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Dark Brown

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Phoenix Drop High

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  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • Student Alpha Male
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"Werewolf Class"

Voice Actor

Cole Petty

  Balto is a major antagonist in MyStreet: Phoenix Drop High and the main antagonist in A Woof's Tale.


Balto was first seen in "Werewolf Class", where he's shown towards the back of the class arguing with Aaron over 'his' seat. While Aaron continues to brush off Balto's yelling, Fenrir tells Aphmau that he's been itching for a fight, revealing that the last person to aggravate him like this was sent to the hospital for weeks.

The moment Aaron actually insults him, Balto threatens violence, before Aphmau steps in and says she'll go get a teacher if he doesn't stop. He mocks her, approaching and intending to physically harm her before Aaron pulls his attention away again by throwing him out the window and knocking him out.

In "Kissing Katelyn!", he watches Aphmau and Aaron have a short back-and-forth from his seat, noting how feisty Aphmau acts towards him. After class, he approaches her and flirts with her, telling her he wants to get to know her better. She takes a rain check on their talk, Balto taking it smoothly and calling her a cutie before she leaves. After seeing Aaron glare at him from behind, he runs off.

In "She-Wolf", Balto approaches Aphmau after seeing her as a werewolf after Kawaii~Chan accidentally turns her into one. He flirts with her again, telling her being a werewolf looks good on her. His flirting continues to get closer, until he picks up Aaron's scent on her and assumes she's in a relationship with him. He starts to seem nervous, telling her they can talk later before he runs off.

In "Aaron's Friend", he enters the boys' bathroom, only to be mocked for no longer being Alpha, and losing it to Aaron. They tease him for being thrown out the window, calling him pathetic and a loser before exiting. Out of rage, he smashes a mirror, swearing he'll take Aaron down and reclaim Alpha status.

Gene enters from a stall, having heard the entire exchange. He notices Balto's anger towards Aaron and offers to work with him, Balto interrupting him to laugh before he can finish speaking. He tells Gene he's a lone wolf, and doesn't need help. Gene mocks him in the same manner as the werewolves, making fun of him for no longer being respected by other werewolves for being dethroned by a human.

After Gene brings up Aphmau, Balto takes the bait and asks what he means, listening to him talk about how Aaron acts towards her, letting her get away with being rude and feisty. Balto says he's marked her, Gene instead suggesting he's in love with Aphmau. He says they can work together to bring down Aaron, since it is a shared goal. Balto reluctantly agrees, asking what he needs to do, satisfied after Gene tells him he has a plan already in motion.

They both notice Zane has seemingly appeared from nowhere nearby, having heard at least some portion of their conversation. He asks what they're laughing about, before both of them start to brutally beat him.

In "FC and Shu", Balto approaches Aph and Aaron mid conversation. He starts to talk to Aphmau, only to get frustrated with Aaron being around her. He laughs at the idea of Aphmau and Aaron hanging out, questioning if she's going to punch him again. He starts to wonder why they're being playful with each other instead of arguing, asking if Aphmau would want to talk somewhere alone. He grabs her arm, only for Aaron to pull her away with a glare. Balto tells him to watch his back before he leaves.

He approaches the Shadow Knights and Ivy's group to tell Gene that Aph and Aaron are friends. He doesn't get why they went from fighting to acting like a couple, prompting Gene to yell at Lily to find out what happened between them. Lily says Aaron decided to break up their friendship upon her teasing Aphmau. Gene accuses her of lying, and after Ivy walks up and slaps Gene, he's left alone with Balto. Balto questions whether or not his plan will still hold up, following along when Gene tells him it'll be happening sooner than expected.

Later in the episode, Balto and Gene approach Aphmau and Aaron, Gene ordering Balto to start with his plan. Balto shoves Aaron, throwing punches and hitting him in an attempt to get him to fight back so Gene can record it and have Aaron expelled. Balto yells at him, continuing to keep Aaron away as Gene says he'll kiss Aphmau if Balto isn't moved aside.

Just before Aaron finally throws Balto away to keep Gene from kissing Aphmau, Garroth and Laurance interrupt and threaten to show the recording they've captured of the entire event to a teacher. Gene still tries to get his kiss, only to get punched down by Aphmau, before Kawaii~Chan throws a cat potion on both of them and transforms them into cats. She chases them away with a stick, both of them running off.

He appears again in A Woof's Tale, watching Aphmau and Aaron at the back of the class in the first episode. Aphmau's asleep during a test, Balto approaching afterwards and complaining that it's bad enough there's humans in the class, but one even disrespecting the class by falling asleep. He tells Aaron he might wake her up, taking the following threat smoothly and teasing him for being so overprotective of her and marking her. He tells Aaron to fight him so he can become Alpha, only to get thrown through the window and knocked out the moment he puts a hand on Aphmau's arm.

In the second episode, "Where Woof", he's shown getting Woof from Ivy, ordering her harshly to give it over. She asks for her reward, Balto forking over money for the plush. She says it's cheap, mocking him for wanting a plush to begin with. He tells her to shut up, laughing as she gets annoyed with him and leaves with her payment.

He's later shown in the field, running up and challenging Aaron to another fight. When he's denied, he pulls out Woof and tells Aaron he has his girlfriend's plush. Aaron tells him to give it back, but Balto provokes him by starting to slowly tear up the plush before Aaron glares and runs at him. He's shown again knocked out on the ground, the plush having been returned to Aphmau.

In "Prom!?", he's seen talking to Rylan about whether or not he's going to try to ask Aphmau to the prom. He sighs and says everyone's going to try, Rylan saying even he has plans. Balto thinks it's stupid that she was able to get into werewolf class to begin with because she's human. Rylan asks again if he has plans to ask her, interrupted by Jeffory intervening to encourage Balto. He tells him he has to be confident, Balto awkwardly thanking him for it. Both werewolves laugh over the fact that Jeffory tells him that he can ask out the Alpha Female right in front of Aaron, saying he'll definitely ask her out to annoy Aaron again.

In "Ask the Girl", Balto comes up to Aphmau to ask her to prom, flirting with her yet again. He gets rejected with a yell, continuing to pester her in asking. When Aaron hears her yell she doesn't want to go at all, Balto mocks him, laughing at him over the fact that his 'mate' doesn't want to go to prom with him. He insists they're an item, getting Aphmau to continuously say she wouldn't go to prom with Aaron, and that they aren't a thing right in front of him. He watches their following argument in satisfaction, even eating popcorn with it.

In "Aphmau In Wonderland", he's seen in the court scene in Aphmau's imagination alongside Gene and Aaron. He says she's too immature to be Aaron's mate, and stresses the fact that since she's human, they can't be together in the first place. He laughs at the idea of her being executed for not being mature enough, saying it's perfect for her.


He has short, dark brown hair with lighter brown werewolf ears. His eyes are red, and he has pale skin. He's only ever been seen in the boys' Phoenix Drop High uniform.

In A Woof's Tale, his ears are updated to be a brighter brown with pink on the inside.


Balto has a very feisty personality, where he's very easily provoked and aggravated. He looks for fights whenever he can. He seems to be somewhat smooth, flirting with Aphmau coolly unless Aaron is around. He comes off as zesty towards both ladies and men, but seems to care only about his pride, and not much else. Balto also seems to have an aversion to working with others as a result of that.

Episode Appearances[]


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Balto (MyStreet) image gallery


  • He is the former Alpha of his pack.
  • His counterpart in Minecraft Diaries does not have a human form at all, and is just a werewolf.
  • He was one of the first werewolves onscreen to introduce a human to werewolf violence, which has later been shown to be against school policy.
  • The hair on his player model is asymmetric on the sides. This was where the previous werewolf ears used to be before the models were added.


"Being a werewolf suits you."

Balto to Aphmau, Phoenix Drop High Episode 18 "She-Wolf"


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