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Love~Love Paradise!

Blast From The Past!


(Celestia whines and barks while crossing the road to Travis‘ house)

Travis: (Exhausted) Celestia! There you are girl. You’re here! Oh, thank goodness, (Celestia smashes vase) I know you would never leave me.

(Celestia barks and leaves)

Travis: Ah, good, she’s going to go get help.

(Music): One, two. One, two, three. I’ve been feelin‘ so small. Watched the clock ticking off the wall. But tonight I’m letting it go. Spend my coin for sure. I’m gonna be myself, or I can be someone else. No-one‘s stopping me now. I’m gonna skip my breaks, I’m gonna make mistakes. I just wanna feel alive. (Music fades out)

(Cut to Aphmau and Katelyn’s bedroom)

Katelyn: Hey, Sweetie. (Aphmau groans) Wake up, honey.

Aphmau: (Giggles) Aaron, I- (Gasps and screams)

Katelyn: Were you about to say…?

Aphmau: (Squeaks and shakes head) Oh, nothing… (Yawns)

Katelyn: Cover your mouth when you- (Yawns) Great, now you got me doin‘ it.

Aphmau: Heh, sorry. (Sighs) You know, you could’ve slept in the bed with me. It’s no different from a sleepover.

Katelyn: Nah, I’d feel bad, especially after Aaron decided to sleep on the couch downstairs. He’s not so bad, he respected my wish. But still, I’ve got my eyes on you two.

Aphmau: Speaking of which, I’m gonna go check on my cupcake.

Katelyn: (Scoffs) Cupcake?

Aphmau: Yeah, Aaron. Couples give each other cute nicknames, don’t they?

Katelyn: Ugh, barf!

Aphmau: You‘re just jealous because I’m not calling you cupcake. I get it.

Katelyn: Heh, duh!

Aphmau: In any case, be right back!

(Aphmau goes downstairs)


Aphmau: Huh? (Giggles) Oh, this is gonna be so good. Oh, Aaronnn, wake uppp.

Aaron: (Groans) Oh, whah?

(Twanging noise as he sees Garroth’s face)

(Aphmau laughs maniacally)

Aaron: Woah, whah, uhh, ohhkay.

Aphmau: Have fun cuddling with Garroth? I’m super jelly. (Giggles)

Aaron: Hah, hah, very funny.

Aphmau: (Sniggers) That was cute. (Laughs) How did you sleep last night?

Aaron: Aside from Garroth mistaking me as his pillow, I guess I slept alright. He snores, though.

(Flashback to last night)

(Extremely loud snoring)

(Back to present)

Aaron: Really bad.

Aphmau: Aww, I’m sorry, Aaron. You really didn’t have to do that.

Aaron: (Sighs) I know, but I want to get along with everyone, which means Katelyn needs to trust me. I don’t wanna upset her.

Aphmau: I appreciate it a lot. Don’t worry, she’ll come around. She’s just been so finicky with guys since high school.

Zane: (Grumpily) Morning…

Dante: (Cheerfully) Morning, guys! How did you all sleep?

Aaron: Meh…

Aphmau: I slept well!

Katelyn: Like a queen.

Dante: Looks like we’re all here. We should plan something out.

Aphmau: Well, we’re all sorta here. Garroth is still sleeping.

Katelyn: Also, Kawaii~Chan and Lucinda aren’t here.

Aphmau: Ah! I’ll go wake ‘em up!

Katelyn: Sounds good. Allow me to wake up Garroth with a good punch.

(Punching noise)

(Garroth groans)

(Cut to outside Kawaii~Chan and Lucinda’s room)

Aphmau: (Calling) Kawaii~Channn, Lucinda! Wake up you two. We’re going to make plans!

Aaron: And breakfast?

Aphmau: (Gasps) Are you gonna cook?

Aaron: Heh, with you.

Aphmau: (Squeals) Perfect! We’re gonna make breakfast!

Lucinda: (Moans) (Sleepily) Go away. Kawaii~Chan and I wanna sleep in.

Kawaii~Chan: Nya! Kawaii~Chan doesn’t do mornings!

Aphmau: (Sighs) This was a bad idea, putting the two heaviest sleepers together. (Calls through the door) Fine! I’m gonna eat your breakfast!

Kawaii~Chan: (Gasps) You wouldn’t dare!

Aaron: She will do it.

(Aphmau laughs maniacally)

Lucinda: (Opens door) Lucinda want breakfasttt!

Aphmau: (Squeals) Haha! It’s mine!

(Cut to after breakfast)

Katelyn: Sooo, what does everyone wanna do while we’re here? There’s so many activities.

Lucinda: Wellll, Kawaii~Chan and I wanted to take hula lessons, but we need at least a resort‘s island pass in order to do that.

Aaron: (Hinting) Ohh, if only we had all-access passes, to do everything we wanted? Dante, what if we had those amazing passes?

Dante: Ohh (Holds out all-access passes)

Zane: All-access? I’m impressed. How did you get those?

(Dante and Aaron stare at each other in horror)

Dante & Aaron: All-access passes, guys!

Lucinda: Hehaha, perfect! There’s nothing we can’t do.

Garroth: Hula dancing, eh?

Dante: I was thinking we start off at the beach.

Katelyn: Ahh, that sounds perfect. I need to work on my tan.

Zane: Ugh, sun

Aphmau: Oooh, I love seashells!

Aaron: I’m down to head to the beach.

Lucinda: While you guys are doing that, I think I’m going to attend these hula lessons. I think I’d look good in those grass skirts. Wanna join, Kawaii~Chan?

Kawaii~Chan: Sure!!!

Lucinda: We’ll meet up with you guys later.

Dante: Sounds good! Let’s get going!


(Cut to walking)

Aphmau: Hey! Where are we going? Isn’t the beach just over there? Why are we back here at the dock?

Dante: Don’t worry, we’re going to the beach. We just need to stop here, first.

Zane: What is this place?

Aaron: One of the resort shops.

Aphmau: (Gasps) A shoppee?

Zane: The E is silent. Nobody pronounces the E.

Aphmau: Ugh, I’ll do what I want, Zane! Humph! So what are we here for?

Aaron: Well, did you pack anything?

Aphmau: What? No! Why are you asking me that?! You and Dante said we didn’t have any time to- Ohhh, hehe, righttt. Egh.

Aaron: Exactly.

Aphmau: Well, then let’s go shopping! (Giggles)


(Cut to inside shoppe)

Dante: Hey, now!

Katelyn: This shop’s pretty cool. It’s got everything we need.

Aaron: We’ll need towels, a blanket, and an umbrella.

Dante: Right! Don’t worry, I got this! You guys wait here. They don’t call me Two-Minute Dante for nothin’!

Aphmau: Oh, get sandwiches too! We need a lunch.

Dante: Don’t worry, I’ll get sandwiches.

Katelyn: Yeahhh, we’re gonna need towels to dry off, otherwise we’ll have to drip-dry after we go swimming, which is not my idea of fun.

Aphmau: Oh, yeah! (Laughs awkwardly) Ahhh, right! Swimming!

Zane: And there’s no way I’m just going to lie down and get sand everywhere. We need something. Oh, and we’re going to need sunscreen. Like, a lot of it.

Aphmau: (Giggles) (Baby voice) What’s wrong, Zane? Don’t wike a wittle sun?

Zane: (Lowers voice) No. The sun doesn’t like me.

Aaron: Okayyy…

Katelyn: What are you, some kind of vampire?

Aphmau: (Gasps) Really?! Zane! I didn’t know! Wait. You were a sprinkle vampire and you never told me?

Zane: No! I’m just sensitive. I burn really easy. That’s all!

Dante: Alright, guys! You ready?! Everything’s all set!

Katelyn: Talk about service.

Zane: I would expect nothing less from the acclaimed Love~Love Paradise.

Dante: And that’s not all! I bought us all shirts!

Aphmau: Eehee! Dante, you’re the best!

Aaron: Thanks, man.

Katelyn: To the beach!


(Cut to beach)

Dante: Well, this is it! Pretty great, huh?

Aaron: Definitely.

Zane: I'm just glad you picked a large enough umbrella.

Dante: I got your back.

Aphmau: Oooh, looks like you've got someone to help put on sun-tan lotion for you, Zane. Should we break out a bottle for you two? (Giggles)

Zane: You are so weird, sometimes.

Aaron: I don't think she can help it.

Aphmau: Hey!

Katelyn: Aw, calm down, Aphmau. You know we love you.

Aphmau: Thanks, Katelyn.

Katelyn: Even if you are nuttier than a peanut factory, sometimes.

(Aphmau groans and grumbles)

Katelyn: Now, come on! Who wants to go swimming?

Aaron: It's why we came, isn't it?

Dante: I'm in!

Zane: Count me out. I'm going to sit right here, out of reach from the blistering arms of the sun.

Katelyn: Sheesh, we get it. Well, Aphmau?

Aphmau: Uhhh... Actually, I think I'll stay up here with Zane for a bit. You know, keep him company.

Katelyn: Suit yourself. Ready, guys?

Dante: Yep! Come one, I'll race you there!

Katelyn: Hey! No fair!

(Dante and Katelyn run to the sea)

Aaron: You gonna be okay up here?

Aphmau: Psh! Heh, I'll be fine. Besides, I've got Zane here.

Aaron: Okay. Well, let me know if you need anything.

Aphmau: Mhm! I will. Now go! Hehe! Have fun!

(Aaron leaves)

(Aphmau watches the group playing in the sea)

Aphmau: Man, it's so nice out. Do you think it's like this every day?

Zane: Probably. I suppose they wouldn't call it paradise if it weren't.

Aphmau: Oh. (Giggles) Right. Yeah. (Sighs)

Zane: Okay. What is it?

Aphmau: What?

Zane: That's the eighth time you've stared off into the water, sighing. I know it isn't about Aaron, so it's got to be something else.

(Aphmau groans)

Zane: Aphmau, you can tell me. You know I only want to help.

Aphmau: (Quickly) I don't know how to swim!

Zane: (Shocked) What?! Everyone knows how to swim!

Aphmau: (Sighs) Not me. My mom never taught me.

(Flashback to Aphmau in the bath as a child)

Sylvanna: Mija, the ocean is a dangerous place. There are sharks out there, yo!

(Back to present)

Aphmau: And we never had the money for lessons, so I never got a chance to learn.

Zane: (Laughs) I never would've guessed.

Aphmau: Ah, Zane! Promise me you won't tell anyone about this. Alright? This is something I've never told anyone.

Zane: Uh, y-yeah. Of course. You know you can count on me. It's a little funny, though. Why come to the beach if you didn't want to swim?

Aphmau: It's not that I didn't want to. I can't. Besides, there are other fun things to do on the beach aside from swimming. And it's not that funny.

Zane: Isn't it?

Aphmau: Ugh! Okay, it's a little funny. But what about you, Mr Sparkle Vampire? (Giggles) Why did you come to the beach. You don't seem to like anything about it.

Zane: I'll have you know that I do enjoy some aspects of the beach.

Aphmau: Oh really? What's your favourite part?

Zane: Well, my favourite part would be the- Dog.

Aphmau: Dogs are your favourite part of the beach?

Zane: Water dog.

Aphmau: Uhh, water dog? Ooookay, Zane. I think you've had enough sun for today.

Zane: I haven't had any sun. Look! Dog!

Aphmau: Dog? Uh? Huh? (Gasps)

(Celestia swimming toward the beach)

Celestia: (Barks)

Aphmau: (Gasps) Celestia! (Runs towards Celestia)

(Celestia barks)

Aphmau: Oh, Celestia, it is you! I've missed you so much! My baby! Uh-

Aaron: Aw, where have you been? I'm sorry we forgot you. Oh, did the mean lady leave you behind? It's okay. (Aphmau growls frustratedly) It's okay. (Aphmau groans) Aw!

Aphmau: You're supposed to be my dog!

Aaron: (Quietly) You're safe here. I'll take care of you


(Cut to Travis sitting on the doorstep outside the girls' house)

Travis: (Forced enthusiasm) Heheh, Travis, you're a genius. Yep. She'll be back aaany second. (Music fading in) Aaaaaaany second now.


(Cut to merch plug)

Aphmau: Hey guys. Thanks for watching this episode of MyStreet, Season 2: Love~Love Paradise. We're excited to bring you this new series, and share with you our adventures. And now, you too can have your very own souvenir from THE Love~Love Paradise. We have the world famous resort's t-shirts and tanks available over at teespring.com, so be sure to check it out. Link is in the description below. Your support has been phenomenal, and we appreciate you all so, so much.

Aaron: Yeah, guys. Thanks.

Aphmau: (Giggles) Also-

Aaron: Aph... I- uh... I wanted to tell you-

Drunk hobo: Ohhohohoho. Hello! I hope you're having a good time (pronounced tiem).

Aphmau: Uh, where did this guy come from?

Drunk hobo: Did you know that (Aphmau: (Quietly) Ohh no) any couples that buy this t-shirt (Aphmau: (Meekly) We already got a t-shirt, thanks!) will find their true love and that that love will burn hotter than a thousand suns! (Aphmau gasps) Feel the love! (Sets shoppe on fire) (Loud screams of frightened children) Buy my t-shirt!