Garmau Fanfic by Mikujane Mitzuki Edit

(I don't care if you other ship fans don't like it, mmkau?)

In this fanfic, Garroth came back from the Irene Dimension.

Chapter 1: Back into this World of Living Edit

Garroth was successfully took out from the Irene Dimension, everyone was so happy. Especially Aphmau, as the Lord of her faithful guard: She was rejoiced and glad.

Aphmau POV. (Point of View)

GARROTH! I'm so glad you're back! *quickly hugs Garroth)* I missed you so much! *sniff*

Garroth: Heh... I am glad that I saw you again m'Lord-- and you too guys.. I missed you all! * he smiles and is starting to tear up*

Laurance: Glad to see you Garroth! *he wipes a tear away*

Aaron: ...

Zoey: Garroth! I'm glad that you are finally home!

Lucinda: You're back safely!

Dmitri: *asks Laurance while whispering* Who the heck is he?

Laurance: He's our long lost friend, Dmitri... His name is Garroth.

While they're having a reunion, they've decided to let Garroth rest. After Garroth falls asleep, Aphmau planned a surprise welcome party for Garroth.

Okay, we must plan for this seriously. We want Garroth to have a great celebration as his welcome! First we need some supplies, a lot of them.

Brendan: I'll do the building!

Zoey: I'll ask Kawaii~ Chan for the cake.. by cake, I mean cakes. Make some of your pumpkin bread, Lucinda. I'll do some cooking with Isabell.

Aaron: I'll provide the supplies.

Laurance: I'll help Aaron.

We need to invite more people too! What about Emmalyn and Kenmur?

Lucinda: Lucinda has a solution for that. I could use portals to invite them! Though, I don't know the coordinates of their honeymoon place...

Are they back from the honeymoon yet?

Dante: Nope, I don't think so. But I hope Irene let's them arrive as soon as possible.

Okay... let's go!

Aphmau and the rest did their duties for the party.

Garroth POV.

While Garroth was sleeping, he somewhat dreamed and saw Zane in his dream. Talking in a place so familiar to them.

Zane? Why are you here? What's happening to you now?

Zane: Don't pretend like you are concerned for me, "BIG BROTHER!" I am not a a big of a fool to believe your fake lies!

Zane! You are my little brother, I can't just forget you! Even though you are evil, we still have the same blood! I know you still care about me!


(Irene Dimension Bell Chimes)

Zane: RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *heading towards Garroth with his sword*

(wakes up) ZANE! *huff,huff* Okay... Breathe, breathe... (sees a note, hmm? It's from Aphmau.)

"Hey Garroth! Go to the purple leaved trees after you wake up! (We've got something for you!)"

Oh.. okay?

Chapter 2: Surprise!!! Edit

Garroth was walking and searching for the trees, after a few while he saw some of them.

Garroth POV.

Where are those trees anyway? Hmm? Oh.. There they are!

Aphmau POV.

What's taking him so long? I guess he's still resting...

Aaron: Aphmau! He's heading towards us!


*Everyone somehow hears Garroth's footsteps* Okay... 1-2-3!

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!

Garroth: ....what......? *he starts to tear up* T-Thank you s-so much guys! *he started tearing up* This means so much to me-- wait.... Vylad? Is that you?

Vylad: Welcome home, Big Brother... *smiles* I missed you..

Garroth: *hugs Vylad* I missed you too! Where have you been? Mother was looking for you! She always cry every time she remembers you!

Vylad: I'm so sorry... I was travelling to places... And sorry for making mom cry, I didn't want her thinking I'm actually dead... Okay... Shall we start this party?

Okay now Garroth, we have a reunion to get started with!

Garroth: *nods* Yes, we have one.

After the eating and fun, Garroth rounded up some guts and asked Aphmau with a dance.

Garroth: Um... L-Lord Aphmau.... *gulp* are you free for a dance?

You've gotten a lot more confident, Garroth-- And yes, I am free.

Garroth: Yeah... shall we? *he smiles*


Garrroth: *he grabbed my hand, and spin me around and then catched me*

WOAH?! Where did that come from?!

Garroth: It's something I learned, but never got to use it to someone like you.. *he made a silly smirk*

(Seems like the kids are doing fine, they're having fun! Especially Lilith...) You've really changed a lot from that kiss..

Garroth: Yeah,sort of. They've grown so fast haven't they, Lord Aphmau?

Stop calling me a "Lord", Garroth. Wait a minute-- is that supposed to be a joke? The grow up so fast, because time is fast here?

Garroth: Surprised you noticed that. Heh, yeah... it's a joke.

It's not that good! hahahahaha!

Garroth: Probably. As expected of the Lord Punmau.. heheheheh!

Pfft! But the confidence are over than the usual! That's a new side of you!

Garroth: *he just chuckles*

Chapter 3: The Invasion Edit

As the fun was still high, and the atmosphere was joyful: The Island of the Phoenix Alliance is being invaded by the Tu'la Region.

Aphmau POV.

Huh? Huh? (somebody is poking me) What do you want?


THEY'VE ALREADY INVADED PHOENIX DROP?! THEY'RE NOW INVADING US?! Deploy the warriors! We need to evacuate those who can't fight!

Laurance: ON IT!

Aphmau followed Laurance and she got a front row seat of watching the ship Chad invented getting destroyed into pieces.

Aphmau POV.

Oh no....

Garroth: What is going on? Is that the Tu'la region ships? What are they doing here?!

They've already invade O'khasis! Then Scaleswind! Then Phoenix Drop! And now... the Phoenix Alliance...

Garroth: *transforms into Jury of Nine form*

Laurance: *transforms into a Shadow Knight*

Travis: *transforms into Demonic Form*

*transforms into Lady Irene form*

Aaron, Katelyn, and all the other warriors prepared their weapons too.

Why are you here?!

Captain of the Tu'la Ship: Hmm? Requesting a fight?

No! I'm just asking--

Captain: I am not stupid to not have the knowledge that you're just asking. We are going to invade this cheap island, whether you like it or not. ATTACK!

DEFEND THE PEOPLE AT ALL COSTS! FORGET THE HOUSES! WE NEED TO DEFEND THE PEOPLE HERE! We have no choice but to fight! I hate to be saying this.... but CHARGE!

Aphmau commanded her companions to never kill a single human even if it's actions aren't humane, but if needed; just injure the soldier. Aphmau believed that killing a single human, even if it's your enemy is not acceptable. As a leader of an alliance, she only wants peace.

CHAPTER END (Please wait for a day or two please.) Edit