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Battle of O'Khasis
Season 2, Episode 99
Post Date

June 2nd, 2016



Written by

Jess and Jason/Dom

Directed by

Jess and Jason/Dom

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"The Angel Irene"

"Battle of O'Khasis" is the ninety-ninth episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 2, and it uploaded on June 2nd, 2016.


"Garroth has a plan to save his mother. However he isn't going in alone..."

Episode Overview[]

Garroth and Vylad join forces to rescue their mother. Garroth seeks help from Amber, who introduces them to the Boss. Garroth discloses his identity as Lady Ro'Meave's son and promises to share more information once his mother is saved.

Inside O'Khasis, Vylad fights the guards while Garroth locates his mother. Ivy appears and pushes Vylad, leading to a fight between Garroth and Ivy. Garroth spares Ivy, but she attacks him from behind. Raven intervenes and defeats Ivy. Garroth and Vylad successfully rescue Lady Ro'Meave, who takes Ivy's relic. They head to the forest where Lady Ro'Meave shows her sons the relic before proceeding to Hyria's.

At Hyria's, they meet Aphmau, Lucinda, and Katelyn. Lady Ro'Meave receives a warm embrace from Hyria and decides to share the truth about Lady Irene with everyone.


  • The thumbnail for this episode features Garroth and Ivy
  • Three characters (Raven, Amber, and The Boss) were given a voice actor in this episode.
    • The VAs for Amber and the Boss were not mentioned in the description
  • Throughout the whole episode, all of the characters were given voice acting.
  • This is one of the few episodes in which Aphmau plays a minor role. 



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