God, just give me a breather okay?!

[Vance gets up and runs out.]

Aphmau: ..Vance?

Cassidy: Hey, eyes on your own business, hmm?

Aphmau: I need to get out of here.. This place cannot have good vibes with the sheer amount of people dumped here..

[Aphmau looks off from the same roof she went to before.]

Ryo: So, what's the angst this time? It must be pretty serious if you're ditching class for it.

Aphmau: I'm just ditching homeroom. I told Mr. Monroy I had a stomachache.

Ryo: Ooh, rebel. I like it.

[Aph zones out.]

Ryo: Hey, space cadet. Earth is right here. stay with me.

Aphmau: What? Oh, um, sorry.

Ryo: You.. want to talk about it?

Aphmau: I don't know if you would be interested in the petty relationship drama of an 11th grader.

Ryo: Guess you misread me. That's alright, most do.

Aphmau: Heh! You're ridiculous. And also not helping, like at all.

Ryo: Hey now, you forget I'm a senior! So I know better than anyone else that junior year's rough. Freshman year is horrible because you don't know anything. Sophomore year is the literal worst because you don't know anything but you think you know everything.. and junior year.. well, junior year's a lot. I mean it's just so much.

Aphmau: And senior year?

Ryo: Seniors are just bored. We've come to zen-like terms with boredom though. Trust me, you'll reach my insufferable nirvana soon enough.

Aphmau: Looking forward to it!

Ryo: You'll get past this, Aphmau. All of this.

Aphmau: Because you know all?

Ryo: Because I know you're cute. You'll find a guy, won't take long.

Aphmau: I thought you wanted to be that guy.

Ryo: Well, that depends.

Aphmau: On what?

Ryo: Is the position of rebound open?

Aphmau: Heh, um.. Is it?

[Aphmau is presented with a choice box. The options are 'Ask Ryo out.' and 'Turn him down. Again.']

Aphmau: [to herself] I have a heart full of love and nothing to lose..!

[She chooses the first option. Her and Ryo stare for a moment before she says anything.]

Aphmau: Ryo..

Ryo: Yeah?

Aphmau: If you still want it, maybe we could go out sometime..?

[The scene cuts to the track field.]

Nakano: You're dating.. my brother?!

Aphmau: Woah..!

Nakano: My brother. My fake punk, cheap excuse for garbage grunge brother! My blood-bound, and reluctant forever (?)! The man I shared a womb with?!

Theo: Nakano, don't be gross!

Nakano: How could you- just- I don't- what?!

Aphmau: Listen, I-..I can explain!

Theo: See?! She's going to explain! I told you it was just a rumor! And that is just a rumor, right? You turned him down?

Aphmau: I did turn him down..! And then I said yes a.. little bit after, um.. [whispering] Please stop looking at me like that, you're scaring me..!

Nakano: [groans] Aphmau! Literally every rule book on friendship ever written shares one universal, cross-dimensional rule! Do you know what that rule is?!

Aphmau: Um, no white shoes after Labor Day?

Nakano: Don't date your friends' brothers! Ugh!!

[Nakano runs off.]

Aphmau: Nakano, wait! [She chases them for a moment, but gives up panting.] N-..Nakano hold on, just give me a moment!

Theo: I wouldn't try to chase them down! They placed second at regionals, you know? ..Sorry, not to be the bearer of inappropriately timed good news, but at least you've got a hot new boy now! I mean, a different hot boy than the last two - a brand-new hot boy, dang! You're really good at reeling them in, huh?

Aphmau: Thank you Theo..

Theo: Anytime!

[It cuts to show Aphmau is actually recounting these events to Ryo.]

Aphmau: And.. that's what happened.

Ryo: Ah, I see. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't think it would bother little Nakano-fun as much as it apparently did.

Aphmau: Nakano-fun?

Ryo: ..Just forget I said that. I don't want you getting in any more trouble than you already are with them.

Aphmau: Right. But.. Nakano-fun? Really?

Ryo: I was the one that started calling them by our last name because they were such a little jock about everything, but I was young and uncreative, and Nakano-fun stuck.

Aphmau: You guys really are siblings!

Ryo: Unfortunately and inseparably.

Aphmau: Is your relationship gonna be okay..? Because of.. you know, this? Me and you?

Ryo: 'Me and you'.. I like the sound of that.

Aphmau: I'm asking a serious question! Is.. everything gonna be alright with you two?

Ryo: It's gonna have to be, we're roommates after all.

Aphmau: Oh, right. Siblings room together.

Ryo: Yeah, and I mean this is probably going to be the thing that pushes Nakano-fun to finally duct tape a line down the center of the room to establish dominance and territory, but.. trust me when I say we've survived way worse than this.

Aphmau: Are you sure?

Ryo: Absolutely.

Aphmau: Good..! Because I don't want to be selfish, but.. I'm really, really tired of feeling confused and conflicted and.. embarrassed about everything I attempt to even do.

Ryo: I think the senior in you is coming out a little bit early.

Aphmau: You think so?

Ryo: I know so.

Aphmau: Because you're so cool and enlightened and a grade older?

Ryo: Because you're cool and funny and I like hanging out with you.

Aphmau: Oh.. heh.

[A choice box appears. The options are 'Feel conflicted, confused, and embarrassed.', and 'Ask him to prom!']

Aphmau: [to herself] Oh heck yeah! Finally! Ask him, ask him..!

[She chooses the second option.]

Aphmau: So..

Ryo: So?

Aphmau: If we're doing this..

Ryo: Which.. yes, yes we are.

Aphmau: Do you.. maybe want to go to prom with me?

Ryo: [laughing, then stops] Oh wait, you're serious?

Aphmau: Uh, yeah.

Ryo: Oh, um, that's.. uh, not really my scene.

Aphmau: It's not your..? But it's prom! It's the whole school's thing!

Ryo: What is this, an 80s movie? No one goes to prom anymore. No one wants to be complicit in a capitalistic ritual invented in the 1950s to further facilitate the solidification of the nuclear family.

Aphmau: But it's prom!

Ryo: Yeah sure it is.

Aphmau: But..

Ryo: Listen Aph, I don't even own a tux. And even if I did, you wouldn't want to see me in one.

Aphmau: I guess you would look kind of ridiculous.

Ryo: Oh totally. See? The whole thing is just ridiculous and expensive and draining and- and for what, spiked punch?

Aphmau: Uh.. the experience?

Ryo: Look.. I'm really sorry, but I don't want to go to prom, Aph. Is that okay with you?

Aphmau: I.. I guess it is what it is..